San Jose Summer Shootout


THU 6/5 (9:30PM) — Here’s the schedule for this weekend. Click on the Sat 6/7 tab for Saturday, of course, and the Sun 6/8 tab for Sunday’s single-elimination playoff.

We have seven teams, broken up into a 3-team pool and a 4-team pool. The 3-team pool is, obviously, round-robin. The 4-team pool is like a mini-final-four in that the winners of the first games will play each other. This will help us figure out the proper seeds for Sunday, #1 thru #7.

Because there is no 8th team, the #1 seed heading into Sunday gets a first-round bye. The #1 seed also gets the privilege of not having to wait as many games in between games. The #2 seed gets the second-highest privilege pertaining to that, and so on and so forth.

AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)

[iframe 800 1500]

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