2015 Summer Sunday Schedule

Fall 2015 registrations are now underway!

THU 9/24 (5:00PM) — Last few games in SF have been posted (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org).

dreamleague.org: Schedule/Ranking/Matchups

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THU 9/17 (7:00PM) — Sorry for the delay, but we finally got approved to go another round of games at IJRC for OAK. SF tipoffs were already up per the last post and SJ has been postponed to Sun 10/4, per the logistics of the teams.

Btw, registrations for the Fall season have begun.

THU 9/17 (9:15AM) — SF tipoffs are ready to go, but we do not have a gym secured yet in OAK, as BCRC is delayed in response again (gym director has been absent there), so we’re waiting on responses from them, AHSM, and then IJRC if necessary. In SJ, the last game (BBOF vs Gunners) has been postponed to next Sun 9/27 due to schedule conflicts, and with those conflicts, we may end up playing that game in SF that day.

TUE 9/15 (12:30PM) — Playoff brackets are updated and there’s a draft of the schedule for this Sun 9/20 up (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org). Still waiting for responses from captains over the next 48 hours before finalizing anything. Probable start times at gyms are ISAH late morning, BCRC early afternoon, STCC late afternoon — but things could still change.

SAT 9/12 (3:30PM) — Btw, registrations for Fall are now up! All captains who signup are eligible to come play with us at Oracle Arena on Fri 12/18 for 45 minutes sometime between 12p-3p — provided they can help sell 5 tickets to that night’s Golden State Warriors game vs Jason Kidd‘s Milwaukee Bucks!

MON 9/7 (8:45AM) — Schedule for this Sun 9/13 is now up (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org).

FRI 9/4 (10:45AM) — All remaining teams’ captains have been contacted about no games this Sun 9/6 as well as the draft of the 9/13 schedule, which should be finalized by this afternoon pending approval from all twenty or captains involved.

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Gym Locations

GATE = Gateway HS, 1430 Scott St (more details later)
TIYM = Treasure Island YMCA Main Gym, parking lot at 9th St and Avenue I
ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
AHSM/AHSX = Alameda HS (Main gym/Aux gym), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the pkg lot but not the spots that has van pkg. Or park at meters (Sunday free). Gym is the biggest bldg. More info later on small gym.
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland (near Coliseum)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
RBRC = Rainbow Rec Center, 5800 International Blvd, Oakland (arrive early, new gym)

ARYC = Alum Rock Youth Center, 137 North White Road, SJ (down block from JLHS, still arrive early!)
STCC = Seven Trees Community Center, 3590 Cas Dr, SJ (near AHHS, park in front pkg lot, follow walkway to gym/library)
AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)
CCCM = Camden Comm Ctr (Main), 3369 Union Ave, SJ (park near & enter thru gate next to soccer field at back of pkg lot)
BCCM = Bascom Community Center (Main Gym), 1000 South Bascom Avenue, SJ

Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)
red = tipoff timeframe is only 1 or 2 tipoffs
orange = tipoff timeframe is only 3 hours
bold black matchup = tipoff time is pinned and cannot be swapped
blue matchup = Dream League scorekeeper(s) playing in game
purple matchup = one or both of the teams has a doubleheader
green matchup = one or both of the teams has player(s) on another team

Playoff Brackets

Sun 8/30

SAT 8/29 (6:15PM) — Thunder has officially forfeited the 3p game at STCC. I’ve also moved the afternoon games 3p+ that were nixed from the schedule due to 5 gyms in OAK not being available, down to the red bye section (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org).

SAT 8/29 (3:30PM) — Started adding recaps to our @dreamleague Twitter feed (see right column). Check ’em out! We also follow as many dreamleaguers as we can.

THU 8/27 (4:45PM) — IJRC has another rental so we’re unable to get anything 3p+ there. Tassa is closed, no word back from BCRC, WKRC gym director can’t stay past 3p, and Alameda is not available so we’re without a gym for the 3p+ games in OAK. I’ve texted all 3p+ OAK captains about our plight. We’ll have to just postpone until probably 9/13 unless there’s guys that want to play on Labor Day Weekend 9/6 — again, I’ll be asking for feedback on that from the 3p+ OAK captains. For now, those games remain on the schedule but are in red and have no gym.
THU 8/27 (11:45AM) — Forgot to change everything at BCRC to IJRC. I was just informed this morning that BCRC is not available, as I wrote more than 2 hours ago. Still hoping to book IJRC.

THU 8/27 (10:00AM) — Final tipoffs have been posted. Also, the playoff brackets have been updated accordingly with little notes such as delays with tipoff conflicts, teams that dropped out, and updated projected dates.

THU 8/27 (9:15AM) — Heard back from Splash City and they’re out, so the SF schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Also got thrown a wrench from left field (again): BCRC is actually not available, so I’ve listed IJRC just out of hope that we can get it — in any case, I wouldn’t change the tipoffs in OAK even if we are at some other gym. SJ was shuffled around last night as I mentioned and will be finalized shortly. A new update should be up within the hour. Also check out our new social media widgets (at the bottom if you’re on mobile, to the right if you’re on desktop)!!

WED 8/26 (5:30PM) — SJ games are now in probable chronological order. I did two things: (1) moved Thunder to the latest slot because they’re coming from Tracy and (2) re-arranged the remaining games with the usual 1p or later requirement from both Old Guns and Gunners, plus tried to make it so that SJ-TA and SJ-DL games were next to each other, so teams could see a little bit of the games that are still in their division. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on Splash City which will cause a domino effect for the rest of SF and a little bit of OAK.

WED 8/26 (12:15PM) — The latest and greatest Draft is now up, but we are still waiting on Splash City in SF to confirm they can field a team, which may have ramifications on OAK due to the overlapping players on both Kuyabruddaz in SF and SPS Panthers in OAK. Meanwhile in OAK, some of the complexities have been resolved as a result of Jaded Course and LetsGoWarriors forfeiting their last games due to player depletion. Finally in SJ, we might actually have some changes, as I need to ensure that certain teams will have enough players at certain times — along with the >1p season-long request from Old Guns and Gunners.

TUE 8/25 (2:45PM) — OAK is now also at an impasse as I await response from Jaded Course. They still have roster slots to cover so I don’t know yet if they will be playing this Sun 8/30 or not. Also, there’s an inter-dependency between SPS Panthers in OAK and Kuyabruddaz in SF, whereby SPSP’s opponent, Last Minute, has asked for a bye although they can still field a team, so that’s also a cliffhanger waiting for a domino to drop… (2:15PM) — SF schedule is now at an impasse, whereby OAK can proceed a little further now that we have a tiny bit more information to go on… (1:15PM) — SF has been updated a bit on the Draft version and I’ve reached an impasse on OAK which should soon clear up by tonight as far as the evening games are concerned. SJ remains solid. I won’t be posting tipoffs until at least tomorrow, so just keep checking back on how things are developing… MON 8/24 (3:30PM) — A very, very rough draft of the games for this Sun 8/30 is now up. There are a lot of games marked in red due to tipoff conflicts (and one due to payments). So things are still in flux but at least you can look at the updated brackets and see what matchups we are trying to do. Again, those in red might not happen, based on the early information I have.

Sun 8/23

FRI 8/21 (2:30PM) — Incredibly, the IJRC gym director texted me out of the blue just now and said he had been out of town and that he could get staff to cover all day, despite staff saying we could not be there only 48 hours ago. So we’re back to normal now and all of the OAK games are at IJRC. #rollercoaster

FRI 8/21 (1:15PM) — I’ve also swapped Warriors (to 4pm) and SPS Panthers (to 10am), as discussed yesterday, due to SPS’ timeframe request of 10a-11a. That means the bracket will change due to the new matchups, but again we have some bigger fish to fry first… (1:00PM) — Still no word from BCRC. Last check, according to the gym director, the staff person we need for Sunday was at the hospital with his son, so no resolution on if we can go with late games as seen on the Draft schedule (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org). Right now, I’ll hit up all the WKRC 10a-2p tipoff teams to ensure that they still want to play this Sun 8/23, because if we can’t have BCRC then all those 3p-8p teams will probably be forced to take a bye. Please note, I’ve already checked with 4 other gyms in the East Bay with no luck… (9:30AM) — Sorry to the OAK folks, but we’re still waiting on BCRC. Here’s the problem. All but one of the staff there are out of town this Sun 8/23 and that one staff hasn’t replied yet. He’s only available the 2nd half of the day and if he’s a go, then we can get WKRC in the first half of the day and BCRC the 2nd half of the day. If he’s not a go, then what do we do, only have half a day’s worth of games? I’d have to ask all the captains what they want to do. I’m not sure if just postponing everything one week makes better sense. Meanwhile, I’m checking other gyms in OAK as a backup. So that’s why there’s a delay for OAK right now — I’ve been promised an answer by noon today.

THU 8/20 (3:15PM) — Thanks to Soul Rebels, the evening games at BCRC are fairly set, except for Panthers which I may need to swap with Warriors in the morning, which involves a modification to the matchups in the playoff brackets for OAK-NC. Just waiting on response from team Last Minute… (2:45PM) — Five19 vs Hyperdrunks will now switch to ISAH, with Pass The Roch vs Runnin Rebels now at GATE, both games still at 3p, due to Hyperdrunks having overlapping players as the 2p ISAH game… (2:30PM) — Thanks to Mike Yee of the SF Warriors for pointing out that all the dates on the 8/23 schedule said “8/16”, which has now been corrected to “8/23”. Again, still waiting on OAK tipoffs, which are dependent on gym availability as I mentioned… (2:15PM) — We’re now most likely going to have games in OAK at WKRC morning to mid-afternoon then BCRC after that. There might still be some shuffling as we’re waiting for one team to play later and then shuffle things around to accommodate Panthers’ early request… (1:15PM) — SF tipoffs are solidified and posted. Still waiting on the OAK gym situation. We might still be able to get BCRC in the afternoon, so I’m checking on IJRC and WKRC as backups for the morning to afternoon games, but haven’t heard back… (10:45AM) — SJ tipoffs are now solidified. Slight changes were made to the order of SF games, esp at GATE, and we’re still waiting for confirmation from GATE and IJRC, so I’ll leave those tipoffs off for now. We would open at GATE early morning, ISAH mid-afternoon, and IJRC mid-morning. All timeframes in the “V” and “H” columns will fit… (9:15AM) — I should have the final piece of information to publish the schedule by noon today. Also waiting on confirmation of IJRC due to BCRC being closed… (6:45AM) — Latest and greatest draft version is up. Still waiting on a few shoes to drop before finalizing everything, as we’re waiting on one or two teams to respond plus scorekeeping staff, so the schedule could still shift a little bit, depending.

WED 8/19 (8:15PM) — In OAK, just need Soul Rebels to be able to play at 6p or Franchize to be able to play at 11a and I’ll be done with that. Lots of moving parts in SF though and a lot of it is dependent on scorekeeping staff, but we’re inching closer to completion of the schedule… (8:00PM) — Still a lot of things in flux. Expect SF schedule to change a bit… (7:30PM) — Teams have responded and I’m going to be finishing up the schedule starting now. Looks like GSW can play later which helps alleviate a lot of problems. Thanks guys!… (2:45PM) — A more refined draft is now up, plus SJ games are onboard. BCRC is likely to change, however, due to various problems we have with earlier requests. A lot hinges on the ability of GSW, NPL, and Warriors to play later and the O-DL/Silver Losers Bracket teams to either go earlier or later. I’d hate to open up IJRC just to alleviate Special Requests, because it’s way more expensive than BCRC and if we just work together a bit, I’m sure we can find a solution… (2:00PM) — A draft of SF/OAK is now available (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org). GATE will open early morning and ISAH early afternoon. BCRC will open early. Still working on SJ because there may be teams moving divisions there. Here’s the explanation for each OAK bracket…

  • OAK-TA: I might postpone the whole bracket one week due to (1) tipoff conflicts this Sun 8/23 and (2) a couple teams slow in resolving their outstanding balances. FYI, every single team either has some kind of tipoff or payment issue.
  • OAK-DL/G: I saw Classics with my own eyes last week and there’s no way they belong in DL-Gold, having trouble scoring and without any reliable outside shooting. Turns out, one of their best players (a shooter) is no longer on the team. At the same time, #1 Mirror Force deferred their right, as a high seed in the Losers Bracket, to skip a “play-in” game, so that means the next-highest seed, #6 Jaded Course, gets transferred that benefit. It should also be noted that #1 Mirror, if they beat #7 Splash, would still play #6 Jaded on 8/30, because (a) #8 Dragon has already played against Mirror and a repeat matchup is avoidable in this instance, and (b) the only possible remaining losers from the Winners Bracket are higher seeds than #6 (#1 seed would normally play the lowest seed, in this case #8 then #6 in order to avoid a repeat).
  • OAK-DL/S: Classics enter the Losers Bracket with the one loss carried over from DL-G (read above), but they must enter without any high-seed advantages, such as that given the #1 Takers and #5 GSW, the two highest remaining seeds in the Losers Bracket. Therefore, #1 Takers and #5 GSW get the benefit of playing “play-in” winners who will be on their 2nd game of a doubleheader this Sun 8/23. Of those remaining “low seeds”, we have Classics, #6 Soul Rebels, #7 Running Rebels, and #8 Tropic Thunder. Normally we would put the highest seed against the lowest seed (again), but in this case, we have some tipoff timeframe boundaries imposed by both Takers and GSW. So I’ve rematched all of these according to available tipoffs. Takers is requesting a 12p latest tipoff and GSW has a 2p latest tipoff timeframe. Only Classics and Running Rebels can fit a potential doubleheader and adhere to the Takers’ request. Therefore, we have Classics vs #7 Rebels, winner vs #1 Takers and on the other side of the bracket, #6 Soul vs #8 Tropic, winner vs #5 GSW. That’s the only way to pull this off.
  • OAK-NC: Here, we run into tipoff conflicts again. The two sides of the Losers Bracket have opposite timeframes. In fact, we got lucky that low-seed #9 NPL vs #2 Warriors has the same timeframe, as does #6 Last Minute vs #4 Panthers. Had the seeds not turned out that way, I would’ve forced those matchups just because of the timeframes. However, we still have a problem. We cannot complete this “mini-final-four” in one day, due to the divergent timeframes. So we hope to eliminate two of the four variables and just deal with whatever two-card hand is dealt by the winners of these games. That forces the Winners Bracket survival game to be played either this Sun 8/23 or next Sun 8/30. Well, since Shoot Em Up is asking for exactly a 3p tipoff, we’ll just postpone them vs Kryp2nite til 8/30 and deal with any tipoff conflicts then.

That’s all for now. All the SF brackets should be pretty straightforward.

TUE 8/18 (5:15PM) — OAK-NC was also whacked; fixing it now… (5:00PM) — Oops, OAK-TA bracket was wrong. Fixing it now… (4:15PM) — All brackets are now done (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org right below the main schedule spreadsheet)… (3:00PM) — Almost done with all the brackets. The only one that wasn’t that intuitive was SF-NC. Here’s the explanation (in short Geodis, Disgustingly Modest, and Pass The Roch were deadlocked, as each beat the other and all teams beat Runnin’ Rebels, and lost to Aubergine — we end up using the NFL’s Wild Card tiebreaker called “strength of victory”)…

  1. Aubergine (4-2) — Went 4-0 vs other SF-NC teams.
  2. Geodis (2-4) — 2-2 vs SF-NC, point diff in games won = 18.
  3. Disgustingly Modest (2-4) — 2-2 vs SF-NC, pt diff in games won = 16.
  4. Pass The Roch (3-3) — 2-2 vs SF-NC, point diff in games won = 8.
  5. Runnin’ Rebels (0-6) — 0-4 vs SF-NC.

You might notice that Pass The Roch went 3-3 while Geodis and Disgusting went 2-4 in the overall record, but the one difference was Pass The Roch’s victory over The Bros, which just so happened to occur with a “rental (ringer) player”. The seeds are important because there are five teams, which means #4 must play #5 then the winner plays a doubleheader (against #1).

TUE 8/18 (1:15PM) — There’s a rough OAK playoff bracket (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org), but I’m still (1) having skruggles with Google Drive’s formatting and (2) waiting on feedback from Classics to see if they still belong in DL-Gold. Meanwhile, please make sure your team is in the right place in the bracket and let me know if there are any concerns. Meanwhile, I’ll start updating SF then work on SJ… (11:30AM) — I’ll be gradually asking all captains to double-check the final scores, just in case (another set of eyes), as it’s easy to make a mistake and flip the scores… (11:00AM) — Most of the scores have been updated in the Comments column (best viewed at http://dreamleague.org). FYI, sometimes not all of my scorekeepers do 100% of their job, so apologies for that. Meanwhile, we’ll track those down. Here are the to-do’s after that:

  • Update OAK brackets, which we will post soon.
  • Create SF playoffs and matchups for this Sun 8/23.
  • Create SJ matchups for this Sun 8/23. Waiting for Gunners to reply.

Sun 8/16

FRI 8/14 (6:15PM) — GATE just pulled the rug out from under me. We had 14 games in SF, so luckily we can move everything, keep all but one of the games the same tipoff, and move to ISAH. However, I have to nix one game and have decided it will be Vikings vs WeGoofy. Both teams have agreed to it. Also both teams in Geodis vs Pass The Roch have agreed to be pushed back to 5p ISAH in order to accommodate the mass exodus from GATE to ISAH. I will now contact all teams that were schedule for 9a-4p tipoffs at GATE, that they are now at ISAH. Dodged another bullet.

THU 8/13 (6:30PM) — Can’t wait any longer on Savs. Schedule is published. See http://dreamleague.org.org(3:30PM) — Slight update in OAK has moved the pair of OAK-TA doubleheader games to the same gym for each set. Just waiting on Kryp2nite Savs there for confirmation and we should be set. SF’s almost done too, waiting on BallsOut (TA) response… (2:30PM) — Draft for SF is now up, finally. In OAK, we’re waiting for a couple variables to settle before finalizing. SJ is done, per the last post… (12:45PM) — Finally figured out the SF brackets. You can see the splits on the SF tab over at dreamleague.org(9:30AM) — Draft for OAK is now up and actually SJ tipoffs are final. No SF yet because I’m still figuring out the rankings/brackets, as you can see on the SF tab of the embedded spreadsheet at http://dreamleague.org.

WED 8/12 (9:30AM) — Sorry for the delay. Spent Monday moving, Tuesday morning I was on a flight then at Team USA practice in Vegas (got to talk to HB and Dray at length, Klay and Steph just a little bit; my first of many upcoming reports at @LetsGoWarriors was what Coach K said about Andre Iguodala), so now what I have are the SJ standings, SF scores and +/-, and OAK scores and +/- updated. Here’s the next steps…

  1. Construct bottom 2 OAK playoff brackets since they are in Round 2 already,
  2. Figure out SF and OAK matchups (most in playoffs) for this Sun 8/16,
  3. Do a draft of tipoff times for SF, OAK, and SJ.

Meanwhile, I’ve received Submitted Special Requests. If you must still Make A Special Request for this Sun 8/16, you may do so until about 5p, I would say.

More from our four Dubs in Vegas today from 12p-2p only, too, but I remain committed to target tonight at midnight to publish all schedules. Should be a busy day checking with all teams in case of schedule conflicts.

Captains that know they still have spots remaining to pay should do so now. I will, indeed, but contacting all captains late tonight and probably will raise the fees by $5 finally for those cats who are lagging.

Sun 8/9

FRI 8/7 (6:15PM) — All byes are now listed at the bottom of the 8/9 schedule in red, with their explanations in the Comments column… (1:15AM) — Tipoffs have now been finalized for this Sun 8/9. For any OAK playoffs explanation, please read the previous posts below. I made one change in the matchups whereby it’ll be Undrafted vs Guardians, which was a swap with Btown (who will now face Heemteam); this avoids a repeat matchup between Undrafted and Heemteam. Any questions, please have your captain text me. See http://dreamleague.org for best results.

THU 8/6 (8:15PM) — Draft for OAK (and SF) is up, see http://dreamleague.org as usual. Just need some info from Number One XL to see what time they can go outside of their timeframe, if possible. Gym opening times are as follows, in case you want to estimate your game time: GATE early morning, TIYM early evening, BCRC mid-morning. Things might still shift around after we get said information, so beware!

THU 8/6 (7:15PM) — So in the OAK-DL(Silver) playoff bracket, the #8 seed will be Tropic Thunder. I’ve put all the records within the bracket, plus the seeds, in the right-hand black column on the OAK rankings sheet. See http://dreamleague.org for the spreadsheet.

I put GSW at #5 because their 2-1 intra-bracket record is better than those at #6,7,8,9. I still put #4 WWWD, #3 DFG, and #2 Franchize ahead of GSW because GSW’s other opponents were against OAK-NC teams — as well as the “eye test” from my OAK staff; GSW actually beat both DFG and WWWD. But the main reason I did that was because GSW and Franchize have an overlapping player, so having Franchize at #2 and GSW at #5 makes the likelihood of a GSW vs Franchize matchup less likely than, say, a #2 vs #3 if I put GSW at #3.

So we will have #8 Tropic Thunder vs #9 Flashback (which moved up from the now-defunct DL-Bronze, which means they get the #9 seed). Now, normally the winner of #8 vs #9 is immediately forced to play #1, but since #1 is not a “real” #1, as we are in the “middle of the pack” here in DL where we’ve sort of cut the cake where we think is best, I cannot penalize #8 or #9 with a doubleheader to start out. Therefore, all the other teams in OAK-DL(Silver) will have a bye.

THU 8/6 (7:15PM) — Guardians vs Undrafted matchup can’t happen, so I have to rematch in OAK. OAK scheduling will take some time. Hoping to get it done by midnight, to be safe… (7:00PM) — OAK seeds for DL(Silver) have been determined and will be posted shortly. Meanwhile, SJ tipoffs are now at http://dreamleague.org as well as a draft for SF. In SF, we have a major issue with one game that just won’t fit in the morning or early afternoon at GATE, again due to ISAH being refloored and TIYM not available until after 5p. So I’ll keep those tipoffs in SF on ice until we have more information.

THU 8/6 (12:00PM) — SF matchups are nearly done. Just waiting on a couple of more variables to be resolved. In OAK we are still trying to figure out who should be the #8 seed in OAK-DL(Silver). SJ is ready to go and the tipoffs are currently on the SJ sheet, as I haven’t created an 8/9 sheet due to waiting for more information in SF and OAK. See http://dreamleague.org for these spreadsheets.

THU 8/6 (10:30AM) — OAK playoff structure is ready to go. Here are some notes…

  • OAK-TA: All the teams have early-ish timeframes and so we had to move up Guardians, which they agreed to. We have a 6-team bracket which will start on 8/16. We will have #6 vs #3 and #5 vs #4, then the winners will have to play again on the same day vs #1 and #2, respectively, because this is the top division and the #1 seed is truly the #1 seed.
  • OAK-DL(Gold): With Guardians moving up, we’re left with a nice round number of 8 teams for the next bracket down. This bracket will also start on 8/16 because Heemteam, Btown, and Undrafted still need to play their 6th regular season game this Sun 8/9. I’ve also asked Splash City and Dragon if they want to play against each other for a 7th regular season game this Sun 8/9, plus bring $20 each to cover the extra gym costs, because they have very similar records and could basically determine the #7 seed by playing each other. Winner would avoid playing #1 Mirror Force in the first round on 8/16. Please note: as it turns out, a lot of these teams have later timeframes; it’s kind of weird how that worked out.
  • OAK-DL(Silver): The DL-Bronze division below this, which originally consisted of Kryp2nite, Shoot Em Up, Flashback and Warriors, was dissolved because Flashback wanted to move up, while Shoot Em Up moved down due to timeframe. That left just two teams, so Kryp2nite and Warriors also moved down. So with Flashback moving up, we have 9 teams here and the first step is to determine who is #8 and who is #9. With Flashback pegged for the #9 slot, I’m actually not sure which team should be #8. The issue here is that #8 and #9 have a “play-in” game of sorts and have one extra step to traverse the Winners’ Bracket. At the same time, I will not be penalizing them with a doubleheader (winner plays #1), because it’s only by the “luck of the draw” that we have these 9 teams ending up in the middle of D-League and, as such, the #1 seed isn’t a “real” #1, they just happen to be at the top of where we’ve cut the cake. And that being said, the first round for the top 7 seeds will include a bye and we will ask each team if they’d rather do it this Sun 8/9 or next Sun 8/16 — most likely it will occur this Sun 8/9. I hope to figure out all the seeds shortly. #1 Takers doesn’t have a choice, they have to take a bye this Sun 8/9 and wait for the game vs the winner of #8 vs #9 on 8/16. WWWD asked for a bye on 8/9 so they will definitely not play and the team paired with them by seed will thus also take a bye.
  • OAK-NC: Shoot Em Up moved down from the now-defunct DL-Bronze merely due to timeframe, but now we’ve also moved Flashback up from there and so Kryp2nite and Warriors will move down here. It’s a rather crowded NC bracket with 9 teams and #8 vs #9 will definitely occur and the winner will have to play the #1 seed this Sun 8/9 because #9 is truly at #9 seed.

THU 8/6 (9:15AM) — Sorry guys, I was sick last night so got delayed. I’ll do the schedule for SJ first since it’s easy, then OAK, since I need to confirm IJRC times anyways. The OAK playoff brackets will be slightly modified due to various conversations we had with captains yesterday. Finally, the SF schedule will be done last. Again, ISAH is not available due to reflooring and we have to wait until tomorrow to see if TIYM is available before 5p, but luckily a lot of teams want a bye due to Outside Lands. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

TUE 8/4 (8:45PM) — Oops, regular season is not done yet for OAK-DL(Gold) playoff bracket, so I don’t have to worry about those seeds until next week. That being said, TA also is not done with their regular season so I might still mix and match some DL and TA teams due to the many final regular season games that still need to be schedule for these top two divisions… (8:30PM) — OAK playoff bracket stratification is now done, although we can still accept input from all the teams. Check out the OAK tab on the spreadsheet, best viewed at http://dreamleague.org. The only issue now is seeding within those brackets and I will try to find out each team’s intra-bracket record to try and solve that problem. Most notably for the DL-Gold division, one down from the top “TA (The Association)” — there’s 9 teams there so we’d have a #8 vs #9, winner plays #1 situation so we want to get the seeds right and justify them as much as we can.

TUE 8/4 (7:30PM) — Just got word that ISAH is being refloored this Sun 8/9. I suppose it’s fortunate that a handful of SF teams are affected by Outside Lands, so we may be delaying a lot of would-be playoff brackets (some are still not done with the regular season) another week. I’ll have more info as we go. Meanwhile I will continue the OAK playoff bracketing process as discussed previously, as well finish out both the SF and OAK rankings. Again, here are the pertinent links…

TUE 8/4 (1:30PM) — There’s some discrepancies under discussion right now in the mid- to lower-levels of OAK-DL for playoff bracket stratification, so those will have to be ironed out before I can finish the rankings. So far we’ve got…

  • OAK-TA: Dons, United, Oakland Sonics, Savs, LetsGoWarriors.com (NOTE: regular season not done yet)
  • OAK-DL (Gold): Mirror Force, Heemteam, Guardians, Btown, Undrafted, Classics, Jaded Course, Splash City, Dragon (NOTE: all of these teams have late tipoff preferences except Guardians, who’ve agreed to be flexible with it — we also “moved up” Splash City because of their similar timeframe)

After that, it there’s still a fair amount of debate going on. But put trust in the process, which is our mantra: “The #1 seed shouldn’t, on paper, be favored to blow out the bottom seed, unless logistical circumstances force us to do so.” Remember, you can see all of this developing on the scheduling spreadsheet at http://dreamleague.org.

(1:00PM) — OAK +/- and W-L records now updated. I’ll do OAK rankings next because I’ve already gotten Peter’s input on how the playoff brackets should be stratified… (12:15PM) — All scores have been updated in the Comments column of the 8/2 schedule. SF +/- and W-L records have also been updated. Next up: OAK scores (although I’m very eager to get the SF matchups going!), OAK +/- and W-L, SJ standings, SF re-ranking, OAK re-ranking, SF matchups, OAK matchups. Phew! For the few teams left to pay off roster spots, here are your links…

Sun 8/2

FRI 7/31 (9:30AM) — SF tipoffs published; best viewed at http://dreamleague.orgTHU 7/30 (11:59PM) — Small item: Squad in SJ says they won’t forfeit, so I’ve reinstated them instead of the replacement team, HitSquad… (11:30PM) — Btw, SF Warriors will no longer have a doubleheader and the Dons in OAK *will* have a game, as I forgot to take them off the bye list — please check the list at the bottom of the spreadsheet at http://dreamleague.org. So anyways, if there are any SF teams that see a problem with the schedule, please let me know before, lik, 7am (less than 8 hours from now). Thanks… (11:15PM) — Btw, GATE would open at 9am and it looks like we’d open ISAH at 10am, but of course none of the tipoffs will be final until 9 hours from now… (11:00PM) — More progress has been made with SF (best seen at http://dreamleague.org), but I’m waiting for approval from a couple captains on RNS playing Vikings as the 2nd game of a doubleheader late evening. If that’s a no-go, it will change some things. I will have a resolution by 8am Fri (9 hours from now)… (6:15PM) — A very, very rough draft of SF has been posted, but there are 3 major errors with it: Ball Out’s two games are very far apart and the two Aubergine games are too early for their opponents. So I still need to do a fair amount of shuffling around. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t get this SF schedule done until midnight tonight or let’s say first thing tomorrow morning Fri at 8am. Meanwhile, OAK and SJ remain ready to go and unchanged…

THU 7/30 (4:30PM) — I now *almost* have enough information to go on to start the SF scheduling process. We have an estimated 19 games to schedule… (3:45PM) — Still waiting for 2 last teams in SF to give me the green light on a doubleheader for this Sun 8/2 (or not)… (12:45PM) — Still waiting on a few SF captains to reply about doubleheaders, so I’m currently posting stats recaps on our @dreamleague Twitter account and Fernando is posting on our Instagram…. (12:15PM) — Now that we have “open pasture” in SF, I’m waiting for captains to get back to me about finally doing their doubleheaders, if any. They’re not necessarily mandatory, but it does help us get the playoffs done by Labor Day… (11:30AM) — Sorry for the delay, but only now starting on the SF matchups. OAK tipoffs now published and SJ has been so since yesterday evening… WED 7/29 (8:00PM) — Tremendous news for SF! We got ISA back. So I’m going to completely revamp the matchups, perhaps except for Goon Squad playing in OAK, which is already set. They were having trouble getting matched up against SF-TA teams anyways. Welp, back to the drawing board, but this is great, great news!

Again, SJ is set and OAK is 99% ready to go, but I’ll hold off those tipoffs until I get 100% confirmation that we got IJRC (haven’t gotten the permit receipt, only gotten verbal from gym director).

WED 7/29 (5:30PM) — Draft version for SF is up but I might replace Basa Bros with Five19. We’ll see… (2:15PM) — Preliminary matchups for SF are now done. Gotta go do some errands then tonight I’ll mock up a draft for SF. As previously posted, SJ is good to go and OAK is near-good-to-go… (1:15PM) — Here’s a quick update on the schedule…

  • SF: About to start matchups on the SF sheet. Still a ways to go.
  • OAK: Draft version is up and nearly complete. Just letting it marinate a little. Gym opening times are early morning for BCRC and afternoon for IJRC. In further news, we might move the #1 team in SF, Goon Squad, to OAK, which would create possibly the most competitive top division we’ve seen in a long time (last one was in SF maybe a year ago) — reason being, Goon’s timeframe fits better with OAK-TA teams’.
  • SJ: Tipoffs posted. We’re experiencing yet another forfeit in which I need to find a replacement team. Luckily, HitSquad is always down to play. Makes me wonder if I’d rather have them always be on standby versus actually in the next league LOL!

Again, the usual pertinent links…

TUE 7/28 (4:30PM) — Didn’t realize the Submitted Special Requests page was in such shambles. I’ve fixed it now. Be sure to scroll down to see the latest requests. There’s also a scrollbar for horizontal and vertical since it’s so skinny.

TUE 7/28 (4:15PM) — Added an issue with SF gyms below in the first bullet point… (4:00PM) — SF and OAK scores added to the SF and OAK tabs. Again, best to view all spreadsheet stuff over at http://dreamleague.org. About to re-rank all the teams. As I’m doing that, I’m realizing the following:

  • SF: I may stay away from any doubleheaders and gamble that ISA will be re-opened in time for playoffs, since school starts Mon 8/17. That means there could be byes for teams that are ahead in the schedule, relative to the other teams they’re ranked by. Are you on pace, ahead, or behind? Easy. Check the spreadsheet and where your team is listed, plus the teams around you.

    UPDATE: The other problem with SF is that TIYM is not guaranteed until 5p+. With 33 teams, we’re looking at 16 or 17 games every Sunday. We get 8 at GATE, then the 5p-9p tipoffs account for 5 more, so that leaves at least 3 games that may or may not happen. So that’s another good reason to force some byes on teams coming up
  • OAK: This is the opposite of SF. There’s no real hurry, but if a majority of teams that are ranked near each other are ahead of another team in finishing out 6 regular season games, I don’t want to inconvenience the majority of the teams, therefore I may have that team that’s lagging play a doubleheader. It just depends where you’re ranked and what probable bracket you’d end up with. And the only brackets you can really predict are the top and the bottom, for now. You’ll see in the top OAK-TA “area”, there’s a lot of teams behind, so maybe that doesn’t apply in that case. At the bottom, seems like SPS Panthers are behind (thus, play a DH on 8/2) and Check is ahead (take a bye 8/2 probably?). So that’s the approach for now, but We’ll see.

TUE 7/28 (12:00PM) — Just updated the Submitted Special Requests, which really means re-arranging the spreadsheet to make it look better because the Google Form sucks, although it does work. Remember, every Tue midnight is the deadline to make a special request! Here are the links…

TUE 7/28 (11:45AM) — SJ standings have been updated and the playoff schedule has been determined. Again, with our lack of flexible gym time, it will be a very rigid schedule, with BBOF, Squad, and Hustling Scrubs in the bottom bracket with the other 5 teams in the top bracket. Instagram and Twitter are happening as we speak. Up next: finish OAK scores update, re-rank SF and OAK, set times for SJ this Sun 8/2, do matchups for SF/OAK for this Sun 8/2.

Sun 7/26

SAT 7/25 (1:00PM) — Also forgot we had to swap the 2p,4p Flashback *opponents* (Check and SPS Panthers) so as to accommodate the carnage in SF (SPS in OAK at 2p and Kuya in SF at 4p)… (12:45PM) — SF tipoffs have been revamped and are now final over at http://dreamleague.org (or scroll/jump down below for the skinny version). Captains have all been informed, including the teams that now have byes as a result of no 9,10,11a games. Remember how we got here: bad rim switch at ISA leads to wet paint at GATE leads to getting whatever we can from TIYM.

I know some of you are going to be upset with these changes. All I can say is, it’s the worst set of circumstances I’ve ever seen, but it’s also a sign of the times. Gyms are just not available anymore like they were in the past, because: (1) people who have keys to gyms are afraid to lose their jobs, and (2) a combination of money grabs by districts, heads of parks & rec depts, and janitors’ unions.

It’s also just bad luck. I mean, look, who can plan for Gym #1 to go down with a busted rim switch? Who can plan for Gym #2 to go down with wet paint? It’s literally a comedy of errors. There’s really no need to get worked up about it because these are things are totally out of our control.

FRI 7/24 (10:00PM) — SF tipoffs 9a-4p are still up in the air. Check with your captain for the update I just sent them. In short, we kind of have no choice but to wait until the gym director is ready to give us the word.

I know some of you are going to be upset with these changes. All I can say is, it’s the worst set of circumstances I’ve ever seen, but it’s also a sign of the times. Gyms are just not available anymore like they were in the past, because: (1) people who have keys to gyms are afraid to lose their jobs, and (2) a combination of money grabs by districts, heads of parks & rec depts, and janitors’ unions.

It’s also just bad luck. I mean, look, who can plan for Gym #1 to go down with a busted rim switch? Who can plan for Gym #2 to go down with wet paint? It’s literally a comedy of errors. There’s really no need to get worked up about it because these are things are totally out of our control.

(1:45PM) — I’ve just been informed by the GATE gym director that the new paint in the gym, which forced us out of there last Sun 7/19, isn’t going to by dry by this Sun 7/26. I have thus changed the possible new venue for all the 9a-4p games to TIYM with a question mark. We have to wait until tonight to find out if we can switch those to TIYM.

So continues the comedy of errors this season in SF. Rim switches and paint, be damned. I often hear small complaints here and there about this or that at whatever gym we have. Guys, you have no idea how fortunate you are, simply to have an indoor place to play. You have no idea how hard it is to get a gym these days due to various issues: changing landscape of rec/youth basketball, terrible economy leading to greedy bureaucracies, etc. Just appreciate what you have, despite all the warts, because it could be that or nothing.

THU 7/23 (10:30PM) — TIYM gym director *finally* got back to me. Please note: some TIYM games were shuffled around due to the preferences/demands of the teams involved… (6:00PM) — Heard back from IJRC, so the OAK tipoffs have been finalized — scroll down or just head over to http://dreamleague.org. Still waiting to hear back from TIYM. If we don’t get that gym, I have a new gym that I can pull out like a rabbit out of the hat, but it’ll be a longshot, so I’m not quite sure. Let’s just hope TIYM gets confirmed. Worst case, I would have to shuffle around and see which teams in SF would be forced a bye if we have less gym space than anticipated… (11:45AM) — I should hear back from TIYM/IJRC gym directors sometime in the afternoon, so I’ll maybe be able to finalize tipoffs by this evening. Any questions about the schedule, have your captain hit me up, but they’re all listed in chronological order. Check the SF/OAK tabs to see byes and matchups. Not much else I can do at this point.

THU 7/23 (11:00AM) — There are 3 things I’m concerned about as we wait for TIYM and IJRC to confirm…

  1. Playoff eligibility: This goes hand-in-hand with roster slot payments and registrations, and if your team paid in full at the onset, I still owe you a way to register your guys without having to pay, but as far as games played and all of that, players need to have played 3 out of the upcoming 6 regular season games. At least 1 must have been in the first 3 games, then at least 1 in the second 3 games. Alternatively, that player could qualify by playing your last 3 of 6 games in a row.
  2. The late bye requests: I got two bye requests this morning! Luckily, I’ve become a pro at dodging bullets, if I do say so myself. But captains should be aware, especially as we approach playoffs, that if I receive any special requests that come after 11:59PM on Tuesday, I might actually be too far down the path of scheduling for me to accommodate you. So that’s the risk you take if your players do not inform you (and me) of stuff by Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Payments: I’ll be going down the list of teams very soon and roster slots will start to get just a tad bit more expensive, but please be pro-active and if your team is paying roster slot by roster slot, send out those 5 or 6 texts to remind your guys to pay. Be sure your guys click on “Join A Team” from the Eventbrite system.

    We’re hitting playoffs soon and you don’t want to get caught in a situation where 1 or 2 guys are delinquent and putting the entire team in jeopardy of a forfeit. Once we get to that 6th regular season game, we cannot make up anymore games!

THU 7/23 (10:45AM) — Draft is below, but we still have to wait on confirmation from gym directors at TIYM and IJRC. BCRC is a full day, it’s just that we lost Alameda last-minute and so that’s why it’s not just 13 straight games listed consecutively, but there are indeed 13 straight games consecutively — I’ll fix it later as I need to fill out the permit for IJRC now. SJ times are set, although when I goto http://dreamleague.org I don’t see the spreadsheet propagated with the updated tipoffs (12,1,2,3p in order) yet, but I’m sure it will do so shortly… (10:30AM) — Hang tight, guys! I just had two more bye requests and AHSM/AHSX pulled like a rug from under me, but we’re able to adjust quickly. I should have a draft up soon.

WED 7/22 (10:45PM) — Various OAK teams have been earmarked for a doubleheader this Sun 7/26. Any issues, have your captain text me immediately… (6:15PM) — One thing that we have not covered yet, because I’ve been in catch-up mode a lot, is playoff eligibility. By now, a lot of teams have crossed the halfway point of the 6-game regular season. The official rule is that to be eligible for the playoffs and not surprise any opponents with guys they haven’t seen before…

  1. Players must have played in at least 3 of the 6 regular season games, whereby
  2. He or she must have played in at least 1 of the first 3 games and 1 of the last 3 games, still with a minimum total of 3 played, or
  3. He or she must have played in the last 3 consecutive games.

If there are any issues with the above, have your captain text me asap.

WED 7/22 (5:45PM) — SF matchups have been reshuffled a bit due to a future bye which affects this Sun 7/26… (12:30PM) — Proposed matchups are now up for SF. Next up (in a couple hours, after some errands): OAK, then finish SJ shuffling and tipoffs… (12:00PM) — Looks like we got a few more special requests, esp byes for this Sun 7/26. See link below. Don’t forget to keep paying for your team’s roster slots…

TUE 7/21 (7:15PM) — Oops, I actually only re-ranked SF halfway. It is now fully re-ranked. Up next: OAK… (6:45PM) — SJ standings updated, but now two teams have asked for the 3p timeslot, so I’m likely to shuffle around the remaining season schedule as shown on the SJ tab in the spreadsheet. Old Guns and Gunners will still get their 1p+ ongoing requests. Right now it looks like I’d move up the 8/2 block of games to this Sun 7/26, and that would probably result in Bad News vs Hustling Scrubs at 12p for this Sun 7/26. But we’ll see. Next up: updating OAK rankings. Don’t forget to keep paying for your roster spots…

TUE 7/21 (4:30PM) — All scores from SF, OAK, and SJ have been added. SF has been re-ranked and I’ll start doing the matchups for this Sun 7/26 there. OAK will follow later. SJ has the season schedule already on the SJ tab, so take a look, although the tipoffs need to be nailed down for sure shortly. Don’t forget to keep paying for your roster spots…

TUE 7/21 (2:45PM) — This is a friendly reminder that, especially with playoffs approaching, all teams that are paying roster slot by roster slot need to keep having their players added to their teams and paying their roster slots — in doing so they also become eligible for the playoffs. I will soon be raising all roster slots by $1 to help deter delinquencies.

For those captains who already paid in full and merely need to register their players as eligible for playoffs, that function of the registration will be implemented shortly, after the immediate need of reminding the one-by-one-slot teams has been completed. Here are the links to the registration sites for SF and OAK…

TUE 7/21 (12:00PM) — Thanks for your patience as we get not only the 7/19 scores up, but also the stat recaps from 7/12 on our @dreamleague Twitter account. Meanwhile, here are the special request links that captains can use to make and view special requests…

Sun 7/19

FRI 7/17 (1:30PM) — In SF, I have imposed a bye on SFFA (they are ahead of schedule anyways) and swapped in Ball Out (they want a bye next Sun 7/26 so we need to have them play this Sun 7/19); this is at 7p TIYM. Again, in SF we are all games at TIYM. In OAK, AHSX has been replaced by BCRC…

FRI 7/17 (1:00PM) — Just got word back finally from MDLS: no-go. Too bad. Oh well, I have to cut one game out and that will be, as previously announced, Shaqtin vs Ball Out. That also means all the games that were 2,3,4,5p TIYM now get moved up to 1,2,3,4p. You can see this now on the updated sheet on http://dreamleague.org(10:30AM) — Man, these gym directors sometimes they disappear! So anyways, I’ve gone ahead and published all the tipoffs — best seen on http://dreamleague.org — with what I think will be the gym schedule. Here are the potential bogeys to look out for:

  • SF: If I can’t get MDLS, then the game that gets nixed (i.e., forced a bye) is 1p Ball Out vs Shaqtin because both are on track in the season progression. All other games at TIYM listed at 2p-5p then get moved earlier 1 hour to fill that void, then the MDLS games from 5p-9p simply get moved to TIYM with no change in tipoff. These are all marked in red.
  • OAK: If AHSX (Alameda aux gym) gets nixed, then we move all those games to BCRC with the exact same tipoff times (yay!) — also marked in red.
  • SJ: Good to go since the last post. No changes.

FRI 7/17 (12:45AM) — Latest and greatest draft is now up at http://dreamleague.org. Here are the ongoing issues (similar to previous posts) — I hope to have SF and OAK resolved by 10am today, Friday

  • SF: Again, GATE got repainted and is not ready, but as it turns out I still have the keys for MDLS, which would start in the evening, and the gym director can probably just give the verbal okay for us to go there, since we’d be simply adding to their bottom line (easy money). If not for whatever reason, then I have to nix one game to make it all fit at TIYM — right now there’s an overlap with the last game at TIYM and the first game at MDLS. I’m also waiting on some teams with their tipoff timeframes in red to get back to me to confirm they can play a bit outside their usual timeframe. Obviously, it’s tougher when you only have so many gyms available to make all the matchups fit in various timeframes.
  • OAK: Still waiting for confirmation on AHSX. If that doesn’t pan out, then we move all those games to BCRC. AHSM starts early morning, AHSX would start in the afternoon, and right now BCRC is covering those few games in the evening after AHSM closes.
  • SJ: Good to go. See season schedule in the SJ tab. Still need to fill out the remaining tipoffs starting on Sun 7/26, but that’s a breeze.

THU 7/16 (10:15PM) — The draft for the OAK schedule is now up. AHSM will start early morning again, while AHSX will start early afternoon, and BCRC will start in the evening. However, please note that AHSX still needs to be confirmed by tomorrow morning, as he left his schedule at the office.

SJ tipoffs for this Sun 7/19 are done. SF tipoffs await word of MDLS and involve the most complexity, so I’m still working on those.

THU 7/16 (9:45PM) — I think I’ll probably be able to finalize tipoffs by midnight tonight. Also, AHSX isn’t a done deal, but if we can’t get that then we’ll put those daytime games at BCRC… (9:30PM) — Here’s an update…

  • SF: Gateway is not available due to new paint. TIYM is available all day, but we would only have a maximum of 13 games. MDLS is *maybe* a backup to taht, but only 5p-9p tipoffs. We have 14 games (with imposed byes on Kuyabruddaz and Lob City, see SF rankings sheet below), so I’d have to cut/rematch one more game from the matchups already listed. We’ll see as we wait for MDLS to reply.
  • OAK: Matchups are ready. We can start drafting the schedule now and we will have AHSM and AHSX (probably), with BCRC in the evening again (unless AHSX is a no-go). If there are any strong objections to AHSX as a gym, please let me know and we’ll make note of it.
  • SJ: Season matchups are ready to go, see the SJ sheet below. The only thing I have to do is nail down the tipoffs and you can already see that Old Guns and Gunners have asked for 1p+ tipoffs for all season long.

THU 7/16 (7:30PM) — OAK rankings are now done, plus the Submitted Special Requests have been added to the OAK sheet, which means I can now begin matchups for this Sun 7/19. Remember, SF matchups are done, although I may need to cut some games due to gym availability, while SJ is ready to go with all 8 teams playing at either 12,1,2, or 3p… (7:00PM) — Gateway is not avail in SF this Sun 7/19. We are able to put 13 games 9a-10p (9p last tip) at TIYM, but that will still leave 3 games or 6 teams off the docket. Hoping for MDLS to be available 5p-9p tipoffs. We’ll see. Meanwhile, OAK score updates have commenced… (12:15PM) — SF matchups are done, although I don’t even know if we have the gym space to accommodate them all. Due to other commitments, I will start OAK matchups at approximately 5p today. By then I should have a good picture of the gym situations, which means I would estimate a schedule completion time of 10p tonight… (11:15AM) — Actually re-ranking SF first because there are major gym issues and, with the bye/special requests, it’s good to know what we’re up against… (10:45AM) — Scores are done. Now gonna try to re-rank OAK and SF… (9:45AM) — Added an update below on ISAH gym in SF. As far as the schedule (again, best seen at http://dreamleague.org), I will now commence the weekly process that got started late due to the web host migration:

  1. Update all scores (from Sun 7/12)
  2. Update all +/- and W-L on the SF and OAK sheets. Please note: I will not be doing this yet for SJ because the schedule for SJ is not dependent on rankings.
  3. Make adjustments to the rankings for SF and OAK (basically re-order the list of all teams based on recent performance).
  4. Add Special Requests to the rankings sheets and start listing matchups for 7/19 — CAVEAT: remember, we have a gym issue in SF that we’re waiting on until today afternoon (read below). That being said, I’ll probably start with OAK. SJ matchups are already determined on a separate spreadsheet; I merely need to list those matchups.

THU 7/16 (2:15AM) — At long last, I have migrated this site to a new web host. Just trust me when I say it was long overdue. So first off, some new things to note:

  1. The permalink for this particular page is no longer the same. Nothing I can do about it. However, the balance to that is, this page is easier to find just by going to the http://drmlg.org homepage.
  2. There is a wider, better looking embedded schedule spreadsheet at good ‘ol http://dreamleague.org.
  3. The way to remember this is, everything at http://drmlg.org is bloggy, explanatory, and signup/registration-related. Everything at good ‘ol dreamleague.org is schedule-, stats-, and standings-related.
  4. Want to make a special request? Here are the links for now: Make Special Request and See Submitted Requests. I will pretty these links up and put them in a sidebar later when I have more time.
  5. This season “blog” will always be on the homepage here at drmlg.org. It looks real nice on your cellphone, btw. You can also click on “2015 Summer Sundays Schedule” in the left-hand column, too.
  6. There’s more that’s just not ready for me to get to and probably some broken links. But what more do we need at the moment except that spreadsheet (again, better-looking on dreamleague.org), this blog explanation, and the Make Special Request links, right?

As far as this Sun 7/12, I haven’t had time to update the scores. I will do that asap by late morning today…

  • SF: Gateway gym director tells me they’re painting the gym and we might not have that gym. I have the TI gym director getting back to me as to how many games we can have there. I have old MDLS *possibly* available starting at 5pm. A lot of gym information in SF will come to me in the next 24 hours. ISA update: getting closer to having the rim switch fixed, but probably not by this Sun 7/19; incredibly, Sun 7/26 looks realistic!
  • OAK: AHSM again, but the secondary gym for the daytime might be BCRC instead of AHSX. We’ll see.
  • SJ: The above issues have caused delays for me to complete the season schedule, but again you already know your game is at either 12,1,2, or 3p at STCC. When I can come up for air, I’ll complete the season template. We’re back down to 8 teams (not 9), therefore every team will play every week and there will not be any byes because there are an even number of teams.

Sun 7/12

THU 7/9 (5:45PM) — SJ schedule for this Sun 7/12 is now up. Hopefully there are zero changes because any special requests would greatly impact the resulting season schedule, which I’ve yet to publish. SJ is a very delicate house of cards so I’ll be in touch with each captain about the remaining season schedule shortly. As previously posted, SF and OAK have been ready to go since the last hour. Scroll down or…

THU 7/9 (4:45PM) — OAK schedule is now done. Tons of complications with the 3 scorekeepers there playing on various teams, so it’s like crazy musical chairs, but we figured it out. It really can’t change much, as indicated by the multiple games listed in bold plus all the scorekeepers’ initials, so hopefully there are no complaints. Now working on SJ, in which the main challenge is sort of figuring out a balanced schedule and ranking all 9 teams there… (1:30PM) — I’ve finalized the SF tipoffs, which haven’t changed chronologically since I first posted the Draft. No problems there. OAK is complicated. SJ will follow. Got a dentist appt to deal with right now, be back soon… (10:45AM) — Put some potential swaps in OAK in red. This is purely due to scorekeeping staffing. Some captains have been notified by text about the potential changes as well. Meanwhile, SF looks solid and I don’t see GATE/TIYM changing much. Finally, SJ will be hashed out later this afternoon, but the framework is in place and it’s just a matter of dropping team names into the appropriate buckets to figure out the actual matchups/tipoffs for this Sun 7/12. I should be done with all scheduling by 5pm today. Feel free to text me any burning questions in the interim.

THU 7/9 (2:15AM) — Draft version is below, scroll down or hit the jump link. I’d say it’s 85% done, so 15% likely to change but hopefully not by much, hopefully no wrenches thrown in from left field last-minute. Start times for each gym: GATE early morning, TIYM early afternoon, AHSM early morning, AHSX (Alameda aux gym) mid-morning, STCC noon. Next step: wait for scorekeeping staffing issues to come in and hope there’s no major changes based on coverage of gyms.

I’m expected to cover the Draymond Green press conference at Warriors HQ tomorrow for @LetsGoWarriors, so probably finalize tipoffs at like 2pm or something…

WED 7/8 (9:00PM) — Just realized the bottom half of the SF rankings are all whacked, so I fixed those, although there’s likely still some wrong ones, but oh well we move on. Again, I’m all ears for any captains who think any part of the rankings are wrong… (8:15PM) — All info has been acquired to allow me to proceed on scheduling. OAK matchups are done, SF matchups now underway, and framework for SJ has been completed.

WED 7/8 (5:00PM) — Preliminary matchups for OAK done, although waiting on Dons and Panthers to answer back on doubleheaders. SF scheduling still depends on number of teams. Might start SJ scheduling next.

WED 7/8 (4:15PM) — I need to put the SF scheduling on hold due to: 1) needing feedback from gym director on what’s our latest tipoff available, and 2) there might actually be two free agent teams, not one. As such, I am putting SF on the backburner because I can’t even create matchups due to those issues and will embark on OAK scheduling now.

WED 7/8 (3:30PM) — Latest and greatest:

    • SF: Will start scheduling now. 33 teams, 3 teams asking for a bye (see Submitted Special Requests link in the right-hand panel), so there’s 30 teams to schedule, so that’s probably 15 games. Unless there is an issue with an odd number of teams (e.g., one, three) that throws a wrench in things, I plan not be scheduling any doubleheaders yet for the teams who have started late.


    • OAK: 32 teams, so probably 16 games. However, I’m awaiting confirmation on gym status from AHSM, so this scheduling will occur after SF.


  • SJ: We will definitely start this Sun 7/12, as the gym has been secured at STCC for 12,1,2,3p tipoffs. There will be 9 teams. I will schedule this last since the variance in tipoffs is not that big for everyone in the league. You’re playing within a window of 4 hours for sure, which is a narrower window than most of the peeps in SF/OAK waiting for the schedule.

TUE 7/7 (5:15PM) — Rankings for SF and OAK are now done. I’ll have Peter take a look at OAK. Any issues with the rankings, have your captain text me asap, as the scheduling is all based on that, as you know. I’ll start dabbling with the scheduling for this Sun 7/12, although I still have to do that webhost switch.

TUE 7/7 (1:30PM) — Scores from 7/5 have been posted and so have all of the stat recaps and, so far, the OAK instagram posts…

Right now, I will be updating the SF and OAK rankings. SJ is scheduled to start this Sun 7/12 (12p-3p tipoffs at STCC) and I’ll be in touch with those captains by text shortly.

Finally, we’re moving webhosts so the site may go down. Captains can reach me by text still, obviously, and worst case, I could give them access to the schedule spreadsheet.

Sun 7/5

THU 7/2 (1:45PM) — OAK schedule is up and we might add 7p Classics vs Running Rebels, depending on team AND gym director confirmations… (10:45AM) — OAK schedule is currently dependent on response from Classics. Still no answer from captain. If anyone is on this team, please email or text me asap!

THU 7/2 (9:30AM) — Still waiting on a couple of last-minute data from OAK to come in before publishing the tipoffs. SF tipoffs are now set, though… (12:30AM) — Draft for this Sun 7/5 is now up, in chronological order but I’ll wait on finalizing tipoffs til 8am, just in case. Scroll down or hit the jump link. GATE likely to open gym midday. BCRC opening time is probably early afternoon.

In OAK, had to force a bye (as you can see on the OAK rankings) on Classics, Running Rebels, and Dons, due to lack of available opponents near their ranking.

WED 7/1 (10:00PM) — Reached another impasse for OAK. The matchups are hard to do because there’s a slew of teams wanting a bye in certain sections of the rankings. So I have to wait for more information to come in. Also still waiting for more info from an SF team, so we’re in limbo at the moment… (9:45PM) — Forgot to mention that we’ve updated the rankings for OAK. Please let us know if you see anything that’s out of whack. We’re just doing our best. Could be wrong. It’s not humanly possible for any person on our staff to see every game, not to mention when we see a game one of the teams might not have its full squad, so we don’t necessarily have a 100% eye test.

WED 7/1 (8:45PM) — SF matchups are ready to go and there’s a draft, but not sure if Braddaz are able to play at a certain time, so I’ll put SF on the backburner for now because if they don’t play, then matchups change. Will now mock up a draft for OAK… (8:00PM) — More information has come in for SF teams, so I’m able to resume scheduling for that right now. Also got rankings input from Peter and will implement those after I get a draft of SF up.

WED 7/1 (2:00PM) — Also have reached an impasse in the OAK scheduling. Need some teams to play outside of their timeframe, otherwise I’ll have to force a bye or two and there might be some matchups that have a lot of teams in between the ranked teams. I will resume the process once I get back pertinent information from the captains I have texted.

WED 7/1 (1:45PM) — Reached an impasse on the SF scheduling. Hoping some teams can play a bit later than their timeframe. So I have to put the SF schedule on the backburner until I get more information back from teams. I’ll start on OAK scheduling now.

WED 7/1 (12:30PM) — All OAK scores from Sun 6/28 and preliminary rankings are done, although Peter will take a last pass at the rankings later today. I will now begin SF scheduling. You can see the rankings on the SF and OAK tabs below on the embedded spreadsheet…

WED 7/1 (12:00PM) — Can’t start on the SF schedule yet, due to that 7p tipoff (if we can find an opponent for that team). So meanwhile, I’ll put that on the backburner and start working on OAK scores, re-rankings, and scheduling.

WED 7/1 (10:45AM) — Looks like there are 15-16 teams ready to play this Sun 7/5 in SF. So we’ll go ahead with trying to schedule it. Last tip has to be at 7p, though, which means we start no earlier than 12p. Still waiting on a couple teams to respond. As for OAK, not quite there yet. Still have to do rankings there and still waiting on responses for 7/5 from various captains.

WED 7/1 (10:00AM) — I was out of commission yesterday due to illness, therefore, we do have a lot of responses back from teams in SF about this Sun 7/5, since I was able to text all of them on Monday. OAK teams are still in the process of responding, as I was not able to text them yesterday. I will now update the scores from this past Sun 6/28 for SF, then start formulating a schedule for this Sun 7/5 to see if there are enough games we can play to make it worthwhile for everyone. You can see on the Submitted Special Requests page (link is in the righthand column) as to which teams have requested a bye so far.

MON 6/29 (11:59PM) — Just sent out texts to all SF captains to see if their teams can play this Sun 7/5 (no obligation — it’s July 4th Weekend). I will do the same with OAK captains in the morning, but feel free to be proactive and submit the Special Request to have a bye on 7/5 (link is in the right-hand column of any page here).

MON 6/29 (4:00PM) — We’ve been putting so-called “stat recaps” and IG posts of players of the game up on social media. I’ll try to add a widget later to just have them on this site, embedded, but here are the links for now…

Sun 6/28

FRI 6/26 (10:45AM) — We couldn’t get AHSX (aux gym), so we’ve moved all those to BCRC and attached the evening games to the set. See below by scrolling down or hit the jump link…

THU 6/25 (8:15PM) — Someone noticed that all the dates for the 6/28 tab were “6/21”, so I’ve corrected that to be “6/28” of course. Thanks!… (7:00PM) — Tipoffs are final except, of course, the “5p or 6p” and “6p or 7p” at BCRC, which is dependent on what the AHSX gym director says. So if we have to move all the AHSX games to BCRC then we’ll line them all up. Text me if you’re confused by that… (6:30PM) — Now I’m being told the AHSX gym is not a sure thing. Good thing we have BCRC as a backup.

THU 6/25 (6:00PM) — Below is the updated draft with TIYM now opening early morning. I plan to publish the final schedule in one hour. Just need to make sure I didn’t overlap anybody playing on two teams and my scorekeepers can get to where they’re needed… (5:15PM) — Just got a call from the TYIM director and, lo and behold, he wants us to go earlier. So I’ve got to do some shuffling of the GATE and TYIM schedules… (2:00PM) — Forgot to mention, the last 3 games at TIYM might not happen which is why they’re in red.

THU 6/25 (1:45PM) — The draft of the SF schedule is now also up, along with OAK for this Sun 6/28. I’m going to let it marinate probably until 7p tonight. If anyone has any qualms with any of it, please text me. Here are the probable gym opening times, then you can go down the list of games chronologically to estimate the time of day of your game…

  • GATE: open early morning
  • TIYM: open midday early morning
  • AHSM: open early morning
  • AHSX: open early afternoon
  • BCRC: open evening

THU 6/25 (12:45PM) — Initial rankings for SF are now up. I will now start the first draft of the SF schedule. Meanwhile, OAK continues to marinate, but is looking good, as previously posted.

THU 6/25 (11:15AM) — Btw, if you ever have problems with the embedded schedule below, first off, try using Google Chrome and secondly, might want to refresh if you’re looking at it close to the same time as I’m posting them. Not sure how instantaneous the changes are reflected.

THU 6/25 (11:00AM) — First draft of the OAK sched for this Sun 6/28 is now up, below, and it is already listed in chronological order. We’ll open up AHSM early morning, AHSX early afternoon, and BCRC evening… (10:30AM) — As you can see now on the OAK sheet, the matchups for this Sun 6/28 have been determined. I will now setup the draft of the schedule based on the tipoff structures of the gyms. (10:00AM) — List of OAK teams and rankings is now up, click the “OAK” sheet below on the embedded spreadsheet. Any qualms with any of the rankings, text me asap. I’m now going to build the schedule based on these rankings.

THU 6/25 (7:30AM) — Good news yesterday for the SF gym situation, but bad news was, I wasn’t feeling too well so did not get a start on the scheduling. Here’s the update from each location:

    • OAK: Back at AHSM again for 9a-4p. Might use their aux gym. Might not. BCRC is available for any games needed after 4p. Working on the schedule now.


    • SF: We have about 24 teams ready to go, probably another 5-6 that just simply can’t start this Sun 6/28, and 2 gyms with 11 timeslots. Gateway HS (more info later) will have 9a-4p tipoffs, and TIYM (Treasure Island, see gym codes below) will have 12p-2p and may add 3p-5p tipoffs. We will know more on Friday. Will work on the schedule after OAK draft is set. WE DODGED A BULLET!


  • SJ: We will start probably on Sun 7/12 at STCC. All registered captains have been notified of the changing dynamics of San Jose.

WED 6/24 (5:00AM) — Just sent an update to all SF captains by email. OAK captains will be contacted later today (there will definitely be games again this Sun 6/28 at AHSM and BCRC). SJ captains have already been contacted by me starting yesterday. If your team’s captain is in SF or SJ and has not heard from me, please have him text me immediately.

WED 6/24 (4:00AM) — New schedule spreadsheet is below. More info soon…

Sun 6/21

FRI 6/19 (8:00AM) — Here’s the OAK schedule for this Sun 6/21. I’ll pretty it up and have the embedded spreadsheet ready later today…

6/21 11:00 AM AHSM o-dl/ta Franchize at Guardians
6/21 12:00 PM AHSM oak-nc DFG at NPL
6/21 1:00 PM AHSM oak-nc Number 1 Extra Large at GSW
6/21 2:00 PM AHSM oak-dl Running Rebels at Btown
6/21 3:00 PM AHSM oak-dl Tropic Thunder at Oakland Sonics
—– —–
6/21 5:00 PM BCRC oak-dl Classics at Splash City
6/21 6:00 PM BCRC oak-nc Last Minute at Shoot Em Up

THU 6/18 (7:45PM) — Here is a quick draft of the OAK games we plan to have this Sun 6/21. We will probably open Alameda in the late morning, then move over to Bushrod for the evening games. Waiting for both gym directors to confirm. Again, target publish time is tonight at midnight…

THU 6/18 (6:30PM) — New bye list below… (3:00PM) — Here’s the list of teams in OAK. There’s an odd number of teams so now I am asking each captain if they would want to do a doubleheader…

OAK-TA The Guardians 10a-1p
OAK-DL Btown! 12p-9p
OAK-DL Oakland Sonics 11a-3p
OAK-DL Splash City 5p-9p
OAK-DL Tropic Thunder 3p-9p
OAK-DL The Classics 4p-9p
OAK-DL Running Rebels 11a-4p
OAK-DL Franchize (10a-12p)
OAK-NC Shoot em’ up 3p-8p
OAK-NC The NPL 12p-5p
OAK-NC DFG 9a-12p
OAK-NC GSW 9a-2p
OAK-NC (Number One) Extra Large 12p-5p
OAK-NC Last Minute 4p-9p

BYES FOR 6/21:
OAK-TA United
OAK-DL Undrafted
OAK-DL Mirror Force
OAK-NC Check
OAK-NC Warriors-Rec (11a-3p)
OAK-NC WWWD? 9a-2p

(2:30PM) — Still in the midst of setting up the embedded spreadsheet schedule that you usually see here. As for this Sun 6/21…

  • SF: no games, all registrants have been emailed the stats — HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
  • SJ: no games yet, still trying to secure gym
  • OAK: we forge ahead! See below…

I am now working on listing out all the teams that have confirmed they are ready to go for this Sun 6/21. I will post this list soon.

Schedule for 6/21 should be done by midnight.

Sun 6/14

FRI 6/12 (1:30PM) — SF schedule is done!… (1:00PM) — I think I’ll wait one more hour before putting this to bed. Just need that one final confirmation as you can see below for SF… (12:45PM) — Waiting on certain teams to confirm the SF schedule below… (12:30PM) — Below the next paragraph is my first stab at the SF schedule, a work in progress. But first, here’s the OAK schedule for the guys in Oakland, copy/pasted here from the post at 11:30am earlier:

12:00PM, BCRC: oak-nc WWWD at Check
1:00PM, BCRC: oak-dl Mirror Force at Undrafted
2:00PM, BCRC: oak-nc Warriors at Check

9:30AM ISAH: sf-nc/dl The Bros at Kuyabruddaz
10:30AM ISAH: sf-dl We Goofy at Goon Squad
11:30AM ISAH: sf-dl Pump Fake Travel at Yeezus
12:30PM ISAH: sf-dl Hyperdrunks at Icy Hot
1:30PM ISAH: sf-dl Shaqtin A Fool at Five19
2:30PM ISAH: sf-dl Ball Out at Lob City

FRI 6/12 (12:20PM) — I have re-ordered the SF list of teams below to “sort of” rank them on-the-fly, based on the registration information I have so far plus my knowledge of the team from last season, if any. Looks like I may sit Disgusting because they were willing to take a bye and we have an odd number of teams, plus we need to get it all done by 3p latest tipoff due to the… WWWWWAAAAAAAARRRRRRIORRSSS!!!

(12:15PM) — Here’s the list of SF teams that originally signed up to start on or before 6/14 (I’m using asterisks *** to denote teams that I have already scheduled above TENTATIVELY)…

  • ***SF-DL+ Goon Squad <12p
  • ***SF-DL+ We Goofy 10a-3p
  • ***SF-DL+ Yeezus 9a-1p — doubleheader ok
  • ***SF-DL+ Lob City >230p
  • ***SF-DL+ Icy Hot 9a-12p
  • ***SF-DL+ Ball Out 9a-2p
  • ***SF-DL- Hyperdrunks 9a-2p — doubleheader ok
  • ***SF-DL- Five19 3p-9p — doubleheader ok
  • ***SF-DL- Shaqtin a Fool 12p-5p
  • ***SF-DL- Pump Fake Travel 10a-3p — doubleheader ok
  • ***SF-DL- Kuyabruddaz 9a-3p
  • ***BYE*** SF-NC Disgustingly Modest 11a or bye
  • ***SF-NC The Bros 9a-2p — doubleheader ok, not preferred

FRI 6/12 (11:30AM) — Finally getting settled in at SFO. All of the OAK tipoffs below have been moved earlier one hour due to my scorekeeper not being able to scorekeep past a 2pm tipoff. All games in OAK are at BCRC (Bushrod). See my post from 5am below. The old times are crossed out, for clarity.

I will now being work on the SF schedule. Again, SJ will not start until 6/21 or possibly 6/28.

FRI 6/12 (5:00AM) — I have been in contact by text with each and every team in SF and OAK that has registered and put 6/14 as a possible start date. First, here’s the OAK list in no particular order. A lot of teams have pushed back to the Sun 6/21 start date, for obvious reasons (LetsGoWarriors!)…

  1. OAK-NC Check 10a-3p (can play DH if needed)
  2. OAK-NC WWWD 9a-2p (prefers 6/21 start but can do 6/14)
  3. OAK-NC Warriors 10a-3p (one game only)
  4. OAK-DL Mirror Force 1p-6p (DH ok)
  5. OAK-DL Undrafted 2p-6p

So it looks like we would have to have Undrafted at 2pm and flow from there. Here’s a possibility…

1:00PM 12:00PM, BCRC: oak-nc WWWD at Check
2:00PM 1:00PM, BCRC: oak-dl Mirror Force at Undrafted
3:00PM 2:00PM, BCRC: oak-nc Warriors at Check

NOTE: THE ABOVE IS NOT FINAL! The above is now final as of Fri 6/12 11:30AM.

I’ve texted these OAK captains to see if that’s okay. I’m currently in CHI en route heading back to SFO from Cleveland. Will work on SF scheduling at ISAH for this Sun 6/14 when I land at SFO.

Sun 6/7

FRI 6/5 (4:00PM) — Here is the schedule for this Sun 6/7. Lob City said they could play as early as 12p, so we’ll go with that and get it all overwith early. All games are at ISA. Text me if you have any questions on how to get there…

10:00AM Icy Hot at Ball Out
11:00AM Disgustingly Modest at Kuyabruddaz
12:00PM Pump Fake Travel at Lob City

FRI 6/5 (8:30AM) — Btw, sorry I’m slow on the full list of teams that are signing up. I should have that ready soon. One of the issues was the transition from the original system to the new one, as I have emailed captains about. I still need to transfer all of that data over, because not everyone re-registered their information on the new one yet.

FRI 6/5 (8:15AM) — There are two more SF teams that could start this Sun 6/7: Hyperdrunks and Disgustingly Modest, although the latter is a Non-Competitive division team (all of the ones slated to start so far are D-League, see previous post).

FRI 6/5 (7:30AM) — First off, the hard launch date has been postponed to 6/21 due to the NBA Finals, even if it only goes 4 games.

Here are the teams that want to start this Sun 6/7 in SF, their division they want to start in, and the timeframe of tipoffs they are available…

Bus Drivers, The Association, 1p-6p — NO OTHER “TA” OPPONENT YET
Pump Fake Travel, D-League, 10a-3p
Lob City, D-League, 2p-7p
Icy Hot, D-League, 9a-12p
Kuyabruddaz, D-League, 10a-3p
Ball Out, D-League, 9a-2p
Hyperdunks, D-League, 9a-2p — AWAITING CONFIRMATION
Disgustingly Modest, Non-Competitive, 11a-4p — AWAITING CONFIRMATION, NO OTHER “NC” OPPONENT YET

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s an opponent for Bus Drivers this Sun 6/7. The rest of the teams, we have 5 teams ready to go, so that means either one team has to sit or one team has to play a doubleheader. Whatever the case, it appears the game schedule would be as follows, based on the available timeframes (games at ISA High School):

12:00PM Pump Fake, Icy Hot, Kuyabruddaz, or Ball Out (Hyperdrunks?)
1:00PM Pump Fake, Icy Hot, Kuyabruddaz, or Ball Out (Hyperdrunks?)
2:00PM Pump Fake, Icy Hot, Kuyabruddaz, Ball Out, or Lob City (Hyperdrunks?)

(NBA Finals is at 5:00PM)

So it looks like, if Lob City plays, they would be “anchoring” the schedule with that 2p requirement (for them being the earliest possible tipoff on Sundays).

In Oakland, we don’t have any teams yet that want to start this Sun 6/7.

Keep checking back here for updates. Thanks!

2015 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets

SAT 5/16 (4:45PM) — All brackets have been updated. Championship team captains have been contacted to get the t-shirt sizes. Bulk t-shirt order will be place on Mon 5/18 and hopefully they arrive by the next week. I will be making deliveries shortly thereafter.

Jump down to top of Brackets sheet
Jump down to previously posted issues regarding Rankings/Matchups
Go back to the 2014 Summer Sunday Weekly Schedule

Sun 5/3 and 5/10

WED 4/29 (5:45PM) — All the brackets have been updated. Here’s a rundown of the SJ-TA bracket. First off, we have 6 teams now in the Losers Bracket. So you have the top two seeds left over automatically advancing just a little bit within the Losers Bracket, as their high seed earned them a chance to wait on lower seeds to kill each other off.

First we momentarily remove #2 and #5 because they’re the highest seeds. However, the problem we have here is that #8 has already played #9 and we want to promote diversity of schedule when it is not absolutely critical to matchups, so we can’t have #6 vs #12, because that ends up with #8 vs #9.

That means we have #6 vs #9 and #8 vs #12. Naturally, being the higher seed left over, #2 gets the winner of #8 vs #12, with the benefit of playing against the “probable” lower seed that will advance (#8, let’s say). Meantime, #5 gets the probable other winner, which is a higher seed than what #2 will play against, because #5 is lower than #2, so again, #2 gets all the advantages.

A couple of the SF and OAK Losers Brackets played out this way as well, in case you were wondering. They’re certainly not as complicated as SJ-TA, though.

There is one caveat that could blow up all the above: If there is an impasse in the scheduling, namely, matchups can’t agree on tipoff timeframes and presents a scheduling stalemate, I reserve the right to throw out the “diversity” goal in favor of the “logistics” goal.

Sun 4/26

No write-up for update ahead of 4/26 schedule. Have your captain text me if there are/were any issues in the bracket.

Sun 4/19

TUE 4/14 (7:00PM) — Here’s a rundown of the final standings and, therefore, rankings of SJ-TA. There were 12 teams, 11 of which seem to all be able to beat each other. We discussed the issue with the 12th0-ranked team and they agreed to forge ahead as-is (an option was to switch to OAK-NC bracket, but the drive was too far).

The rankings, unlike during the regular season, are now entirely based on standings. With all 12 teams included, that’s the best and fairest way to do it. That’s how they would do it in the NFL, whose “Wild Card” tiebreaker system we will use, because it’s the best available for “short” seasons (e.g., we won’t use NBA or MLB systems because those are for 82- and 162-game regular seasons).

The tiebreaker system is as follows: 1) win-loss record (of course), then if tied go to 2) head-to-head result, then if still tied go to 3) win-loss record against common opponents, then if still tied go to the so-called 4) “strength of victory” determination, which we will interpret as point differential in games won — with a cap at 20 for blowouts. If you have multiple teams tied, you use the system to eliminate teams tied, then the ones still tied after that, you start at the top again (head-to-head, for example) to further eliminate teams from a group that’s tied. You can look this tiebreaker up; it is the official NFL tiebreaker system. Here we go…

  1. SJ Hibachi (6-0)
  2. Basketballs Of Fury (5-1)
  3. Old Guns (3-2) — no h2h vs 408Da, tied 1-0 vs common opp (HitSq), SOV = +38
  4. 408DaGoGettas (3-2) — no h2h vs OldG, tied 1-0 vs common opp (HitSq), SOV = +33
  5. Bay Kingz (2-2) — 1-0 common opp (TSASC) vs BadN/DemB/Thund, won h2h vs BadN
  6. Bad News (3-3) — 1-0 common opp (TSASC) vs BayK/DemB/Thund, lost h2h vs BayK
  7. Dem Boyz (3-3) — 0-1 common (TSASC) v BayK/BadN/Thund, no 2h2 & 2-2 comm (HitSq/TSASC/Regula) v Thund, SOV = +42
  8. Thunder (3-3) — 0-1 common (TSASC) v BayK/BadN/DemB, no h2h & 2-2 comm (HitSq/TSASC/Regula) v DemB, SOV = +23
  9. TSA Santa Clara (2-4) — no h2h, 1-0 common opp (Thund) vs HitSq/Gunner
  10. Hit Squad (2-4) — no h2h, 0-1 common opp (Thund) vs TSASC/Gunner, won h2h vs Gunner
  11. Gunners (2-4) — no h2h, 0-1 common opp (Thund) vs TSASC/HitSq, lost h2h vs HitSq
  12. Regulators (0-6)

MON 4/13 (4:00PM) — Here is the long overdue bracket-by-bracket explanation. Things always are most interesting after the 2nd round of the playoffs, anyways. You can see the bracket taking shape and which teams will probably fill out what bracket on the road to the so-called “Last Losers Bracket Game, plus Championship” Sunday.

So because of the double-elimination status, recall that anybody that falls to the Losers Bracket is likely to play a doubleheader as they try to traverse the Losers Bracket, all the while the Winners Bracket leader has the clear advantage. That’s a basic premise for understanding how to read these brackets.

Let’s hope there are no bye requests for this Sun 4/19 that mess up my explanations…

    • SF-TA: Standard 8-team bracket, very straightforward.
    • SF-DL/G: Sometimes you only end up with 4 teams in which case, on paper, the top seed isn’t likely to blow out the lowest seed. We have that situation here. The only quirk here is that We Goofy asked for a bye on 4/12. While we can accommodate, we don’t really want to penalize the other teams involved for being available week by week — unless they, too, wanted a bye — so what we will do is, if We Goofy *loses* their Winners Bracket game vs Splash City on 4/19, we will try to make it so that they will have to play the Prodigies in the Losers Bracket. If We Goofy *wins* their Winners Bracket game, then it really wouldn’t be fair to force Splash City into a doubleheader when the Prodigies didn’t have to do the same. CAVEAT: If I can’t pull this off logistically (e.g., Prodigies say they need to know one way or another whether they’re playing), then we’ll probably just have the Losers Bracket take a bye on 4/19.
    • SF-DL/S: In the Losers Bracket, we try to avoid repeat matchups because one of the mantras of Dream League is to have diversity of schedule. However, sometimes that can’t be avoided. In this case, with both Stache Brothers and Flight Club Cobras telling me that they don’t think they can compete in this bracket (and I kind of agree with them), we now have an odd number of teams in the Losers Bracket. That means one team gets the benefit of awaiting the winner of the other two-team matchup. Which one will it be? It will be the one with the higher seed. So in this case, you *do* have a repeat of #4 Team USA vs #5 Sole Legit that is “unavoidable”, at least in terms of fairness (imposing a doubleheader taking precedence over diversity of schedule). There is another example of this with the OAK-DL bracket. The SF-NC bracket is an example where we *can* rematch to avoid a repeat. So check those for further explanation.
    • SF-DL/B: Everything is progressing with this 7-team bracket as normal, after forcing the two teams moving down from SF-DL/S (Flight Club Cobras vs Stache Brothers) to play against each other and carry the one loss into this bracket. Notice the “mini-final-four” that will occur next Sun 4/19 in the Losers Bracket. This is so that we can have just two teams for the Losers Bracket on 4/26, the winner of which will then proceed to face the survivor of the Winners Bracket on the same Sunday, 4/26, barring unforeseen circumstances.
    • SF-NC: Standard 6-team bracket where we wait for the results of the first four Winners Bracket in order to have that more-desired “mini-final-four” in the Losers Bracket so we can have just two in the Losers Bracket the week after, the winner of which will be in the Championship the same Sunday. Here, we have a situation where the survivor of the Losers Bracket mini-final-four is going to be the clear-cut deserving survivor, no matter how you slice and dice the two matchups of the four teams. Because of the even number of teams, we can then avoid a repeat matchup because we already had the standard #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 in the first round. So we take the top seed, #3, and we match them up against the next-lowest seed that avoids #6, which would be #5. And that’s how we wind up with #3 vs #5 and #4 vs #6 in the Losers Bracket for Sun 4/19. Both winners end up playing a doubleheader.
    • OAK-TA: Pretty standard 4-team bracket. SF-DL/G above is similar.
    • OAK-DL: We started this 9-team bracket with the thought that, because it’s neither the top nor the lowest division, not to penalize a team with a doubleheader just because they were the lowest seed. And that’s why we had a delay in the #8/#9/#1 set, where Basic Addition now must wait until 4/26 for the next round as the top of the Winners Bracket catches up. With the odd number of teams left in the Losers Bracket, #8 must face #9 again, even though we prefer not to repeat matchups. Here, they have the worst seeds, so *someone* has to play a doubleheader. The top seed remaining in the Losers Bracket, in this case #2 Heem Team, gets the benefit of playing one of those teams on their second game. Traversing the Losers Bracket, you can see that we’re able to end up with two remaining teams on 5/3, the winner to play the Winners Bracket survivor also on 5/3.
    • O-NC/AM: Standard 8-team bracket.
  • O-NC/PM: Sometimes the AM/PM issue, especially over the years in Oakland, is so dramatic that we have no choice but to just have 3 teams if there are only 3 teams that can logistically attend games during a certain timeframe. Oakland Sonics asked for a bye on 4/12, so because we had to have the round robin between three teams occur in any particular order, we now have a situation where Last Minute has lost two games and been eliminated. That leaves Dreaming vs Sonics, which hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, the loser of this game on 4/19 will have only lost one game, so both teams will definitely face each other again on 4/26. And it could stretch out to 5/3, depending. Essentially, with the third team eliminated, we are down to a 3-game series between Dreaming and Sonics.

Sun 4/12

MON 4/6 (10:00AM) — Welcome to the 2015 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets page, where below you can visually see the brackets and, at the nodes of each matchup, the date on which the matchup is predicted to be played (barring unforeseen circumstances such as bye requests or gym issues).

Currently, all of the SF and OAK brackets are displayed. SJ is not in playoffs yet and theirs will be published by their 2nd round of playoffs. I will explain in more detail some of the nuances of the SF and OAK brackets later today.

2015 Winter-Spring Wednesday Elite 6’3″ & Under Schedule

SCHEDULE –> boxscores
STANDINGS –> team stats
$32 for tops only
$49 for full top/bottom
Reliable order fulfillment!
Click here for details
Email me to order!

SAT 3/14 (11:15AM) — Guess people are seeing their stats up and wanting to show out, because Isaiah Sandoval went nuts, although it was against cellar-dweller and depleted Sole Legit: 47 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists!

Even though this league will always be a relative small sample size, that puts Sandoval in 2nd in the scoring race, a couple points behind Roy Giles, who went 8-for-11 to maintain his incredible shooting pace at .623, but still behind Sunny Margate, who’s still at .696 and his three-point percentage actually went *down* after going 2-for-3 from downtown last Wed 3/11.

Meanwhile, Margate now leads assists per game with 5.3 (Brian Goins has only played one game and technically wouldn’t qualify in the final tally if that stayed the same) and Sandoval’s right behind him, plus Sandoval is now leading the league in rebounding.

As for the standings race, think of it as playoffs already, although it’s not. Sole Legit will get the auto-bye this upcoming Wed 3/18 due to being in 5th Place. Now is the chance for teams at the top to stay at the top, or teams trying to get to the top to beat the teams in their way. So that’s why we have 3rd-Place Quick Fast vs 4th-Place YGM, then 1st-Place Thrown Together vs 2nd-Place GoGetIt this Wed 3/18.

That will be the only way to attain the 1st- or 2nd-Place thresholds needed to play in the championship two weeks from now on 4/1. It’s pretty much do or die from this point on. The big test is the *loser* of GoGetIt vs Thrown Together. That loser would need to win again the following Wed 3/25 to maintain top billing, assuming the winner keeps winning. Still a lot can happen if GoGetIt or Thrown Together slips up these next two Wednesdays. So, not surprisingly, YGM and Quick Fast will need some help and do not necessarily control their own destiny.

Bottom line: The standings are still relevant. Keep winning to move up. Tiebreakers are the same as the NFL’s: head-to-head matchups then record against common opponents, then and only then point-differential in games won (the NFL’s so-called “strength of victory”), followed by straight point-differential.

Jump down to the top of the schedule
Click here for previous posts (below) pertaining to scheduling

Gym Locations

TIYM = Treasure Island YMCA Main Gym, parking lot at 9th St and Avenue I
[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NKw0bdl5NodPV6MNT_EkUNIa7q-u6hctYNkwEWGT76k/pubhtml?gid=603223050&single=true 800 800]

Wed 3/4

SAT 3/7 (9:30AM) — Thanks to Peter for handling the logistics in my absence this past Wed 3/4. Let’s take a look at the STANDINGS and remaining SCHEDULE real quick. Treat every game as if it were a playoff game from here on out!…

Thrown Together (3-0): Faces last-place Sole Legit this Wed 3/11, and so on paper looks like a favorite to head into the playoff positioning weeks of Wed 3/18 and 3/25 at the top of the standings, likely to face GoGetIt — against whom they got a big win two weeks ago — on 3/18.

GoGetIt (2-1): The depleted loss to Thrown Together Wed 2/18 looms large, so they must fend off YGM this Wed 3/11 if they want an opportunity to seek revenge on Thrown Together when the top two teams face off on Wed 3/18. Remember, the Championship on 4/1 is quite simply the top two teams, so any “revenge” games late in the season become key. A loss to YGM doesn’t mean the end of the world, but that would result in having to climb back through more teams and relying on other teams to lose.

Quick Fast (2-2): Just two weeks ago, lost by only 2 points to GoGetIt, then lost again this past Wed 3/4 to Thrown Together. However, they beat the two teams below them, so they do hold a tiebreaker advantage against the bottom of the standings. So they’ll need to hope for an upset by YGM or Sole Legit. If not, then the blueprint becomes winning their probable rematch against one of the teams below them on 3/18, then defeat the loser of the top two teams on 3/25 to snag one of the top two spots.

YGM (1-2): It’s a must-win this Wed 3/11 against GoGetIt. Simple as that.

Sole Legit (0-3): Also a must-win this Wed 3/11 against Thrown Together. The good news is, the matchup against one of the top two teams, so all hope is not lost just yet.

Remaining Schedule

By the time all games are completed on Wed 3/25, the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-Place teams will have all played 6 games. The 4th- and 5th-Place teams will have played 5 games. So that’s why on Championship Night of 4/1, you have a “Friendship Game” between the two teams that have only played 5 games, plus the Championship between the top two teams.

So it ends up the top two teams will have played 7 games each and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will have played 6 each.


    • Steve Leeder of Sole Legit went 10-for-24 from three-point land this past Wed 3/4. That’s probably a Dream League record in terms of attempts from beyond the arc in one game!
    • In the same game, Roy Giles of GoGetIt scored 47 points (not a Dream League record, which I believe is around 52 points or so) on a highly efficient 18-for-27 field and 8-for-11 downtown. No wonder he leads the league in scoring by ELEVEN points!
    • Deandre Smith is atop the leaderboard in assists (tied-1st, 5.3 apg) and steals (2nd, 2.7 spg) plus FT% (5-for-5), but only has a 5.3-to-4.7 assist-to-turnover ratio. Which means this: He’s all over the place! No doubt, if it could be tracked, he’d lead the league in miles-ran-per-game by…a mile!
  • Speaking of leading the league in assists, how about power forward Sunny Margate? He’s also tied for 2nd in the league in blocked shots. Oh, and he’s “only” shooting 69.2% from downtown (9-for-13). He’s at a league-leading 70% overall from the field, which means his two-pointers are going in at an even higher rate.

Wed 2/25

MON 2/23 (3:45PM) — Season schedule has been corrected and is shown below (scroll down or hit the jump link). Don’t forget to read the details of it listed 3 paragraphs below…

MON 2/23 (3:15PM) — Stats are updated! Bear in mind, two teams (GoGetIt and Sole Legit) have only played one game, so the stats are a little skewed in the early going, but they’re complete. Check the links on the right side of this paragraph! Meanwhile, just need to hear back from one more team and the remaining season schedule will be posted.

MON 2/23 (12:30PM) — There is an error in the schedule. I will need to take it down right now and fix it. Sorry about that. Thanks to YGM for pointing that out… (11:15AM) — Added season schedule explanation in bullet points below… (11:00AM) — The season schedule has now been revamped! Team Thrown Together has claimed the next bye for this Wed 2/25, so the only byes left are for Quick Fast and YGM. We can still swap that schedule around for 3/4 and 3/11, if necessary, but the season schedule below (scroll down) is what we have.

The schedule ends up with the 2 championship game teams playing 7 games and everyone else playing 6 games. Sunny and I are in discussions to find the best solution for this 5-team format we have right now. The format is as follows:

  • Play 1 game vs each of 4 other opponents, 1 team takes a bye each Wed.
  • For the 5th game, 5th-Place team takes a bye, 4th Place vs 3rd, 2nd vs 1st.
  • The 5th game would pretty much lock up the #1 seed.
  • For the 6th slate of games, that same 5th-Place team plays the same 2nd Place.
  • That’d be the 5th game for the 5th-Place team and is pretty much a do-or-die game.
  • For the 6th slate of games, that same 4th-Place team takes a bye.
  • That means 3rd Place plays 1st Place, which is a do-or-die for the 3rd Place team.
  • On the 7th and final slate of games, Championship is the new 2nd- vs new 1st-Place teams.
  • At this point, there would *probably* be 2 teams left that only played 5 games, likely the 5th- and 4th-Place teams unless they upset the higher-favored teams. In any case, we would give a “Friendship Game” to the 2 teams that had only played 5 games. Similarly, there would be one team *not* in the top two — let’s call this the 3rd-Place team for the sake of argument — that would have played 6 games already, and their season would end with no game on Championship/Friendship Night, currently scheduled for Wed 4/1. (Hope that made sense!)

We certainly value your input, so let us know any proposals on it, but please be reminded that with only 5 teams, there’s only so much funds in the pot to schedule games and referees.

Also, if the above bullet points need further explanation, I’m happy to explain it to you by phone or at the gym this Wed, of course.

The other issue is the 715p vs 815p timeslot. Right now, it’s pretty balanced for everybody, but if there’s a team that absolutely cannot play at 715p, speak up now or forever hold your peace. And even if you do, we’d have to ask permission from the other teams, too, since “the good of the many outweigh the good of the one”.

I will now update the scores from our Sunday league yesterday. After that, I will punch in the stats from last Wed 2/18.

THU 2/19 (3:15PM) — After a scheduling snafu yesterday, I will be revamping the schedule, so I’ve taken it offline for now. The good news is, stats from the first week are up…

SCHEDULE — links to boxscores
STANDINGS — links to team stats
STATS LEADERS — links to team stats

Wed 2/18

TUE 2/17 (4:15PM) — This is the first major post of the Wednesday season schedule.

Signups for Six-Dollar Saturdays in SF

Eventbrite - Dream League's "Six Dollar Saturday" basketball league in SF

First 6 Teams Pay Only $6 Per Game Per Player!

  • 12 teams total — Divisions to be created based on registrations
  • 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th teams will pay negotiated rate
  • Olympic Format: 2 pools of 6 teams each, 5-game round-robin, top 4 in each pool reach knockout phase
  • Calendar:

    8/27 – Soft-launch (Game #1)
    9/3 – LABOR DAY (makeup or holiday)
    9/10 – Game #1 or 2
    9/17 – Game #2 or 3
    9/24 – Game #3 or 4
    10/1 – Game #4 or 5
    10/8 – Game #5
    10/15 – Knockout Phase Quarterfinals
    10/22 – Final Four & Championship
    10/29 – Start of next “Six Dollar Saturdays”

  • Stats and boxscores at http://dreamleague.org
  • Priority to those who can start next Sat 8/27
  • Full teams not required!
  • Free agents welcome!

Any other details needed, please contact your Commish, Rich by text at 415-683-7326 or email info(at)dreamleague(dot)org.

Early-Bird Gets… (Sign Up Early! Here’s Why!)

(precedes season schedule)



We are pleased to announce the following Early-Bird Offers…

  • All captains who pay/register by Sun 5/31 get a free league t-shirt
  • San Francisco (see next paragraph), and
  • Oakland (scroll down or click here to jump down).

Play EXTRA Regular Season Games
in San Francisco FOR FREE!!!

WHO: You and your entire team in Dream League (San Francisco only — see below for Oakland!)

WHAT: “Free” regular season games on 5/31 and/or 6/7

WHERE: ISA High School gym

WHEN: You pick any one OR MORE of the following…

  • Play on 5/31*: Pay your $55/slot x 2 roster slots by Wed 5/27
  • Play on 6/7*: Pay your $55/slot x 2 roster slots by 5/31 or, if this is Game #2, $55 x 3

NOTE: Regular season officially starts on 6/14 with no byes in between (except for President’s Day — see CALENDAR). This offer is only good if you play every official regular season week between 6/14 and 7/26, inclusive — 7/5 *might* a league-wide bye for July 4th Weekend.

* – Subject to opponent and gym availability (the assumption is, there’s other teams to play against and enough leftover gym time)

WHY: To gain more chemistry for your team, more games, more stats, more comp, more fun! It’s a no brainer if your team is organized and you got your act together!!!


** – Just bring the regular $35 cash game fee — that’s $25 to ref, $10 to scorekeeper — and MAKE SURE YOU’VE PAID THE MINIMUM TWO (2) ROSTER SLOTS ($55 EACH) TO START, THEN ONE (1) EXTRA PER GAME AFTER THAT.

HOW DO WE GET STARTED?: Simply pay for your team’s minimum two roster slots at least seven (7) days in advance, then register, and we’ll schedule you asap! For example, if you want to play this extra/free game on Sun 6/7, pay your roster two (2) roster slots no later than Sun 5/31 at 11:59PM.


Early-Bird for Oakland

Same as above for SF, but bring $20 to help defray gym costs — that means Dream League is not making any money off your game.

To take advantage of this offer, just email rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org!

2015 Winter-Spring Sunday Schedule

$32 for tops only
$49 for full top/bottom
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SAT 5/16 (5:00PM) — Playoff brackets updated, remaining team captains contact, and schedule below for Sun 5/17 set.

Jump down to the top of the schedule
Click here for the 2015 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets
Click here for previous posts (below) pertaining to scheduling

Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
TIYM = Treasure Island YMCA Main Gym, parking lot at 9th St and Avenue I
MDLS = Mission Dolores Academy, pkg lot thru black gate next to Children’s Council Bldg, Church St b/w 16th & 17th

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
AHSM = Alameda HS (Main gym), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the parking lot but not the spots that has van parking. If no parking then have to park at meters (Sunday free). Gym is the biggest bldg
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland (near Coliseum)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
RBRC = Rainbow Rec Center, 5800 International Blvd, Oakland (arrive early, new gym)

ARYC = Alum Rock Youth Center, 137 North White Road, SJ (down block from JLHS, still arrive early!)
STCC = Seven Trees Community Center, 3590 Cas Dr, SJ (near AHHS, park in front pkg lot, follow walkway to gym/library)
AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)
CCCM = Camden Comm Ctr (Main), 3369 Union Ave, SJ (park near & enter thru gate next to soccer field at back of pkg lot)
BCCM = Bascom Community Center (Main Gym), 1000 South Bascom Avenue, SJ

Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)
red = tipoff timeframe is only 1 or 2 tipoffs
orange = tipoff timeframe is only 3 hours
bold black matchup = tipoff time is pinned and cannot be swapped
blue matchup = Dream League scorekeeper(s) playing in game
purple matchup = one or both of the teams has a doubleheader
green matchup = one or both of the teams has player(s) on another team

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMFRvIfzuV9JBAlgjI3n_XEInwQVjc_yxJncazww2HM/pubhtml?widget=true&headers=false 800 880]

Sun 5/10

THU 5/7 (11:45AM) — I’ve already been in contact with all captains in SF and OAK about the schedule, and the schedule is listed below and final. In SJ, you have the mini-final-four in the Losers Bracket and the one Winners Bracket game.

WED 5/6 (11:00AM) — Been a crazy last two days, with towing my car from SJ to SF, Steph MVP announcement, our t-shirt/hoodie pre-sale with Savs, and the Warriors loss in Game 2 — Mike Conley hat tip, what a baller! Thank goodness Steve Kerr gave the team a much-needed day off. Currently updating final scores from this past Sun 5/3 and then will update the brackets.

This Sun 5/10 is Mother’s Day, but we were planning to forge ahead and get these playoffs done asap before Memorial Day Weekend. If there are any major issues with that, have your captain text me. I’ll be in touch with all captains, anyways, about the summer season coming up, soon.

Sun 5/3

THU 4/30 (2:15PM) — Schedule for this Sun 5/3 is now done. See playoff brackets to see how your remaining bracket plays out.

THU 4/30 (12:00PM) — Draft is up! Just finalizing the last few teams. Check the bye list in red at the bottom, necessitated in SF and OAK by various difficulties with scheduling, all discussed already with captains. There are some gaps at ISAH and BCRC. Those will be fleshed out soon as we determine if there are “friendship” games between already-elimianted teams.

THU 4/30 (2:15AM) — Still haven’t heard back from all the captains, so I’ll try again in the morning. Also I might be able to fill in some voids with “friendship” games between teams that were double-eliminated or just eliminated. I’ll be texting a lot of teams to see if they want to fill in, although they’ll likely need to bring the $35 game fee PLUS a $20 gym fee — I don’t make any money off those games; those are just to defray ref+scorekeeper+gym costs since those are above and beyond regular season as well as playoffs.

WED 4/29 (6:00PM) — Playoff brackets have been updated and the scheduling for this Sun 5/3 has begun, albeit fraught with various difficulties in SF, OAK, and less so in SJ. So it will take some time for all the variables to settle, but it’s very likely I’ve already been in contact with your captain as most of the games are affected by special requests.

Sun 4/26

FRI 4/24 (7:00AM) — Sorry for the delay on BCRC (and STCC). We were waiting on the exact timeframe of availability from Franchize last night, then that amazing game happened, so I wasn’t able to update the schedule until now. Everyone’s still in their timeframes even after adding the missing Winners Bracket game (Franchize vs Stephen’s Curry). Stephen’s Curry? Hmmmm, maybe that was good luck!

THU 4/23 (5:00PM) — After further examination, the Steph vs Franchize game will be inserted at either 130p or 230p. BCRC will still start at 930a as you can see stacked up below. Dragon vs Mirror will thus be pushed back to 230p, pending approval from Dragon (Mirror has approved). So all of this will be updated probably by late tonight, but you can estimate your tipoff in OAK if you’re one of the first five games… (4:45PM) — Looks like I may have inadvertently left off the Steph’s vs Franchize game (see brackets) from the OAK schedule. Therefore, the BCRC schedule has been put on ice (no tipoffs) as I try to squeeze that one in. I’m gonna be busy all night so this will have to wait until late tonight — thought I had it all done. Oh well. *sigh*

THU 4/23 (3:45PM) — Tipoffs are posted, because rather than wait any longer for Benchwarmers, I went ahead and postponed some games as mentioned before, creating a situation where there would be no back-to-back doubleheader in OAK (or no doubleheader, period).

The only remaining issue is what time we will start STCC. Looks like 330p with ARYC’s last tip being 145p, but still waiting to hear back from the gym director… (3:30PM) — Forgot to mention, still waiting on Benchwarmers captain reply on latest tipoff (130p), so there’s that.

THU 4/23 (3:15PM) — We’re close to being done, but there are still a couple of issues that I need to let settle. The updated draft version below should have the last game at BCRC listed in the Comments as “postpone?” If it does not show this, come back to this page in about 30 minutes to let it refresh the Google Spreadsheet update…

  • In SJ, waiting on confirmation of only two hours needed at STCC. The end of the ARYC set, which will probably start at the same time as the last two Sundays, will flow right into the last two slots at STCC, i.e., we’ll move the entire operation from one gym to the next.
  • In OAK, first of all AHSM is unavailable despite previously announcing it was available. We will postpone the Winners Bracket of OAK-DL Undrafted vs Basic Addition. At first, this was a tipoff timeframe issue, but then I remembered that there are a few players on Basic that haven’t paid their roster spot yet. Having their next game (see Playoff Brackets) on 5/3 should give them enough time to either pay or explain their situation to me, on an individual basis. If I don’t hear from them at all, then I reserve the right for an auto-forfeit. Unfortunately, an auto-forfeit only hurts the players on the team that owned up to their spots — it’s unfair, but there is a lesson in there: don’t pickup teammates who cannot hold up their end the bargain, otherwise the whole ship sinks.

    Also note that the postponement of Undrafted vs Basic Addition also results in the postponement of the 2nd game of the mini-final-four in their Losers Bracket, which is indicated by the aforementioned “postpone?” comment in the Comments column of the last BCRC game.

  • In SF, we will postpone the Winners Bracket of SF-DL/Gold, SF-DL/Silver, and SF-NC due to rather difficult timeframe issues. Each one of those cases, I believe I have discussed with each captain. If you have any questions on those, please have your captain contact me asap for an explanation. It all boils down to team availability and me trying to be as fair as possible with having non-depleted rosters for the “Final Three” in each bracket.

So, still a little bit of waiting to do. Hopefully some of the above iron themselves out by 5pm tonight.

THU 4/23 (12:45PM) — MDLS is not available for that one game, so we do have some issues there. Hoping for TYIM as a backup… (12:30PM) — I might still juggle around the SJ schedule at ARYC/STCC, but most of the teams are available for most of the times, anyways. Stay tuned… (12:15PM) — Made some minor updates. Added list of bye teams at bottom in red. Here are the probable gym start times: ISAH late morning, MDLS midday, AHSM morning, BCRC evening, ARYC mid-morning, STCC mid-afternoon. Still waiting on confirmations for MDLS and AHSM. Not sure what to do if we don’t get MDLS. If we don’t get AHSM, move all those to BCRC… (8:45AM) — Playoff brackets updated and draft for Sun 4/26 posted. Still working on a few things. Hope to get it done by 5p today.

Sun 4/19

THU 4/16 (11:30PM) — Forgot to mention that #7 Basic and #3 Sqad in the OAK-DL have byes due to that side of the bracket going faster than the #1’s side (see Playoff Bracket page, link is below this paragraph)… (10:15PM) — Made one last change which swapped the 6p/7p timeslots at ISAH. All captains involved have been informed. Final version below… (7:15PM) — Tipoffs have finally been posted… (6:30PM) — Almost done with the scheduling. Should be done by 8pm tonight… (12:00PM) — Draft is up. Still waiting for a couple things to settle, thus, there’s no tipoffs listed yet… (10:15AM) — Made the executive decision to keep SF-NC Losers Bracket the way it is, with the diversity of scheduling. That pushes everything back. So there won’t be a mini-final-four. See bracket. Same thing with SF-DL/Silver. This means the survivor of the Winners Bracket will have to take a bye next week. Sorry!… (9:00AM) — Currently going through all the responses I got last night. Also, might need to re-match SF-NC because all of the teams in the Losers Bracket have strict timeframes. Got thrown one wrench from left field. So anyways, I think I’ll need all day to finish up everything.

WED 4/15 (4:15PM) — Still waiting for some responses back from teams on availability to go outside timeframe. This happens a lot when there’s a lot of Losers Bracket teams to eliminate. So anyways, just remember that all the matchups can be seen on the Playoff Brackets page (link below)… (4:00PM) — Friendly reminder to SJ-TA teams: top four teams get a first-round bye.

WED 4/15 (2:15PM) — Currently doing the first draft of the schedule. Here are the submitted special requests (official link is at the bottom of the right-hand panel) for this Sun 4/19, since the spreadsheet is overflowed at the moment — hopefully will be corrected soon…

SF Warriors DL MYee sf-dl 4/19 9a 2p
RNS sf-ta 4/19 4p 9p
XiaYu sf-ta 4/19 7p 9p
SJ Gunners sj-ta 4/19 12p 3p

TUE 4/14 (6:45PM) — Twelve-team SJ-TA bracket (just one division in SJ) is now up on the Playoff Brackets page (see link below). The final standings and rankings are listed on the SJ tab in the schedule sheet below. An explanation of the SJ-TA bracket will now be written up on the Playoff Brackets page. Next up: drafting a schedule for this Sun 4/19 based on all updated brackets.

MON 4/13 (4:15PM) — Just updated the brackets. However, I have not filled out the SJ 12-team playoff bracket yet. Click on the Playoff Bracket link below for the info on SF and OAK.

Sun 4/12 (bye 4/5 for Easter)

220px-Jim_Barnett_2013THU 4/8 (2:00PM) — Apparently, not enough of you whom I gave a private invitation over the last 24 hours, want to meet and greet Jim Barnett, or at least are motivated enough to fill up the available spots, so I’m opening it up to everyone.

There are only 24 3-Point Shootout spaces available, so it’s first-come-first-served. You can still meet JB even if you don’t want to shoot — just request a Guest Pass. The event is “free”, but since I’m paying for the gym time out of my own pocket, I’m requesting a $5 donation at the door.

There will be some giveaways at the event, too. I myself could spend a day talking to Jim about hoops, but if you don’t think JB is worth the drive or the donation, no offense taken!


THU 4/8 (7:15AM) — SF tipoffs are now up as well. WED 4/8 (10:45AM) — OAK and SJ tipoffs are now up. SF is nearly done, just waiting on a few confirmations from staff.

TUE 4/7 (1:45PM) — In SJ, I’m 99% going with the 4 games that are listed in SJ. For various reasons which I will discuss with in detail with each captain, BBOF (7 players), 408DGG (short on payments) and Bay Kingz (really short on payments) will not finish the regular season with 6 games played. We will start SJ playoffs on 4/19 and hopefully 408 and BayK will be caught up by then. If not, we will proceed without them in “THEE MASSIVE” 12-team SJ playoff bracket, which you can view on the Playoff Brackets page. There’s also a mock SJ playoff schedule below as one of the tabs (scroll all the way down or hit the jump links at the bottom of the last post).

As for SF and OAK, I’m letting those schedules marinate. I don’t foresee any wrenches thrown in from left field on those.

TUE 4/7 (10:00AM)Very rough first draft of the schedule for this Sun 4/12 is now online, scroll down or hit the jump link. I’m still going to do a detailed write-up of the brackets on the Playoff Brackets page, but here is a summary, city-by-city:

  • SF — First off, you’ll notice a small anomaly currently labelled, “playoffs1: SoleLe/TeamU then Loser vs Cleatonkees”. I will explain that one later, here. There’s another announcement to be made shortly at MDLS as well, so stay tuned.
  • OAK — Nothing out of the ordinary to report here, although you can see that there are plenty of teams with a bye, due to various reasons to be explained on the brackets page. BCRC will open in the early afternoon.
  • SJ — We will only go with 4 games at ARYC this Sun 4/12. The main reason is that I’m fed up with the CCCM people, who didn’t refund me the $500 cleaning deposit from our non-use of the gym on 3/29, until I asked for it yesterday. I had to pay off my credit card balance yesterday as well, so basically I’m “out” $500 until the next credit card bill when I get it back. Assholes! So we’re sticking with just the 4 timeslots available at ARYC: 11,12,1,2. That means some teams will get a bye. I will be deciding on whom, shortly.

    So, I don’t want to go back to CCCM for awhile and that’s my plan for Sun 4/19 as well. That being said, teams like Gunners and Hit Squad will have had two byes in a row. Therefore, I’ll figure something out where they can maybe have an “extra” game (against each other, idk?) on Sun 4/19. We’ll cross that bridge next week. Meanwhile, I’ll have to build out the probably playoff structure so I can estimate our needs at other gyms on Sun 4/26 and 5/3 for the first two rounds of playoffs. Hopefully we can go back to Bascom or something (?).

MON 4/6 (10:30AM) — My plan for the rest of the day: draft out this Sun 4/12 based on the brackets/timeframes/requests, as well as SJ matchups, because I need to figure out the upcoming gym schedules; then explain the brackets… MON 4/6 (10:15AM) — First revision of the playoff brackets has now been posted. Click on the Playoff Brackets link below (below the one for “Jump down to top of schedule”).

MON 4/6 (6:45AM) — Been sick for a good majority of last week, so I’m now catching up on all the playoff bracketing from Sun 3/29 (no games occurred on Sun 4/5 due to Easter). That will be the next update. The playoff brackets, which will include dates of future matchups, will show you the roadmap of the remainder of the season schedule, barring unforeseen circumstances such as gym issues or teams asking for byes.

Sun 3/29

FRI 3/27 (6:45AM) — Tipoffs are good to go. Any questions, have your captain text me… THU 3/26 (11:00PM) — Almost done! The latest draft is now below, scroll down or hit the jump link. Sorry for the delay. Been a rough day. I think I had an ulcer tbh (3-4 hours of lost time and in pain) — half of that due to all the Dream League haters out there lol. I’m okay now, though. Still working through the wee hours of the night double-checking everything and getting refs and scorekeepers lined up.

THU 3/26 (4:15PM) — Getting notified that JS23 wants to change their timeframe to 9a-2p has caused a domino effect. In fact, the brackets as-is weren’t going to work. Look at Benchwarmers 9a-12p timeframe. Therefore, OAK schedule needs to be revamped. I’ve taken those games off-line.

THU 3/26 (11:15AM) — Correction. AYRC can’t be opened til late morning so there will be some rework.

THU 3/26 (7:45AM) — Draft version of the schedule for this Sun 3/29 is up, scroll down. You can see the list of teams with a bye in red at the bottom. I hope to finalize soon. Any questions about the playoff matchups or seeds, please have your captain text me asap. Here are probable gym opening times:

  • ISAH: early morning
  • BCRC: morning
  • ARYC: early morning

WED 3/25 (4:45PM) — Two versions of upcoming 3/29 and 4/12 SJ matchups are now up. I’ll put that on the backburner now and work on OAK brackets that Peter has already assisted on. Then we’ll start scheduling all the first-round playoff matchups. Here are the gyms in play…

  • SF: ISAH and MDLS
  • OAK: BCRC and maybe an early one at AHSM
  • SJ: AYRC, no restrictions on start or end time

WED 3/25 (11:45AM) — In SJ, I’ve added next two matchups thru Sun 4/12 (Sun 4/5 is a bye due to Easter), but I’d like to squeeze as many games as possible at AYRC this Sun 3/29 because, quite frankly, I don’t like dealing with CCCM’s gym directors. So to entice teams to do so, I’m offering to pay for scorekeeper fees if you play on Sun 3/29 — caveat: any team playing Bay Kings or 408 Da Go Gettas, who both have a bye this Sun 3/29, are mathematically unable to take advantage of this offer (also Regulators vs Thunder must occur on 4/12 because both are already playing DHs on 3/29).

WED 3/25 (11:30AM) — Quick update of where we are at. There are some “bogeys” in the way, such as teams in SF or OAK that have asked for byes even though we are about to start playoffs, so there’s a lot of work to be ironed out in the next 48 hours…

  • SF — Bracketing is done. You can see this on the SF tab.
  • OAK — Bracketing almost done. Might have a game or two at AHSM again, but mostly at BCRC.
  • SJ — Still in regular season. We are back at ARYC for this Sun 3/29 and will try to give as many teams that can do makeup doubleheaders as we can.

Sun 3/22

THU 3/19 (10:45PM) — Finally put the SF tipoffs to bed!… (10:15PM) — Almost done with SF tipoffs as you can see below. Need a couple more look-overs… (9:45PM) — Forgot to mention that I swapped the 630p/730p games at BCRC in OAK. Running Rebels needed to be in that 630p slot… (9:30PM) — Good news for SF. I’m able to get TIYM as a backup gym. Working on finalizing things now… (6:45PM) — Still waiting on responses from teams for both the late OAK and midday SF issues (SJ is ready to roll). Gonna go rest now as we await those reponses; been feeling under the weather. Hope to have an update by 9pm, let’s say… (5:45PM) — Got a problem with the OAK schedule, so I’ve taken it offline. Only involves the late games, so don’t worry too much (unless you’re a late game)… (5:30PM) — Still working on that beast of an SF schedule below, and I’ve decided to solidify the OAK and SJ tipoffs. The SJ tipoffs were tweaked slightly when TSA wanted a later game, so I tried to limit the disruption and moved them to 2pm and shifted what was originally at 2pm to 1pm (Bad News vs SJ Hibachi).

Scroll down a ton or hit the jump link, or maybe read some of the previous scheduling paragraphs below these jump links…

THU 3/19 (1:30PM) — OAK and SJ tipoffs are pretty much done, but let’s let it marinate a few hours. For OAK we will probably open up BCRC at 930am and so hopefully the 30-minute shift to find a compromise in the timeframes of the matchups works okay for everyone there. In SJ, CCCM opens at the usual time. So you can extrapolate the chronology from there. In SF, I’m waiting to see if certain teams can play at certain hours because if not, then we won’t have the matchups that I’d like to see. So in SF we’re at a bit of an impasse until more information comes in.

Btw in OAK, AHSM seemed to be a huge hit as a venue, but unfortunately it will not be available until 4/19. Ah well! In SJ, we will be at CCCM another two weeks, then we’ll see. I haven’t been pleased with the people that run that place. They like to nickel and dime charges here and there. My wish is to go back to AYRC where the floor is not all that great, but the people are (that goes such a long way in my book), but it may not be available for quite some time.

WED 3/18 (2:00PM) — I’ve done the SJ and OAK matchups. The SF matchups are almost done and pending schedule availability for certain matchups by certain teams. I hope to finish that up by late tonight and then have the draft of the schedule up tomorrow morning, then finalize tipoffs by tomorrow afternoon.

WED 3/18 (11:15AM) — My OAK staff will be able to help out with the rankings later today, so I’m gonna update the +/-, then start working on the schedules for SJ and SF for this Sun 3/22, since I did the rankings for those already.

WED 3/18 (11:00AM) — Made a tweak to the SF bracket stratifications. Keep in mind, if you’re not in the top (“The Association”, or TA), where the best should get rewarded — i.e., being a #1 seed of an entire city should come with some advantages — then I don’t feel it’s right to force a team to play a doubleheader when it’s not in Losers Bracket yet. That’s why you see some brackets below have teams probably taking a first-round bye.

SF-TA — 8 teams, winner of #8 and #9 likely to have dh 1st round
Bus Drivers
Wet Boys

SF-DL/Gold — 5 teams, teams other than #5 vs #4 likely to get 1st round bye
We Goofy — I feel like they don’t have height/athleticism for SF-TA
Splash City — only one player over 6’0″
SF Homenetmen Fire
Team USA — big guys were missing in 2 losses this past 3/15

SF-DL/Silver — 5 teams: #1 likely to get 1st round bye
SF Warriors
Sole Legit
Flight Club Cobras

SF-DL/Bronze — 8 teams
Stache Brothers — says top player Edmund Ho is out with injury, moved down from SF-DL/S
Pump Fake Travel
Lob City
All Lin
All Show No Go
Frisco Hawks

SF-NC — 6 teams: #1 and #2 seed might have a bye 1st round, or give DH to #5, #6
Chongqing Fly Dragon
SF Free Agents A
Bayi Rockets
Disgustingly Modest

TUE 3/17 (4:15PM) — Btw as far as payments go, if you paid full price at the beginning, thank you and I’ll catch up soon. Not worried about those teams. The ones that have been paying one by one, those are the ones that routinely run into trouble because it’s hard to keep up with your most delinquent guys. That’s where I come in. I will be contacting captains to find out about the players that haven’t come up with their spots yet. It is very important that I talk directly with them, as I wrote before below the last SF playoff post.

TUE 3/17 (4:15PM) — Slight mods made below with Silver and Bronze… (4:00PM) — Because I see the SF teams every week, I went ahead and came up with a first draft of the playoff bracket stratifications. Just had to scratch that itch, even though catching up on payments is an urgent to-do.

Playoff stratification is supposed to happen next week, as Sun 3/29 (not this Sun 3/22) is the first week of double-elimination playoffs. Here’s what I came up with. If you have any objections, please have your captain text me and I can explain my reasoning for putting you in that bracket — of course, things can change between now and next week…
TUE 3/17 (2:15PM) — I will be attempting to catch up on all the payments today. If you know that your team is behind on payments, please have your captain text me so that we can discuss it. I think you all know that, over the years, I’ve become a reasonable person — some might say “generous” — when it comes to these things. I’ve helped out countless ballers out there who, for whatever hardship or specific circumstance, were unable to pay this or that. By the same token, thanks to those out there who have stepped up honorably and taken care of their financial responsibilities to Dream League. Thanks as well to having patience as I deal with the issues that need our attention.

Also, thanks to those of you who have reached out to try and help the stats process. I will get to you after the above task is complete. Please bear in mind, the issues are with available time and resources — certainly not due to laziness — so if we are able to work together, I’m sure we will achieve our common goals. Talk to you in the near future about that!

MON 3/16 (2:30AM) — Trying something new here. Thought I would give my short thoughts to each of the results below. As they say, “better than nuthin'”. Any thoughts, have your captain text me and I can make small adjustments here and there. “The more you know”…

sf-nc/dl : Chongqing Fly Dragon at Frisco Hawks – Frisco 68-56 … Gabe Ross is unstoppable at this level. Be interesting to see how he would do in higher comp.
sf-ta : RNS at Xia Yu – XiaYu 76-61 … Both teams depleted. RNS not having Tyrone Dickerson is a bigger loss than any of Xia Yu’s.
sf-nc : Aubergine at SF Free Agents A – SFFAA 46-43 … Nice rematch of before. Aubergine apparently played better this time. Good improvement game for them.
sf-dl : Pump Fake Travel at Stache Brothers – Stache 46-41 … Didn’t see this one.
sf-nc : Disgustingly Modest at Illuminati – Illumi 45-29 … Didn’t see this one.
sf-ta : Splash City at Wet Boys – WetBoy 45-39 … Didn’t see this one, but Splash City was on 2nd of dh. I’ve yet to see Wet Boys this season.
sf-dl : Lob City at All Lin – LobCit 43-38 … All Lin definitely not “NC” considering the teams that a truly NC this season.
sf-dl : Flight Club Cobras at Sole Legit – SoleLe 71-64(o) … Dez Breaux buzzer-beater sent this into OT. See our Instagram post!
sf-dl : Kuyabruddaz at All Show No Go – Kuyab 47-45 … Glad to see Kuyab finally win one. Perhaps their big man is finally settling in.
sf-ta : LetsGoWarriors.com at Bus Drivers – BusDri 50-37 … LetsGo didn’t have Jon Hall, who is the whole team.
sf-ta : We Goofy at BallsOut – BallsO 57-50 … Brent Crews was the difference for BallsOut. Can he make every game though?
sf-ta : SF Homenetmen Fire at CoolGuys – CoolG 49-28 … SFHF probably belongs in DL. Only 28 points.

sf-dl : SF Warriors at Team USA – SFWar 69-68 … SFW is slightly better than last season, Team USA slightly worse, although seemed depleted. SFW will be stronger when Joe Kim comes back.
sf-dl : Braddaz at Cleatonkees – Bradda 63-55 … Cleatonkees only 5 guys. Both teams missing star point guards.
sf-nc : Bayi Rockets at CC – CC 66-54 … CC was making shots. Do they normally do that?
sf-dl : Team USA at Prodigies – Prodig 94-52 … Team USA on 2nd of dh, plus Quentin Wu went Westbrook mode for 2 quarters. Guards of Prodig too much.

o/sf-ta : Revolutionaries at Splash City – Splash 66-61 … Didn’t know Revolu had Joe Scott. Splash beating them with Scott is impressive.
o/sf-ta : Savs at GoGetIt – Savs 68-67 … Probably the game of the season and I missed it. Ant Navarrette exploded against a tight-knit veteran GoGetIt team.

o-nc/dl : Warriors at Benchwarmers – Warr 54-48 … Benchwarmers were reportedly depleted. Pete Chong having 9 assists at NC level means Warriors played good team ball.
o-nc/dl : WWWD at Franchize – Franch 56-39 … No surprise here. Franchize is legit-DL. One of those timeframe matchups I talked about last week.
o-nc/dl : Kryptonite at Frisco Hawks – Frisco 80-54 … This was going to be a forfeit by Rich’s Rayguns, but Frisco filled in last minute. Gabe Ross is MJ in NC level!
oak-dl : 51OFA at Dragon – 51OFA 57-42 … Not necessarily surprised 51OFA won this, am surprised by the 15-point spread.
o-dl/ta : Sqad Up at Marvel Unit – Marvel 49-41 … I believe Marvel’s best player, Arj Santos, was out. As such, +8 win in a TA vs DL matchup makes sense.
oak-dl : Heem Team at Mirror Force – Mirror 73-50 … This result surprises me. Will need to hear from my OAK staff.
oak-nc : Stephen’s Curry at Last Minute – Steph 45-30 … The +15 difference surprises me. Again, need to hear from my OAK staff.

o-nc/dl : Dreaming at JS23 – Dreami 52-40 … This one also surprises me. Need to hear from my OAK staff.
oak-dl : Basic Addition at Undrafted – Basic 58-55 … Glad to see this one was a close one. Assuming both rosters stay the same for playoffs, could be a nice playoff preview for DL top division (below TA).
oak-dl : Face Jam at Running Rebels – Runnin 54-45 … No real information to report on this one.

sj-dl : Gunners at Basketballs Of Fury – BBOF 62-49 … BBOF has won each of their 3 games by double-digits.
sj-ta : SJ Hibachi at Bay Kingz – SJHib 75-70 … Hibachi seizes No. 1 ranking. Two words: Aaron Buckner.
sj-ta : Bad News at Dem Boyz – BadN 50-47 … Bad News gets revenge for last season’s playoff loss. So much parity at the top here in SJ-TA.
sj-ta : 408 Da Go Gettas at TSA Santa Clara – 408Da 58-38 … This one surprises me. Didn’t expect TSASC to lose by that much. Perhaps 408 got their main guys back?
sj-ta : Hit Squad at Thunder – Thund 52-50 … 3rd straight one-possession loss by HitSquad. Again, a top-heavy SJ-TA division this season!
sj-dl : Regulators at Old Guns – OldGun 63-44 … Might portend a long season for Regulators, but we’ll see.

MON 3/16 (1:45AM) — The sheet below has been re-adjusted so that the rankings sheets SF, OAK, and SJ appear right after the latest slate of Sunday games. SJ rankings have been updated. I’d like to do SF and OAK rankings update next, but I’m debating whether or not to do more Instagram and Twitter posts first… (1:30AM) — All final scores have been entered. Some stat recaps have been posted on our Twitter, https://twitter.com/dreamleague and some Players Of The Games have been posted on our Instagram, http://instagram.com/dreamleague. More info to follow.

Sun 3/15

THU 3/12 (7:15PM) — With approval of all 4 teams involved, 3p AHSM got swapped with 7p BCRC, so that Heem vs Mirror will now occur at 3p and Basic vs Undrafted will now occur at 7p… (3:30PM) — SF tipoffs are now set, as well as OAK and SJ before that. Any questions, have your captain text me. Per the SF and OAK rankings sheets: Vikings, Check, Oakland Sonics all have byes. Doubleheader teams are in purple, as usual.

THU 3/12 (11:45AM) — Just talked to my OAK staff. Well, this Sun 3/15 is that week you could call “Armaggedon”. Take a look at the all the timeframes listed on the OAK ranking sheet. Can you see all the ones that are *either* 9a-2p *or* 4p-9p? That creates problems, big problems. So this Sun 3/15, we have a lot of matchups where there might be blowouts.

The only way to avoid this is (1) if you allow your team to go outside your timeframe and into that of the other one, or (2) if you have a repeat matchup. The problem with repeat matchups is, you’re likely to play against the same team in the playoffs anyways. So that’s the difficulty in OAK.

THU 3/12 (11:30AM) — OAK and SJ tipoffs are done! You can see that we are at a new gym in Oakland: Alameda High School. See directions below. In SF, still waiting on MDLS confirmation. If we don’t have MDLS for some reason, then I’ll have to figure out if there’s more time available at TIYM.

THU 3/12 (10:45AM) — Still finalizing a few things such as scorekeeping staff. Schedule in draft form below might get tweaked a bit, but I don’t expect any major shifts with the matchups and general timeframes of tipoffs… (4:30AM) — Draft posted. Still need to check with AHSM director for clarification of availability at that gym… (3:30AM) — Finally got approval for TIYM which enabled me to finish the matchups for SF and OAK. So now we have O-TA teams Savs and Revolutionaries headed to TIYM for those aforementioned vaunted matchups against SF-TA teams GoGetIt and Splash City. There’s also LetsGoWarriors vs Bus Drivers which will occur at ISAH.

However, unfortunately with the numbers game (“it takes two to tango”), that also forced me to give someone a bye in OAK and I chose that team to be Check, which is already ahead of schedule in the 6-game regular season.

The remainder of the OAK matchups are all based on timeframe. We have a lot of potential blowouts, I must admit, but for some reason, the timeframes in OAK are just polar opposites. So it is what it is. Things will be more corrected during playoff bracketing.

TUE 3/10 (7:00PM) — Correction: SF stats from Sun 2/22 were stolen (I think). Sun 3/1 and 3/8 are safe! (6:45PM)Stats thru Sun 2/22 are done. However, someone stole the binder that housed all the Sun 2/28 2/22 SF stats, so we won’t have any stats from that week. So right now we have Sun 3/1 and Sun 3/8 outstanding, which is fine because most of the rosters have been punched in by now and I’ll be looking at various data entry options now that I’ve done the heavy lifting.

We do have a couple guys entering stats for us in lieu of their roster fee. If you’re interested, get my phone number from your captain and text me.

I will post instructions on how to find your stats, but for now just goto dreamleague.org and click around. It’s not hard to figure out!

TUE 3/10 (2:45PM) — FYI, I’ve hit an impasse with the schedule for this Sun 3/15 in SF and OAK. Tryna see if we can have a Savs vs GoGetIt matchup (or similar) on Treasure Island, as I mentioned before, but until I get confirmation that the gym can even be opened, or if one or the other team isn’t able to travel to SF, OAK, or TI, then I can’t move forward with finishing up the matchups. As you can see on the SF and OAK sheets, many matchups remain unresolved.

TUE 3/10 (12:45PM)I did SJ rankings and started the schedule there; see draft version below in the spreadsheet (gym = CCCM again). Looks pretty straightforward there. Thankfully, most of the teams have highly flexible timeframes esp right now we’re stuck in certain time constraints at CCCM.

We got incredible parity going on in SJ. Any one of at least 8 teams can be crowned champion of Dream League San Jose. From what I’ve seen in SF, which is top-heavy, I think the eventual Bay Area champion — which will get at 50% discount at our next tournament — will either come out of SF or SJ. Sorry to say, OAK is “okay” and my eye test tells me they’d have trouble against SF and SJ teams. I don’t think we’ve gotten all the best teams back playing in OAK yet. Hopefully they will once word of the Bay Area Championship gets around. Remember, the Bay Area champion of all three “The Association” divisions will occur after our respective double-elim playoffs in each city (probably sometime in May).

TUE 3/10 (12:30PM) — Rankings for OAK are done, now that I have the scores in hand. Here’s the problem: I think there is a cliff after Savs, LetsGoWarriors, Revolutionaries, and Marvel Unit. So with 2+ regular season games to go, not quite sure how to match those top teams up. I’m gonna try to do an SF vs OAK deal at Treasure Island, which is somewhat a nice, neutral, geographically equidistant venue, but it has to be available first, plus the captains have to agree to it. So I’m waiting on the former and got a good feeling about the latter.

Next up: SJ +/- update and then re-rank.

TUE 3/10 (1:30AM) — FYI, we will be at Alameda HS plus BCRC for OAK this Sun 3/15. In SJ we will again be at CCCM and in SF we’ll be at ISAH and MDLS again, for 3/15. More detailed info in a few days… (1:15AM) — Just re-ranked SF. Next up: waiting for the final scores from my OAK and SJ staff, both of whom kind of fell short of my expectations of having scores texted to me as soon as they were done — can’t re-rank OAK and SJ without each and every final score.

Also took a stab at SF matchups for 3/15, but then ran into a few impasses, so I’ve asked captains involved for some available times, so that I can finish those matchup arrangements. I’ll spend the rest of the day punching in as many stats as I can. More info coming.

Sun 3/8

THU 3/5 (9:45PM) — SF finally has a draft. I’m gonna let it “marinate” for a little bit. Hope to finalize by midnight tonight. Again, ISAH starts early morning, MDLS midday. Meanwhile, IJRC and CCCM have “marinated” all day. Time to set those tipoffs in stone and they are, below. Scroll down or hit the jump link…

THU 3/5 (6:15PM) — Still waiting on a couple SF teams to tell me if they can go out of their timeframe. So until I hear back, the matchups are done on the SF sheet. Again, the OAK and SJ draft schedules are up and I don’t see them changing much, if at all — just a matter of someone hitting me up with an issue while SF gets ironed out.

THU 3/5 (5:00PM) — OAK and SJ matchups are in “draft mode” below. I don’t see it changing much. IJRC will open early morning and CCCM will open late morning. Next to-do: SF draft. Scroll down or hit the jump links…

THU 3/5 (4:00PM) — Just finished the OAK rankings. Also I forgot to say: BCRC is closed this Sun 3/8, therefore we are back at our and Damian Lillard‘s old stomping grounds: IJRC!!! Btw, IJRC will be too expensive to use on a regular basis. Did you know? Lillard was one of the kids that used to come by our league on Sundays and watch, not being able to play in our adult — and perhaps it was Asian-only back then — league. Truth, I confirmed that FACT with Dame himself when I covered Team USA scrimmages this past summer in Las Vegas.

THU 3/5 (3:45PM) — OAK rankings updated, so all rankings updated plus I added the special requests (links to do so are in the right-hand panel of this website). Check out Stache Bros, Lob City, and RNS in the SF. They’ve hit their 6th regular season game ALREADY and going on their 7th this Sun 3/8. That’s our SF Earlybird program in full effect — good for them!

THU 3/5 (2:30PM) — Sorry for the long delay in posts. Spent all day yesterday dealing with gyms, esp literally driving to the South Bay where things are finally taking stronger hold. The day before that was spent punching in and CORRECTING stats that my staff had entered erroneously, on dreamleague.org — I won’t go into detail right now, but feel free to click around and explore on your own there until further notice.

Right now, I’ve ranked SF and SJ, then started the SJ schedule already. It’s looking like this, with the first tipoff most likely in the late morning. More details about the gym situation in SJ by text message to your captains tomorrow, but the following is per the new ranking and in chronological order (as you can tell by the tipoff timeframes to the right, e.g., Regulators vs BBOF obviously are probably at the latest tipoff at Camden, 4p):

408 Da Go Gettas at Hit Squad 9a-2p any
Bad News at Bay Kingz 11a-4p any
Gunners at Old Guns 9a-3p 12p-9p
TSA Santa Clara at Dem Boyz 1p-9p 2p-9p
SJ Hibachi at Outlawz 10a-3p 3p-4p
Regulators at Basketballs Of Fury 4p-9p (4p)

Btw, gotta say, looks like a helluva field! I can safely say AT LEAST 8 teams all deserving of “The Association” top-billing. Eat your heart out, NBA Western Conference Playoffs! And so my early prediction for the SJ playoffs is this: 8 teams in the so-called SJ-TA and 4 teams in the lower SJ-DL level, if you will. The exciting thing about the TA is the Bay Area Championship (last paragraph on that page).

Next up: rank OAK teams. Hopefully my OAK staff can assist on some of those rankings. SF is already ranked, so I can do a draft of the schedule — we’re back at MDLS for a stint! — after I re-rank the OAK teams.

MON 3/2 (10:00AM) — I am currently updating the 3/1 schedule from yesterday with all of the final scores in the Comments column. Sorry I could not do that yesterday during the day, as I had to drive to SJ to make sure our launch there at BCCM went smoothly (it actually it didn’t, but then it did, and that’s okay), plus I had to cover the Warriors’ 26-point come-from-behind victory at Boston, then go back to SF to scorekeep. Other urgent to-do’s are various PayPal refunds — Dream League scorekeepers all play for free — and stats, Twitter “stat recaps”, Instagram, and such. More on that later and thanks for your ongoing patience regarding that.

Sun 3/1

FRI 2/27 (8:00PM) — I’ve hit Refresh on 3 separate browsers below and the tipoffs don’t seem to be up for ISAH and TIYM. The gyms will open at 10am and 1pm, respectively. Let’s hope Google Sheets updates itself shortly so that you can see the times. Btw, the order of the games has not changed since I first posted it in the early morning today… (7:45PM) — TIYM gym confirmed! Right when I finished the contingency plan, of course LOL. Tipoffs have been posted for all locations. Here are the links to jump down, or just scroll past the previous explanations…

(7:15PM) — Nice Warriors win and the TIYM said he would let me know before “end-of-day”, but I still haven’t heard from him, so I’m hitting him up left and right trying to find out the situation. I will now begin a contingency plan which involves forcing a bye on the 6 teams mentioned in the previous post.. (2:45PM) — Due to scheduling snafu, 3p and 4p BCRC games have been swapped. Unfortunately, that ends up with JS23 playing their doubleheader with a 3-hour gap in between. Sorry about that, fellas! I owe you one… (2:30PM) — TIYM gym director just told me he’s 80% sure he can get staffing for the games there. He’ll know by “end of day”. I’ll post an update at 7:30PM tonight. If I haven’t heard from him by then, then I will build the aforementioned contingency plan. However, I do think we have a good shot at getting it, since I offered his staff a “tip” for the trouble… (1:00PM) — I’m just eyeballing it right now, but if there is no TIYM gym, then these six teams I would probably give a bye to: Vikings, RNS, Stache, SF Homenet, We Goofy, and Sole Legit. I think I can reshuffle the deck and add a 9am game at ISAH if I gave these six teams a bye for this Sun 3/1. Still waiting for the gym director though… (12:15PM) — Still no word from TIYM so I might need to start building a contingency plan for SF. If TIYM becomes unavailable then I will probably force a bye upon the 8 or so teams in SF that have played the most games so far… (9:00AM) — SJ tipoffs set! In SF, TYIM gym director is looking for staff to cover the games… (4:30AM)The tipoffs in OAK are done, thanks to the teams that made themselves available to go outside of their timeframes, as denoted by the “ok” notations in the parentheses in the “V” and “H” columns. The tipoffs in SF and SJ are nearly set, but not 100%, therefore they remain blank for now.

The problem in SF is that MDLS chimed in yesterday to say they are actually not available this Sun 3/1, and so now I’m waiting on TYIM — nice venue, but a ways to get to, but usually available — to confirm as a location. In doing so, I had to rematch some of the SF games to avoid most teams that were victimized by the late late opening of TYIM last week from going back there two straight weeks (e.g., Aubergine is now vs SFFAA and moved to TYIM).

The one team I couldn’t avoid having to go back is the SF Homenetmen. I couldn’t avoid the matchup vs GoGetIt and all other SF matchups involved a TYIM team from last week. So right now, SF is entirely dependent on TYIM confirmation. If I can’t get TYIM, then I have to scramble for another gym or decide which 8 teams are not going to play this Sun 3/1. Hope it doesn’t come down to that!

For BCCM (aka Bascom), I miscalculated the number of teams we had, so when the Outlawz asked for a bye, I thought we needed another team to take a bye. This is not the case, as 11 teams going down to 10 for this Sun 3/1 means we have an even number of teams and enough to fill the slate. Team Bad News was willing to take the original bye request, but now I hope they can play. So I’m waiting for confirmation that we can proceed with the matchups as shown. We are opening the gym, regardless, at 130p. If Bad News can play, then we’re good as-is. If not, then I need to shift things up. Therefore, the SJ tipoffs are not quite set in stone yet.

In case you wanna read up on how we got to this point in the Sun 3/1 schedule, check out the “previous posts” section (second link below this paragraph)…

THU 2/26 (5:00PM) — Gotta go cover the Cavs game right now so thanks for everyone’s patience and especially those last teams hitting me back with the ability to go outside their timeframe and thus alleviate the difficulties of the schedules here and there. Back at it late tonight! LetsGoWarriors! (2:00PM) — Still waiting on a couple OAK teams to give me feedback about going outside their timeframe. Had to rematch a team or two in the process just to make them fit in their timeframes. So meantime, I’ll being on the SJ matchups while we wait for the final OAK info to come in. You can see how it’s shaping up below. SF will be tweaked a tad bit too… (1:45PM) — Hit a roadblock with OAK. Need to rematch some teams. Sucks but oh well… (1:30PM) — FYI, things in SF and OAK might shift around a little bit. For SJ, see previous post…

THU 2/26 (12:45PM) — Special thanks to Franchize for helping out and agreeing to take the 9am spot at BCRC. Still working through some other similar issues, though. Meanwhile, SJ is a go at Bascom (see address below — I’ve never been there so I don’t know the details of where to park, etc., so be sure to budget enough time). More details will emerge later today and early tomorrow, but I will be texting SJ captains as far as specific preferences for this Sun 3/1 there.

THU 2/26 (8:00AM) — First draft of the schedule, as well as the new rankings and matchups, are shown below. Waiting on a few staffing issues and, in OAK, some teams to confirm they can go one hour outside of timeframe.

SJ is back and we intend to have ARYC as a fall-back. Waiting on confirmation of that. We have 12 teams, 10 of which will start this Sun 3/1, assuming there are no gym hang-ups. Matchups for SJ shall be determined after gym is confirmed, hopefully within the next couple hours. Hang tight!

Sun 2/22

MON 2/23 (1:15PM) — All scores except those from TYIM have been added in the Comments column below. We will add the TYIM ones late tonight after I retrieve the scoresheets… FRI 2/20 (10:15AM) — Tipoffs have now been posted. (9:45AM) — Made a few tweaks. Tipoffs are almost ready to go. Still trying to hear back from Benchwarmers…

  • Moved Team USA out of TYIM gym because they said they have guys driving up from Peninsula
  • Moved CC vs Illuminati to TYIM — again, we will rotate the teams that have to go there
  • Oakland Sonics agreed to play as late as 7pm — THANKS!
  • SF Warriors agreed to play as late as 7pm — THANKS!

FRI (6:45AM) — Also need to check if either Heem or Sonics can go later than 5p… (6:15AM) — First draft of the schedule is up. Waiting on Benchwarmers to confirm that they can go at times not always just 9a or 10a. In any case, we’ll let it marinate a few hours, but here are the issues with gyms…

  • ISAH — starts early morning
  • TIYM — needed due to overflow at ISAH, we will rotate teams each week
  • BCRC — starts early morning
  • WKRC — no longer being utilized

FRI 2/20 (12:15AM) — First draft of SF schedule is now up with no tipoffs, but in chronological order. ISAH is obviously all day and TYIM gym will go from early afternoon to late afternoon. Now working on OAK… THU 2/19 (10:45PM) — OAK matchups are now done… (10:15PM) — SF matchups finally done. Now onto OAK… (3:15PM) — SF and OAK +/- on the Rankings have been updated. Now in the process of re-ranking all the teams. After that comes matchups. After that comes the tipoffs for this Sun 2/22.

Sun 2/15

WED 2/11 (2:00PM) — Here are a few announcements:

  • There are no games this Sun 2/15 due to President’s Day Weekend. I’ll be in NYC covering the All-Star Game and Steph/Klay/Kerr for @LetsGoWarriors.
  • All scoresheets have been posted to our @dreamleague Twitter page. On there, you will also find “stat recaps” from each game this past Sun 2/8 from SF. We are now working on posting the stat recaps for OAK. These are also posted on our Facebook page.
  • All the final scores are now on the schedule sheet below. Next up is putting the results on the Rankings sheets (labeled SF and OAK) but since this is somewhat low priority until next week, I might put it off in favor of…
  • At our stats site dreamleague.org we are punching in as many (a) teams, (b) rosters, (c) games, (d) results of games, and (e) boxscores of games as we can, as fast as we can. We’ll give you more details as it’s populated more.
  • Doing the schedule for the next slate of games Sun 2/22 requires the Rankings sheets to be done, so that’s on the backburner for now.

THU 2/5 (10:15PM) — Made no changes to the draft, so the tipoffs have been posted. I have put all previous notes into the Previous Posts section…

Sun 2/8

THU 2/5 (8:00PM) — OAK draft for Sun 2/8 schedule is now up! No tipoffs yet, but both gyms start early morning, so you can get a sense of what time your game is. I’m going to go grab some dinner now and when I come back, I’ll finalize the tipoffs…

(6:00PM) — Matchups for OAK set. Now doing a draft of the schedule… (4:45PM) — With the help of Peter, got all the OAK teams ranked. Had to take a break to watch Steph take on various people in Foot Locker’s 3-Pt Contest at our very own Kezar Pavilion! Check it out! (2:30PM) — First draft of the SF schedule is done! Here are some of the anomalies I came across…

  • Aubergine vs Illuminati: I started with different matchups, but because I could squeeze all 13 games into ISA and not have to use TI, I needed a matchup to play at 9am and this was the only one.
  • Kuyabruddaz vs SF Warriors: Same issue. Needed a team for the morning and these were the only ones. This won’t be as big of an issue once we get TI fired up.
  • CC vs Frisco: Same morning issue.
  • Stache vs Flight Club: I think Flight Club is a strong team, but I had no choice but to matchup Stache due to the above morning issues.
  • Cleatonkees vs Bus Drivers: The ranked-based matchup would’ve had Prodigies vs Bus Drivers but seems like we always have that matchup so I sacrificed my own team to play the tough Bus Drivers team. There’s a slight dropoff between the top DL teams and the others, but we’ll see. I have some new players so who knows.
  • We Goofy at CoolGuys: On the other side of the spectrum, needed to find a matchup to play at 9pm vs CoolGuys. This was the only one I could find for this Sun 2/8. Might be a tough matchup for We Goofy.

You can see the draft on the schedule below for 2/8. No tipoffs are filled in yet as we let it marinate a little. Meanwhile, time to start ranking and scheduling OAK!

(11:30AM) — Actually next step is do matchups for SF. Then I’ll rank OAK… (11:00AM) — Forgot to list the SF tipoff timeframes. Damn! (10:45AM) — Initial ranking of SF is done! Man, this is a top-heavy league this season and very exciting — as it should be! Why? Because, like I said, the champion of The Association out of SF will duke it out with that of OAK and SJ, and the winner of that gets 50% off our next 6’3″ & Under Elite tourney (don’t worry, everyone’s under 6’3″ without shoes anyways).

Scroll down or click the jump link below, then click on the SF tab and see where your team is at! Remember, I know most of your teams pretty well already, aside from any tweaks you may have made, and a lot of it, I’m basing on actual results. Take for example All Lin. Tough team to put in either bracket last season — definitely a tweener — but for sure they’re better than a lot of the SF-NC teams. Oh, and Lob City has, incredibly, already played 3 games (good for them, all free, and yes, six more to go as the model “earlybird signup” team we have), but they’ve lost all 3, yet it’s still early and they’re settled where they are. Lots of data to go on for them. So remember, it’s (1) Rank, (2) Play, (3) Get Re-Ranked Based On Result.

Next up: Rank Oakland! A little tougher for me since I don’t always get to see them, but I’ll get help from Peter & Co. and it sorta doesn’t matter anyways since you just get re-ranked every week anyways…

THU 2/5 (8:00AM) — Up and at ’em early today. No Warriors game today so Dream League has my full undivided attention. But talk about basketball, man, what a game last night! Check out my recaps from #Roaracle press row.

Meanwhile, looks like we have 18 teams in OAK which probably means 9 games at WKRC. And I’d like to announce that we will no longer be utilizing gym directors as referees. I’m sure a lot of you will be happy about that, but it’s just one of many things we are doing to reboot Dream League. You’ll see. Gonna be one of the best seasons ever on record!

In SF, we have more than 26 teams (2 more added last night!) which means we will need to utilize one more gym. Treasure Island has been so great to us, whereas I can’t say the same for MDLS, so we’ll see, but leaning towards TI for the overflow games this Sun 2/8. If any SF teams actually prefers TI, let me know!

Ok back to work…

WED 2/4 (4:00PM) — Here’s a list of teams so far for OAK and SF. More teams are registering as we speak, so this list is likely to grow, but gives us an idea of how things are shaping up. Please ensure that your tipoff timeframes are listed correctly:

Revolutionaries 9a-4p
Flint Tropics 4p-9p
Heem Team 12p-5p
Running Rebels 4p-9p
Bench Warmers 9a-10a
Mirror Force 4p-9p
Marvel Unit 10a-1p
Sqad Up 1p-6p
Last Minute 4p-9p
Dreaming 4p-9p
WWWD 9a-2p
Franchize 10a-2p|
Face Jam 4p-9p
Stephen’s Curry 10a-3p|
Oakland Sonics NC 12p-5p
Check 9a-3p,9p
JS23 12p-5p
Kryptonite 10a-2p|

CoolGuys (new)
BallsOut (new)
Rich’s Rayguns 4p-9p
RNS 11a-5p
We Goofy 4p-9p
Vikings 12p,5p-9p
SF Homenetmen Fire 4p-9p
Splash Bros 4p-9p
Wet Boys 1p-8p
Cleatonkees any
XiaYu 12p-8p
Lob City 11a-4p
Flight Club Cobras 11a-9p
Kuyabruddaz 10a-5p
Sole Legit 6p-9p
Stache Brothers 12p-5p
Bus Drivers 12p-5p
Pump Fake Travel 10a-3p
SF Warriors 9a-5p
CC 10a-3p
Frisco Hawks 9a-3p
Flight Club Cobras 12p-5p
All Show No Go 1p-9p
Braddaz 10a-3p
SF Free Agents B ???
SF Free Agents A 2p-9p
iLLuminati 9a-2p
All Lin 12p-5p
Aubergine 9a-10a
Disgustingly Modest 2p-9p

TUE 2/3 (10:30AM) — I am currently in the process of a few things:

  1. Putting up the schedule from the soft-launch games (in SF, they were FREE!) DONE!
  2. Putting up stats from the soft-launch games
  3. Gathering all the registrations and putting the list of teams on the SF, OAK sheets below
  4. Starting the schedule for this Sun 2/8
  5. Making sure everyone is paid up to date

Please note, SJ will need to be moved back to 2/22 start date because 2/15 is a holiday. Any other questions, just have your captain text me. Thanks for your ongoing patience. Check the previous posts from the soft-launches below.

Soft-launch on 1/11, 1/28, 1/25, and 2/1

FRI 1/23 (1:30AM) — Welcome to the 34th consecutive season of Dream League, the 2015 Winter-Spring season! The 3,4,5p games at ISAH are not yet locked in and we await response from some of the teams involved. Once we get the data needed from those teams, we can nail down the matchups for 3,4,5p. Please note, 12,1,2p at ISAH are solid.

Believe it or not, some teams actually started on 1/11, which I will add to the spreadsheet below later…

  • 1/11 2:30PM ISAH sf-dl Stache Brothers 42, Lob City 38
  • 1/18 4:30PM ISAH sf-dl Sole Legit 65, Lob City 60
  • 1/18 5:30PM ISAH sf-ta RNS 62, Vikings 45

The other thing is, all of the above games are “free/extra” regular season games for these SF earlybird teams! That means, unless they choose a bye other than 2/15 (automatic league-wide by for President’s Day) during the 6-game regular season set for everybody else that starts on Sun 2/8, they’ll end up with 7 games played — and it looks like Lob City may be on pace for 8.

Two of the games this Sun 1/25 are remnants from the 2014 Fall season, and so the link to their playoff bracket remains below…

2014 Fall Playoff Brackets

Promos: 15% Off New Uniforms!

SAT 9/12 (5:00PM) — As part of the 2015 Fall Registration process, we are pleased to announce our latest and greatest! First off, we’re still running these promos…

  1. The Oracle Experience (capts + teams that sell Warriors tix)
  2. Early-Bird Gets The Worm (signup early, play extra games!)
  3. We Treat Loyalty Like Royalty (ongoing)

Let’s add ONE MORE…

Every captain that signs up for this Fall 2015 will get 15% off new uniforms!

So instead of the regular prices, here are your prices FOR THIS FALL 2015 ONLY…

  • minimum 8 garments per order — not 12 like most vendors!
  • $49.00 $41.65 top jersey and bottom shorts
  • $32.00 $27.20 top jersey only
  • $24.00 $20.40 bottom short only (can be with pockets!)

Check out the photo gallery below of the orders that were made in 2015 Summer…