Free Agents: YOUR Next Chapter!


Best Loyalty Program In The Biz


Your Hour With Us: Cheaper Than A Work-Out!

What can you do with 8 bucks? Most gyms, if they have a basketball court, charge more than that just to get in! The pickup games are a crapshoot. Come to Dream League instead. Safer environment.

We have been running Dream League for over a decade now, since 2002. During this time, we’ve also been creating free agent teams for almost all of our 40+ consecutive seasons.

We’re going to take it one step further this time. For years, we have touted Dream League, with its NBA rules including 24-second shotclock, recording full stats, and having experienced refs with whom you can have a basketball conversation with, as the absolute best on-court rec league experience you will ever have.

We are so confident of our on-court product, we are now allowing anyone to try out Dream League as a free agent for cheap!

How to join as a Free Agent:

  1. Signup as an “intend-to-pay” free agent. (you do not need to pay for the roster slot yet)
  2. When we get to 7 free agents, we will contact you with date/time of your first game.
  3. Show up to your game and bring a reversible jersey with a number on it. If you don’t have one, bring both a dark and a light t-shirt.
  4. Pay the $8 in cash to the scorekeeper assigned to your game. Make sure he writes it down your payment on the scoresheet next to your name, as proof you paid.
  5. If you decided to stick with Dream League, contact Commish at rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org and either you’ll keep paying $8 per game or you’ll get a pro-rated discount on the usual league fees if your team looks solid and long-term.
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  7. Where does your $8 go? It went to pay for the referee, scorekeeper, and gym rental in that first game.
  8. If you do not decide to come back or were not happy with the team you were put on, no problem. We hope you enjoyed your game and maybe you will come back some other day, assuming you valued some of our on-court nuances.

NOTE: Please do not commit to this, then not show up for your game. That’s just not cool, plain and simple.

You can also email Commish at rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org for further questions.

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