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Regular Prices (Still Great Prices!)

  • minimum 8 garments per order — not 12 like most vendors!
  • $49.00 top jersey and bottom shorts
  • $32.00 top jersey only
  • $24.00 bottom short only (can be with pockets!)

There may be additional charges for the following:

  • Embroidered logos ($30 setup plus $5 each depending on complexity)
  • Silk-screened logos (typically $4 each depending on complexity)
  • Pinstripes (typically $2.50 per garment depending on complexity)
  • Upsizes ($2 for any size larger than XL)
  • Pockets for shorts ($1.00 per garment)

Dream League offers jerseys that are ordered on your behalf through our special vendor from the Philippines. There are literally hundreds of uniform vendors in the Philippines. It has taken us a decade to find one that supplies high quality and competitive pricing, especially with the group purchasing power of Dream League. You can rest assured, your search for the right overseas vendor is over if you buy through Dream League.

To get your uniform order started, please email info(at)dreamleague(dot)org.

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