The Oracle Experience 2011

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8 Dream League teams will play at Oracle Arena (1/26/2011)

Now YOU get to play on this!!!

This season, 8 teams will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! The Golden State Warriors and Dream League proudly present…


$20.00 – 1 ticket, 1/26 Hornets-Warriors, The Oracle Experience $600.00 – 35 tickets, 1/26 Hornets-Warriors, The Oracle Experience



WHO: First eight (8) teams to have seven (7) players sell just five (5) tickets each. Or, in short, the first 8 teams to sell 35 tickets. SPECIAL BONUS!!!: Buy all 35 at once for only $600 — a savings of $100!!!

WHAT: 45-minute, 3-quarter Dream League format game against a similarly matched team. Referees and scorekeepers included. Yes, shotclock will be used!

WHERE: Oracle Arena, home of the Warriors! We will have use of the locker rooms and showers.

WHEN: From a designated parking area, enter Oracle Arena 30 minutes prior to your 1:00pm, 1:40pm, 2:20pm, or 3:00pm tipoff on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 (Warriors vs New Orleans Hornets at 7:30pm that night).

Wed 1/26 at 1:00pm: A/R Prodigy (T.Tran) vs One Team One Dream (K.McIntyre), at Oracle Arena

Wed 1/26 at 1:40pm: AAA Oakboyz II Men (Tsenguun B.) vs AAA Poorcats (R.Twu), at Oracle Arena

Wed 1/26 at 2:20pm: REC Gotm (J.Taburaza) vs REC Kryptonite (O.Gani), at Oracle Arena

Wed 1/26 at 3:00pm: REC SF Warriors (G.Segarra) vs AL Outlawz (Q.Haider), at Oracle Arena

WHY: For you, well, when else can you get to play at Oracle?! But for the people who buy your tickets, they have the privilege of not only watching you play (courtside), but also are allowed to attend the Warriors’ Pre-Game Shoot-Around!! (You are allowed too, of course.)

HOW: Your team must be one of the first 8 to sell 35 tickets total, at $20 per ticket, which is $10 off the face value of $30. Assuming 7 players on your team who can make the time to go, that’s only a 5-ticket obligation per player!…

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER GET A FREE TICKET!!! So for them, that leaves just 34 tickets to be sold.


IS MY TEAM GUARANTEED A GAME ON ORACLE’S FLOOR IF I BUY ALL 35 RIGHT NOW FOR $600? Yes! Select the $600 option next to the payment button above, then click on the Pay Now button.

WHAT IF 8 TEAMS ALL OF A SUDDEN PAY THE $600 DEAL? We would refund you if you’re the 9th team. Refunds are easy to do via Google Checkout.

IS THAT $600 DEAL ALL OR NOTHING? Yes. Either you do this “piecemeal” with the 35 tickets per team, as explained below, or you’re guaranteed a game at Oracle buy purchasing 35 tickets at once for $600. It would be too hard for us to make exceptions to this. Sorry.

HOW DO I GET TIME OFF WORK FOR THIS? There is really no other time available for running on the Oracle hardwood, so suggestions of what to say to your boss might range from, “Hey I’m gonna go on my lunch break a little late today,” to “I’m a little under the weather, I’m gonna go home and rest for a few hours.” Hey let’s face it, there aren’t really that many opportunities to play on NBA hardwood.

DO I HAVE TO BRING DREAMLEAGUE PLAYERS? No, your team can be comprised of anyone you prefer, provided they are adults and basically people that other teams would want to play against.

I HAVE 8-9 PLAYERS ON MY TEAM. WHY ARE YOU SAYING 7? We’re simply assuming a couple guys can’t make it or whatever. Plus, each game is now 45 minutes, so there will be fewer minutes to go around per team. Therefore, we are suggesting 7 players sell 5 tickets each, but really it can be any combination you prefer. Bottom line: 35 tickets must be accounted for per participating team.

WHAT IF I CAN’T GET ENOUGH GUYS TO COMMIT? Your group of players, no matter how small, is required to sell 34 or 35 tickets to earn Oracle floor time. There is no way around that. If you sell all those tickets and just need bodies to fill a team, we at Dream League can you help with that. Just let us know and we will get you the necessary players.

SEEMS LIKE A LOT TO GET TO PLAY? Actually it’s not that bad. Think about it, for one of the players on your team to be able to play at Oracle, it’s essentially $100 (that’s $20 x 5 tickets sold). Maybe they start out buying two tickets, one for himself and one for his girlfriend, and figure out a way to sell the remaining three. Also, for the first 50 captains who pay their team’s Dream League franchise fees in advance (and simply follows me on Twitter) it’s $80 left to play oncourt at Oracle because I gave you a free ticket. Plus, you get to attend the Warriors-Hornets game and see Chris Paul go up against Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, AND you get to watch them up close in Shoot Around.

GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO PULL THIS OFF? Let’s face it. Deep down inside, we ALL want to play a little hoops on the Oracle floor. So each of you first 7 players, buy one ticket for yourself and your girlfriend ($40), and then have your mom & dad or brother/sister or BFF or co-worker rep the other 3 tix.

OKAY, HOW DO WE BUY? WHO KEEPS TRACK? Dream League has actually already bought the tickets in advance. It was quite an investment for us, but like the event itself, we felt the relationship-building with the Warriors was a great opportunity. You will therefore buy your tickets at your convenience using the payment button above. WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO MAKE SURE EACH PAYMENT IS PROPERLY COUNTED TOWARDS YOUR TEAM TOTAL, AND POST EACH TEAM’S PROGRESS HERE ON THIS PAGE.

WHERE DO I PICKUP THE TICKETS? Dream League has the tickets and will get them to you on a case-by-case basis. We are based in San Francisco. If you are in SF or Oakland, chances are we can deliver them to you in person. If you are in San Jose, we can arrange for Will Call pickup on the day-of.

WHERE WOULD WE PARK? Details are forthcoming, but anyone attending or participating in one of the four games will get free parking. However, after the court time, you will need to exit the arena and tailgate in the parking lot. If you need to drive off premises, you will need to pay the parking fee to get back in.

IS THERE A PLACE TO SHOWER AFTER THE GAME, AHEAD OF THE WARRIORS-HORNETS GAME? Yes, the locker rooms and showers will be made available to all the players.

HOW DO WE ATTEND THE SHOOTAROUND? More details are forthcoming, but essentially we will gather outside one of the arena entrances and be escorted for courtside pre-game shootaround with the Warriors.

CAN WE REQUEST WHICH TIME SLOT? It’s first-come-first-served, although there may be competitive issues at play. For example, let’s say an NL-level team was the first to secure the 3:00pm slot and a REC-level team had the next dibs. If that REC-level team also wanted the 3:00pm slot, they would have to consider the competitive ramifications in choosing to play an NL team already in the desired timeslot. Again, common sense Dream League scheduling ideology will be set in motion here.

I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO PLAY BUT JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MY GUYS TO SELL TICKETS. HOW CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE? If you simply can’t get enough teammates to sell 35 tickets, keep trying to sell them because we will place players as free agents on teams that need players. Worst-case, we will also allow a select group of ticket sellers the opportunity to rush on the court to shoot around during timeouts and quarter breaks, as we often do in league play. IF YOU SELL A LOT OF TICKETS ON YOUR OWN, WE WILL FIND A WAY TO GET YOU SOME TOKEN COURT TIME.

WHERE ARE THE SEATS FOR THE HORNETS-WARRIORS GAME? Upper Reserved, baseline. $30 face value. Sure, not the best to be in the nosebleeds but, again, that’s part of the package for getting the rare opportunity for court time. Part of the NBA business.

Any other questions, email us at info(at)dreamleague(dot)org.

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