2017 Summer Sunday Schedule

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6/11 SF | 6/11 OAK
(no games 6/18 Father’s Day)
6/25 SF | 6/25 OAK
7/2 SF
7/9 SF (lost) | 7/9 OAK
7/16 SF | 7/16 OAK
7/23 SF | 7/23 OAK
7/30 SF | 7/30 OAK
8/6 SF | 8/6 OAK
8/13 SF | 8/13 OAK
8/20 SF | 8/20 OAK


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THU 8/24 (3:30PM) — Schedule for this Sun 8/27 has been finalized and posted. We have been in contact with all captains throughout the scheduling process earlier this week.

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Gym Locations

GHSM = Gateway HS (Main Gym), enter pkg lot thru gate on Geary betw Scott/Steiner
GHSX = Gateway HS (Aux Gym), up the stairs by the parking lot above
AHSM = Alameda HS (Main Gym), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the pkg lot off Oak Street but not the spots that has van pkg. Or park at meters (Sunday free). Gym is the biggest bldg.
AHSB = Alameda HS (“Boys Gymnasium”), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the pkg lot off Walnut Street. Walk towards new gym. Old gym has “Boys & Girls Gymnasivm” etched over archway entrance.
GGRC = Golden Gate Rec Center, 1075 62nd St, Oakland: If there is no parking on 62nd or Herzog, park on San Pablo Ave and use the walkway in between the field and the adjacent church to reach the gym by foot. Do not leave valuables in car!
Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)
red = tipoff timeframe is only 1 or 2 tipoffs
orange = tipoff timeframe is only 3 hours
bold black matchup = tipoff time is pinned and cannot be swapped
blue matchup = Dream League scorekeeper(s) playing in game
purple matchup = one or both of the teams has a doubleheader
green matchup = one or both of the teams has player(s) on another team

Sun 8/20

FRI 8/18 (5:15PM) — OAK schedule finalized… (3:45PM) — OAK schedule needs to be adjusted. Waiting for approval from D-Mod to move their game from 3p to 1130a, then we can proceed with a slight tweak for everyone else there… THU 8/17 (1:45PM) — Schedule for OAK posted, SF is 99% and should be posted by 5p this evening. More info coming. All captains will be texted. SF scoresheets from last Sun 8/13 are up and we’ll have OAK in hand by Saturday morning, as the scorekeeper was flown out of town on his work assignment after the games last Sunday.

Sun 8/13

SAT 8/12 (4:30PM) — Officially added 8a GHSM game to the schedule as both teams agreed to the abnormally early tipoff, because one of the teams needs a bye next Sunday. Dates on the playoff bracket have also been updated at the http://dreamleague.org website… THU 8/10 (11:00PM) — Schedule now 100% final, see below or scroll down. You may also see it at http://dreamleague.org where we also have the playoff brackets with projected future dates as well… (9:00PM) — Made a few modifications to the draft. Will now text each captain to make sure their tipoff works. Hopefully get this thing 100% confirmed before midnight tonight, probably earlier… (12:15PM) — Playoff brackets are now up over at http://dreamleague.org (3rd spreadsheet). Draft for this Sun 8/13 is also now up below. You can see the probable byes for SF both in red on the schedule and the probable dates listed on the brackets at the other site. Both gyms likely to start early morning (which usually means 9a) and you can extrapolate your probable tipoff by counting hour by hour as the draft is in chronological order. Should be finalized by tonight, as we’re still waiting on confirmations from two teams.

Sun 8/6

FRI 8/4 (12:00PM) — SF schedule finalized. A couple more teams needed byes which is a friendly reminder for all captains to start checking on teammate availability each Monday and Tuesday so you don’t get blind-sided… (12:45AM) — The schedule for SF is almost finished, but we’re waiting to see if BDO can play later than 3p. There might be significant changes to SF-NC which could also affect some other games, all color-coded in red for now. Hopefully we’ll have resolution by noontime-ish today.

THU 8/3 (8:45PM) — OAK tipoffs have posted. Now working on SF. You can see all the playoff bracket stratifications over at http://dreamleague.org.

Sun 7/30

THU 7/27 (9:15PM) — SF tipoffs now final as well… (11:45AM) — Near-final draft of the SF schedule now posted… WED 7/26 (6:00PM) — OAK schedule is done because AHSM/AHSB are closed this Sun 7/30 and we’ll just have 4 games at the ultra-expensive IJRC. Address there is 9175 Edes Ave. Be sure to drive all the way into the parking lot and the gym is the one facility that looks like a wooden lodge. Meanwhile, the SF schedule is in flux, pending approval of certain tipoffs from various teams (complicated situation).

Sun 7/23

FRI 7/21 (9:15AM) — All tipoffs finalized and no changes to the structure of the schedule as of last night. For the OAK tipoffs, again we advise that you tell your team, for example, 9:30AM if your tipoff is actually 9:45AM, since people tend to round up when they hear “:45” (janitor requested that we start a little earlier in order to get out of the gym by 5:10PM at the end of the day there). Scroll down or hit the jump link…

THU 7/20 (10:00PM) — First draft of the schedule has been posted and all games are listed in chronological order, see below. SF gym will start in the early morning, OAK gym will start in the mid-morning… WED 7/19 (9:00PM) — This just in. The OAK matchups for this Sun 7/23 will need to be altered somewhat due to various special tipoff requests… (7:30PM) — Matchups in OAK for both this Sun 7/23 and next Sun 7/30 are already up on the Rankings at http://dreamleague.org. However, for SF, we’re waiting on a couple teams as to their status of playing in doubleheaders coming up, as well as the gym director if we have extra time available to run these extra games.

Please note: Playoffs (double-elimination status) are scheduled to start on Sun 8/6 and any teams that played 5 regular season games and get double-E’d (for 7 total games played) will get a bonus game next season in the 2017 Fall session.

Sun 7/16

FRI 7/14 (9:45AM) — Didn’t get any objections to the chronology of the games listed in the draft yesterday, so everything is now final with official tipoffs listed. Please text Commish with any problems.

THU 7/13 (6:45PM) — Draft version of the SF schedule is now also up and thanks tothe teams that offered to play an hour later. Let’s let this marinate a little and I should have it finalized by tonight… (5:30PM) — Another update has been made to the OAK draft based on the latest preferences. Still working on SF matchups… (10:45AM) — One swap of 930a/1130a in OAK was requested. All captains involved have been contacted… (10:15AM) — Draft is up for OAK, where we’re checking with the early teams if those tipoffs are do-able. In SF, still waiting on one team if they’re going to do a doubleheader or not, which would affect matchups of course. Hope to have OAK finalized first by the afternoon. SF depends on that team, so could be delayed til tonight.

Sun 7/9

FRI 7/7 (11:00AM) — Final schedule is now up. Games in OAK moved to the half-hour (earlier)…
(8:00AM) — A new draft has been posted for SF. Currently texting all captains the new updates… (7:45AM) — A very, very preliminary draft is now up, but there will definitely be changes to the SF schedule due to certain teams not being able to play an hour outside of their usual timeframe. OAK looks more solid, though. Still working on it. All captains have been warned that the schedule might take a little longer this week to complete. Thanks for your patience!

Sun 7/2

(all captains were contacted by text message due to July 4th holiday)

Sun 6/25

(no games 6/18 due to Father’s Day)

THU 6/22 (6:45PM) — Phew! Nearly a month went by but remember we had some “holidays”: Memorial Weekend, NBA Finals, and Father’s Day. So here we are and finally get a bunch of games going this Sun 6/25. Please note, “AHSB” is the Boys Gymnasium in the back of Alameda HS and it’s best to park in the lot on Walnut St over there.

Sun 6/11

(no games 5/28, 6/4, and captains were texted the schedule for Sun 6/11)

THU 5/25 (6:45PM) — Welcome to the new 2017 Summer Sunday Schedule page. If you’re looking for the Spring schedule, it’s here. For the new season, we’re “soft-launching” on Sun 6/4. You will need to register with the above buttons to join! Any problems, text us at the contact number listed above in the grey table.