2017 Spring Sunday Schedule

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NOTE: Deadline to make a request is 11:59p on the Tuesday before that Sunday’s game!

Questions? Text me at 415-683-7326! — Rich, your Commish


1/22 SF
1/29 SF
2/12 SF | 2/12 OAK
2/26 SF | 2/26 OAK
3/5 SF | 3/5 OAK
3/12 OAK (AHSM) | 3/12 OAK (GGRC)
3/19 SF | 3/19 SF/OAK (TIYM) | 3/19 OAK
3/26 SF | 3/26 OAK (AHSX) | 3/26 OAK (AHSM)
4/2 SF | 4/2 OAK
4/9 SF (+OAK)
4/16 OAK+SF
4/23 SF | 4/23 OAK
4/30 SF+OAK | 4/30 OAK (AHSM)
5/7 OAK
5/14 SF+OAK
5/21 SF+OAK (TI) | 5/21 OAK (ASHB)
6/4 OAK


Coming soon, but will be at http://dreamleague



FRI 5/19 (11:00AM) — Schedule for this Sun 5/21 has been posted below. Here are the directions to TIBG for the SF games:

Addr = 749 9th St. When you enter TI front gate, continue down and make a right at the dead end, which is then 9th St, go all the way down to the next dead end at Ave M, make a left, then make a left into the driveway and park right there. Gym is self-evident.

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Gym Locations

GHSM = Gateway HS (Main Gym), enter pkg lot thru gate on Geary betw Scott/Steiner
GHSX = Gateway HS (Aux Gym), up the stairs by the parking lot above
AHSM = Alameda HS (Main Gym), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the pkg lot off Oak Street but not the spots that has van pkg. Or park at meters (Sunday free). Gym is the biggest bldg.
AHSB = Alameda HS (“Boys Gymnasium”), 2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda: Park in the pkg lot off Walnut Street. Walk towards new gym. Old gym has “Boys & Girls Gymnasivm” etched over archway entrance.
GGRC = Golden Gate Rec Center, 1075 62nd St, Oakland: If there is no parking on 62nd or Herzog, park on San Pablo Ave and use the walkway in between the field and the adjacent church to reach the gym by foot. Do not leave valuables in car!
Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)
red = tipoff timeframe is only 1 or 2 tipoffs
orange = tipoff timeframe is only 3 hours
bold black matchup = tipoff time is pinned and cannot be swapped
blue matchup = Dream League scorekeeper(s) playing in game
purple matchup = one or both of the teams has a doubleheader
green matchup = one or both of the teams has player(s) on another team

Sun 5/14

FRI 5/19 (11:00AM) — Sun 5/14 was Mothers Day and we communicated with all 8 teams that were scheduled to play by text messages to their captains. Schedule was added to the master spreadsheet just now, though.

Sun 5/7

FRI 5/5 (4:00AM) — Sorry for the delay in posting the schedule, but we have MANY gym availability issues this Sun 5/7, plus a lot of special requests, so there are now a lot of byes for this Sun 5/7 (in red) and we’re hoping these can be ppd til next Sun 5/14, although next Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Check the playoff brackets over at http://dreamleague.org as well as the BYES listed in red in the schedule below (also available at the other site).

Sun 4/30

FRI 4/28 (3:15PM) — Gym director said, “You can tell them it’s good,” so that’s a go for OAK… (10:00AM) — Still no reply from AHS AD. If it’s a no-go on the AHSB gym then I would have to redo the schedule and figure out which 6 teams get a bye… THU 4/27 (10:45PM) — SF tipoffs finalized. For OAK, we wait for the AD to get back to the gym director. “He who owns the keys is king.” FWIW, gym director says he expects a confirmation by tomorrow morning… (1:15PM) — Just updated dreamleague.org with the schedule and the playoff brackets. In fact, you should really no longer need to come here unless you want a mobile-friendly site and need an explanation on the scheduling, plus links to scheduling and registrations. It’s just really hard to update that old site over there but it only has embedded spreadsheets now so I don’t really have to touch it much. (12:45PM) — Schedule is done, but we’re waiting for confirmation from gym director in OAK and doing one last sweep of all captains for SF. All tipoffs seem to be within requested timeframes. The games for this Sun 4/30 are listed below already, but without tipoffs as we’re not 100% yet. We’ll open both gyms early morning, then in SF switch over to TIYM for the two late evening games.

Sun 4/23

THU 4/20 (8:45PM) — SF schedule now done, see below. Tons of byes were needed due to various requests… THU 4/20 (12:15PM) — The OAK scheduling process was terribly complicated this week for this Sun 4/23, but it is finally done. If you want any of the gory details, just have your captain call me and I’ll explain. As for SF, I can now finally being work on that one. Thanks for your continued patience.

TUE 4/18 (8:15PM) — Playoffs are here, will start this Sun 4/23, and brackets are being formed. Just finished the one for OAK, which you can see at http://dreamleague.org. Don’t forget to click on the OAK tab on the embedded spreadsheet there. Next up: create a draft of the OAK schedule based on these seeds, then do the same bracketing+draft process for SF. There’s more urgency with OAK due to scheduling hurdles with AHS gym.

Sun 4/16

[All captains involved in the 4 total games we had on Easter Sun 4/16 were contacted about the schedule development that week.]

Sun 4/9

WED 4/5 (4:15PM) — OAK captains already know this, but there’s a good chance we will not be able to play any games this Sun 4/9 due to AHS being on Spring Break. We no longer have GGRC available as a gym, so we’re at the mercy of AHS schedule. SF looks good to go at GHSM and perhaps some games again at TIYM.

Scoresheets in PDF are above in the links and we’ll be updating the final scores and Rankings spreadsheet at http://dreamleague.org shortly. If the teams around your team in the Rankings are at the same point of 6 regular season games played, it is likely that you will start playoffs this Sun 4/9. Only in special circumstances would we not, such as a team close to you that has asked for a bye. Feel free to have your captain text me for any case-by-case particulars. Thanks again for your patience!

Sun 4/2

THU 3/30 (4:00PM) — SF tipoffs finalized. All captains were contacted in regards to various anomalies we encountered… (3:00PM) — OAK tipoffs finalized. SF tipoffs should be as well, soon… (12:45PM) — Made a couple adjustments due to team requests. Still in flux, though. Just need a couple last teams to respond and we’ll be good… (11:45AM) — Below is the first draft of the schedule for this Sun 4/2. As all OAK captains know, we got the AHSM gym pulled from under us, so we thought it would be a bye week, then we got the AHSX gym, so now we’re back up, but we had to give a couple teams a bye. Disgustingly Modest will go play in SF for their 7th game. Any questions, have your captain text me.

In SF, the GHSM is also closed, ironically. But we’ve been promised the GHSX aux gym which is just across the gated parking on lot Geary and you walk up the stairs. It takes some getting used to the court, which has the baseline run into the wall and the glass backboard with rim is actually one of those portable versions.

Tipoffs should be finalized sometime today, as soon as you see actual tipoff times. Both gyms will open early morning as usual, so you can see where you are in the chronology below.

Sun 3/26

(no updates, all captains were reached by text)

Sun 3/19

FRI 3/17 (8:30AM) — Tipoffs 100% solidified with just one small change from the chronological order and text sent to every captain last post yesterday: Franchize and Rip City swapped matchups because Franchize had already played against OIIM. The schedule below is the result and final… THU 3/16 (4:45PM) — Draft of the schedule for this Sun 3/19 is below, in chronological order. I’m going to text every captain and make sure they are ok with it, so I can finalize it. You can estimate your tipoff by counting from these gyms opening at GHSM in the mid-morning, TIBG in the evening, AHSM in the early morning, GGRC at midday and evening.

TUE 3/14 (2:00PM) — Remember to check http://dreamleague.org for the latest rankings and matchups (to be populated by tomorrow morning). Scoresheet PDFs have been uploaded. SF games resume this Sun 3/19, with any overflow towards the evening at TIBG. More info to follow, but all teams must submit any special requests (see MAKE SPECIAL REQUEST link above) by midnight tonight!

Sun 3/12

FRI 3/10 (10:15AM) — Sorry made a typo in the original schedule. This is the correct one:

1230p Rip City at Brue’s Clues
130p SF Homenetmen at Shooting Stars

All teams involved want these times instead of how it was swapped before. My bad… (8:30AM) — Tipoffs finalized below. Nothing moved from the previous post… THU 3/9 (9:00PM) — You’ll see that we added two more games at GGRC, which is exciting news. Just one last text or two remains for final confirmation of the schedule below. 545,645,745p at GGRC should be solid. WWWD vs Tamriel might move a little bit later to GGRC. Should have final answer by midnight tonight. Thanks again for everyone’s patience… (4:45PM) — The draft below is about 95% done and in chronological order. First game at AHSM will be early morning. There’s one or two midday-ish tipoffs we’re aiming for at GGRC, then the three evening games at GGRC again. Read the paragraphs below these jump links for some more context.

As reported earlier, GHSM in SF is closed, and so we offered SF teams to go to OAK to play and at least three teams will do so. Two of them are extremely happy to play against a similar team in OAK because they’ve been playing in SF for years and want the new challenge. Those happen to be some of the best Asian teams in the Bay, finally getting a chance to square off against each other.

Which sort of gave me an idea to possibly do an SF-OAK mini-quasi-league-tourney type setup where, finally, OAK gets to play against SF. It’s like a parallel universe finally gets to converge. I’ll think about it some more.

Anyways, you can also see on the Rankings sheet how all of this came about: http://dreamleague.org

Tipoffs should be finalized within the next few hours as I await response from the last couple teams, namely one of them from SF that maybe will play in OAK.

TUE 3/7 (9:00PM) — SF captains have already been informed of this, but our primary gym GHSM is N/A this Sun 3/12, but we have identified TIBG (Treasure Island Boys & Girls Club) as a secondary site. Some teams already opted for a bye after hearing of GHSM’s closure, but they can still play at TIBG if they so desire. More info coming. Next up: add scores to 3/5 Comments column, add final +/- to Rankings at http://dreamleague.org, figure out matchups for this Sun 3/12, construct Draft version of schedule.

Sun 3/5

FRI 3/3 (7:00AM) — Tipoffs have been added to the schedule below and are now final. I’ve already been contact with all captains so if there are any issues, please have him contact me by text asap. Thanks to Skywalkers, Sole Legit, Shaqtin A Fool and Shooting Stars (esp) for all agreeing to play earlier than their timeframe to make the SF schedule work. Scroll down to the embedded spreadsheet…

WED 3/1 (8:30PM) — Sorry for the delay, guys, but I got an eye infection literally Subday night and basically have lost two straight days of work, meanwhile looking like Rocky after getting beat up by Apollo. Tough to do stuff when you only got one eye open lol. Anyways, here are the tasks I need to get done asap…

  1. Post scoresheets from 2/26 — DONE, see above
  2. Put final scores on schedule below in Comments column
  3. Update scheduling matrix at http://dreamleague.org
  4. Re-rank every team on that matrix
  5. Create matchups based on rankings, tipoff timeframes and any special requests
  6. Come up with chronological first draft of the Sun 3/5 sched based on available gym time and matchups

Sun 2/26

FRI 2/24 (6:30AM) — SF schedule is now up below and based on everyone’s preferences. Just text me with any questions. OAK final schedule was posted and captains texted at about 7p Thu night.

Use http://dreamleague.org to find your ranking/matchups and tipoff preferences vs special requests — all of which were used to generate this schedule (scroll down or hit the jump links).

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THU 2/23 (4:00PM) — OAK draft schedule is below (scroll down). Need NPL to confirm an evening tipoff and then all will be final. Any issues, just text me. Also, the scheduling/ranking matrix is ready but I haven’t had time to post it yet over at the wider webpage http://dreamleague.org. I plan to have everything up to speed by tomorrow morning.

Also working on SF. Some teams will have to get a bye in SF because aux gym at GHSM is not ready, unfortunately. The teams that are way ahead in games played or not paid up yet will likely get postponed to Sun 3/5. Anyways, back to work on that!

MON 2/20 (11:30PM) — A belated welcome to the 2017 Spring Sunday season! Many teams have already started, but the official “hard launch” was moved to this Sun 2/26, so if you haven’t had any games yet, fear not. In fact, even if you start on Sun 3/5 or Sun 3/12, there are ways to incorporate you.

Remember, Dream League offers the longest seasons available for rec leagues. If you look at our 2016 Fall Sunday season, you’ll see that we have scoresheets spanning SEVENTEEN (!) weeks. Of course, not every division finished on the 17th week, but that simply tells you that dreamleague is a marathon!

More info coming soon…

Sun 1/22, 1/29, 2/5 and 2/12

MON 2/20 (11:30PM) — All games on Sun 1/22 and Sun 1/29 were arranged with each captain involved via text. Only now has the schedule spreadsheet been updated to reflect those “preseason” or “soft-launch” games.

Also, a few games on Sun 2/5 before the Superbowl were originally scheduled, but then cancelled or postponed. Therefore, there were no games on Sun 2/5.