2015 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets

SAT 5/16 (4:45PM) — All brackets have been updated. Championship team captains have been contacted to get the t-shirt sizes. Bulk t-shirt order will be place on Mon 5/18 and hopefully they arrive by the next week. I will be making deliveries shortly thereafter.

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Sun 5/3 and 5/10

WED 4/29 (5:45PM) — All the brackets have been updated. Here’s a rundown of the SJ-TA bracket. First off, we have 6 teams now in the Losers Bracket. So you have the top two seeds left over automatically advancing just a little bit within the Losers Bracket, as their high seed earned them a chance to wait on lower seeds to kill each other off.

First we momentarily remove #2 and #5 because they’re the highest seeds. However, the problem we have here is that #8 has already played #9 and we want to promote diversity of schedule when it is not absolutely critical to matchups, so we can’t have #6 vs #12, because that ends up with #8 vs #9.

That means we have #6 vs #9 and #8 vs #12. Naturally, being the higher seed left over, #2 gets the winner of #8 vs #12, with the benefit of playing against the “probable” lower seed that will advance (#8, let’s say). Meantime, #5 gets the probable other winner, which is a higher seed than what #2 will play against, because #5 is lower than #2, so again, #2 gets all the advantages.

A couple of the SF and OAK Losers Brackets played out this way as well, in case you were wondering. They’re certainly not as complicated as SJ-TA, though.

There is one caveat that could blow up all the above: If there is an impasse in the scheduling, namely, matchups can’t agree on tipoff timeframes and presents a scheduling stalemate, I reserve the right to throw out the “diversity” goal in favor of the “logistics” goal.

Sun 4/26

No write-up for update ahead of 4/26 schedule. Have your captain text me if there are/were any issues in the bracket.

Sun 4/19

TUE 4/14 (7:00PM) — Here’s a rundown of the final standings and, therefore, rankings of SJ-TA. There were 12 teams, 11 of which seem to all be able to beat each other. We discussed the issue with the 12th0-ranked team and they agreed to forge ahead as-is (an option was to switch to OAK-NC bracket, but the drive was too far).

The rankings, unlike during the regular season, are now entirely based on standings. With all 12 teams included, that’s the best and fairest way to do it. That’s how they would do it in the NFL, whose “Wild Card” tiebreaker system we will use, because it’s the best available for “short” seasons (e.g., we won’t use NBA or MLB systems because those are for 82- and 162-game regular seasons).

The tiebreaker system is as follows: 1) win-loss record (of course), then if tied go to 2) head-to-head result, then if still tied go to 3) win-loss record against common opponents, then if still tied go to the so-called 4) “strength of victory” determination, which we will interpret as point differential in games won — with a cap at 20 for blowouts. If you have multiple teams tied, you use the system to eliminate teams tied, then the ones still tied after that, you start at the top again (head-to-head, for example) to further eliminate teams from a group that’s tied. You can look this tiebreaker up; it is the official NFL tiebreaker system. Here we go…

  1. SJ Hibachi (6-0)
  2. Basketballs Of Fury (5-1)
  3. Old Guns (3-2) — no h2h vs 408Da, tied 1-0 vs common opp (HitSq), SOV = +38
  4. 408DaGoGettas (3-2) — no h2h vs OldG, tied 1-0 vs common opp (HitSq), SOV = +33
  5. Bay Kingz (2-2) — 1-0 common opp (TSASC) vs BadN/DemB/Thund, won h2h vs BadN
  6. Bad News (3-3) — 1-0 common opp (TSASC) vs BayK/DemB/Thund, lost h2h vs BayK
  7. Dem Boyz (3-3) — 0-1 common (TSASC) v BayK/BadN/Thund, no 2h2 & 2-2 comm (HitSq/TSASC/Regula) v Thund, SOV = +42
  8. Thunder (3-3) — 0-1 common (TSASC) v BayK/BadN/DemB, no h2h & 2-2 comm (HitSq/TSASC/Regula) v DemB, SOV = +23
  9. TSA Santa Clara (2-4) — no h2h, 1-0 common opp (Thund) vs HitSq/Gunner
  10. Hit Squad (2-4) — no h2h, 0-1 common opp (Thund) vs TSASC/Gunner, won h2h vs Gunner
  11. Gunners (2-4) — no h2h, 0-1 common opp (Thund) vs TSASC/HitSq, lost h2h vs HitSq
  12. Regulators (0-6)

MON 4/13 (4:00PM) — Here is the long overdue bracket-by-bracket explanation. Things always are most interesting after the 2nd round of the playoffs, anyways. You can see the bracket taking shape and which teams will probably fill out what bracket on the road to the so-called “Last Losers Bracket Game, plus Championship” Sunday.

So because of the double-elimination status, recall that anybody that falls to the Losers Bracket is likely to play a doubleheader as they try to traverse the Losers Bracket, all the while the Winners Bracket leader has the clear advantage. That’s a basic premise for understanding how to read these brackets.

Let’s hope there are no bye requests for this Sun 4/19 that mess up my explanations…

    • SF-TA: Standard 8-team bracket, very straightforward.
    • SF-DL/G: Sometimes you only end up with 4 teams in which case, on paper, the top seed isn’t likely to blow out the lowest seed. We have that situation here. The only quirk here is that We Goofy asked for a bye on 4/12. While we can accommodate, we don’t really want to penalize the other teams involved for being available week by week — unless they, too, wanted a bye — so what we will do is, if We Goofy *loses* their Winners Bracket game vs Splash City on 4/19, we will try to make it so that they will have to play the Prodigies in the Losers Bracket. If We Goofy *wins* their Winners Bracket game, then it really wouldn’t be fair to force Splash City into a doubleheader when the Prodigies didn’t have to do the same. CAVEAT: If I can’t pull this off logistically (e.g., Prodigies say they need to know one way or another whether they’re playing), then we’ll probably just have the Losers Bracket take a bye on 4/19.
    • SF-DL/S: In the Losers Bracket, we try to avoid repeat matchups because one of the mantras of Dream League is to have diversity of schedule. However, sometimes that can’t be avoided. In this case, with both Stache Brothers and Flight Club Cobras telling me that they don’t think they can compete in this bracket (and I kind of agree with them), we now have an odd number of teams in the Losers Bracket. That means one team gets the benefit of awaiting the winner of the other two-team matchup. Which one will it be? It will be the one with the higher seed. So in this case, you *do* have a repeat of #4 Team USA vs #5 Sole Legit that is “unavoidable”, at least in terms of fairness (imposing a doubleheader taking precedence over diversity of schedule). There is another example of this with the OAK-DL bracket. The SF-NC bracket is an example where we *can* rematch to avoid a repeat. So check those for further explanation.
    • SF-DL/B: Everything is progressing with this 7-team bracket as normal, after forcing the two teams moving down from SF-DL/S (Flight Club Cobras vs Stache Brothers) to play against each other and carry the one loss into this bracket. Notice the “mini-final-four” that will occur next Sun 4/19 in the Losers Bracket. This is so that we can have just two teams for the Losers Bracket on 4/26, the winner of which will then proceed to face the survivor of the Winners Bracket on the same Sunday, 4/26, barring unforeseen circumstances.
    • SF-NC: Standard 6-team bracket where we wait for the results of the first four Winners Bracket in order to have that more-desired “mini-final-four” in the Losers Bracket so we can have just two in the Losers Bracket the week after, the winner of which will be in the Championship the same Sunday. Here, we have a situation where the survivor of the Losers Bracket mini-final-four is going to be the clear-cut deserving survivor, no matter how you slice and dice the two matchups of the four teams. Because of the even number of teams, we can then avoid a repeat matchup because we already had the standard #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 in the first round. So we take the top seed, #3, and we match them up against the next-lowest seed that avoids #6, which would be #5. And that’s how we wind up with #3 vs #5 and #4 vs #6 in the Losers Bracket for Sun 4/19. Both winners end up playing a doubleheader.
    • OAK-TA: Pretty standard 4-team bracket. SF-DL/G above is similar.
    • OAK-DL: We started this 9-team bracket with the thought that, because it’s neither the top nor the lowest division, not to penalize a team with a doubleheader just because they were the lowest seed. And that’s why we had a delay in the #8/#9/#1 set, where Basic Addition now must wait until 4/26 for the next round as the top of the Winners Bracket catches up. With the odd number of teams left in the Losers Bracket, #8 must face #9 again, even though we prefer not to repeat matchups. Here, they have the worst seeds, so *someone* has to play a doubleheader. The top seed remaining in the Losers Bracket, in this case #2 Heem Team, gets the benefit of playing one of those teams on their second game. Traversing the Losers Bracket, you can see that we’re able to end up with two remaining teams on 5/3, the winner to play the Winners Bracket survivor also on 5/3.
    • O-NC/AM: Standard 8-team bracket.
  • O-NC/PM: Sometimes the AM/PM issue, especially over the years in Oakland, is so dramatic that we have no choice but to just have 3 teams if there are only 3 teams that can logistically attend games during a certain timeframe. Oakland Sonics asked for a bye on 4/12, so because we had to have the round robin between three teams occur in any particular order, we now have a situation where Last Minute has lost two games and been eliminated. That leaves Dreaming vs Sonics, which hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, the loser of this game on 4/19 will have only lost one game, so both teams will definitely face each other again on 4/26. And it could stretch out to 5/3, depending. Essentially, with the third team eliminated, we are down to a 3-game series between Dreaming and Sonics.

Sun 4/12

MON 4/6 (10:00AM) — Welcome to the 2015 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets page, where below you can visually see the brackets and, at the nodes of each matchup, the date on which the matchup is predicted to be played (barring unforeseen circumstances such as bye requests or gym issues).

Currently, all of the SF and OAK brackets are displayed. SJ is not in playoffs yet and theirs will be published by their 2nd round of playoffs. I will explain in more detail some of the nuances of the SF and OAK brackets later today.