2015 Winter-Spring Wednesday Elite 6’3″ & Under Schedule

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SAT 3/14 (11:15AM) — Guess people are seeing their stats up and wanting to show out, because Isaiah Sandoval went nuts, although it was against cellar-dweller and depleted Sole Legit: 47 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists!

Even though this league will always be a relative small sample size, that puts Sandoval in 2nd in the scoring race, a couple points behind Roy Giles, who went 8-for-11 to maintain his incredible shooting pace at .623, but still behind Sunny Margate, who’s still at .696 and his three-point percentage actually went *down* after going 2-for-3 from downtown last Wed 3/11.

Meanwhile, Margate now leads assists per game with 5.3 (Brian Goins has only played one game and technically wouldn’t qualify in the final tally if that stayed the same) and Sandoval’s right behind him, plus Sandoval is now leading the league in rebounding.

As for the standings race, think of it as playoffs already, although it’s not. Sole Legit will get the auto-bye this upcoming Wed 3/18 due to being in 5th Place. Now is the chance for teams at the top to stay at the top, or teams trying to get to the top to beat the teams in their way. So that’s why we have 3rd-Place Quick Fast vs 4th-Place YGM, then 1st-Place Thrown Together vs 2nd-Place GoGetIt this Wed 3/18.

That will be the only way to attain the 1st- or 2nd-Place thresholds needed to play in the championship two weeks from now on 4/1. It’s pretty much do or die from this point on. The big test is the *loser* of GoGetIt vs Thrown Together. That loser would need to win again the following Wed 3/25 to maintain top billing, assuming the winner keeps winning. Still a lot can happen if GoGetIt or Thrown Together slips up these next two Wednesdays. So, not surprisingly, YGM and Quick Fast will need some help and do not necessarily control their own destiny.

Bottom line: The standings are still relevant. Keep winning to move up. Tiebreakers are the same as the NFL’s: head-to-head matchups then record against common opponents, then and only then point-differential in games won (the NFL’s so-called “strength of victory”), followed by straight point-differential.

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Gym Locations

TIYM = Treasure Island YMCA Main Gym, parking lot at 9th St and Avenue I
[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NKw0bdl5NodPV6MNT_EkUNIa7q-u6hctYNkwEWGT76k/pubhtml?gid=603223050&single=true 800 800]

Wed 3/4

SAT 3/7 (9:30AM) — Thanks to Peter for handling the logistics in my absence this past Wed 3/4. Let’s take a look at the STANDINGS and remaining SCHEDULE real quick. Treat every game as if it were a playoff game from here on out!…

Thrown Together (3-0): Faces last-place Sole Legit this Wed 3/11, and so on paper looks like a favorite to head into the playoff positioning weeks of Wed 3/18 and 3/25 at the top of the standings, likely to face GoGetIt — against whom they got a big win two weeks ago — on 3/18.

GoGetIt (2-1): The depleted loss to Thrown Together Wed 2/18 looms large, so they must fend off YGM this Wed 3/11 if they want an opportunity to seek revenge on Thrown Together when the top two teams face off on Wed 3/18. Remember, the Championship on 4/1 is quite simply the top two teams, so any “revenge” games late in the season become key. A loss to YGM doesn’t mean the end of the world, but that would result in having to climb back through more teams and relying on other teams to lose.

Quick Fast (2-2): Just two weeks ago, lost by only 2 points to GoGetIt, then lost again this past Wed 3/4 to Thrown Together. However, they beat the two teams below them, so they do hold a tiebreaker advantage against the bottom of the standings. So they’ll need to hope for an upset by YGM or Sole Legit. If not, then the blueprint becomes winning their probable rematch against one of the teams below them on 3/18, then defeat the loser of the top two teams on 3/25 to snag one of the top two spots.

YGM (1-2): It’s a must-win this Wed 3/11 against GoGetIt. Simple as that.

Sole Legit (0-3): Also a must-win this Wed 3/11 against Thrown Together. The good news is, the matchup against one of the top two teams, so all hope is not lost just yet.

Remaining Schedule

By the time all games are completed on Wed 3/25, the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-Place teams will have all played 6 games. The 4th- and 5th-Place teams will have played 5 games. So that’s why on Championship Night of 4/1, you have a “Friendship Game” between the two teams that have only played 5 games, plus the Championship between the top two teams.

So it ends up the top two teams will have played 7 games each and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will have played 6 each.


    • Steve Leeder of Sole Legit went 10-for-24 from three-point land this past Wed 3/4. That’s probably a Dream League record in terms of attempts from beyond the arc in one game!
    • In the same game, Roy Giles of GoGetIt scored 47 points (not a Dream League record, which I believe is around 52 points or so) on a highly efficient 18-for-27 field and 8-for-11 downtown. No wonder he leads the league in scoring by ELEVEN points!
    • Deandre Smith is atop the leaderboard in assists (tied-1st, 5.3 apg) and steals (2nd, 2.7 spg) plus FT% (5-for-5), but only has a 5.3-to-4.7 assist-to-turnover ratio. Which means this: He’s all over the place! No doubt, if it could be tracked, he’d lead the league in miles-ran-per-game by…a mile!
  • Speaking of leading the league in assists, how about power forward Sunny Margate? He’s also tied for 2nd in the league in blocked shots. Oh, and he’s “only” shooting 69.2% from downtown (9-for-13). He’s at a league-leading 70% overall from the field, which means his two-pointers are going in at an even higher rate.

Wed 2/25

MON 2/23 (3:45PM) — Season schedule has been corrected and is shown below (scroll down or hit the jump link). Don’t forget to read the details of it listed 3 paragraphs below…

MON 2/23 (3:15PM) — Stats are updated! Bear in mind, two teams (GoGetIt and Sole Legit) have only played one game, so the stats are a little skewed in the early going, but they’re complete. Check the links on the right side of this paragraph! Meanwhile, just need to hear back from one more team and the remaining season schedule will be posted.

MON 2/23 (12:30PM) — There is an error in the schedule. I will need to take it down right now and fix it. Sorry about that. Thanks to YGM for pointing that out… (11:15AM) — Added season schedule explanation in bullet points below… (11:00AM) — The season schedule has now been revamped! Team Thrown Together has claimed the next bye for this Wed 2/25, so the only byes left are for Quick Fast and YGM. We can still swap that schedule around for 3/4 and 3/11, if necessary, but the season schedule below (scroll down) is what we have.

The schedule ends up with the 2 championship game teams playing 7 games and everyone else playing 6 games. Sunny and I are in discussions to find the best solution for this 5-team format we have right now. The format is as follows:

  • Play 1 game vs each of 4 other opponents, 1 team takes a bye each Wed.
  • For the 5th game, 5th-Place team takes a bye, 4th Place vs 3rd, 2nd vs 1st.
  • The 5th game would pretty much lock up the #1 seed.
  • For the 6th slate of games, that same 5th-Place team plays the same 2nd Place.
  • That’d be the 5th game for the 5th-Place team and is pretty much a do-or-die game.
  • For the 6th slate of games, that same 4th-Place team takes a bye.
  • That means 3rd Place plays 1st Place, which is a do-or-die for the 3rd Place team.
  • On the 7th and final slate of games, Championship is the new 2nd- vs new 1st-Place teams.
  • At this point, there would *probably* be 2 teams left that only played 5 games, likely the 5th- and 4th-Place teams unless they upset the higher-favored teams. In any case, we would give a “Friendship Game” to the 2 teams that had only played 5 games. Similarly, there would be one team *not* in the top two — let’s call this the 3rd-Place team for the sake of argument — that would have played 6 games already, and their season would end with no game on Championship/Friendship Night, currently scheduled for Wed 4/1. (Hope that made sense!)

We certainly value your input, so let us know any proposals on it, but please be reminded that with only 5 teams, there’s only so much funds in the pot to schedule games and referees.

Also, if the above bullet points need further explanation, I’m happy to explain it to you by phone or at the gym this Wed, of course.

The other issue is the 715p vs 815p timeslot. Right now, it’s pretty balanced for everybody, but if there’s a team that absolutely cannot play at 715p, speak up now or forever hold your peace. And even if you do, we’d have to ask permission from the other teams, too, since “the good of the many outweigh the good of the one”.

I will now update the scores from our Sunday league yesterday. After that, I will punch in the stats from last Wed 2/18.

THU 2/19 (3:15PM) — After a scheduling snafu yesterday, I will be revamping the schedule, so I’ve taken it offline for now. The good news is, stats from the first week are up…

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Wed 2/18

TUE 2/17 (4:15PM) — This is the first major post of the Wednesday season schedule.