2014 Fall Playoff Brackets

THU 12/11 (5:15PM) — Due to gym issues at ISAH in SF, I have altered the SF-NC and SF-DL/B brackets accordingly. The championship in those brackets will occur on 12/21 and basically we’ll pick it up from there.

There are some potential issues with SJ-TA teams being available to play on 12/28, but we should assume full steam ahead for *next* Sun 12/21 (as well as this Sun 12/14).

I will take a look at the Oakland full schedule shortly to see if there are any similar problems coming up… (10:30AM) — Issue with O-TA brackets has been corrected. Oops!… TUE 12/9 (4:00PM) — All playoff brackets have been updated through Sun 12/7 results.

TUE 11/18 (4:30PM) — First draft of the playoff brackets are up. Obviously, SJ has not been mapped out yet. Their regular season concludes this Sun 11/16. Also note that, barring unforeseen circumstances, we are skipping Sun 11/30 for Thanksgiving. You can see the progression of games with the dates on each matchup of each bracket.

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