2014 Fall Sunday Schedule

Players must have played at least 2 regular season games with 1 of them in the first 3 games and the other in the last 3 games, or all of the final 3 regular season games.

FRI 12/19 (12:00PM) — Tipoffs are now final. In SJ, Grind Get Green has been expelled due to failure to pay up all roster spots. In OAK, the OAK-TA bracket will resume in January.

THU 12/18 (9:45AM) — SF and OAK tipoffs are up. Please be cognizant of the required doubleheaders and necessary Repeat Champs (or not). Any questions, just let me know. As far as SJ, we’ll get that up later today. Still ironing out a few things.

2014 Fall Playoff Brackets
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Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
TIYM = Treasure Island YMCA Main Gym, parking lot at 9th St and Avenue I
MDLS = Mission Dolores Academy, pkg lot thru black gate next to Children’s Council Bldg, Church St b/w 16th & 17th

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland (near Coliseum)
RBRC = Rainbow Rec Center, 5800 International Blvd, Oakland (arrive early, new gym)

AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)
ARYC = Alum Rock Youth Center, 137 North White Road, SJ (down block from JLHS, still arrive early!)
JLHS = James Lick HS, 50 North White Road, San Jose (arrive early due to Sunday flea market)

Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)
red = tipoff timeframe is only 1 or 2 tipoffs
orange = tipoff timeframe is only 3 hours
bold black matchup = tipoff time is pinned and cannot be swapped
blue matchup = Dream League scorekeeper(s) playing in game
purple matchup = one or both of the teams has a doubleheader
green matchup = one or both of the teams has player(s) on another team

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdFZnNW9LTzhNYnBjMTZxcWVtZ2hmMUE&output=html 800 1000]

Sun 12/14

FRI 12/12 (12:30PM) — Btw, OAK tipoffs posted… (12:15PM) — For the SJ folks, the ARYC gym location has been highlighted in the list of gyms below. Please arrive early in case that flea market is still going on.

THU 12/11 (6:30PM) — All tipoffs except OAK have been posted, because we’re waiting on OFAB to reply as to whether or not they can field a team at 3p if they win their first game… (5:15PM) — Due to gym issues at ISAH in SF, I have altered the SF-NC and SF-DL/B brackets accordingly. The championship in those brackets will occur on 12/21 and basically we’ll pick it up from there.

There are some potential issues with SJ-TA teams being available to play on 12/28, but we should assume full steam ahead for *next* Sun 12/21 (as well as this Sun 12/14).

I will take a look at the Oakland full schedule shortly to see if there are any similar problems coming up… (10:30AM) — Issue with O-TA brackets has been corrected. Oops!… THU 12/11 (10:15AM) — I just literally got the schedule of availability for ISAH last night (great Dubs win btw!) and then I was informed by an OAK captain that one of the brackets may be wrong there, so all in all, still need the rest of the day to finalize the schedule. In SJ, we are moving to old stomping grounds of Alum Rock Youth Center — more details tonight. Hope to have the schedule done by 9pm.

TUE 12/9 (4:00PM) — All playoff brackets have been updated through Sun 12/7 results.

Sun 12/7

FRI 12/5 (8:15AM) — ISAH gave us the green light so all SF games are there now. No need to go to Treasure Island. Here are the ramifications…

  • SF-NC has to be postponed to 12/14 (both Last LB Game and Champ).
  • SF-TA games after 6p moved back half and hour (630p-930p). This was the original plan anyways.
  • Winner-Stache/AllLin plays a back-to-back because Problems can’t field a team past 230p and Sole Legit can’t field a team past 330p.
  • 930a-130p tipoffs have not been altered.

San Jose first-round playoffs have also been set. Any questions, have your captain text me. Scroll down or hit the jump link…

WED 12/3 (6:45PM) — All six OAK teams that will be playing outside of their timeframe (most by only an hour) have confirmed that they’re okay with it, so I’ve finalized the schedule for OAK below… (6:30PM) — I don’t see the 6,7,8,9p games at ISAH in SF changing, so I’ve finalized those… (6:15PM) — Tipoffs are delayed because there’s a chance I can put more SF games at ISAH. Waiting on the gym director there. In SJ, we have a situation where I will be calling all captains tonight about. OAK looks like it’s ready to go and I will try to finalize OAK asap.

MON 12/1 (3:15PM) — The matchups have been posted. Tipoffs will go up tomorrow or the next day. We do not have MDLS, so we’ll need to go to Treasure Island for the listed SF games. In Oakland, looks like everything can be squeeze in at WKRC. In San Jose, still not sure if we should do 2 rounds right away, with #1 Bay Giants obviously having to play just one game — depends on the gym director at AHHS.

Gym opening times: ISAH early morning, TIYM mid-morning, WKRC early morning, AHHS mid-afternoon.

SAT 11/29 (8:45PM) — The results from 11/23 have been added and the playoff brackets updated for 12/7 an onward.

Sun 11/23

THU 11/20 (11:00PM) — Still no word back from Sole Legit captain. I may need to forfeit that game (9p MDLS) if I don’t hear from them soon — which is why I put them at 9p… THU 11/20 (10:45PM) — Sorry for the delay, folks. Tipoffs are now final. Scroll down or hit the jump links…

THU 11/20 (4:45PM) — Still letting it marinate a little. Made a few minor tweaks. Expect the final schedule to be up by 7pm tonight. Again, SJ is ready to go, as you can see… (12:45PM) — SJ tipoffs are done (see schedule below) and SF and OAK are “marinating”. ISAH should start morning, MDLS mid-afternoon, and WKRC early morning.

If your team is not on the schedule and you have not lost 2 games already, please check the playoff brackets to make sure that your Losers Bracket is not playing this Sun 11/23. All the projected dates are on the brackets.

WED 11/19 (5:45PM) — I still have not heard from Sole Legit or Bang Bang or SF Free Agents B. Both teams are in jeopardy of being kicked out.

This list can also be gleaned by going into your respective sheets (SF/OAK/SJ) and seeing how many slots you’ve paid in the left-most column (“$”):

SF-TA: 1 6 SLOTS PAID ONLY — SF Homenetmen Fire
SF-DL/G: 6 7 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Problems
SF-DL/B: 5 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Kuyabraddaz
OAK-TA: 5 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Basic Addition East
OAK-DL: 2 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Oakland Free Agents B
OAK-DL: 7 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Frisco Hawks
ONC/PM: 5 6 SLOTS PAID ONLY — Kurruption NC
SAN JOSE: -$25 — Bay Giants
SAN JOSE: 4 SLOTS PAID ONLY — South Bay Runnin’ Rebels

TUE 11/18 (4:30PM) — Playoff brackets have been posted (except for SJ). Please click on the jump link below.

Sun 11/16

FRI 11/14 (8:00AM) — Schedule is done. There are only 2 teams outside of timeframe to make it all happen: 1) Hyperdrunks early at 10am and 2) Stache Bros late at 6pm. Sorry about that and thanks for taking the “mild hit” this time — the games are only 1 hour outside of usual timeframe.

Also notice there are only two doubleheaders (for low seeds). They are in purple.

Also notice that we had to change the OAK-TA and OAK-DL brackets up a little bit by moving OFAB down to DL. At the same time, Frisco (vs Stephen’s Curry now) asked for a bye and we didn’t want to impose a doubleheader on the #5 vs #4 seeds. So take a look at the list of byes in red at the bottom of the schedule.

Same thing in SF-TA and SFDL-Gold: we try not to impose a doubleheader due to the rankings system, so the top seeds sit in Round 1.

Below the jump links are the reasoning behind how we got here.

FRI 11/14 (7:30AM) — OFAB has been moved down one bracket in Oakland. Working on updating the schedule. Should be done soon… THU 11/13 (6:30PM) — Oakland brackets might be tweaked a little. Rockstars want to play in a lower division, but I’m not sure. Discussing with my OAK staff. Stay tuned, late tonight… THU 11/13 (5:00PM) — I’ve posted a rough draft below (scroll down). Still need to get some replies from captains on what they can do. Tomorrow I will be calling a lot of captains to see where they are at with payments. Please be ready to give me details. Thanks.

THU 11/13 (11:45AM) — By their request, GPC has been moved up from SF-NC to SFDL-Bronze. Obviously, there are usually no qualms with teams wanting to move up. Any teams that want to move down are more complicated situations… (7:00AM) — Here’s a list of potential tipoff conflicts that may pose problems…

  • OAK-TA: Anybody who plays Rockstars or OFA-B (2p strict upper bound)
  • OAK-TA: #7 Undrafted vs #2 Sole A — 3p only for cross-section, may need to play 11/16 due to Basic/Sonics
  • OAK-TA: #6 Basic vs #3 Sonics — 4p lower bound vs 2p upper bound (3p compromise?)
  • OAK-TA: #5 Marvel vs #4 KurrDL — 1p cross-section only, may not have option of bye 11/16,11/23
  • OAK-DL: see issues below in bracket setup
  • SFDL-GOLD: see issues below in bracket setup
  • SFDL-BRONZE: see issues below in bracket setup
  • SF-NC: see issues below in bracket setup

(6:45AM) — I have re-listed Oakland with the seeds and likely first-round byes. Below this is SF. Next up: scheduling next round of SJ regular season…

1. Stingrays — requested a bye 11/16, play winner of OFAB/Rock on 11/23
2. Sole Supremacy A — option to bye 11/16 or 11/23 due to Stingrays/Sonics
3. Oakland Sonics — requested a bye 11/16, play Basic on 11/23
4. Kurruption DL — option to bye 11/16 or 11/23 due to Stingrays/Sonics
5. Marvel Unit — option to bye 11/16 or 11/23 due to Stingrays/Sonics
6. Basic Addiction East — likely a bye 11/16 due to Sonics, play them on 11/23
7. Undrafted — option to bye 11/16 or 11/23 due to Stingrays/Sonics
8. Rockstars — must play 11/16 vs OFAB, winner vs Sting on 11/23, loser 11/23 TBD

1. OFA-B — must play 11/16 vs Rock, winner plays Sting on 11/23. loser 11/23 TBD
2. Frisco Hawks — 1p upper bound
3. Stephen’s Curry — 3p upper bound
4. Mirror Force — 5p lower bound
5. Bang Bang — 1p lower bound

1. Sole Supremacy B
2. Kurruption NC
3. Face Jam
4. Brownskins

1. Kryptonite
3. HoopstarZ
4. Warriors Rec
5. Dro Show

(6:30AM) — Here are the playoff bracket stratifications for SF. Again, any objections, have your captain text me immediately…

1. Vikings — likely a first-round bye
2. SF Homenetmen Fire — likely a first-round bye
3. CoolGuys
4. Splash Bros
5. Rangers
6. Rich’s Rayguns

1. Prodigies — likely a first-round bye
2. Bus Drivers — likely a first-round bye
3. Problems
4. Evan’s Team
5. Splash City — 12p strict upper bound
6. RNS

1. SFC Tarheels
2. Bricklayers
3. Cleatonkees
4. Hyperdrunks

1. Lay-Up City
2. SF Warriors
3. Lob City
4. All Show No Go
5. All Lin
6. Stache Brothers
7. Sole Legit — soft 6p lower bound, i.e., prefers late games
8. Kuyabruddaz — probable doubleheader vs GPC then winner vs Lay-Up
9. GPC — prefers early games 2p soft upper bound, probable dh vs Kuya then winner vs Lay-Up

1. Illuminati — likely a first-round bye, prefers early games 2p soft upper bound
2. SF Free Agents B
3. SF Free Agents A
4. Disgustingly Modest — prefers late games 3p soft lower bound

WED 11/12 (8:00PM) — Below are the proposed playoff bracket stratifications for OAK, which is slated to begin this Sun 11/16, barring unforeseen circumstances. Next up will be SF. SJ is not in playoffs yet, but will soon be.

Again, Dream League brackets are designed such that the top seed in each bracket is not supposed to blow out the bottom seed, on paper. If you do not agree with any of the following, please have your captain text me BEFORE I start making the schedules. Contacting me after I have already begun makes it really difficult to go back and undo, and will cause delays and get everybody upset that there’s delays.

Please be reminded, do not be affected by what we call each division. It is just a label. The labels are needed to avoid confusion. Again, if you are top team in any city at any given time, out of all the other teams that have signed up and relatively speaking, then you are by default named “The Association”. Don’t worry, even my own staff struggle with this, which I actually don’t quite understand why they do because it is really quite simple.

Sun 11/9

FRI 11/7 (2:30PM) — All tipoffs are now listed… (1:30PM) — Good news is, we are closer to a final schedule. Bad news is, I’m just waiting for one last thing to get it 100% verified. We’re close. Thanks for your patience. Any questions, have your captain text me. ISAH starts early morning, MDLS late morning. Again, OAK and SJ are done.

FRI 11/7 (1:15PM) — SF teams finally got back to me and we have an issue with the ISAH games, unfortunately. I believe no changes will be made to the MDLS slate. So I’ll have to rework some of the SF schedule. As you can see, OAK and SJ are ready to go… (3:15AM) — SJ and OAK schedules are done and set in stone below. However, in SF, we have some gym issues, so we’ll be contacting the following teams asap…

  • Can Evan’s Team play at 1130a?
  • Can SF Homenetmen Fire play at 1230p?
  • Can Bus Drivers play at 6p?
  • Can Prodigies play at 7p?
  • Can Kuyabraddaz play at 8p?

Those questions need to be answered before the tipoffs can be set in stone.

FRI 11/7 (1:45AM) — Sorry for the delay. Matchups are now done. Transferring them to the first draft of the schedule now… THU 11/6 (6:15PM) — I am pretty confident I can get SF and OAK tipoffs done by midnight tonight. Here are the probable SJ tipoffs, which will be put on the spreadsheet later. They have been approved by janitor, and is a core dump from the spreadsheet, so you can see on the right the timeframes of each matchup and any notes to the right, in case you were wondering…

11/9 2:00 PM AHHS sj-ta Grind Get Green at Bay Giants 1p-6p 10a-4p
11/9 3:00 PM AHHS sj-ta Dem Boyz at Bad News 4p-9p 10a-3p dh DemB
11/9 4:00 PM AHHS sj-ta The Ones at Gunners 4p-9p 9a-7p
11/9 5:00 PM AHHS sj-ta Dem Boyz at South Bay Runnin’ Rebels 4p-9p 12p-5p dh DemB

THU (6:00PM) — Waiting on responses from Sole Legit and Face Jam on if they can go outside their timeframes. If so, then I should have smooth sailing. If not, I have to rematch several teams, which will cause a bit more delay… (4:30PM) — Preliminary draft of the SF matchups is done, but if Sole Legit can’t play at 4p, then we might have to change some things around, which is why they’re in red for now. Next up: Oakland matchups, then go back and finish SF… (2:30PM) — Waiting on some SF capts to get back to me about intricate details so I can finish matchups for SF, but rankings are done. Next up: OAK matchups… (2:00PM) — Very sorry for the delay, guys. This week I’ve been swamped. Working on the scheduling as much as I can today. Hope to have it up by tonight. Same status as last post… WED 11/5 (8:45AM) — Here’s what’s been done so far on the road to scheduling…

  • SF — scores and point differentials updated, rankings done, matchups almost done.
  • OAK — scores and point differentials updated, first draft of rankings done.
  • SJ — scores, point differentials, rankings, and matchups for this Sun 11/9 done.

Sun 11/2

FRI 10/31 (9:00AM) — Tipoffs have been posted (no changes from last night)… THU 10/30 (10:30PM) — Draft is up. Gonna let SF and OAK marinate til tomorrow morning 9am, just in case, at which point their tipoffs will be posted. SJ is already up with the usual 3,4,5p. But here are the gym opening times and issues for SF and OAK:

  1. ISAH not MDLS in SF: ISAH (not MDLS) will open in the morning.
  2. WKRC not BCRC in OAK: WKRC (not BCRC) will open in the early morning.
  3. Some matchups in OAK might be blowouts. This is just simply because teams are unwilling to play outside their timeframe. So at some point, a strong AM or PM team is going to face a weak AM or PM team, respectively.
  4. Don’t forget, it’s “Fall Back” to Pacific Standard Time, which means no one should be late!

THU 10/30 (9:00PM) — Sorry had to take a break and eat dinner. I’m back now, ready to start the OAK matchups from scratch… (6:30PM) — Took one step forward, two steps back. OAK is a complete mess because of the strict timeframes you guys all have. Well, so be it. From now on, I’m not pulling out my hair too much and I’m just going to go down the lists and separate AM with PM. It just won’t work otherwise. Meanwhile, SF and SJ are near-ready-to-go.

THU 10/30 (5:30PM) — Finally, every matchup is now on the SF, OAK, and SJ tabs, after an entire afternoon of verifying tweaks to various teams’ timeframes. Now it’s just a matter of putting it on a draft. Stay tuned.

THU 10/30 (12:00PM) — OAK has been ranked and I’ve asked my guys there to proofread it, so if any OAK captains have issues with the rankings, please speak up! SJ has also been ranked and I’ve projected out the remaining season. I have to admit, doing the Rankings way for 7 teams is not ideal, but it’s what we’ve got and I just hope it ends up okay. Definitely complicated, and I don’t have the luxury of just tacking on an extra hour to any given 3-hour Sunday at AHHS.

Next up: Figure out matchups in SF, OAK, and SJ!

TUE 10/28 (7:15PM) — Point differentials now up on the OAK sheet. Next step later tonight will be to rank those OAK teams. SJ is also on deck… (7:00PM) — Also waiting on a few teams in SF to get back to me on if they want to play 7 regular season games, since they are ahead of schedule. That will impact the 11/2 and 11/9 matchups… (6:45PM) — Scores have been added to the Comments column. We are done ranking SF and setting it up for the final regular season games on 11/2 and 11/9. Some teams are a little behind and will do a doubleheader, more likely on 11/9 as we have ISAH available as a backup gym that day. So far there are one or two teams that might actually end up playing 7 regular season games because they are ahead of schedule.

Matchups for this Sun 11/2 in SF are now in the works. After that, we’ll add the point differentials to OAK and SJ, then re-rank OAK and SJ, then setup matchups for OAK and SJ.

Sun 10/26

THU 10/23 (8:00PM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 10/26 are now up. Scroll down or hit the jump links after this paragraph… (5:00PM) — Made another update. We’re real close to having this final. It’s in chronological order whereby ISAH would start in early morning, MDLS midday, BCRC early morning, and AHHS mid-afternoon. I should be able to finalize it by 7p tonight… (2:45PM) — Btw, my Oakland staff said the rankings on OAK look fine… (2:30PM) — The draft is up below, except for SJ. It is not final yet and we are waiting on feedback from teams to resolve issues. Here are the main problems…

  • SF — Tons of makeup doubleheaders, but I think we will be able to accommodate all tipoff timeframes and special requests.
  • OAK — The makeups and bevy of morning teams forces everyone to play a little later. I may need to remove the Frisco vs Sonics game to relieve some stress.
  • SJ — We have 7 teams, so I’m asking which team wants to take the bye this Sun 10/26.

THU 10/23 (1:45PM) — It’s going to be a tight schedule at BCRC in OAK this Sun 10/26. I’ve been texting captains to see if their team can play later than usual. We’re all in the same boat. Thanks for your flexibility… (12:00PM) — Just finished a “robot” ranking of OAK, which is just me looking at who beat who last week and point differentials from this season so far. I haven’t seen any of these teams play yet. Seeking human input from my Oakland guys, but I don’t know when I’ll hear from them. Gonna start proposing OAK matchups now. Hopefully there won’t be major objections. Have your captain text me asap if you see any issues big or small on that OAK tab ranking… (11:30AM) — Forgot to mention that we have some SF teams playing doubleheaders to catch up in the games played. See SF tab… (11:00AM) — SF rankings are now done and proposed matchups are now on the SF tab. If you see anything glaring, let me know. Next up: ranking OAK then proposing matchups for OAK. After that is SJ… (10:30AM) — Still working on things. Schedule will probably be up somtime late tonight… WED 10/22 (7:30PM) — All scores have been put in the Comments column for 10/19 and the results added to the SF and OAK tabs. The SJ tab will be created shortly. Meanwhile, we are updating the rankings for SF, then OAK. Thanks for all the advance Special Requests that have been submitted (those have been re-organized for easier reading as well).

Sun 10/19

FRI 10/17 (9:30AM) — OAK schedule finalized, thanks to Undrafted agreeing to play at 4p. Scroll down or hit the jump link…

FRI 10/17 (2:00AM) — SF tipoffs are posted and some matchups were changed because of various quirks including a handful of SF-DL teams that could only play during a certain time, thereby forcing certain matchups, as well as the addition of a new team last-minute.

Still waiting on two OAK teams to respond to see if one can go one hour later than timeframe, so I’ve left all tipoffs blank so as not to set things in stone until I hear back from at least one of them for approval. BCRC gym will start early morning and I don’t expect the schedule to change much.

SJ is ready as well, although there may be an issue that I will contact your captain about — please be sure to ask your captain if you’re an SJ team. Scroll down or hit the jump link…

THU 10/16 (2:00PM) — Here are the SF matchups so far, in chronological order, although this could change. This is only for SF. OAK hasn’t been put in chronological order yet…

sf-dl Problems at Bus Drivers
sf-dl Cleatonkees at Hyperdrunks
sf-dl Evan’s Team at Splash City
sf-dl SF Warriors at SFC Tarheels
sf-dl Lay-Up City at Lob City

sf-nc SF Free Agents A at Illuminati
sf-dl All Lin at GPC
sf-dl Kuyabraddaz at Brick Layers
sf-dl Sole Legit at RNS
sf-dl Stache Brothers at All Show No Go
sf-dl/ta Prodigies at SF Homenetmen Fire
sf-ta Rich’s Rayguns at Splash Bros
sf-nc SF Free Agents B at Disgustingly Modest
sf-ta Rich’s Rayguns at Vikings

(1:15PM) — OAK matchups done on the OAK tab, although I still have yet to find an opponent for the Oakland Free Agents. Next up: SF and OAK draft schedules, then SJ… (1:00PM) — SF matchups now complete on the SF tab. Next step: either OAK matchups or SF draft of schedule… (12:45PM) — OAK rankings have been updated, thanks to assistance from Tony. Continuing onward with the previously listed next steps… (12:00PM) — Special requests have been added to the SF rankings so that it’s easier to schedule one by one. You can see the special request by clicking the appropriate link in the right-hand panel of any page of this website… (11:30AM) — Finished updating rankings of SF. Next up: scheduling for 10/19. After that, rank OAK and schedule OAK. After that, schedule first week of SJ games.

WED 10/15 (10:15PM) — Sorry for the delay. Getting a slow start this week. SF scores and rankings should be updated by the morning and OAK has most of the scores done, rankings still to be done. We are also going to launch the SJ league this Sun 10/19. So stay tuned and thanks for your patience. Go Giants!

Sun 10/12

THU 10/9 (11:45PM) — Great Warriors win! But anyways, schedule has been finalized. Scroll down or click the jump link…

THU 10/9 (5:45PM) — Sorry about that, the last post, I forgot to copy and paste the changed draft version to the one below. The one below is more accurate. If you read this page before 5:45PM then you have the wrong info.

THU 10/9 (5:15PM) — I’ve re-ranked the OAK teams. The SF schedule is pretty much ready to go, with ISAH starting in the morning and MDLS opening up in the early afternoon. I don’t see the SF schedule changing much. Let’s let it marinate til tonight after the Warriors game. So hopefully I should have an update by 11pm tonight.

THU 10/9 (4:45PM) — I have to revamp the OAK matchups because of a special request that never got posted originally. So that’s why there is a “Copy of OAK” sheet right now. That’d be the new one. So this will take some more time.

THU 10/9 (8:00AM) — Draft for the schedule this Sun 10/12 is now up, below. It should be finalized either this evening or by tomorrow morning. It is currently in probable chronological order, so we just need to verify scorekeeping staff and some minor tweaks. Again, if you see anything that may be of issue, please have your captain text me asap.

THU 10/9 (6:30AM) — Rankings and matchups for 10/12 have now been posted on the SF and OAK tabs. As for SJ, I have a meeting with the AHHS gym director this afternoon and will update you. Assuming we start SJ this Sun 10/12, please give me until tomorrow morning to complete the first schedule for that, thanks!

Next up: Tipoffs for SF and OAK for this Sun 10/12. Thanks again for your patience! Any problems with the Rankings and Matchups, please have your captain text me asap!

TUE 10/7 (6:00PM) — Apologies, the “Submitted Special Requests” page (link on the righthand side, under the LetsGoWarriors logo) wasn’t set on “automatically republish when changes are made”, so it wasn’t working prior to this post and you weren’t able to see your submissions. Now you should be able to. In fact, it should be a little bit more cleaned up now and re-organized, which takes some time each week to do.

TUE 10/7 (1:30PM) — The scores are now up in the Comments column in the schedule below. Please read the stuff in the red to the right as to how your results affect the rankings and, therefore, the next week’s schedule and, therefore, the final playoff bracketing when all is said and done.

Over time, we should experience more and more parity as each team is vetted out, hopefully with its true playoff roster (eligibility rules here, look for the four asterisks****). By the time the playoff brackets are set, every bracket should have teams in which no blowouts will occur — of course, we’re not always right about that, but we certainly try harder than any other league out there.

Sun 10/5

FRI 10/3 (2:15PM) — The 6p and 7p games at MDLS were swapped. Thanks for the cooperation of the teams on that… FRI 10/3 (8:00AM) — Ignore the SF, OAK, and SJ tabs below, as these are supposed to be the Rankings pages we use to determine matchups each week, but we’re not ready for that just yet (so they still have last season’s rankings).

Sun 9/28

See Rumor Mill page.