2014 Summer Playoff Brackets

WED 8/27 (7:00PM) — All brackets have been updated. We are done with SF and OAK. As for SJ, we will continue the next slate of games on 9/7. SJ-NC will experience a delay because the Regulators are not available on Sun 9/7 due to previously scheduled vacation prior to the gym issues with the one or two weeks we lost with the resurfacing.

SJ teams are highly advised to get the season overwith. There are dangers in delaying AHHS. You just never know what you get over there. Obviously, that is not the case in SF and OAK where we have multiple options. In SJ, tread lightly.

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Sun 8/24

THU 8/21 (7:30AM) — Brackets ahead of Sun 8/24 have been updated…

Sun 8/17

FRI 8/15 (8:00AM) — No major announcements with any brackets except the following…

  • Due to recent byes, some Winners Brackets had to be adjusted so that Loser of a Winners Bracket game plays on the same day for this Sun 8/17.
  • Brackets for SJ go up next week and is not needed for the first round.

Sun 8/10

FRI 8/8 (8:45AM) — As explained on the schedule page, A few playoff brackets had to be adjusted in that the Winners Bracket has a bye, but in the next round, the loser of the Winners Bracket game will have to play their 2nd game against a winner from the Losers Bracket (from there, the Championship and Repeat Championship might be on the same day of 8/24, to get it done before Labor Day).

WED 8/6 (8:00AM)The SF playoff brackets have been updated with results from this past Sun 8/3, as well as the tipoff timeframes for this Sun 8/10, including any modifications to said timeframes due to any special requests made so far.

As mentioned on the familiar 2014 Summer Sunday Weekly Schedule page, ISAH will be closed this Sun 8/10 for floor resurfacing. That means due to being restricted to only MDLS as an available gym, some SF games need to be pushed back to next Sun 8/17, which you can see directly on the brackets. These byes were decided on, based on the remaining schedule (i.e., if we can squeeze the Championship and potential Repeat Championship in by no later than 8/24 because Labor Day Weekend is 9/1) and teams’ bye requests. You can see which matchups and, therefore, brackets or sections of brackets got those byes by looking at the SAN FRANCISCO BYES FOR 8/10 list in red back on the familiar 2014 Summer Sunday Weekly Schedule page.

Meanwhile, OAK playoff brackets will be updated with the results from this past Sun 8/3, which can be seen in the Comments column of the 8/3 tab on the familiar 2014 Summer Sunday Weekly Schedule page, by late afternoon or evening today.

Obviously, SJ is not quite done with its regular season and therefore we don’t expect brackets for them for at least another week, probably two, since the first round of matchups doesn’t necessarily require the labor of creating brackets for them.

Sun 8/3

WED 7/30 (11:15PM) — Welcome to the first iteration of the 2014 Summer Playoff Brackets. You can estimate what the schedule will be like by…

  • Clicking on your division,
  • Checking the bracket to see who your next opponent is,
  • Checking the date of the node in the bracket for that matchup,
  • As well as the remaining probable dates leading up to the Championship and, if necessary, Repeat Championship (since we’re double-elimination format).

Any other questions, please have your captain text me. Happy to answer them. The are really only two quirks that we have in Dream League playoffs:

  1. We try to avoid repeat matchups whenever possible. This means sometimes in the Losers Bracket, where you’re supposed to pair the highest seed vs the lowest seed, you might actually have the highest seed vs the next-lowest seed because the highest vs lowest already occurred in the brackets.
  2. Anytime there is an opportunity to do a “mini-final-four” in the Losers Bracket, we try do so by giving a bye to those in the Losers Bracket to make that happen. The reason being, it’s a lot easier and less-seed-dependent (i.e., no complaints about high- vs low-seeds because the winner of a mini-final-four is always considered THE best team of the four), and we can turn four teams into one with three games. However, this means all the winners in the mini-final-four will have a doubleheader. Such is life in the Losers Bracket because in any other format, you would’ve been eliminated as opposed to having a second chance to make up for your previous loss.