2013 Fall Sunday Playoff Brackets

WED 12/11 (7:00AM) — Most of the brackets have been updated. My scorekeeping staff failed to text me the scores of two games in OAK from 12/8, so we are waiting on those.

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[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdHFDeFVjUmhzSkpzWW83LW9LMFIxX0E&output=html 740 1000]

THU 12/5 (10:30AM) — All brackets have been updated through this past Sun 12/1 games. There are some potential byes coming up for the brackets that are still going, so please check your respective brackets as often as you can, as well as the schedule page (link below).

WED 11/27 (12:30PM) — All brackets have been updated. Some brackets will play this Sun 12/1, some will wait til 12/8. Check the schedule page for more info.

THU 11/21 (3:45PM) — All brackets have been updated and corrected. However, there are a couple tipoff conflicts for 11/24 that may result in a bye. Please check the weekly schedule for the list of byes at the bottom (after AHHS games).

THU 11/14 (1:30PM) — All brackets are done, see below. Two big things to talk about…

  1. SJ-DL/NC “bracket: Afternoon Delights dropped out, so with the Gunners losing twice last week, we are down to four teams among SJ-DL and SJ-NC who have not lost twice yet: BBOF, Kababayans, Triple Threat, and Jollybee. By virtue of the high-seed-versus-low-seed philosophy, we will probably go with BBOF vs Jolly and Triple vs Kaba for this Sun 11/17.
  2. We will probably play on 12/1, which is officially Thanksgiving Weekend: This is especially true for brackets that are affected by bye requests. You can see the dates right there on the brackets. This is also especially true for San Jose. Now, we will gather more info from the remaining teams as we go, but for now, just be prepared to play on 12/1 and if your team absolutely cannot play on 12/1, then please submit a Special Request so it will be documented.

THU 11/14 (9:00AM) — This is the first draft of the 2013 Fall playoffs. You can see that we’re not done with SJ or OAK yet. SF is ready to go and, since no one asked for a interruptive bye for this Sun 11/17, we are good in SF.