2013 Fall Sunday Weekly Schedule

WED 12/11 (7:00AM) — We have the following issues coming up for this Sun 12/15…

  • In SF: Finding a suitable time for BTR vs Sole. No response from BTR captain yet. The other game, SF-TA Rayguns vs Cream, will be dependent on the scheduling of BTR/Sole.
  • In OAK: First off, I need to know the winners of two games from 12/8. But even with that, we have major tipoff timeframe conflicts in OAK-DL/Gold which we are resolving via texts to captains there. So far it looks like we’ll have to go with the midday midpoint, so games would all be hovering around 3p-ish. Need responses!

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Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores Academy, pkg lot thru black gate next to Children’s Council Bldg, Church St b/w 16th & 17th
BHPY = Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, 1601 Lane St, SF (arrive early as rear parking lot gate is closed)

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland (near Coliseum)
RBRC = Rainbow Rec Center, 5800 International Blvd, Oakland (arrive early, new gym)

AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)
ARYC = Alum Rock Youth Center, 137 North White Road, SJ (down block from JLHS, still arrive early!)
JLHS = James Lick HS, 50 North White Road, San Jose (arrive early due to Sunday flea market)

Date = (should match tab/sheet you are looking at)
Tipoff = if blank, not final, should proceed hour-by-hour
Gym = see above for gym abbreviations and directions
Div = Division, although this does not matter anymore
Matchup = FYI either team can wear whites/darks
V = tipoff timeframe of the “Visiting” team
H = tipoff timeframe of the “Home” team
Comments = (changes to final scores as Sun games end)
SK = initials of the Scorekeepers for this game (by Fri)
Refs = initials of the Refs for this game (by Fri)

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdDlxVV9VQ0dIMjBjVnJmZ2tqcGhRSlE&output=html 800 1800]

Sun 12/8

FRI 12/6 (10:45AM) — SF schedule has been added. See 9,10,11a at ISAH below. Actually, the 9p game is still pending referee availability, but I’m confident I can get refs for that one. Thanks for your patience.

THU 12/5 (10:30AM) — The SF schedule is still being debated for the SF-TA (bye request for 12/8 by Rayguns). Also for SF-DL/Gold, theres a big debate too. Depending on SF-DL/Gold’s schedule, we’ll see if we can do SF-DL/Copper, but Copper may have to resume on 12/15, as it would be next to impossible to hire a referee for a 9am-only game — again, depends if Gold can go early (doubtful). In OAK, we have these issues, but the tipoffs have been set…

  • There are complications you can see in the tipoff timeframe columns for O-DL/Gold. So the 2,3,5p set we have for the Losers Bracket mini-final-four is a compromise among the 4 teams involved. There was only one team that reported a request for deviating from that, and that’s just not enough to steer the big ship on another course.
  • Star Squad vs Redhawks was placed at 9am because it is a disadvantage for BOTH teams to go earlier than their usual timeframe of 10a+. Had I put the other option at 9am, it would have been a disadvantage for only one of those teams. So it’s a basketball decision based on as much fairness as possible ACROSS THE BOARD.

Any questions should be texted to me at this late juncture by captains.

THU 12/5 (12:01AM) — SJ is done. Still figuring out SF and the captains know that. For OAK, you can see what we’ve got planned and I’ve already contacted the captains with the tipoff discrepancies in O-DL/Silver. Probably need to start the stack of games at 9am. Any issues at this point, text me. Again, I’m waiting on certain captains to text me back.

Sun 12/1

THU 11/28 (8:00PM) — Tipoffs have posted below. Note: SF games are at ISAH (not MDLS) and OAK games are at WKRC (not BCRC). Any issues, text Rich…

2013 Fall Sunday Playoff Brackets
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THU 11/28 (7:15PM) — Realized I left off the OAK-TA games: HBK vs OIIM and Loser (yes, Loser!) vs Oaks. See playoff bracket for more info on that. Apologies for the omission. Finalizing the tipoffs now. Stay tuned for the next post, hopefully within the hour… THU 11/28 (11:30AM) — Not a whole lot of games going on this Sun 12/1 due to byes, but here’s what we got…

12/1 7:30 PM MDLS sf-ta Last LB Game: #5 Rich’s Rayguns at #1 Splash Bros (>7p) 6p
12/1 8:30 PM MDLS —– 30-MINUTE BREAK —– —–
12/1 9:00 PM MDLS sf-ta Champ: Winner-RRay/Splash at #3 Cream Of The Crop [<7p] 4p-9p
—– —–
12/1 (morning?) BCRC o-dl/s p4-LB: #6 WWWD at #2 Redhawks 10a-3p 10a-3p
—– —–
12/1 4:00 PM AHHS sj-ta Last LB Game: #3 Soul Vikes at #2 TSA Santa Clara 1p-9p 2p-9p
12/1 5:00 PM AHHS sj-dl Championship: #2 Triple Threat at #1 Basketballs Of Fury late 4p-9p
12/1 6:00 PM AHHS sj-ta Championship: Winner-SoulV/TSA at #1 SJ Barons [2p-9p] 4p-9p
12/1 7:00 PM AHHS sj-dl Repeat (if nec): #2 Triple Threat at #1 Basketballs Of Fury late 4p-9p
—– —–
THU 11/28 (11:00AM) — Happy Thanksgiving, Dream Leaguers! I’ll be working on the schedule today, slowly but surely. Thanks to all the captains who got back to me about their tipoff timeframes for this Sun 12/1. See previous post… WED 11/27 (1:30PM) — The brackets have been updated. Let’s go down the list of divisions one by one:

  • SJ-TA: Barring a miracle, we won’t have AHHS past this Sun 12/1. Therefore, we have to play this Sun 12/1. Now, if the Barons lose and we’re forced to a repeat championship, we’ll just have to figure it out when we cross that bridge.
  • SJ-DL: Again, the bracket here is not listed due to the complexities of merging them with SJ-NC, but basically we have Triple Threat having to beat BBOF twice if they want to win the championship. Both of these games would occur on 12/1 due to AHHS not available 12/8.
  • SF-TA: All three teams remaining can play on 12/1, but Rayguns have asked for 7p+ tipoff, so let’s see how the gym schedule pans out. More info coming.
  • SF-DL/G: Homenetmen is not available this Sun 12/1, so we’ll have to resume the brackets on 12/8.
  • SF-DL/S: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HEAT!!! Please email me with your championship t-shirt sizes.
  • SF-DL/B: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SF KINGS!!! Please email me with your championship t-shirt sizes.
  • SF-DL/C: GPC needs a bye on 12/1, so we’ll resume the brackets on 12/8.
  • SF-NC: CONGRATULATIONS KUYABRADDAZ!!! Please email me with your championship t-shirt sizes.
  • OAK-TA: There was a miscommunication on the tipoff change from last Sun 11/24. Therefore HBK vs OIIM has to occur this Sun 12/1 and the loser will have to play the Oaks. We resume the rest of the bracket on 12/8. Moral of the story is: Please always go by the schedule on this website, as too many errors can occur through text.
  • OAK-DL/G: Sole Supremacy needs a bye 12/1, so Team China must wait until 12/8 to resume. Bezu also wants a bye, so Franchize will have to wait until 12/8 to resume in the Winners Bracket. Still debating whether or not to have the Losers Bracket game Franchize vs Take Flight.
  • OAK-DL/S: Waiting on WWWD to confirm they can play this Sun 12/1. Redhawks have said they can play.
  • OAK-NC/PM: CONGRATULATIONS FACE JAM!!! Captain has already emailed me championship t-shirt sizes.
  • OAK-NC/AM: Waiting on all three remaining team captains to tell me if they can play this Sun 12/1.

Sun 11/24

FRI 11/22 (1:00AM) — 230p and 330p at BCRC were swapped due to TransPersonal needing a 330p+ tipoff.

THU 11/21 (11:00PM) — A problem has been identified with the O-DL/Silver bracket and schedule and fixed. There were supposed to be five teams in the Losers Bracket, not four. We forgot about That’s What She Said. Anyways, it’s fixed now. However, there is still a problem. We may need to switch the 230p/330p games to accommodate TransPersonal’s tipoff timeframe issues.

THU 11/21 (7:00PM) — Tipoffs have been finalized. Hopefully, everything is fixed. So, again, some of you may be a slightly out of your timeframe. Please have your captain text me for explanations. I hope to color code everything and list doubleheaders when I can, but please check the schedule carefully especially if you’re in a Losers Bracket (doubleheader!).

11/21 (6:30PM) — Glad I marinated the schedule, because there are now two major issues involving SF and OAK. First, we are going to try and squeeze the two SF games previously slated as a bye. Many teams will end up playing possibly one hour outside their usual timeframe.

In Oakland, we discovered that the DL-Silver Losers Bracket was wrong. We have now fixed it, but need to fix the associated matchups. Please standby.

THU 11/21 (3:45PM) — The schedule is 95% done. You can see all probable start times in the Comments column. Obviously MDLS and BCRC will start early morning. Let’s let this marinate for a few more hours, just in case, but we are pretty much ready. Check with the playoff brackets and make sure it’s good to go-looking for your team. Have your captain text me asap if any anomalies. Talk to you in a few hours.

Again, right now I have #3 Heat and #1 Kuyabraddaz with a bye for 11/24 in SF, due to tipoff conflicts in trying to schedule their games. These teams should expect to play on 12/1, or text me if they can’t play til 12/8.

THU 11/21 (2:30PM) — I’ve fixed all brackets. Some Losers Brackets were listed wrong, in that the worst seeds in the LB should be playing each other first when there’s an odd number of teams, i.e. the top seed gets to wait for the winner of low seeds. I’m done with SJ and SF, and with SF, I believe #3 Heat and #1 Kutabraddaz will get byes because of tipoff timeframe conflicts. In OAK, Star Squad vs Scorgasm will have a bye since we are maxed out at BCRC.

THU 11/21 (9:00AM) — Have to run an errand and the easiest way to list the SJ games is just to do a copy/paste here for now. Here’s what we’re looking at…

130p (maybe) sj-ta p3-LB: #5 Bad News at #4 Executioners 10a-4p (11a-3p)
300p (maybe) sj-ta p3b-LB: Winner-BdNw/Exec at #2 TSA Santa Clara [11a-3p] 3p-9p
500p (maybe) sj-ta p3-WB: #3 Soul Vikes at #1 SJ Barons 1p-9p 4p-9p
600p (maybe) sj-dl p3-LB: #4 Kababayans at #2 Triple Threat (>6p) 4p-9p

Again, all times are probable and subject to change. The above is just a draft. If you need an explanation as to why those tipoffs seem to work, just look at the timeframes on the right, or text me.

Next up: SF games, then OAK. Again, thanks for your patience. Again, 2p-3p today is my target completion for all tipoffs.

THU 11/21 (8:45AM) — There was some discussion about how the seeds in SJ-TA should have been done. For example, Executioners were actually 3-3 if you count the forfeit win (they also had a forfeit loss). On top of that, they actually beat at least one team ranked ahead of them and with the same record, but we haven’t come across a situation like this in our 2nd season of using Rankings. My gut is to just go with the Ranking and then it’s up to the team to protest on the spot if they feel they should be ranked higher because they beat another team that’s higher than them. However, if we used the old tiebreaker system, the Executioners would have lost all tiebreakers because of our rule that any team that forfeits also forfeits their tiebreakers. This was an old rule designed to not waste time on teams that at one point forfeited (i.e., wasted our time, at least at the gym on the day they forfeited). You can see an example of that tiebreaker in action here. Bottom line for 11/24: In San Jose, we will proceed with the bracket as published. SJ-DL will meanwhile have BBOF take a bye since one of the remaining two other teams requires a late 6p+ tipoff. We will play the SJ-DL championship, as we will the SJ-TA championship, on 12/1. Should the SJ-TA champ come down to a Repeat situation, I’m not sure how to resolve that because, I’ve been told, we only have AHHS gym until 12/1.

THU 11/21 (7:30AM) — I estimate that I should be done with tipoffs for this Sun 11/24 at about 3p or 4p today. Thanks for your ongoing patience.

TUE 11/19 (5:45PM) — I had my other staff punch in final scores and updated playoff brackets and it was not to my liking. Not surprisingly I found an error on the first bracket I looked at, which was SJ-TA. That has now been corrected with the lowest seeds in the Losers Bracket facing each other first, then facing the higher seed. I will get to the other brackets sometime tonight. Stand by.

Sun 11/17

SAT 11/15 (9:45AM) — The O-DL/S bracket had an error. Looks like I had planned ahead and we already had the Steph’s Curry vs Winner-Star/Frisco game. With Frisco’s bye this Sun 11/17, we are still unable to move forward with the brackets, although we do have TWSS vs Scorgasm. Had Frisco won, we (probably) would not need to delay the entire bracket. In any case, the four Losers Bracket teams now await the 5th Loser, which will be TWSS or Scorgasm. Thankfully, none of this affects the game schedule for tomorrow.

FRI 11/14 (11:30AM) — I was told the embedded spreadsheet below wasn’t working. Logged into our WordPress engine blog only to see that the plugin to enable it was disabled, so I enabled it again. Should be working now. If not, click this link below, which takes you directly to the Google Spreadsheet in question…

FRI 11/14 (4:00AM) — Schedule is done, tipoffs are posted. Here’s a list of notes…

  • SF games happen to also be ordered by division: This gives every team the opportunity to see other teams in their own division. Btw, bravo, SF. No stupid bye requests or otherwise wrenches thrown into the system. So refreshing. Can’t say the same for…
  • BCRC has a 4-hour break due to limited games and finicky tipoff timeframes: I also decided to forge ahead with the That’s What She Said vs Scorgasm game because it’s better to get a game overwith than not, just in case of surprise byes later.
  • No one’s playing a doubleheader: This is because we haven’t gotten into the playoffs that deep yet. Doubleheaders will happen when there’s more teams in the Losers Brackets.
  • Only one team is playing outside its Tipoff Timeframe or Special Request: That’d be the Heat in SF. We had to put them at 1p due to how everything fit so nicely in SF.

THU 11/14 (1:30PM) — Playoff brackets are done, see link below this paragraph. Again, I think the tipoff schedule will be done by tomorrow morning… THU 11/14 (9:00AM) — Here’s the playoff bracket link: 2013 Fall Sunday Playoff Brackets. Unfortunately, not done with SJ or OAK yet. OAK has problems due to the byes requested that you can see on Special Requests sheet below. Yeah so, um, thanks for making things complicated lol. I’ll be working on this some more, this afternoon. From what I can see now, expect Fri morning tipoff posting.

WED 11/13 (8:15PM) — Currently constructing the playoff brackets. Check the Special Requests for teams that asked for a bye 11/17. That may throw a wrench in the next round.

The other issue is that some six-team brackets will have the Losers Bracket take a bye and wait til next week when we can have a so-called “mini-final-four” to whittle 4 teams in a Losers Bracket down to 1. However, this will NOT happen in the respective TA (The Association) brackets in each city. This is because the high seeds representing the best teams in each location were “earned” seeds and should be rewarded. That is to say, if you are the 5th- and or 6th-best team in your city (or you lost in the first round would be ranked as such), then you “deserve it” and don’t get the benefit of waiting. This in comparison to divisions that are in the middle of the Rankings where it’d be hard to truly call a #5 or #6 seed a “real” #5 or #6 seed, because where we draw the line is dependent on the strongest teams. Suffice it to say, we try to maintain parity underneath the teams that are head and shoulders above the rest.

Hope that made sense. It will as you see the brackets, which will go up late tonight and tomorrow morning. From there, we will build the schedule and figure out tipoffs for the next round, again with those Special Requests in mind.

Sun 11/10

FRI 11/8 (9:00AM) — Gyms/scorekeepers pretty much confirmed. Schedule below is now final… FRI 11/8 (2:15AM) — Schedule below is 99% done. SJ’s games at AHHS are set in stone. As for SF and OAK, I’m waiting to see if I can squeeze every game at MDLS (move the one at ISAH to early at MDLS per approval from captains) and waiting for gym director approval for BCRC. You can see the probable start times at each gym below: MDLS probably 11a, ISAH probably 430p, BCRC probably 1030a, and WKRC probably 12p. Again, not set in stone yet as I need confirmation. I think I can confirm and finalize BCRC/MDLS/ISAH tipoffs by either 9:00AM today or 10:00AM today.
Now, here are the playoff scheduling issues. Again, tipoffs should be up by late morning today:

Generally speaking, I didn’t want to penalize the lower seeds with doubleheaders because of the semi-randomness of Rankings — and I don’t mean strength of teams being random, I mean more where they happen to be on the totem pole. So the fact that you’re a 6th seed out of six teams in a given bracket doesn’t mean you had a bad regular season performance and deserved the worst seed. Anyways, since the higher seeds are pretty much stronger teams than the rest of their fields, I’ll handicap them a little by giving a lot of high seeds a bye.

I know that announcing you have a bye (scroll to red section underneath schedule) all of a sudden sucks, but just realize that the trade-off is a stronger bracket in dreamleague in comparison with a “garden variety” league (heck, even the NBA!), where a high seed would probably have a first-round blowout against an extra-low seed. Granted, I also realize that not playing a game kind of messes up your rhythm, but then again that’s exactly the handicap mentioned in the previous paragraph. IMHO, I think the alternative to my decision here is worse. The alternative is to give a lower seed a doubleheader, the second game of which is against a higher seed — that just goes against the goal of parity.

In some cases, teams asked for byes, creating complications. Some asked for byes this week, some next week. Therefore you’ll see I have a few teams playing doubleheaders (in purple). You can get a hint of this in the Comments column.

There may even be more complications next week, but smaller brackets allow more flexibility. Some bye situations, I’m not even sure about yet until we see who wins. A 5-team bracket creates a “sit” week for the worst-seeded loser out of five teams. Maybe we can play around with that, who knows. Not gonna worry about it til Monday.

In some cases, I forced a bye due to tipoff conflicts, or a combination of the above and a tipoff conflict. In other words, a high seed may have given me a tough window to work with. The fact that they’re a high seed plus offering difficult window to work with made it easier for me to decide on them having a first-round bye (e.g., SJ Barons, Curse Of Chris Kaman).

San Jose has 3-team groupings. In one case, we have a team asking for a bye this Sun 11/10, which can be done, luckily with the 3-team format (round-robin). In the other case, we have all three teams playing a round-robin doubleheader, which fits nicely into the gym schedule.

Rich, don’t you have to buy more championship t-shirts when you have 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-team groups or brackets? Yep, I do, but if you don’t know me by now, I almost always pick the solution that is best for basketball. I may not be right all the time (e.g., a team in Oakland DL-Silver is pretty sure there’ll be blowouts in his division — he may know better than me or Peter, we’ll see). Sometimes it may not seem like I’m deciding what’s best for the game overall, but you can be sure that I’m trying my best each and every time.

Why did it take so long this week? 1) My daughter’s birthday was Wed and her dinner was tonight (Thu), 2) I had a meeting that had to do with stats (btw, your stats are coming along at a snail’s pace, but they are moving slowly down the pipeline), and 3) my entire staff of schedulers has been unavailable all week due to other jobs. Oh, and I had to deal with requested tweaks to the brackets, generally moving some teams down who were convinced that they couldn’t hang in the bracket I put them in — so that took away a lot of scheduling time today, too.

So, thanks for your patience this week and I hope it is well worth the wait, especially in the long run.

THU 11/7 (2:45PM) — I’ve made changes to the SF seeds. There’s now a 4-team DL-Silver, a 4-team DL-Bronze as well as the original 6 teams that comprised Bronze, now called DL-Copper.

THU 11/7 (2:30PM)I’ve added a New and Old column so you can see where we have been, and where we are now (on the Rankings sheet). Oakland now has probable new seeds (Bezu and Franchize moved down, to leave five elite teams in Oakland for TA). I don’t expect SJ to change and the 3-team playoff groupings can expect a round-robin doubleheader this Sun 11/10 (I mean, there’s really no other way to do a 3-team group). Finally for SF, I left the ones that are still in debate, blank. You can see that we are pretty much set with SF-TA, SF-NC, and SF-DL-Bronze.

THU 11/7 (2:00PM) — Still doing some tweaking to the Rankings and seeds on there. We are dealing with teams that have submitted requests for review. I don’t think we’ll have the schedule up til tomorrow morning. You will start to see some changes to the seeds… THU 11/7 (7:30AM) — Playoff seeds are done, see Rankings sheet below, rightmost column. If there are 7 seeds in your grouping and you’re the #1 seed, you’re PROBABLY getting a first-round bye this Sun 11/10, but we’re not 100% sure yet. Any objections to the seeds, you MUST text Rich immediately, as scheduling will begin later this morning.

WED 11/6 (11:45AM) — SJ playoff groupings are done. In Oakland, my staff figured out some #1 seeds, but I feel that there are further splits we can make so that the #1 seed vs the worst seed aren’t pre-game Vegas lines that look like blowouts. I think the top division in Oakland has been figured out. In SF, the top and bottom have been figured out. All of these playoffs groupings can be seen on the Rankings sheet.

WED 11/6 (10:30AM)Now texting the teams that asked for a bye this Sun 11/10. 99% chance that is not possible. I need to know if such teams are going to not be able to field a team, as I do not like scheduling games that weren’t going to happen in the first place and wasting people’s time. It’s just common sense, right? Everyone else in the league wants to play, but your team doesn’t — the good of the many outweigh the good of the one. Are we supposed to force everyone else to take a bye just because your team wants one? That doesn’t make sense.

WED 11/6 (10:15AM) — These teams are about to forfeit their first playoff game. If your captain has not texted me already about the situation, then your team is in big trouble. If you’re reading this and not the captain of your team and concerned about your team’s status, better get a hold of your captain soon and make sure he’s talked to me…

Oakland Teams:

Prime Time (1)
Undrafted (1)
Oh Yeah (1)
Main Event (1)
Face Jam (2)

SF Teams:

Sonics (1)
Heat (1)
Flight Club Cobras (1)
Kuyabruddaz (1)
Squadron (1)

Vikings (2) (1)
Aubergine (2) (1)
Easy Work (3)

SJ Teams:

Afternoon Delight (1)
SJ Jollybee (1)
Kababayans (1)
BBOF (1)

Bay Kings (4)

TUE 11/5 (1:15PM) — All captains have been contacted about missing payments. So the next step is to make sure the Rankings are right, then after that make sure we have fair playoff brackets. Here you go…

1. Are the Rankings correct? — OAK is done. Check it. SF and SJ are not done. If you have any strong feelings about where your team should be ranked, or which playoff bracket it should be in, now is the time to text me.

2. Going down the Rankings one by one, what teams are the #1 seeds of their respective brackets? — This is how we will do this: We do not want any lowest seed to be a blowout against the #1 seed. So in the NBA last year, you’d probably cutoff the 2nd bracket at, what, the Lakers, right? Because Lakers vs Spurs was a blowout, and Spurs were either #1 or #2 seed overall. Anyways, not to nitpick on that example, but you get the point. This is how we will create brackets. Again, any qualms you might have, speak now. Tomorrow you will have more information as our Rankings will be completely updated. Btw, I suspect SJ may be the toughest location to figure out.

TUE 11/5 (11:30AM) — We are currently updating the Rankings sheet below. We have already gotten feedback from a few teams about where they should be ranked or which playoff bracket they should be in. But before we can even talk about that, EVERY TEAM NEEDS TO BE PAID UP — MINIMUM 8 SLOTS PAID!!! Here are the teams in jeopardy…

Sun 11/3

FRI 11/1 (4:30PM) — Two major changes have been made: (1) BCRC is back online, so we’re now at BCRC and WKRC only in Oakland, and (2) all SJ games have been moved up one hour with the exception of 4p SJ Barons which must remain at 4p. Please see the new schedule below (the structure of it has NOT changed)…

FRI 11/1 (11:00AM) — Getting really tired of reminding yall to pay. The following teams will be forfeited on the spot if they do not pay the stated number of slots by tipoff this Sun 11/3. Some of you have slots owed before playoffs.

We are scheduling playoffs next Tuesday. If you’re not paid up by then, it’s no schedule for you and forfeit your first of the double-elimination format, hope you pay up the next Tue or else bye-bye for good. No other way, sorry.

If you think the list is in error, you need to email dennis(at)dreamleague(dot)org immediately.

Here is a list of teams that must make payments before next weeks playoffs begin:


Face Jam 1 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)


Heat 2 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)
Vikings 1 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)
Aubergine 2 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)
Easy Work 1 slot (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)


Afternoon Del 1 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)
Bay Kings 2 slots (1 more slot due after that by Tuesday else forfeit first playoff game 11/10)


Primetime 1 slot
Franchize 1 slot
Undrafted 1 slot
Oh Yeah 1 slot
Main Event 1 slot

Sonics 1 slot
Flight Club 1 slot
Kuyabruddaz 1 slot
Squadron 1 slot

SJ Jollybee 1 slot
BBOF 1 slot
Kababayans 1 slot

THU 10/31 (9:15PM) — Tipoffs posted!… THU 10/31 (8:45PM) — Schedule will be posted by 9:30PM tonight… THU 10/31 (6:00PM) — I’m probably going to let it marinate til 8pm tonight. Happy Trick Or Treating and Lets Go Warriors! (vs Clips on TNT)… THU 10/31 (5:45PM) — One more small tweak to OAK and SF due to scorekeeping staff. SJ looks ready to go with ok’s from all captains in red. Letting it marinate some more now…THU 10/31 (5:30PM) — Had to shuffle around the Oakland schedule a little bit since last post because of errors I saw from my staff. Sigh… THU 10/31 (5:15PM) — OK, we have our first real rough draft. I’ll let it marinate a couple hours just in case, such as if a gym director messes things up, but everything is almost ready to go and you can even glean some of the proposed start times at gyms from common sense (like if there’s a whole day’s worth of games, then you know the first game is early morning) or the Comments column… THU 10/31 (4:00PM) — New SF matchups are now done, so I’ve deleted the old ones from the schedule. Prodigies will take a bye and end with 5 games. OAK matchups have been put on the schedule, but no tipoffs yet of course and we’ll fill in the Divisions later (not important for now). Still no word from Gunners to confirm their out-of-timeframe thing in SJ. I need to get some lunch so I’ll get back to this real soon… THU 10/31 (3:15PM) — I have to completely redo the SF matchups on Rankings now. Smh… THU 10/31 (3:00PM) — SF schedule now on hold because I have one maybe two teams telling me they’re playing in a tourney this weekend. Depending, I’d have to juggle some matchups around. Waiting for answers… THU 10/31 (2:30PM)SF schedule is missing two games. I am fixing now. Smh FIXED!… THU 10/31 (2:15PM) — Actually, SJ scheduling is now delayed because Kababayans asked for a 6p+ tipoff and I’d accidentally left them off, now I need to figure out how to fit that in… THU 10/31 (2:00PM) — We have a draft up, with just SF and SJ so far. It should reconcile with what you see on the Rankings sheet. Still working on things, though… THU 10/31 (12:00PM) — Happy Halloween and Warriors Dominating The Lakers! The scheduling is going by slowly. One thing we are realizing: when you guys request byes, it creates a lot of problems. A lot. It just does. Second thing: When you’re one of the only teams to have an opposite timeframe of others you are closely ranked with (e.g., FaceJam), it creates problems.

Last thing: If you’ve requested a bye this late into the season, there’s a good chance that you’re not paying attention to the overall schedule, which can best be gleaned by going to the Rankings page. It can also be gleaned by our original Calendar page. Please take a look at where we’re headed. Playoffs start next Sun 11/10!

So anyways, I don’t expect to be done with the scheduling for many hours. You can see the matchups on the Rankings sheet below. You can also see we’re having the usual trouble matching up SJ teams. That’s always a challenge due to the different levels and divergent timeframes.

If you’ve requested a bye during playoffs, please know that it puts tremendous pressure on your opponents to agree and say, okay, let’s just take the entire week off. Meanwhile we are getting closer and closer to the Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays. Bottom line: Byes during playoffs are hard. It is more likely that you will have to take a forfeit. Good thing we are double-elimination format! And if you have a better idea to fix this, let me know. But right now, the team needing the bye probably isn’t gonna get it. It’s playoffs!

WED 10/30 (3:30PM) — Hard to talk about anything else but the Golden State Warriors Opening Night tonight (please be sure to check http://LetsGoWarriors.com for all your latest news), but right now we are double-checking everyone’s paid up to date before we start scheduling for this Sun 11/3. Just check the Payments tab on the embedded Schedule sheet below. Roster slots have gone up again.

Also, this Sun 11/3 *should* be the 6th and last regular season game before we start double-elimination playoffs next Sun 11/10. Bear in mind, SJ might be a week behind — I’m not sure at the moment but the Rankings sheet also embedded below will tell the story and that’s how we schedule things each week anyways.

Sun 10/27

SAT 10/26 (10:15PM) — This change was made 24 hours ago: 130p BBOF vs Gunners at AHHS was cancelled due to it being a repeat matchup of last week. Gunners pointed that out. It was a scheduler error for matching that up in the first place. Not that matching repeats is all that bad this season in SJ due to all the complications. But anyways, Gunners and BBOF will have to play a doubleheader this upcoming Sun 11/3 to stay on track.

FRI 10/25 (4:15AM) — All tipoffs are done and final below. If you have any questions, text me or Dennis. If between the hours of 5p-10:30p tonight, please email dennis(at)dreamleague(dot)org, as I will be unavailable during that time. The only major note for the schedule below is that teams way behind on payments, we skipped. And a lot of byes were issued for most of the teams that already have 5 games played, as its better to wait to play your 6th and final regular season game next week as everyone catches up. However, we recommend that you check the list of Byes and Doubleheaders at the bottom of the schedule for confirmation.

FRI 10/25 (1:00AM) — I had my staff take a stab at the tipoffs, but found that Oakland was kind of messed up. So I need to revamp that right now, just me. I was gonna be up all night proofreading my staff’s work anyways, so I don’t think the target posting time of 8am Fri (i.e., in 7 hours) will change much.

THU 10/24 (12:30PM) — All of the matchups are in green on the Rankings sheet, however, they are not 100% yet. The only problem is that in SJ, we haven’t figured out the exact matchups yet. Every team is playing except one that asked for a bye. We will have to give a doubleheader to a team that’s behind to keep the numbers even (probably BBOF). In SF, we might need to reshuffle, as the matchups in blank but also green need to be figured out. There was an accounting error on the payments with Kuyabraddaz and we are forced to give Homenetmen a game due to their requested bye on 11/3. In Oakland, we are still waiting for Suld to tell us if they intend to pay and keep playing. That and We Are Warriors payment status are both causing delays there… THU 10/24 (10:15AM) — We’re still working on the schedule and it might take all day. One big problem is, all but about four of the SJ teams are now behind on payments. The other issue is we are approaching six regular season games in SF and OAK and some of you have payment issues or bye requests that are throwing a wrench in the system. I’m still traveling back from covering the NBA games in Asia for InterBasket and LetsGoWarriors.com and it’s been hard to keep tabs on you guys every single day, and apparently even with the Payments and Rankings sheets on the spreadsheet below, you guys are unable to govern yourselves. So then, everyone suffers with delays because I have to judge whether or not your team “deserves” to play this Sunday, if it’s logistically a nightmare, or what have you.

Sun 10/20

THU 10/17 (8:45PM) — Tipoffs are ready to go for this Sun 10/20. Any problems with anything on the spreadsheet, text me or Dennis… THU 10/17 (3:00PM) — Schedule has been delayed. We are working on it as we speak. Main difficulty is that I am currently in China where this site has been blocked because they’re not familiar with the small webhost we are on. Google services which we rely heavily upon are slow. Looking at 5-6 hours of work to go, possibly. Sorry.

Sun 10/13

THU 10/10 (5:15PM) — Tipoffs posted, final, below. In Oakland, please realize that we are at WKRc and IJRC. BCRC’s backboard got broken during this past week.
THU 10/11 (2:45PM) — Schedule’s almost done. Gonna wait 15 more minutes before posting final tipoffs, just in case… THU 10/11 (12:45PM) — Even though it doesn’t look like, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. One need only look at the Rankings sheet below to see that we have matchups going, based on said Rankings. So far, we’ve had to give the following teams a bye:

  • SF Homenetmen — they requested a bye
  • Squadron — they requested a bye
  • That’s What She Said — no response on delinquent payment inquiry
  • We Are Warriors — no response on delinquent payment inquiry
  • Suld — no response on delinquent payment inquiry

The teams above will need to play catch-up doubleheaders if they have fallen behind in the schedule. You can see this, again, on the Rankings page. Really simple and straightforward.

There are some anomalies in the matchups…

  • OAKLAND — any high-ranked team playing a low-ranked team is due to timeframe
  • SAN FRANCISCO — (not ready yet)
  • SAN JOSE — (not ready yet)

The last thing to mention is that I’ve labeled some games “TA” and “NC”. They’re just labels for now. It’s very likely that you’d be in one division this week and another the next week. Don’t worry about it. Remember, we want to accurately name the worst and best teams in each location. Everyone else will be in the middle D-League. If you’re in the top six or so, or the bottom six or so, then by definition you’re TA or NC, respectively, and we would probably split up playoffs accordingly. Of course, it all depends on how teams finish and perform this season, who they lock in as their playoff roster. More on this in later weeks.

Sun 10/6

FRI 10/4 (12:30AM) — Had to swap the 630p ISAH and 7p MDLS games because I accidentally scheduled my MDLS scorekeeper at that 630p ISAH game. The schedule below has the change implemented. All four team captains confirmed the change.

Click here to jump down to the top of the schedule

THU 10/3 (5:00PM) — Btw, please note, BCRC actually starts later than WKRC! Starting next week we will list in more chronological order… THU 10/3 (4:45PM) — Btw, here’s the list of teams with a bye and teams with doubleheaders. These are listed below the schedule anyways, in red and purple, respectively…

sf-ta Splash Bros (requested)
sf-nc Dynasty no pmt
sj-dl SJ Barons (requested)

sf-ta SF Homenetmen at Smooth Ballers (listing matchup here means both teams have DH)
sf-dl Prodigies
sf-dl Hyperdrunks
o-dl Team China
sj-ta Bay Kings

THU 10/3 (4:30PM) — We had some issues with teams wanting byes (e.g., SJ Barons) and teams not paid (e.g., SF Dynasty). When teams get removed from the schedule due to bye requests or non-payment, I’m left with two choices: force another team to take a bye or make another team do a doubleheader. I chose the latter this time around.

Couple that with complications with certain matchups where I felt it was better for one team to do a doubleheader against another similar rather than risk a “higher vs lower” D-League matchups, for example, and you get a couple more teams I’m forcing to do doubleheaders, although I kind of had that right reserved because they started late. In other words, if you started on 9/22 or 9/29, most likely you don’t have a doubleheader.

The only caveat would probably be the Bay Kings vs BBOF matchup. Not sure how that will turn out, so I gave BBOF the matchup with Bay Kings’ second game. BBOF is a DL team that has been borderline NC in past seasons and Gunners appears to be straight DL, while Bay Kings have signed up for TA. But let’s see what happens. There are only 12 teams in San Jose to go around (11 this week).

THU 10/3 (1:45AM) — Draft version of this Sun 10/6 schedule is below. Please note, the games in purple mean at least one of the teams involved has a doubleheader. We gave doubleheaders to teams that will be expecting a bye soon, or is having their first game on 10/6 (and therefore behind schedule). We juggled the doubleheaders so that every team that didn’t want a bye this Sun 10/6 is playing. The doubleheader teams are also listed at the bottom below the teams playing at AHHS. Similarly, we have the one bye requested by a team (Splash Bros).

So the draft below is in chronological order. In SJ, we have a couple games in red where I’m not sure if long-time Dream Leaguers SJ Barons are in, and I’ve got a team that signed up for The Association matched up against D-League because that’s the only matchup remaining — let’s see what the SJ Barons say and go from there.

I expect to have the final version up by today at 3pm. Sorry it couldn’t be any sooner. I will try to get it done before then, however, as you can see from the notes above, we don’t expect any drastic changes, so you’re probably playing at the time of day when you’re already listed, chronologically.

TUE 10/1 (10:30PM) — We are currently going through the weekly cycle — see previous 9/29 notes dated 9/23 at 10p — of updating payments to the updated Rumor Mill (which we are working on right now), then scheduling. The one thing to mention right now is that if you are starting late on 10/6, you are likely *not* going to play a doubleheader on 10/6. Why? Because it’s early and we don’t know how the Rankings will shake out, so it’s better to save the doubleheaders for later when more parity can be gleaned.

Sun 9/29

THU 9/26 (8:45PM) — ISAH is the SF gym and AHHS at 4,5,6p is confirmed, see schedule below… THU 9/26 (2:30PM) — Heard back from the teams and updated the schedule. Dynasty will not play (didn’t pay on time) and might have to makeup a game but will start 10/6. Rawkats and That’s What She Said will have to take a bye in OAK, as well as Gunners vs BBOF in SJ. Here are more issues…

  • In SF, I don’t know if the gym is MDLS or ISAH yet. It’s definitely one of the two. I’ll know as soon as the gym director calls me back.
  • In SJ, the tipoffs should be 4,5,6p, but as I mentioned in my email to SJ captains last week, I need to get the official confirmation from the AD.

Just check back later this evening on MDLS/ISAH and AHHS.

THU 9/26 (12:30PM) — I have taken Rawkats vs TWSS off the schedule because TWSS cannot play outside their timeframe. We do not have WKRC this Sun 9/29. If someone out there has a better solution, let me know because I don’t have one. It just so happens that the randomly made matchup turned out this way. Or I could give my speech about how when you select players, the more people you select who are available versus not available at some point definitely plays a factor…blah blah blah, but I’ve already said that many times. Again, the good of the many outweigh the good of the one. And again, nothing that we do is intentional. Things just happen. Much like the game of basketball itself. Try not to get mad at things not under your control. We tried our best and it’s not like you’re not going to play as many games. We still owe you a game. We will have WKRC next week for more flexibility.

Schedule should be finalized by 3p. That’s the deadline I’ve given to Hapa, Scorgasm, and Oakland Sonics for feedback on 9/29 (see below).

THU 9/26 (12:00PM) — Close to having final version available, and the matchups below are indeed now listed in chronological order, but we are awaiting the following…

  • In SF, Hapa will tell us this early afternoon if they can play. If not, Dynasty takes their place.
  • In SF, if Hapa can play, Dynasty might also play, but they’d have to play a doubleheader.
  • In SF, the Dynasty issue in the above bullet means I’d rematch a couple teams.
  • In OAK, waiting on Scorgasm vs Oakland Sonics to tell me if a tipoff outside their timeframe is ok.
  • If Scorgam vs Oakland Sonics cannot play past their tipoff timeframe, they will have to be postponed.
  • In OAK, same thing for Rawkats vs TWSS. Waiting on TWSS to confirm after timeframe. If not, postpone.
  • In SJ, we have to postpone BBOF vs Gunners because Gunners asked for a bye and BBOF just paid last night.

WED 9/25 (5:15PM) — A rough draft of this Sun 9/29 is below. If your team is not listed, you need to text Rich or Dennis pronto!

TUE 9/24 (12:45AM) — Rumor Mill (link on the righthand panel) has been updated with the first revision… MON 9/23 (10:00PM) — Here’s what’s happening. First, we had games yesterday and you can look at the final scores in the Comments column. As far as stats on the website, we still have to know which teams are in which divisions to setup the leagues accordingly. Only then are we able to input stats, so there’s a bit of waiting involved. Next…

  1. Last week’s notes have been moved to the Previous Posts section (underneath the spreadsheet below).
  2. We will update the Rumor Mill (list of registered teams, see list in righthand panel) by tomorrow morning.
  3. Dennis will be checking the payments and start dates. See next bullet item.
  4. If you played yesterday on 9/22 and are expecting to play again on Sun 9/29, please make sure your team now has at least THREE slots paid (it’s always X+1 slots paid whereby you’re playing your Xth game coming up — two before your first game, three before your second game, etc.).
  5. THE DEADLINE TO PAY IS TUESDAY AT MIDNIGHT. At that point, we will make a list of teams that are up-to-date on payments and ready to play Sun 9/29. Once we start the process, it is very difficult and time-consuming to add teams.
  6. THE DEADLINE TO MAKE A SPECIAL REQUEST IS ALSO TUESDAY AT MIDNIGHT. The link is in the righthand panel. If you need a special window for Sun 9/29, you need to hurry up and submit it. If the request is for a window less than six hours than that constrains our ability to schedule games and adds work, so that’s why request the $8 donation (maybe you can have each player pitch in $1). Emailing and texting us is not going to cut it because we need all the requests collected in one place. YOU CAN SEE ALL THE SPECIAL REQUESTS ON THE SPECIAL REQUEST SHEET IN THE SPREADSHEET BELOW.
  7. And all of the above steps are why we aim to get the schedule up by Thursday. Thanks for your understanding on the volume of work involved. By allowing teams to pay roster slot by roster slot, we allow more teams to be involved and that makes for a better league. So for those of you who have the capability of paying all 8 slots right away, please remember the bigger picture. Thanks.

Sun 9/22

SUN 9/22 (11:15AM) — The games in SJ have been postponed to 9/29. I have emailed all captains about this and hope they can forward the message to their teammates. The issue is the tyrannical East Side Union High School District. Seriously cannot stand that administration. Damn communists. If you want a copy of that email, just let me know.

FRI 9/19 (12:15PM) — Trans-Personal has confirmed and will play vs Prime Time at 4p BCRC… FRI 9/19 (10:45AM) — Finally heard back from Frisco Hawks who say they lost their phone yesterday. I mean, really all I can do is SMH, right? They can’t play at 4p (see my last post yesterday). Anyways, I’m trying to get confirmation from Trans-Personal to play against Prime Time (see vacated 4p time slot below).

So a lot of times, I’m sure your teammates are just wondering why this league is so wishy-washy, for lack of better words. We’re not. It’s the fickleness of the teams or anomalies like captains not texting back because of lost phones. Seriously, it’s par for the course. There’s also an element of human error. My new staff messed up on 2-3 start dates. So there’s that, but what can you do. I’m sure we will do better next time.

And this morning I found out that WKRC hasn’t been using a shotclock since who-knows-when. This is because my Oakland staff has had trouble logging into the laptop. Well, it would’ve been nice for me to know about this through other means than me asking who has the shotclock, finding out that it’s been stored at WKRC, then the gym director telling me don’t worry, nobody uses it. Nobody uses it, WTF? Then calling ref Mosi to confirm “he’s been getting better at counting down shotclock in his head”… LMAO! So I’m stopping by WKRC later today to see what’s up. It’s just keystone cops sometimes, man.

GET USED TO IT. Really, only thing you can do is accept that everyone here is going to make a mistake and that everyone has the same intent: to have the best possible oncourt experience. A lot time crap happens and it’s just happening because people aren’t aware. I’m going to keep trying to make sure as many people as possible follow our protocols so that we minimize mistakes.

So feel free to tap us on the shoulder every now and then (nicely).

THU 9/19 (10:30AM) — The schedule for this Sun 9/22 is now final. See below. If there happen to be any changes, be sure to text Rich, but it will be very hard to change it at this point. A lot has happened behind the scenes to make the schedule below work (e.g., I tried contacting Frisco Hawks twice in the last five hours about them at 4p as their timeframe is at upper bound 3p, but no response, oh well!).

THU 9/19 (5:45PM) — It’s also occurred to me that I should explain how the schedule below works. I’ve added a legend right above the embedded spreadsheet.

THU 9/19 (5:30PM) — Some of the Oakland games have been altered slightly, so I hope no captain told their team that any proposed tipoff was definite, because it wasn’t and still is not. This is because we still need to confirm that all the teams are in. Meanwhile, we had these issues to deal with…

  • O-DL Kurruption Rec said they didn’t want to start this Sun 9/22 and we verified that the schedulers made a mistake and put them on. So we took them off, which led to…
  • Removal from the schedule of Kurruption’s opponent, Trans-Personal. While doing so, I also realized there’s an issue with that team because they’ve registered with 6’5″, 6’4″, 6’4″ as their tallest three players. As most Dream Leaguers already know, that is a bit too big at first glance. So I’ll dig into the bottom of that. Again, no one in Dream League wants to show up on any given Sunday and have to contend with a Shaq (or two), i.e., someone physically they have no hope of guarding. That’s not why they sign up for rec league. It ruins the experience.
  • Addition of Stephen’s Curry vs SULD to the docket. We are awaiting SULD’s confirmation. This also resulted in…
  • Some shift in the schedule at BCRC, although it’s not final yet. You can see, we’ve asked Frisco Hawks if they can play a little bit outside of their usual timeframe. And we are also still awaiting confirmation from each team at ISAH and AHHS.

Thanks for your ongoing patience. Naturally, we want to make sure every team is accounted for here as we slowly steer the ship away from the harbor. Some people will fall off in the water, either from the boat or from the pier, but it is still early enough to fish them out and get them boarded safely within the next week.

THU 9/19 (2:15PM) — Below is the first draft of the schedule for this Sun 9/22. It is in chronological order, but I have left the tipoffs out because we still need to confirm a few things and I don’t want to paint myself in a corner. You can already see the *probable* tipoff times in the Comments column. Again, this is not final. We will continue to work on this and send out texts to make sure all the teams are indeed ready to go. We should have final confirmation by this evening. Thanks again for your patience. You may use the jump link below this paragraph or scroll down.

THU 9/19 (12:15PM) — The following teams have paid two slots and stated a start date of 9/8, 9/15, or 9/22, so we’ll get them started this Sun 9/22. This is, of course, barring unforeseen circumstances. The divisions, team names, and tipoff timeframes are listed, respectively…

sf-nc Curse of Chris Kaman 9A-2P
sf-nc Lob City 10A-9P
sf-dl SF Kings 11A-5P
sf-dl Fight Club Cobras 1P-7P
sf-dl Heat 2P-9P
sf-dl Sonics 3P-9P
sf-ta SF Homenetmen 9A-9P
sf-ta Splash Bros 10A-9P
sf-ta Squadron 4P-9P
sf-ta Vikings 2P-8P

o-nc WWWD 10A-3P
o-nc ThreeOneFour 9A-3P
o-nc Misfits 9A-3P
o-nc That’s What She Said 9A-3P
o-nc Rawkats 4P-9P
o-nc We Are Warriors 6P-9P
o-dl OIIM 9A-4P
o-dl Scorgasm 9A-3P
o-dl Undrafted 9A-3P
o-dl Oakland Sonics 10A-3P
o-dl Primetime 2P-9P
o-dl Take Flight 5P-9P
o-dl Trans-Personal 4P-9P
o-dl Kurruption Rec 2P-8P
o-dl Frisco Hawks 9A-3P
o-dl Main Event 4P-9P

sj-nc Triple Threat 4P-9P
sj-ta TSA Santa Clara 1P-7P
sj-dl Kababayans 2P-8P
sj-ta Bad News 10A-4P
sj-nc Afternoon Delight 6P-9P
sj-nc SJ Jollybees — ONLY PAID 1 SLOT

The only exception we’ve made thus far is the SJ Jollybees. We’ve contact the captain to try and get that 2nd slot paid. We want SJ to have enough teams to get going. AHHS is a gym that has a specific end date, so we don’t want to hit that proverbial brick wall. The sooner we start them off, the better. We will definitely have a season.

Which brings us to the recurring issue of divisions. This week, we will start teams based on what division they signed up for and our general knowledge of these teams. It is likely that there will be some blowouts. There always is. However, remember that we have a Ranking system and it will balance out everyone over the course of the whole season. Again, I think this system is better than any other one out there.

I will post more information here as we build the schedule for this Sun 9/22. Thanks for your patience, as it is always hectic the first few weeks. I should have a draft version of the schedule up within a few hours.

WED 9/18 (2:15PM) — I should remind everyone that because of our Ranking system implemented last season in the summer, Divisions are somewhat irrelevant, although it does help to have you start among similar-caliber teams, so please try to register in the correct division. Here’s a rehash of how things get scheduled…

  1. Play against a similarly ranked team, then…
  2. If you win, move up the rankings and presumably play against a tougher team (if the schedule allows),
  3. If you lose, move down the rankings and presumable play against a weaker team (if the schedule allows),
  4. Rinse and repeat for the remaining 5 regular season games (6 total).

…then at the end of the regular season, we draw the lines as fair as we can. Sure, there will be mistakes made and if you think about it, it’d be tough to do even in the NBA (e.g., 2012-13 Lakers belong in the top sixteen or not?), but IMHO overall it will be better stratifying the various playoff brackets than any other system.

WED 9/18 (1:30PM) — We are finally ready to rumble! This Sun 9/22 is the official start of the 2013 Fall Sunday season. We didn’t have enough teams ready to go on 9/8 or 9/15, but this Sun 9/22 is for sure. You may check the list of teams on the Rumor Mill page.

If you are a free agent, you won’t start until next Sun 9/29. If you are a team and your captain has…

  1. Registered (via the Registration page),
  2. Paid for at least two (2) roster slots (via the Pay page),
  3. Specified 9/8, 9/15, or 9/22 as your Start Date on the Registration, as well as *not* asked for 9/22 as a bye on the Make Special Request page…

…then you should expect to play this Sun 9/22 — barring a situation where there are an odd number of teams ready to go (where, mathematically unless one other team wants to start off with a doubleheader, there’d be an “odd team out”, which is usually the last team to pay).

Check back here tomorrow and each subsequent Thursday morning to see what time and where you’ll be playing, in the embedded spreadsheet below, which currently shows the 2013 Summer schedule, as an example.