2013 Summer Sunday Playoff Brackets

TUE 8/6 (5:45PM) — The playoff brackets have been updated.

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[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdGNXOUdHNVBHOTJLbmJ5TzJvTVVuaEE&output=html 740 1000]

Sun 8/4 – Playoffs Round 3 (or 2)

TUE 7/30 (11:45AM) — In SF, you can see that a lot of Repeat Championships could fall on 8/25. After that is Labor Day Weekend. After that, we’re starting our 2013 Fall season. So we basically have a hard stop coming up. Again, if there is a tipoff request impasse, the league will schedule the game at whatever time best suits the good of the many, and both teams will be expected to show. If they don’t, then it’s a forfeit and the team that’s a no-show would have to pay the refs and scorekeepers for both teams ($70 total). That’s just how it goes.

TUE 7/30 (11:30AM) — All the SJ and OAK brackets have been updated. I am updating SF right now, per the closure of ISAH. You can see that some of the Losers Brackets got altered a little, where we could afford to do it — matter of fact, it’s more elegant to have mini-final-fours in the Losers Brackets anyways, so it worked out okay in terms of aesthetics, as well as the fickle teams asking for byes last Sunday.

Sun 7/28 – Playoffs Round 2

WED 7/24 (2:00PM) — I believe the first draft of the playoff brackets had the dates wrong. They should be fixed now. Next round is this Sun 7/28… WED 7/24 (10:30AM) — Welcome to the 2013 Summer Playoff Brackets. Below you can deduce the schedule by clicking on your division and looking at the date of the next matchup on the brackets. Any errors should be reported by your captain to me by text message asap.