2013 Summer Sunday Rankings

WED 7/10 (3:45PM) — Sorry to be blunt and insensitive, but people STILL don’t get it. There is no such thing as divisions anymore. There were when people signed up, but no longer for good reason: to prevent sandbagging. And believe me, we know who you are. We’ve tried over the years to stop you from doing it, but you keep doing it. Finally, I have your kryptonite: Rankings. Sorry! But I believe you will enjoy having closely contested matches better than blowing everyone out by 20. I know that everybody else who has talked to me who does NOT have your ability of recruiting ringers, loves it. FACT.

Now, the tough part is figuring out who belongs in which playoff bracket, just as it would be tough to say whether the 2012-13 Lakers belong in the “Elite” bracket or the “Second-Tier” bracket. But we’ll just have to cross that bridge (next week, probably) when we cross it.

Therefore, for the regular season, all you do now is play, get ranked, and play again, based on your ranking. There is nothing simpler than that. This means if a team should pickup a ringer, it shouldn’t matter (barring our playoff eligibility rules) because they’ll just move up and play against teams that are similar to them. Similarly, should a team lose an impact player and become worse, they’ll simply fall in the rankings and settle in among the teams they ought to be playing against.

The goal is to have Dream League be a place where it brings out the best of YOU, against fair and exciting competition. Our philosophy is quite simple: going 6-0 and beating every team by double digits, and conversely the opposite of that, going 0-6, sucks and is best left for vanilla city leagues. If you want to cream the competition and pound your chest in domination, that will probably not happen here. Dream League is a place where championships are EARNED.

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  • If there’s an “x” in the first column, that means you’re playing this Sun 6/23,
  • If there’s a red box in the first column, that means you’re team is NOT playing this Sun 6/23,
  • If there’s a blank in the first column, that means we haven’t gotten around to you yet.
  • Oakland teams are listed in A’s colors (green and yellow),
  • San Francisco teams are listed in Giants colors (black and orange),
  • San Jose teams are listed in Sharks colors (blue/green and black),
  • The teams are listed in order of our statcrew’s educated guess on how strong they are, relative only to other teams in your city,
  • The division and subdivision ranking is somewhat irrelevant, as we do not base rankings on divisions, only on results and what we’ve seen,
  • Our scheduling crew will matchup teams mostly based on rankings, but may tweak it here and there,
  • There is currently no way to request changes to the Rankings, but we plan to have a process shortly.

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdFFQejdYSkhDNlFnLVVBVVpISkthRlE&output=html 1000 1800]

Sun 6/30

WED 6/26 (4:30PM) — The Rankings sheet has been updated with matchups, doubleheaders, and byes for 6/30. We are now constructing the schedule for this Sun 6/30.

Sun 6/23

THU 6/20 (12:30PM) — I have now added matchups for 6/23 on the Rankings sheet, team by team. The next matchups on 6/23 are in cells with light green background. Those with byes have a red background.

THU 6/20 (9:15AM) — Here are the matchups for OAK and SJ. Keep in mind, the doubleheaders for SF still have not been determined. See list of doubleheaders below, and the SF matchups below that…

odl-g Heartbreak Kids at Chieftains 3p-9p 11a-9p
odl-g Oaks at Splash City (OAK) 10a-3p 10a-3p
odl-g High Flyers at Dragon 2p-7p 12p-5p
nc-am Trouble Shooting at Flashback 9a-2p 9a-2p
odl-g Sole Supremacy DL at FAM 4p-9p 3p-8p
nc-pm 49ers at Blackcatz 3p-6p 1p-7p
odl-s Bucketz at Team China 1p-3p 10a-3p
nc-am Benchwarmers (OAK) at Blackout 10a-2p 9a-2p
odl-b MGL at Spartans 10a-3p 10a-4p
nc-am BlackOut at Troubleshooting 9a-2p 9a-2p
Main Event at Sole Supremacy NC 4p-9p 4p-9p
Lao Ru at Sole Supremacy NC 2p-8p 4p-9p
nc-pm Face Jam vs lights out 3p-8p 3p-8p

Kurruption Rec at WWD 2p-8p 10a-4p
odl-s Fam Bam at Super Splash Bros 2p-8p 4p-9p
odl-s DCU at Jumbo Shrimp 2p-8p 12p-5p
All Ham No Turkey at Redhawks 11a-3p 9a-6p
Hwaks at Oakland Sonics 10a-2p 9a-3p
odl-g Franchize at OIIM 10a-1p 10a-4p
nc-pm Last Minute at Olympians 3p-8p 12p-5p
Check at Warriors Rec 9a-2p 9a-2p
Kurruption Rec at Lao Ru 2p-8p 2p-8p
Olympians at Benchwarmers (OAK) 12p-5p 10a-2p

sj-dl SJ Barons at TSA Santa Clara 3p-7p 2p-7p
sj-dl BNH at FNS 3p-8p 2p-8p
sj-dl B-Team at Anklebreakers 9a-3p 3p-8p
sj-dl Gunners at Soul Vikes 10a-4p 1p-8p
sj-dl Hot Cheetos at Bad News 10a-9p 10a-3p
sj-dl Hot Cheetos at B-Team 10a-9p 12p-5p
sj-nc SJ Jollybees at Basketballs Of Fury 10a-6p 12p-5p
sj-nc Kababayans at Splash City (SJ) 9a-2p 2p-9p
sj-nc Redeemed (SJ) at Afternoon Delights 4p-9p 3p-9p
sj-nc Afternoon Delights at Kababayans 3p-9p 4p-9p

Obviously, some of the OAK matchups are missing their division designations. I’m not sure why my OAK scheduling crew left those out, but nevertheless the matchup is listed. So, just stay tuned on the 2013 Summer Sundays Weekly Schedule page. Here’s list list of doubleheaders, obviously again with SF doubleheaders not determined yet…

Sole Supremacy NC
Benchwarmers (OAK)
BlackOut at Troubleshooting
sj-dl Hot Cheetos at B-Team
sj-nc Afternoon Delights at Kababayans

WED 6/19 (3:15PM) — Here are the matchups we are thinking about for this Sun 6/23. OAK and SJ are not done yet. Remember, there will probably be a couple doubleheaders to get teams caught up, slowly, week by week as we get to the final regular season Sunday (7/14). Below, the tipoff timeframes of both teams are listed on the right, respectively. That gives you an idea of how we will schedule tipoffs. Again, we’ll have a curveball dealing with the aforementioned doubleheaders…

sf-nc SF Free Agents at Disgustingly Modest (early) 4p-9p
sf-nc Kuyabraddaz at B-Boyz 9a-3p 9a-2p
sf-nc Bird Man Bird Man at Sir Miss-A-Lot 10a-4p 12p-6p
sf-nc SF Warriors (DL) at Wolverines 12p-6p 9a-3p
sfdl-b Ice Men at Lay-Up City 12p-6p 10a-4p
sfdl-b Manimals at Hapa 9a-3p 11a-6p
sfdl-b Hyperdrunks at Aubergine 10a-4p 10a-3p
sfdl-b SFD at Ballin’ 12p-6p 3p-9p
sfdl-b Grizzlies at Dynasty 9a-4p 9a-1p
sfdl-b Redeemed (SF) at Curse Of Chris Kaman 4p-9p 4p-9p
sfdl-b All Lin at All Show No Go 12p-6p 2p-9p
sfdl-b Heatonkees at GPC (<10a) 9a-2p
sfdl-s Xia Yu at Splash Brothers (SF) 9a-3p 4p-9p
sfdl-s SF Kings at Putties 10a-4p 2p-8p
sfdl-s Sole Legit at Flight Club Cobras (8p-9p) 3p-8p
sfdl-s Braddaz at Blazers 9a-3p 10a-4p
sfdl-g P2W at Prodigies 2p-7p (2p-3p)
sfdl-g Benchwarmers (SF) at Squadron 10a-9p 11a-4p
sfdl-g Frisco's Finest at Dream Team 10a-4p 10a-3p
sf-ta TEC SF at Vikings 10a-5p 5p-9p
sf-ta Smooth Ballers at SF Warriors (TA) 7p-9p 3p-9p
sf-ta Rich's Rayguns at Cream Of The Crop (late) 4p-9p
sf-ta Rangers at Gamble Team 1p-7p (9p)

TUE 6/18 (2:00PM) — Welcome to the first-ever Dream League rankings! As previously discussed on the Weekly Schedule page, this is our way of scheduling (in lieu of the time-consuming process of creating roadmaps), which also can be used as an anti-sandbagging mechanism, thereby giving all of us a better chance of having more exciting games every Sunday.

We do not have a method yet for reporting any discrepancies or complaints about where you rank, so please save your questions for at least a couple days as we get that process working.

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