2013 Winter-Spring Sunday Weekly Schedule

FRI 5/3 (4:30PM) — Alum Rock SJ games have been adjusted to 1p,2p. Captains approved… FRI 5/3 (3:15PM) — Oops there may have been a Google Drive problem my last post yesterday. It’s fixed now. We also have BBOF vs Magikarp at 2p at ARYC and if BBOF wins, we play at 3p.

THU 5/2 (3:00PM) — The schedule for this Sun 5/5 is now up. We have two games in OAK, then a 3rd should Seven Bros force a repeat. We also have one game that starts the 2013 Summer season.

We are having trouble scheduling the last SJ game, BBOF vs Magikarp, and are in contact with the captains about that. There’s also supposed to be an SF-OAK Superbowl between The Association teams, but we have not heard back from Purefoods yet.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy launching LetsGoWarriors.com, a new fan site for all your breaking Golden State Warriors news. We are backed by the same folks who created SportsCity, LakersNation, and DailyKnicks. Please check us out and follow on Twitter @LetsGoWarriors and Facebook http://facebook.com/LetsGoWarriors. Thanks!

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Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores Academy, pkg lot thru black gate next to Children’s Council Bldg, Church St b/w 16th & 17th

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland (near Coliseum)
RBRC = Rainbow Rec Center, 5800 International Blvd, Oakland (arrive early, new gym)

JLHS = James Lick HS, 50 North White Road, San Jose (arrive early due to Sunday flea market)
AHHS = Andrew Hill HS, 3200 Senter Road, SJ (park in covered lot, walk to gyms thru pillars to rear left side)
ARYC = Alum Rock Youth Center, 137 North White Road, SJ (down block from JLHS, still arrive early!)


[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdDJ2cVkxejAzNUxUZE5tb2dIUFV2d3c&output=html 800 1800]

Sun 4/28

THU 4/25 (3:15PM) — Below is the schedule for this Sun 4/28. SJ has been delayed due to tipoff conflict between BBOF and Magikarp. The SF vs OAK “Superbowl” between the champs of the respective The Association divisions has also been postponed, as well as an OAK championship.

Sun 4/21

THU 4/18 (12:00PM) — Forgot to explicitly say that all games in SJ are at Alum Rock… THU 4/18 (10:45AM) — WKRC tipoffs are now also up… THU 4/18 (8:45AM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 4/21 are now up, with the exception of the WKRC tipoffs, which I’m waiting on. You can be sure those start in the morning, though… WED 4/17 (6:15PM) — Talked to the Magikarp captain and we’ll have to postpone the SJ-NC championship game to 4/28. We will revisit that on Mon 4/22. Everything else is now in chronological order… WED 4/17 (5:45PM) — Just posted the draft below, which is in chronological order, but realized I forgot to schedule the SJ-NC games. Not quite ready yet… WED 4/17 (4:15PM) — The playoff brackets have been updated. On that page, there’s also an explanation of the next round for San Jose. Next step is to post the draft of the schedule for this Sun 4/21. Below is also a link for signups for the 2013 Summer season, which starts on 5/5, 5/12, 5/19 or 6/2, depending on your needs…

Sun 4/14

THU 4/11 (9:00AM) — Oakland tipoffs are now up… WED 4/10 (11:00PM) — Tipoffs for SF and SJ are up for this Sun 4/14. Tipoffs for OAK, not yet but maybe by tomorrow morning… WED 4/10 (4:45PM) — The matchups are now in chronological order. They will probably be finalized by tomorrow morning… WED 4/10 (3:45PM) — Below are the matchups for this Sun 4/14, *not* in chronological order. You can see that some of the proposed doubleheaders in SJ have been postponed, due to irreconcilable differences in tipoff preferences. Not that those will go away for Sun 4/21, so we’ll just have to see who wins and revisit the issues next week. Freddie and I will now be re-ordering these games into chronological order for the next revision, perhaps by later tonight.

To those of you that got eliminated, thanks for another great season. The Calendar for this upcoming 2013 Summer season is now up. The other info for 2013 will be shortly updated, too.

MON 4/8 (2:00PM)I’ve made an update to the Playoff Bracket page (link below) in regards to San Jose. The rest of the playoff brackets as they occurred in SF on 4/7 have also been updated. OAK will finally resume on 4/14 after two byes in a row on 3/31 for Easter and 4/7 for the Rebels tourney. If you need to request a special timeframe for 4/14, be sure to click the Make Special Request link in the gray table below. Freddie will soon get started on the draft for this Sun 4/14, which will have the next round of games.

Sun 4/7

THU 4/4 (1:15PM) — Tipoffs for SJ for this Sun 4/7 are now finalized (as have been the SF tipoffs). The order of the SJ matchups didn’t change at all from the previous post… THU 4/4 (8:45AM) — SJ matchups are now in chronological order. I’m going to let it marinate a little. I should be able to finalize things by 2p today. Any issues, have your SJ captain text me asap, but I think we are set, for the most part… THU 4/4 (8:30AM) — I’ve created the SJ matchups. They’re not in chronological order yet, but you can see some of the scheduling bogeys already in red in the V & H columns… THU 4/4 (8:15AM) — So in SJ, looks like we have 4-team brackets, then one division that really can’t be bracketed, with 3 teams (so-called “D-League Upper”, which were the bottom three teams in SJ-TA). For them, I think we will go with a round-robin this Sun 4/7. That means each team plays twice. It’s still double-elimination. Then we’ll either have all teams 1-1 or one team 2-0, one at 1-1, and one at 0-2. The 0-2 team would be out, and the 1-1 would keep going vs 2-0 next Sun 4/14 (and possibly 4/21) until one of them reaches 2 losses.

THU 4/4 (7:45AM) — SF tipoffs for this Sun 4/7 are set. Perhaps there is a chance I can get SJ tipoffs done by this afternoon… THU 4/4 (7:15AM) — Matchups for this Sun 4/7 in SF have been posted. OAK has a bye, as previously mentioned. SJ teams are still getting back to me as to where they want to play, caliber-wise, for playoffs. That part of the schedule should be done by this evening. SF tipoffs should be finalized by 12p-2p today; I am also not sure if all games will be at ISAH or if we’ll split games to be at ISAH and MDLS.

MON 4/1 (3:45PM) — I’ve updated the brackets with the five SF games we had yesterday. Again, you can deduce your matchup and then lookup your and opponent timeframes on the roadmaps, as well as check the Special Requests tab, to see what timeframe you might have for 4/7. All Oakland gyms are closed for 4/7. Still waiting on the statcrew to input the SJ scores from 3/24 so I can get a picture of what the first round of playoffs will look like for SJ-TA, SJ-DL, and SJ-NC.

Sun 3/31

WED 3/27 (11:30AM) — The only games we have this Sun 3/31 are the ones listed below for SF (ISAH)… WED 3/27 (1:00PM) — Check the Playoff Brackets for the dates of the next rounds of games. You’ll see some of the SF 3/31 games even have probable tipoffs. These are not final, but should give you an idea of where we’re headed.

TUE 3/26 (10:45AM) — Sorry for the delay on the playoff brackets, which has some quirks in SF that I’ll talk about after-the-fact, unfortunately. That will be the next thing I work on. Freddie is swamped until tomorrow, so we’ll do our best to at least update the brackets so you can see where you are (i.e., no stat recaps on Twitter for a couple days). As far as games for this Sun 3/31, if you submitted a special request or told Janice that you can’t play this Sun 3/31 Easter, you’re good (btw, the link for making a special request is in the gray table below).

However, please note that if you’re in Oakland, all the gyms are closed NEXT Sun 4/7 due to the annual Rebels AAU tournament. So if your team can actually play during certain times on 3/31 and you’d like to avoid having to sit two straight Sundays, please let us know that you actually *can* play on Sun 3/31 and we will see if that’s amenable to your opponent — again, this is for Oakland 4/7 only.

Again, the factors determining whether or not you play this Sun 3/31 are…

  • If your team can play (obviously),
  • If your next opponent can play, and
  • Any other gym situation that arises.

In other words, I’ll try my best to either give you a bye for Easter 3/31 or schedule you in, you just have to patient as we work through the process.

Sun 3/24

SAT 3/23 (3:30PM) — Thanks to those of you who responded quickly about the payments. Some teams have been taken off the list at the end of this paragraph… FRI 3/22 (5:15PM) — There are teams on the schedule I’ve listed in red that, according to our records, owe roster slot payments. I’ve alerted the refs. They will halt your game until you are paid. Thank you, SF, for mostly being paid up. Most of SJ is paid up, but I actually won’t worry about them until next week. Frisco Hawks, Chiefs and Eastbay Gators are in jeopardy — now at $69/slot (started season at $62).

FRI 3/22 (2:45PM) — Janice has compiled the following list of the number of teams available and not for next Sun 3/31. However, we still need to find out if this affects a sub-division, say, SF-DL Lower — are the 2 SF-DL teams both from Lower or whatever? So, there’s still a small chance we will march onward next Sun 3/31. If you haven’t reported your team’s availability to Janice yet, please let us know…

2 Oakland D-League teams
4 Oakland Non-Competitive teams
1 Oakland The Association team
2 SF D-League teams
4 SF Non-Competitive teams
1 SV D-League
4 SV The Association teams

THU 3/21 (2:30PM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 3/24 have been posted. Up next are posting the playoff brackets and an update on Easter 3/31. Janice is currently collecting your preferences and posting them on the Special Requests tab.

THU 3/21 (11:45AM) — No final tipoffs yet, but all games are in chronological order and OAK is pretty much 100% ready to go, SJ is 95%, and SF is about 85%… THU 3/21 (10:45AM) — Right now we’re just waiting on like two teams to tell me if they can go outside of their timeframe before I can post the schedule for this Sun 3/24. And for those two teams, there are actually good roster-related reasons for doing so. So, just waiting right now. Of course, this is assuming OAK is near-ready to go… THU 3/21 (9:30AM) — I’ve started to put the SF games with Columns V and H in red for the conflicts, in purple for doubleheader-impacted and blue for scorekeeper-impacted. Speaking of SF, looks like SF-TA #1 Rich’s Rayguns gets a bye (text me if you need info on that division), and Lob vs Rothstein is a makeup meaning there’s a potential tripleheader for the loser. The conflicts that are in red, hey look, I’m gonna end up putting you somewhere and sometime you probably don’t like, but my hands are tied and you can go ahead and give me what your FAIR solution would be, I don’t mind the help. Make sure five guys can show up at that time otherwise text me… THU 3/21 (9:15AM) — Preliminary stab at AHHS games in SJ has been posted; it’s *not* final, of course and there’s no tipoffs, only probably tipoffs in the right-hand Comments column. Next up for me: ISAH and MDLS. I’m assuming Freddie has BCRC and WKRC almost done and in chronological order already… THU 3/21 (8:00AM) — Gonna be one of those long days. Got a few tipoff conflicts to iron out, plus not all of the matchups were 100% right in SF-NC Lower. San Jose has a couple tipoff conflicts. Expect the final version by 2pm today… WED 3/20 (8:30PM) — Just found out Freddie some of the SF-DL Lower bracket a bye because Trainwreck is going to be out of town. I’m not sure I agree with that. My team, I don’t think we care and I’d probably just vote okay take the bye, because it puts less pressure on the scheduling — you can see that there’s already 21 games. Unless there are overarching gym issues, which there might be, I think under normal circumstances we would have to have a vote by the SF-DL Lower teams whether or not Trainwreck gets to have its bye. There are good cases to be made on both sides. So for now, the entire SF schedule at ISAH and MDLS is on hold, since the games from SF-DL Lower would have an impact on the scheduling. More later. I plan to be up late tonight working on everything.

WED 3/20 (5:00PM) — We’re still really early in the process, but Freddie has a draft going so far. We’re missing SJ-DL/NC matchups at the moment because we hadn’t gotten the statsheets back from Ron til just now. Take a look at the matchups, goto the roadmap and Special Requests tabs to see your tipoff timeframes, and let us know if you foresee any big problems. There usually are in the first couple rounds.

TUE 3/19 (12:30PM) — Freddie and I are updating payments today. Your team needs to be paid up, probably all 8 roster slots by tonight, or else I’ll have no choice but to skip teams on the schedule. I have already warned all captains last week. You have had ample time to pay or at least text me. So please let me know if you sense there is anything that might jeopardize your team’s scheduling.

Sun 3/17

SAT 3/16 (2:30PM) — We have updated the Payments tab below. We had some data reconciliation problems, so Janice may have texted some of the wrong teams, but definitely there are a subset of all those she texted who do really still owe slots, and it’s getting close to D-Day aka playoffs, so I got my finger on the panic button. Thanks to Freddie for cleaning up the Payments page. You should just use that from now on, unless you wanna know EXACTLY who on your team paid by looking on the Rumor Mill and checking the initials of each payment.

THU 3/14 (3:45PM) — The schedule for this Sun 3/17 is now set. I didn’t get any wrenches from left field bonk me on the side of the head since the last post over an hour ago, so let’s let this ship sail! Any questions, have your captain text me at this point. Hopefully soon we’ll have the playoff seeds explained on the STANDINGS pages.

THU 3/14 (2:15PM) — OK, so I’ve re-seeded SF-NC so that there are *almost* no repeats. I think we have one, but it’s a play-in game and the previous matchup was a 1-pt differential mid-season. So anyways, we are 99% done and I’m just gonna let it marinate until like 330p today. Also, you’ll notice in the Comments column that I had to put teams one hour outside of their timeframes on five occasions. I’ve moved all of the previous posts explaining how we got here, underneath the schedule.

THU 3/14 (1:45PM) — Btw, for SF-DL Upper, I have weird seeds matched up because we are trying to avoid repeat matchups. The deeper you go in playoffs, the less chance you’ll get schedule diversity, so it’s best to do that during the first round. #2 ABCH obviously hasn’t played incoming #7 TEC, but then you are left with two combinations where Bay Area Ballers have already played their opponent. So the only thing that makes sense in terms of high vs low seed is to have #2 vs #6, then #5 vs #3 and #4 vs #7. That begs the question, what’s the importance of seeds? Well, we use seeds to match up the pairings in the Losers Bracket. The actual playoff bracket itself will not be “constructed” until next week and will conform to what happens with this first round. We could very well re-seed the 2nd round Winners Bracket accordingly. So yes, the seeds do come into play, even though #7 is a team coming in from another division so we don’t really know where to seed them, just not #1 of course, because #1 Heem earned the first-round bye.

THU 3/14 (1:30PM) — Found more problems while checking to see if any of the SF-NC playoff matchups in Round 1 are repeats (most of them weren’t). All Show No Go should not be in the SF-NC-Lower. Here we go again. Sigh. Meanwhile you can see what I did with SF-DL Upper. Kurruption vs Chiefs will now take place in Oakland, then they have at least two hours to get thru St. Patty’s Day traffic to Mission Dolores. MDLS has a slightly more reliable floor than ISAH and I have staffing concerns there, so that’s why I’m forcing them to go there instead of ISAH. Still, SF scheduling remains a nightmare. I’d say OAK and SJ are pretty much 95% at this point. I moved one game at WKRC earlier than last version. No biggie. So in the draft below, which is updated right now from the last post yesterday, I still need to fix the SF-NC Lower matchups per the roadmap, which has the new matchups in the Comments column for 3/17. You can also see fewer games at ISAH and more at MDLS and WKRC, which addresses our problem of not many teams in SF being available at night.

THU 3/14 (12:45PM) — Well, oooooh boy, I just realized something that makes the whole previous post irrelevant. We want to try and avoid repeat matchups in the first round, so it actually sort of doesn’t matter what seed the ABC Hawks are in the SF-DL Upper, for example. The reason we do this is because the regular season is only 6 games, albeit the playoffs are double-elimination. That means in your first 7 games, if you repeated a matchup, you’d have played only 5 different teams. I try to avoid that because let’s try to get a diversity of schedule so long as there is good parity. So we might not see the traditional #7 vs #2, #6 vs #3, and so forth. We do know this: #1 Heem Team gets a bye. Btw if this sort of thing is happening in Oakland, please let me and Freddie know asap.

THU 3/14 (12:30PM) — Found out the SF-DL Upper playoff seeds were done wrong, which means I highly doubt the schedule will be finalized by 2pm today — scroll way down, although it’s far from complete — now that I have more work to do, but this is only because (1) I noticed we have a logjam of preferences in the middle of the day at ISAH and MDLS, and (2) it didn’t seem right that we were repeating matchups from last Sun 3/10 even with just six SF-DL Upper teams (seven if you count newcomer TEC from the SF-TA). It’s funny how things sort of pass the eye test. ABC Hawks just beat WCAL last Sunday and they were tabbed as #4 vs #5, yet it felt like ABC Hawks had done better than a #4 seed. Maybe it was luck, but it turns out they should be the #2 seed. You see, in the NBA, when you have 3 conferences (or they call them divisions within a conference), you just take the top four straight on and seed accordingly, albeit a division champion (in our case, a “conference” champion) can’t finish lower than a 4th seed. This is because of that one year when the Dallas Mavericks were awesome, yet got the #4 seed only to face San Antonio in the 2nd round. Probably the only instance where Mark Cuban whined and David Stern greased the squeaky wheel. Rightfully so. Also, this discussion kind of proves that the NFL wildcard tiebreaker system works. It better. I’m sure they spent a few million (taxpayer) dollars on it — remember, the NFL is a tax-free nonprofit entity lol! So anyways, ABC Hawks weren’t even included in the tiebreaker at first, by my stalwart staff (who do bend over backwards to complete your schedule each week), so I’ve corrected it. The new draft will go up soon. I’ve asked Freddie to post all the playoff seed tiebreakers on your respective STANDINGS pages on the dreamleague.org stats site.

By the way, with SF-TA teams in Oakland, nobody wants to play late in SF this Sunday, so I’m warning you right now I have to force some teams to play later than their timeframe. Also, if you feel like your seeds, say, in Oakland a awry, be sure to let me know soon, so I can have Freddie email you the reasoning behind it, if he hasn’t posted it on the STANDINGS yet.

THU 3/14 (11:30AM) — Actually I’d say SF down to 75% final. This is because I have to rematch SF-TA games due to tipoff conflicts. Kurruption will now play vs Gamble and Chiefs vs Eagles… THU 3/14 (11:00AM) — Next draft has been posted. It is in near-chronological order. I’d say OAK is about 95% close to final version, SJ is at 90%, and SF maybe 85%. I hope to get this done by 2pm today.

THU 3/14 (10:45AM) — Here are the changes I made to the SJ-DL/NC roadmap. First, I decided not to have a repeat week even though there seems to be a clear delineation between the four DL teams compared to the NC teams. So that means we have two more blocks of games where DL teams will be playing NC teams. Why? Because DL teams will only be playing DL teams anyways in the playoffs (same for NC). In doing so, I put the week where SJFA already officially played B-Team to this Sun 3/17, plus it gave us another 7 games total in SJ when you add the SJ-TA games (SBYI has a doubleheader, which means I didn’t change the SJ-TA roadmap at all — all SJ-TA teams are playing and Soul Vikes do *not* have a bye). That means SJFA and B-Team have a bye this Sun 3/17. Hope that all made sense. Back to overall scheduling issues… THU 3/14 (10:15AM) — Also just noticed the SJ-TA games were copied wrong from the roadmap to the draft. Smh… THU 3/14 (10:15AM) — I’ll post the latest draft shortly. Currently have a bigger fire to put out: it seems the matchups for SJ-DL/NC this Sun 3/17 are repeats, some of last week. That’s defined by the roadmap, but I’m not quite sure why I did that way back when. Researching…

WED 3/13 (6:15PM) — Just posted the first draft. Hardly anything is in chronological order. We’ll work on this more tonight and tomorrow morning, but you can already see a lot of the bogies in the V and H columns in red and orange. I’ll also start filling in the OAK-NC roadmap with the playoff matchups. Please note, if you’re a low seed, you might have a doubleheader if you win! For example, #8 vs #9 almost always requires the winner to play #1, because #1 earned that right during the regular season.

WED 3/13 (4:45PM) — Before we get back to this Sun 3/17 and quite a few playoff matchups, let’s talk about the upcoming 3/31, which is Easter Sunday. Here are the problems…

  • OAK: On 4/7, all gyms will be shutdown for the annual Rebels tournament. So we kind of have to forge ahead on 3/31. I’ll ask the Rebels if we can have any late games on Sun 4/7, but that still rules out all the morning teams we have.
  • SJ: San Jose is already “behind” OAK and SF and I’d like to catch it up a bit with the LA Showcase tournament coming up on 4/28.
  • SF: Not really an issue either way, except The Association *must* forge ahead if we are to finish before May. Not only do we have LA Showcase 4/28, but the 2013 Summer season is supposed to soft launch on 5/4.

In short, be ready to play Easter Sun 3/31! If you have problems with that in terms of not having enough players to field a team, please let me know.

TUE 3/12 (3:00PM) — I have now added a payments tab to the embedded weekly schedule spreadsheet below. This tallies the total number of payments made against the games played coming up. The negative red numbers in the Slots Behind column is what you need to be aware of. We are getting close to playoffs starting, if not already starting, and we will eliminate your team if you are behind coming up. If there are any issues we need to be aware of for your team, let me know. I mean, I’d love to just spend all my days texting captains daily and keeping tabs and sending reminders, but I simply don’t have the bandwidth. So what happens is, all of a sudden I need to get the schedule done and if I don’t see your payment already caught up, then I really have no choice. And that’s where I get a little testy and where people out there got me. They think I’m a terrible person because I get all stressed out in these situations. Well, it is what it is, I ain’t gonna worry about it too much. I’m not a saint.

TUE 3/12 (2:15PM) — Continuing the discussion from last post, if your team is in a division in which you think there is absolutely no chance, i.e., you wouldn’t even want to take the floor, against a certain team in your division, by all means tell us by emailing freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org. This is your league. We are, for the most part, a democracy. Everything is done by vote of the majority. Now, to continue on the SF-DL analysis…

If you look at the Top Six (Heem, Hawks, BAB, Sonics, WCAL, BTR), you have these point diffs in games against each other Top Six teams: 6, 3, 10, 2, 5, 2, 5, 3. That’s actually pretty awesome. However, if you look at the Top Six teams versus the non-Top-Six teams, the point diffs are as follows: 7, 25, 4, 8, 28, 11, (+12), 20, 27, 8, 10, 5, 2, 23, 11, 8, 1, 10, 5, 13, 2, 30, 25. There is literally one (!) win against 22 losses, 7 of them at 20+ point diff, 13 of 23 games by a loss of double-digits. So the eye test passes because the numbers back them up — case closed. Now, I will say this: I think athletically, the ABC Hawks will be at a disadvantage against the other five other Top Six teams. But they do have the outside shooting and teamwork to make up for it. They do have one athletic pf but he’s not that tall. The other rebounder is also not that tall but he works hard. So, you never know.

TUE 3/12 (1:15PM)Teams need to continue paying their roster slots. We are getting close to D-Day on that. More on this later tonight. Meanwhile, Freddie and I are currently working on the playoff structures. There will be teams here and there moved up and down. The teams being moved up are, in general, Non-Competitive division teams that seem to be acting “competitive” this season. By that, we mean that they have players that you normally wouldn’t pickup in a NON-competitive environment. I can say for a fact this is a rampant problem in the SF-NC division, but since there are so many teams doing it already, I’ll probably just split the SF-NC into Upper and Lower and, voila, problem solved. Still, just to make a point, I might rename that so-called “upper” SF-NC to something like “SF D-League C” (with the current SF-DL Upper being SF-DL “A” and the current SF-DL Lower being SF-DL “B”).

Something similar, I’m sure, is happening in Oakland, but Freddie is taking care of that based on his best judgment. It is inevitable that he and I will receive flak for this, but at the end of the day, remember, it is YOU (or your peers) who are not signing up for the divisions we envisioned. It is really just ALWAYS due to sandbagging of some sort. Again, we really discourage this but we are aware that sometimes you are stuck in a situation where you kind of have no choice but to pickup a ringer. We’ve heard every explanation known to mankind.

The Dream League playoffs is where such imbalances are balanced.

In the SF-DL, it is clear that the top six teams are one or more of the following in comparison to the rest of the field: more athletic, younger, or longer. Which means the remaining teams not in the top six, despite their records being .500+, have no one athletic enough to match up against the Top Six’s most athletic player, are older, and simply do not have the wingspan. The top six teams have a fighting chance against each other. Beyond the Top Six is where physical advantage causes the team to not even want to take the court against the Top Six. This is not just my team talking. This has been confirmed with several captains not in the Top Six.

San Jose is not quite approaching playoffs yet and does not quite have the depth of teams where you would see the above. For SJ, I will be splitting up the standings accordingly, so there’s really nothing to worry about there.

Sun 3/10

THU 3/7 (10:30AM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 3/10 are set… THU 3/7 (9:00AM) — Schedule for this Sun 3/10 is 95% done. SF is in chronological order even though not 100%. OAK and SJ are set, since you can see tipoffs for those already. I should be able to verify if 100% within the next two hours.

WED 3/6 (1:45PM) — We’ve posted a draft below. SF is *not* in chronological order and has *many* bogeys, as you can see with the stuff in red in the V and H columns. OAK and SJ are almost there and in near-chronological order. Again, do not assume *anything* with these lists until you actually see real times in the TIPOFF columns; as long as they’re “TBD”, we can move them.

WED 3/6 (12:30PM) — Freddie has a draft of the OAK games and I’m working on the matchups in SF that are based on standings which you can actually see developing realtime on the SF-DL and SF-NC roadmaps, slowly, below. SJ teams can look at their roadmaps for matchups. And of course you can see the Special Requests tab for teams that have asked for a change to their schedule for Sun 3/10.

WED 3/6 (11:15AM) — Just updated the Rumor Mill again. Please check it to make sure you are on schedule with your payments. Freddie and I will now be doing the scheduling, and if your team is behind on payments, we reserve the right to force you to not play this Sun 3/10.

Also, I am about to hire someone to keep track of our stats progress. Until then, if it seems that we are lagging on stats or Twitter scores/recaps, please email freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org.

Finally, it appears we have 15 inquiries about the Group Buy on the uniforms, of which we have about 4-5 firm orders we are already working on. So, it’s looking good but please email janice(at)dreamleague(dot)org for the latest and greatest.

Sun 3/3

SAT 3/2 (2:00PM) — Made an update to the Rumor Mill, in which you can find your team payments.

FRI 3/1 (1:45PM) — In case you didn’t know, we post what we call “stat recaps” from every game in which we have scoresheets on our Twitter account, @dreamleague. I’ve added a link to the gray table below.

THU 2/28 (12:45PM) — Schedule for this Sun 3/3 has been posted. SF-DL SF Warriors are still debating if they can play Sole Legit, which will not have enough players until 8p, or postpone to a doubleheader next Sun 3/10… THU 2/28 (9:00AM) — Draft is now in chronological order. About 95% done… WED 2/27 (10:30PM) — The first draft of the schedule for this Sun 3/3 has been posted. It is in quasi-chronological order, but SF and SJ could be changed drastically due to my responsibilities at both venues, and the teams I play on. Actually, SJ is not in chronological order. But you guys can see the preferred tipoff times in the V and H columns, so that should help you guesstimate a little bit.

WED 2/27 (9:30PM) — Looks like I have to change the SJ-TA roadmap because Shoepreme wants a bye but they’re paired against Outlawz which cannot have a bye. As for teams asking for byes this late, I am hoping you guys can just try not to ask for byes. Just suck it up because it just causes problems, not only with scheduling but also it really does kinda piss off your opponent who is expecting to play but then has to not play all of a sudden and then have a doubleheader makeup. I mean, we are already almost done, right? It just handcuffs us because, really, I’d rather not have a forfeit, so what are we gonna do but, okay, here’s your bye. Do you feel me now on this? Thanks.

WED 2/27 (8:45PM) — Freddie has a draft for this Sun 3/3 done and I’ll post that next, but just wanna say that we all know about the one-game suspensions for Roy Hibbert and David Lee, which seemed like less of a fight than it really was. Well, we NEVER want anything remotely close to what happened there, so please realize that shoving matches are not tolerated in dreamleague either. We don’t have the personnel nor security to prevent that from escalating into a full-on fight, so if you start a fire, if you pour kerosene on a fire, then you really shouldn’t be playing in dreamleague. This includes coming off the bench. Crowds make altercations worse, so please follow the NBA’s leadership and rules in all dreamleague matters.

TUE 2/26 (10:30PM) — Finally getting around to doing the SJ-DL/NC. I’ve updated the standings for SJ-DL/NC only so that I can figure out matchups based on standings or relative strength of team; Freddie and crew will get around to the stats. I spent half the day going down to SJ and meeting with our new gym (well, we’ve been there in the past) at AHHS and finalizing details there, so there went my whole Tuesday… MON 2/25 (12:00PM) — Still need to finish the SJ-DL/NC roadmap. I’ll be working on that today. Don’t forget, our Group Uniform Buy is still in effect! Click on the link in the right hand grey table.

Sun 2/24

SAT 2/23 (8:00AM) — So we added the 630p ISAH Heat vs Wolfpac game due to Wolfpac wanting a bye next Sun 3/3… THU 2/21 (2:00PM) — The schedule for this Sun 2/24 has been posted. There is one potential add: SF-NC Wolfpac wants a bye next week and wants to swap its 3/3 matchup vs Heat to this week, but the only times available are 230p and 630p, and the Heat are already playing at 130p. So anyways Freddie is negotiating that one, which will require Wolfpac to seek permission from Heat.

So we have some gaps at ISAH and we’re back at BCRC, WKRC, and ARYC. I’ve moved all the previous pre-schedule-published posts to below the schedule.

THU 2/21 (1:00PM) — Got some moving targets settling in SJ and SF. Looks like the SF schedule may experience some shuffling from what you see in the draft version below… THU 2/21 (12:15PM) — Quick thanks to captain Andrew and the Bad News Barrys out in San Jose. Their flexibility of scheduling this week is giving me breathing room as I sort out an issue with a scorekeeper there, which may or may not require my presence in SJ. So that kind of affects SF, since I play on a team up there too and so I have to look out for conflicts. There’s also currently an unresolved tipoff conflict in SF, which you can see with the red, but all parties involved are aware of it. We’ll see. Anyways, getting closer to finishing up here.

THU 2/21 (11:15AM) — I just noticed quite a few OAK-DL teams from the East and Southeast Conferences have another bye. That’s just how the cookie crumbled, wasn’t intentional. Check the roadmap, you’ll see. There’s an odd number of teams in total and after we split into AM nad PM, it’s the PM teams that have the odd number, which means one PM team always has a bye, which means the entire AM season schedule has to wait for the PM to catch up, since one team is always having a bye in PM. So that “wait” week was last Sun 2/17, which I did on purpose because it was a three-day weekend. So now we’re at 2/24 and we have some byes just due to the overall complications of the scheduling, as you can see from the red and green on the roadmap.

THU 2/21 (11:00AM) — I’m assuming all the BCRC and WKRC games are close to being final, since Freddie worked on those. The SJ ones, I had to schedule because the roadmaps weren’t even done until this morning. So right now we are waiting on one team to confirm a tipoff time and then we should be good to go; I’d say SJ could be slightly altered and btw the games will either be at ARYC again or Overfelt, we’ll see. For SF, a lot of it depends on my scorekeeping staff and if I’m needed in SJ, so there’s dependencies and I’m working on ISAH and MDLS right now as we wait for SJ to develop… THU 2/21 (9:00AM) — I’ve posted a draft. It’s only a draft though.

WED 2/20 (3:45PM) — Wow, this is a bit alarming. There are a large number of teams that are delinquent on payments, i.e., they haven’t paid 1 more slot than the number of games played coming up this Sun 2/24…


fcc played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot
kuya played 4 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot (bye on 2/24)
gpc played 4 games, paid 4 slots, owe 2 slots
whos next played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot
aubergine played 4 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot


sole legit played 4 games, paid 2 slots, owe 4 slots
ballin played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot


main event played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot
slow down played 1 game, paid 2 slots, owe 1 slot
gators played 2 games, paid 2 slots, owe 2 slots


fam bam played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot
check played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot


chiefs played 2 games, paid 2 slots, owe 2 slots
eb brawlers played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot
kurruption assoc played 2 game, paid slots, owe 1 slot
cream played 3 games, paid 4 slots, owe 1 slot

WED 2/20 (1:45PM) — I am now working on creating the roadmaps for The Association “TA” (SF, OAK, and SJ) as well as the SJ-DL/NC divisions. After I do the roadmap for SF-TA and OAK-TA, I will post the matchups that Freddie has already started to make a draft of the schedule for this Sun 2/24. Obviously, you can just click on your division if it’s not one of these that’s done already, below, to see the matchups yourself. Freddie’s version will be “sort of” in chronological order and subject to being shuffled around.

TUE 2/19 (1:45PM) — OAK-NC roadmap was faulty for 2/24, a dupe of 2/17. We have corrected the problem and the OAK-NC roadmap should be good to go now.

TUE 2/19 (12:45PM) — Happy President’s Day! In celebration of MJ’s 50th Birthday (MJ for President!), we have officially launched the “MJ SPECIAL” which is $23 per base customized jersey, minimum 10 jerseys, minimum 14 teams taking advantage of this offer. That’s 16% off our regular marked-down prices!

Sun 2/17

FRI 2/15 (1:00PM) — Rainbow (RBRC) has been confirmed. So now, we are working on making sure you guys are paid up to speed. Here are some teams that are falling behind as we speak, because according to our records they’ve only paid two slots which was required for ONE game to be scheduled. We are starting to get into Game #2, 3, and 4 now. Btw, I’m not trying to put teams on blast. This is for their information too. Pretty soo I hope to have a dreamleague staff member be able to contact captains and remind them, but right now this page is the only way to do it.

Please note, probably next Monday I will have no choice but to drop the hammer on some teams. This is going to result in byes on 2/24 and doubleheaders assuming all teams who are behind pay up and there is a makeup game scheduled. Remember to goto the Rumor Mill and check your team’s payments by hovering your cursor over the team name. Any questions, email Freddie.