2015 Winter-Spring Sunday Signups: OAKLAND PRICE ROLLBACK!!

We’re excited to announce that, due to some recent positive developments at our WKRC gym in Oakland, the first 24 “schedule-able” teams to sign up for OAKLAND get to rollback to our old prices, a 12.5% discount!

So instead of a $495 franchise fee, you pay $440 and…

  • Play all your games at WKRC (tipoffs 9a-8p — so 12 timeslots for 24 teams),
  • Agree to have certain refs ref your games,
  • Are one of the first 24 teams to signup,
  • Pay it all at once ($440) by PayPal (see below), and
  • Still bring $35 cash to each game for ref/scorekeeper.

All other teams will play at BCRC. Here’s the CALENDAR for 2015 Winter-Spring, which is our 34th consecutive season — Sdot, represent! (Shaun Livingston)

Questions? Hit me up! You all should have my phone number by now.


To read more about the upcoming 2015 Winter-Spring season, click here.

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