2012 Fall Sunday Weekly Schedule

FRI 1/4 (10:45AM) — The 2012 Fall season was completed back on 12/23/2012 and congratulations to the following champions. Btw HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!…

  • The Association (SF/OAK): Falcons (9-0)
  • D-League (Upper, OAK): Seven Brothers (8-1)
  • D-League (Upper, SF): P2W (8-2)
  • D-League (Lower, OAK): Slow Down (6-4)
  • D-League (Lower, SF): SF Warriors (5-5)
  • Non-Competitive (AM group, OAK): What Would Wat Do? (9-3)*
  • Non-Competitive (PM group, OAK): Black Catz (5-5)
  • Non-Competitive (Upper, SF): All Lin (9-1)
  • Non-Competitive (Lower, SF): Kuyabraddaz (5-4)

* – WWWD was the only team to win in a Repeat Championship, and from the Losers Bracket!

We are, of course, currently accepting registrations for the new 2013 Winter-Spring season (click!).

Here are some teams who didn’t win the championship, but got a full-on first-hand experience of how our NBA-like season goes, with the double-elimination format…

  • O-DL Upper: Undrafted played 12 games total, lost in Championship.
  • O-DL Lower: Sole Supremacy played 12 games total, lost in Final Three.
  • SF-DL Upper: B.T.R. played 11 games total, lost in Championship.
  • Oakland NC-AM: The aforementioned WWWD played in 12 games, won Championship.
  • Oakland NC-PM: Lao Ru played in 12 games, lost in Championship.
  • NC-SF: Flight Club Cobras played in 13 games, lost in Championship.

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Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores Academy, pkg lot thru black gate next to Children’s Youth Council Bldg on Church St b/w 16th & 17th Streets
BHPY = Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, 1601 Lane St, SF (arrive early as rear parking lot gate is closed)

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmbwlqGDCpQCdGJTUHhnOG5NZEFzNnBmOUo5SEhncWc&output=html 800 1500]

Sun 12/23

THU 12/20 (5:15PM) — Apologies for the delay in posting something, but by now your captain should’ve been in contact with you already about the game times. All games will be at BCRC. It’s pretty straightforward. The 8p and 9p games only happen if Black Catz and Seven Brothers lose the 5p and 7p games, respectively.

Also, signups for the new season starting in January 2013 are underway…


Sun 12/16

THU 12/14 (6:30PM) — The schedule for this Sun 12/16 has finally been posted below. Please note the games in red that have been postponed to 12/23. We do expect all teams to be able to attend on 12/23. If this is a problem, you must contact me.

THU 12/14 (2:15PM) — OK, so we have some operational issues today putting up the schedule. Please just contact Freddie directly or text me at 415-68-DREAM (415-683-7326) for your tipoff time. I’ll be back online around 6pm to post the Sun 12/16 schedule. There’s only like 3-4 games at BCRC starting at 1p… THU 12/14 (9:15AM) — Sorry for the delay. We will have the four Oakland tipoffs up by this afternoon, or contact Freddie directly. Assoc and the champ game involving Black Catz have been postponed to 12/23.

Sun 12/9

THU 12/7 (8:45AM) — The tipoffs for this Sun 12/9 have posted. Btw if you win a championship, please be sure to email me your t-shirt sizes.

WED 12/6 (7:30PM) — Below is the rough draft for this Sun 12/9. ISAH will likely start in the late late afternoon, BCRC in the early morning, and WKRC in the late morning. The tipoffs should be published by tomorrow early morning.

Sun 12/2

THU 11/29 (3:00PM) — Below are the final tipoffs for this Sun 12/2. Again, here are the byes which were explained in the previous posts:

  • Assoc: #4 Cream Of The Crop, #6 Putties (Losers Bracket)
  • O-DL: #3 OIIM, #5 Alliance (Losers Bracket)

THU 11/29 (2:00PM) — Need another one or two hours, but it looks like we’ll be postponing the Losers Bracket of O-DL Upper, which currently and normally would feature OIIM vs Alliance, to next Sun 12/9. In the spirit of the Warriors’ handling of Andrew Bogut’s microfracture, I must fully disclose that some of the playoff brackets in the Losers Bracket were handled properly.

But hey, Freddie’s new at this and his time is more valuable than anything else. For example, in a six-team playoff bracket (and others), sometimes it’s actually better to give a bye to two Losers Bracket teams so that the two losers from the Winners Bracket fall down and join the two in the Losers Bracket, giving you a mini-final-four for the next round, in which you can dwindle to one team. Then the one team that loses in the Winners Bracket final drops down, and you have your Final Three plus the Championship whereby the Winners Bracket survivor plays against the Losers Bracket survivor (with a potential repeat the following week).

That’s a much more elegant way of doing it than feeling like you absolutely must play every Losers Bracket team each and every week. That being said, in O-DL we will postpone OIIM and Alliance and re-seed the matchups next week based on high vs low seeds, non-repeating. Same thing in The Association. And just remember, in any mini-final-four you’re going to get the best team surviving it anyways, regardless of what combination of the four teams you matchup first. As with the real NCAA Final Four, you might have a better Semifinal than Championship out of the four teams, but the champion is usually the rightful champion.

THU 11/29 (10:15AM) — The schedule below is now in chronological order but I still need to vet it for scorekeeping staffing and the like. ISAH will likely start in the mid-afternoon, MDLS in the early afternoon, BCRC in the early morning, and WKRC in the late afternoon. That should help you estimate your probably tipoff time, before it gets set in stone. Please read the previous posts below to see how we got here. ETA on the final posting of the schedule is today at 2pm.

WED 11/28 (1:00PM) — Also, I might give Putties and Cream Of The Crop a bye in the Losers Bracket of The Association. Reason being, it’s easier on the SF gym load plus it’s a more elegant bracket. That means the two losers from the Winners Bracket there will drop down, and we will seed the matchups according to best vs worst seed, but not repeated, if possible. Regardless, you still get the best team out of the four Losers Bracket teams on 12/9 by doing a mini-final-four in there.

WED 11/28 (12:45PM) — Forgot to mention, there are a lot of bogeys in scheduling, as you can see in the red and orange in the V and H columns in the spreadsheet below. Red means there are major difficulties, orange means there are minor difficulties. What does that mean? That means you might need to play outside of your usual timeframe, especially if you’re in a Losers Bracket “mini final four” situation.

WED 11/28 (11:30AM) — It appears that we will have to put two games at ISAH and approximately eight at MDLS. Just an FYI. Also, we will probably get rid of one of the Losers Bracket mini-final four games, as noted, in Oakland.

TUE 11/27 (11:00PM) — Apparently the results from 11/18 are not up on Twitter and quite possibly the dreamleague.org stats site, either. Nevertheless, Freddie has a draft of the matchups up. You can see it below. I am currently updating the playoff brackets based on the Sun 12/2 matchups Freddie has posted…

MON 11/19 (12:30PM) — No games this Sun 11/25 btw, due to Thanksgiving. This is also reflected on each roadmap tab in the online spreadsheet below.

MON 11/19 (12:15PM) — I have finally posted the Playoff Brackets. You can just click on the link or start with the homepage http://www.drmlg.org/bay/ and scroll down til you see the article for Sundays 2012 Fall Playoff Brackets. Here’s the permanent link I will keep moving around mostly keeping at the top of this page, for your ongoing convenience…

By the way, we’re gonna have the following divisions for our 7th Annual Gold Rush Tournament, Dec 15-16…

  • Open – any height, any ethnicity
  • 6’2″ – pretty competitive, any ethnicity, the 6’2″ is measure without shoes
  • D-League – for teams from our leagues, hopefully to have SF vs OAK vs SJ
  • REC/Non-Competitive – exactly that! Non-Competitive!

Email or text me at 415-68-DREAM (415-683-7326) for more details on the tournament.

Sun 11/25

There were no games on 11/25 due to Thanksgiving.

Sun 11/18

THU 11/15 (6:30PM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 11/18 are now locked and loaded. Thanks to the Blazers, Ballin, and Sole Legit for making themselves available and not forfeiting.

THU 11/15 (5:00PM) — Waiting for one more SF team to provide info. FYI, I expect ISAH to start in the morning and MDLS first game midday. Hope that helps a little, without everything being set in stone yet… THU 11/15 (4:15PM) — Check out all the bogeys in red in the V and H columns in SF at both ISAH and MDLS. This is gonna cause delays in finishing the tipoffs. I’m in contact with most (but not all) of the captains, but just in case, here’s the protocol…

  • If you can’t play at your scheduled tipoff, you’ll need to figure out a solution by swapping your game with another.
  • This will involve calling your opponent to see if it’s okay. Then the other two teams affected in your proposed swap.
  • Text me at 415-68-DREAM, make your swap proposal, and I will give you the phone numbers of the captains involved.

At this juncture late in the playoffs and with your team left to play against another team from a different timeframe, you will have to take a big step back and look at the big picture…

  1. This is a double-elimination format and in any other league, your team would probably not even be alive anymore.
  2. Freddie did the best he can. Think of this as a lottery for your timeframe. If you lost the lottery, oh well.
  3. In general we try to go by majority rule, but sometimes that can’t be done perfectly.
  4. The teams that have rosters with players that can play at multiple times usually do advance (attrition factor).
  5. Granted, this is like a lottery. If you have a better solution, you do have the opportunity to propose it.
  6. For the teams that get proposed a swap, realize that with basketball karma, sooner or later your team will be in the same predicament, so just try to be nice because what goes around DOES come back around.

THU 11/15 (12:30PM) — Tax return is finally done. Freddie’s first draft of the schedule for this Sun 11/18 is below. Here are the issues…

  • BCRC has limited availability due to a Thanksgiving event.
  • WKRC has no availability due to a previously scheduled event.
  • We will not be renting from the other gyms in OAK. Too much red tape.
  • Therefore, there are only seven (7) timeslots available at BCRC.
  • We will postpone the playoffs of NC-AM and NC-PM.
  • In Assoc, Undrafted has been moved to O-DL Upper.
  • In Assoc, Kurruption has to travel their first two games. They have a bye as the #2 seed though.
  • Playoff brackets will be posted tomorrow. Sorry for the delay on that. Blame it on the tax return.

The tipoffs for the entire Sun 11/18 schedule should be up by 5pm today. Thanks for your patience.

TUE 11/13 (11:15AM) — I’m kinda stressed out with Dream League’s nonprofit tax return due in two days, so there might not be any updates here for a couple days. Meanwhile, Freddie will be busting out playoff brackets and matchups for this Sun 11/18. Also, we’ll be updating payments. Remember, everyone should be paid up with 8+ roster slots by midnight tonight, with the exception of The Association which will be entering playoffs this Sunday, meaning every team there should have at least 7 of the minimum 8 slots paid. TTYL…

Sun 11/11

THU 11/8 (5:00PM) — For the new playoff brackets, we hope to post those to the STANDINGS pages on the stats website (dreamleague-dot-org) by late tonight. Freddie’s done with them, just a matter of posting them. For the existing playoff brackets, Freddie hopes to get those brackets up as a new tab on the schedule grid below by Saturday.

THU 11/8 (4:45PM) — Tipoffs for Sun 11/11 are now up, scroll or hit the jump. Frisco Hawks must auto-forfeit because they can’t field a team and the rest of their bracket can. Everything was explained in the previous posts.

THU 11/8 (3:30PM) — The only team that has not replied to my text is the Falcons. They are in dire jeopardy of forfeiting their game this Sun 11/11. Cream Of The Crop has been reinstated.

THU 11/8 (2:00PM) — Delinquent teams are now in red on the schedule, ready to be taken out of the schedule. Meanwhile, it looks like Alliance is another delinquent team, so that makes three out of the six Upper O-DL teams disrupting schedule, further justifying us postponing the start of that playoff bracket. However, with these six, that means when we start their playoffs next Sun 11/18, there will be doubleheaders for the lowest seeds, at a minimum, since I don’t want that division to drag out past 12/9.

THU 11/8 (1:30PM) — Cream Of The Crop has been expelled for non-payment. Their matchup vs Kurruption is hereby taken off the schedule. I sure hope there are no other teams in their boat. We’re checking right now.

Handsome Devils has also been expelled. They forfeited last week for the second time and they’re also behind. Here’s the full list of delinquent teams…

SF Warriors 7 spots paid 7th game 1 spot due
Kurruption 5 spots paid 6th game 2 spots due
Cream Of The Crop 4 spots paid 6th game 3 spot due
Blue Chips 6 spots paid 7th game 2 spots due
Main Event 7 spots paid 7th game 1 spot due
Hapa 6 spots paid 7th game 2 spots due
Slow Down 7 spots paid 7th game 1 spot due
Falcons 5 spots paid 6th game 2 spots due
Alliance 7 spots paid 7th game 1 spot due
**Handsome Devils 5 spots paid —3 spots due

THU 11/8 (1:15PM) — Below are the matchups for this Sun 11/11. We will figure out tipoffs by hopefully 5pm tonight. Please note, all of OAK-DL will take a bye because OIIM and T’s Up are not able to field a team, which represents 2 out of the 6 teams in that playoff bracket. There is one other team in SF-NC-Upper that cannot field a team, but they are the only team in that division that can’t play, therefore it is not enough of a disruption to warrant the entire SF-NC-Upper to take a bye.

THU 11/8 (8:30AM) — It took some time, but we are finally done with matchups for this Sun 11/11. I’ll post those by 12pm today. But the schedule is/was delayed because now that most divisions are in playoffs, it just gets complicated. Thanks for your patience. Tipoffs should post by probably 5pm tonight.

Sun 11/4

THU 11/1 (6:15PM) — Nevermind, Grey Goose vs Alliance stays at 130p, not 430p. It’s complicated. Meanwhile, we keep 5p,6p the way it was, that way in case there are any other changes coming in from left field, we’ll be okay in terms of scorekeeping. That means a back-to-back doubleheader for BlackCatz, but oh well, league operations (or risk thereof) takes precedence. I’m tired of getting snakebitten here.

THU 11/1 (6:00PM) — Slight change. So that we have scorekeeping (Tony), we have swapped the 5p,6p games at BCRC. What’s below is final. Sorry about that.

THU 11/1 (6:00PM) — Schedule below is final. To avoid the TI/Grey overlap, I had to put Grey vs Alliance at 430p, but the captains have been texted in regards to the issues there. No choice but to publish it that way. Freddie says we’re having trouble staffing that one with scorekeepers, so if it turns out that we need to get the gym director to do it, Grey and Alliance should just pay $5 each because the stats are not gonna be good, although the clock should be okay.

THU 11/1 (5:30PM) — Just went through the ultra-complicated process of figuring out agreeable times for the TI/Blazers/Ballin triumvirate, but now I see an overlap with Freddie’s pinned times with Grey Goose and TI. So I have to put the Oakland times on ice. Sorry.

THU 11/1 (4:00PM) — I have reached a work stoppage. In SF, there is a triumvirate of playoff games involving SF-DL teams T.I. (2p-7p), Blazers (9a-1p), and Ballin (3p-8p). Blazers say they can’t field a team past 1p due to work. Ballin says they want a 430p+ tipoff. Well, what am I supposed to do?

I’m going to drop the hammer in a couple hours. This is just not fair to the other SF teams waiting for the schedule. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it will probably have to be scheduling these games as they fit in the gym space available without regard to tipoff timeframes. The problem is, if there’s a forfeit, then the refs (and scorekeepers) will get pissed because they won’t get paid. It’s a $70 fine to the team that forfeited, to make up this cost because you can’t expect the team that got forfeited on to pay their $35.

THU 11/1 (3:00PM) — Added SF-NC playoff seeds to the list below. Now adding the matchups to the roadmap then schedule… (2:00PM) — Matchups for SF-DL are now listed on the schedule below. Also ASSOC(SF). Now doing the SF-NC playoff seeds… (1:00PM) — Here are the playoff seeds for…

That’s all for now.

THU 11/1 (10:55AM) — The schedule is far from done, but at least you can see Freddie’s first draft below, with the seeds for OAK NC-AM implied. I’m currently working on SF-DL then SF-NC seeds. We’ll probably split the playoffs in each into Upper and Lower brackets, both double-elimination. Primarily this is for logistical purposes and secondarily parity issues, as it’s way less complicated to run a smaller bracket than a larger one.

ETA for the final schedule is probably sometime tonight. Sorry about that, but with Halloween and Freddie gone this week, it’s been difficult.

WED 10/31 (3:15PM) — Happy Halloween! Things have not been going smoothly today and with Freddie out and the requisite trick-or-treating with the family, the schedule for this Sun 11/4 probably won’t go up until at least tomorrow afternoon. On a brighter note, I believe this Sun is the end of daylight savings time so everyone will get an extra hour of sleep.

Btw, Freddie has actually finished a draft of the Oakland schedule, and I’ll need to figure out seeds for SF divisions in playoffs and build the SF schedule for Sun 11/4 from the roadmaps.

TUE 10/30 (10:45AM) — If you have any special requests, you should email BOTH Freddie and myself. Actually, it’s best if you ping me with a text at the dreamleague number: 415-683-7326 (68-DREAM) too.

Looks like, according to the roadmaps which you can click on below yourself, most divisions are heading into the first round of playoffs. There are a few issues with this…

  1. Freddie has done the seedings for Oakland, but not SF yet. If he can’t do SF, then it falls in my lap and I’ll need to do that starting tomorrow, as my schedule is jam-packed as always.
  2. Some divisions will be split based on final standings and if there are at least 4 teams that sort of fell through the cracks. Or, conversely, there could be a couple of teams that are blazing through the regular season that need to be moved up in the playoff brackets.
  3. I still don’t think the divisions are sandbag-free. Both in SF and OAK, we are noticing a few “D-League” level teams that really should have played in “The Association”. I am contemplating having additional awards in the top division (The Association) as an added incentive to play in that division.
  4. THE 8 ROSTER SLOTS ARE STILL DUE COMING UP. Let’s say your first playoff game is coming up this Sun 11/4. Well, technically, that’s your seventh game. Your minimum eight (8) roster slots are supposed to be paid by midnight tonight. If not, we reserve the right to forfeit your team.
  5. Some teams have more than 8 players but have not paid for the 9th+ slots. I guess I can let it pass during the regular season, but if you are bringing more than 8 players to a game, you are supposed to have paid for 9 or 10+ slots. The 9th slot is $40 and the 10th slot is $25. If you have 10 slots, you get an 11th and 12th slot for free. This pricing is done from the perspective of that 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th player. Teams that bring more than 8 players to a playoff game are subject to me dropping the hammer if another team complains. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Sun 10/28

FRI 10/26 (6:00PM) — Also, 4p Heat vs Flight Club Cobras will now occur at MDLS, while 4p Ballin vs P2W will move to ISAH. The times are the same. This is because Heat is playing a doubleheader back-to-back and mathematically this is the best solution. Obviously they can’t get into a transporter and appear from MDLS to ISAH in an instant; it takes at least 20 minutes to drive from one gym to the other.

FRI 10/26 (5:45PM) — It took me awhile to get online, but here are the latest updates to the schedule for this Sun 10/28…

  • Team CB vs Kuyabruddaz will now occur at 2p ISAH.
  • Putties vs Falcons will now occur at 3p ISAH.

All captains have approved.

FRI 10/26 (1:00PM) — Kuyabruddaz finished paying out all their roster slots, so they’ll be reinstated in the game vs Team CB. The only question now is, at 2p or 3p? Well, meanwhile, the Putties have requested a 3pm tipoff vs the Falcons, so we’ll see what the Falcons say (usually 4p+ timeframe, though). I hope to get this resolved by 5pm. Obviously it would be nice not to have a 1-hour void in the schedule.

Btw, in terms of finishing the payout of your 8 roster slots, remember, that limits you to a hard eight. You cannot even substitute a different guy for one of your regulars. If you do that and you don’t pay for the 9th slot which gives you that roster flexibility, you will be forfeited. So please consult with us for all roster moves as we head into the playoffs.

THU 10/25 (9:15PM) — I have forfeited the Kuya game. They still need to pay their three spots before next Tue midnight if they want to play their first playoff game next Sun 11/4. Meanwhile, the tipoffs have been solidified below. It was, in short, a complicated process.

In SF, we have a two-hour window from 2p-4p at ISAH where you can play open gym. Any interested parties should text me at 415-683-7326 (415-683-DREAM). If there aren’t enough guys, I’m closing the gym and getting lunch at that time.

Jump down to schedule/roadmaps

THU 10/25 (2:30PM) — Freddie will post the Oakland tipoffs but I can’t post the SF tipoffs due to complications with Kuya not paying and Kris Neri’s overlap with Shohoku. So all of SF must wait until I can work on this later tonight like 8pm. I mean, that’s just what happens and I don’t quite know what to do about it. In this community, you just gotta step up and be responsible for your spot, otherwise everybody suffers. Quite literally, the Kuya game is causing the Neri conflict.

I’ve asked Freddie to put SF in chronological order, just in case things turn out that way and all we need to do is plug in tipoffs. You can probably guess around what time you’ll be having your game, even as-is. So, SF people, I’ll see you tonight right back here for tipoffs. Hopefully I’ll get it done by time the Giants have beaten the Tigers to go up 2-0.

THU 10/25 (11:45AM) — Forgot to mention that Eastbay Pacers has officially been expelled due to payment delinquency. Freddie has rematched the opponents of their remaining games against each other. It appears that things still work out mathematically (i.e., all teams in their division still end up with 6 regular season games, with no repeat matchups unless explicitly needed on purpose).

THU 10/25 (11:30AM) — So looking at the schedule, I might need to move Kuyabruddaz to a timeslot at the beginning of a gym, and likewise with Main Event, perhaps to the end. That way I can lop off that single game in case we don’t get payment. That being said, the entire league waits for the status of their payment because I’ll wait until 2pm today to see if they’ve paid. If not, then I have no choice but to move their games to the front or back end of each gym schedule, which affects other teams and is why we need to keep all tipoffs listed as TBD for now. You can see that I’ve put these games in red.

The other thing that would affect the schedule is the SF scorekeeping staff. Still waiting to here back from some guys. Incidentally, the games colored blue are ones that have scorekeeping staff on them. The ones in purple are games in which a team playing a doubleheader is involved. Currently, we have only color-coded these for mostly SF games, so if you’re in Oakland and you know you have a game involving either a scorekeeper or doubleheader, we might not have marked it. Freddie does most of the Oakland scheduling, so I don’t know how he does it without any visual aids like that.

As for the delinquent teams that have a bye this Sun 10/28, well the same thing is gonna happen to you next week, and by then there will be $1.34 added twice per slot because I haven’t added the $1.34 this week yet (I will right after this writing). And since Freddie is going out of town next week, what I’m going to do is change the color of your games on the roadmap to red, so that I don’t even need to bother copy/pasting those, I’ll just mark those as a forfeit. At this point I just really don’t have the time to babysit these much longer.

Again, the way to check how many payments you’ve made is to go to the Rumor Mill and hover your cursor over your team name. Overall, I’m happy to see that the list of delinquents is relatively minor. Kudos to Freddie for the ongoing updates.

THU 10/25 (11:15AM) — The following teams are at risk of forfeiting their games this Sun 10/28, especially the ones who have ALWAYS been behind. As you know from my last post, this week is pretty hairy for me so I’m just not gonna go out of my way to give people leeway — I don’t have the time. So either put up, or be forfeited…

kuyabruddaz: 6th game, 4 slots paid, 2 slots due
shohoku a/r: 6th game, 5 slots paid, 1 slot due (I’m not worried about this team)
hapa: 6th game, 4 slots paid, 2 slots due (I’m sort of not worried about this team)
main event: 5th game, 4 slots paid, 1 slot due (I don’t know this team, so can’t say)

cream of the crop: 6th game, 3 slots paid, 3 slots due (bye)
handsome devils: 7th game, 5 slots paid, 2 slots due (bye)
injured reserve: 6th game, 5 slots paid, 1 slot due (bye) (I don’t know this team, so can’t say)

THU 10/25 (10:00AM) — Apologies for the delay in posting something. My laptop got stolen on Monday night, so it’s been a pretty hairy week. Anyways, Freddie will be updating the schedule below with matchups but all tipoffs are “TBD” because there are still wrinkles to iron out. In other words, Freddie will be adding a 10/28 tab later today.

Also, due to time constraints for this week, I may not be posting the “generous” list of Byes, Doubleheaders, and Overlaps until AFTER the tipoffs are set in stone. “Generous” just means that you can actually figure those things out for yourself by going to your division’s roadmap and seeing if you have a bye or a doubleheader. For overlaps, look at the bottom of last week’s sheet (i.e., click on the 10/21 tab) to see which teams we will be trying not to overlap.

Sun 10/21

FRI 10/19 (10:30AM) — Had to swap 130p ISAH with 2p MDLS because we accidentally overlapped All Show No Go’s doubleheader in opposite gyms. There were a lot of bogeys to deal with as you can see from the further player overlap on ASNG and Shohoku A/R, along with the tipoff timeframes of other teams in the afternoon.

So right now unfortunately Kris Neri has to sacrifice his Shohoku A/R game because I don’t have an immediate solution for that. However, I have left it open for him to suggest another swap and we can ask the other three captains involved if that would be okay with them.

FRI 10/19 (2:00AM) — Earlier on Thu around 3p, Freddie posted the final tipoffs for this Sun 10/21. I have now also included the official list of byes, doubleheaders, and overlaps underneath the tab for 10/21, below.

P2W has to pay the $20 they owe for the game that was out of their division, which would be a 7th game in addition to the 6 regular season games that are currently scheduled for them in SF-DL. Incidentally, Greg Hom happens to be on that team as well as another in the same division. To that, all I can really say is, well, those are the breaks. I mean P2W clearly signed up for the wrong division, so Hom will just have to pick one team to play with when those two teams are matched up against each other.

THU 10/18 (7:15AM) — A rough draft of the schedule for this Sun 10/21 is now up, with tipoffs omitted as we iron out some details. The OAK-DL matchups and byes were copied/pasted incorrectly, so we’re going to fix that soon (OIIM, EBP, T’s Up, and Main are all supposed to have a bye, per the roadmap). In SF, we have some delays as we try to ensure we have adequate scorekeeping staff.

Again, if you have any interest in scorekeeping in SF, please let us know.

Here’s the Bye and DH Lists for 10/21. Also forthcoming is the list of overlaps. Again, this is extracted from the roadmaps…

BYES FOR 10/21 (* = natural)
assoc bye: Putties*
o-dl byes: OIIM at EastBay Pacers
o-dl byes: T’s Up at Main Event
sf-dl byes: Prodigy at Braddahz
nc-am byes: (none)
nc-pm byes: (none)
Dynasty at Team CB

sf-dl dh: Sole Legit at P2W
nc-pm dh: JS23 at Inglorious Baskets
sf-nc dh: All Show No Go at Aubergine
sf-nc dh: SF Free Agents at Kuyabruddaz

Right now, it’s hard to say what time today we think we’ll get the tipoffs done, so let’s go with this afternoon.

WED 10/17 (8:00AM) — We may or may not be posting the list of technicals soon. If you have two technicals already, please be aware that you’ll be suspended automatically one game, even if it is a playoff game, on your 3rd technical. I have already discussed Dream League’s perspective on sportsmanship in a previous post below. We take this seriously and it is our passion for providing the safest environment for basketball possible.

WED 10/17 (7:45AM) — Roadmaps Assoc, OAK-DL, and OAK-NC-PM were slightly modified. In Assoc, we filled in some blanks where we had to do some juggling, then added the “at OAK” locations of certain upcoming games to be more explicit. In OAK-DL, we officially moved the 10/14 Eastbay Pacers vs Straight Gunnin game to 10/28. In OAK-NC-PM, we got rid of the bye for Injured Reserve on 10/21, per their request last week. You can see all of these noted changes in the “UPDATES TO” section underneath the list of teams on each roadmap.

TUE 10/16 (4:30PM)Saturday League registration info has been posted!

TUE 10/16 (6:00AM) — Roster slots have increased by the weekly $1.34. Freddie will continue to update the payment schedule, which is located on the Rumor Mill list of teams, if you hover your mouse over your team name.

Meanwhile, our statcrew has been busy inputting scores, standings, and stats over at the old site: dreamleague.org. Here are the exact links, as you can actually see them on that old homepage…

We are also maintaining a list of technical fouls. In the NBA’s 82-game regular season, on the 17th technical foul, you are automatically suspended 1 game. In Dream League’s 6-game regular season, on the 3rd technical foul, you are automatically suspended 1 game.

Again, Dream League is Pleasantville. You should come to Dream League and be appreciative of what we have to offer. It is no surprise that we are practically the only league out there that offers an NBA format, and it’s likely that any other league that does offer an NBA format, got it from us. If you’re not appreciative of our unique oncourt experience, then there are plenty of other leagues around where you can act like all entitled, etc. Granted, an overly competitive flare-up every now and then is understandable, but if you’re coming to our league week after week and complaining about this or that on a fairly consistent basis, then perhaps it is time to reflect and wonder why you keep coming back when you are so upset with us week after week. However, I will say that 95% of you don’t feel like this and indeed are having a great time. We’re happy that you’re still with us and that we’re enjoying the greatest game ever invented, in a safe environment.

As far as this Sun 10/21 and onward is concerned, please check the roadmaps for each division below. There are still one or two tweaks needed based on last-minute byes from last week. Those will be announced in the next 24-48 hours. Thanks for your ongoing patience with that, and your understanding of why Sunday scheduling is the way it is. On the flipside, Sundays has more teams and parity in multiple simultaneous locations, is a longer season with the double-elimination playoffs, and I’m not sure that’s even possible without the scheduling being complicated.

We’re also about to announce weeknight and Saturday leagues, in which scheduling won’t be as complicated as Sundays. Obviously those will be smaller leagues with more risk of non-parity.

Sun 10/14

FRI 10/12 (1:15PM) — We have noted in red the $20 and $23, respectively, for P2W and Black Catz Remix to pay this Sun 10/14 for the extraneous games in their roadmaps.

FRI 10/12 (12:00PM) — Sonics payments have been resolved. Eastbay Pacers situation is not really resolved, so I’ve postponed their game vs Straight Gunnin to 10/28. The good news for Straight Gunnin is that they had a bye on 10/28 and now have a game, so they’ll play straight thru to the playoffs.

The collateral damage from this is that the 9a BCRC Warriors vs Check game has now been moved to 12p, which was the EBP vs StrG slot. This was the easiest solution and is still within both teams’ timeframes, since the 10a and 11a games involve teams that play doubleheader makeups.

THU 10/11 (5:15PM) — Looks like the Eastbay Pacers and Sonics are behind on their roster slot payments. If you are playing one of these teams, be prepared as I might have to yank that game from the schedule.

THU 10/11 (3:15PM) — Freddie just told me he inputted all the scores on the stats site (dreamleague.org). Thus, the standings are updated! That’s a lot of work, guys. Let’s give Freddie a round of applause… (3:00PM) — If you looked at this page between 11:15am and 2:45pm today, you may have seen the wrong two time slots for WKRC. They should be and are 1230,130p at WKRC. Sorry about that… (2:45PM) — Freddie posted the tipoffs for BCRC/WKRC a couple hours ago… (11:15AM) — A swap in the schedule has been made in SF. Due to Putties not being able to field a team until after 6p, the 430p ISAH and 6p MDLS games have been swapped. 6p is now Putties vs Cream and 430p is now Ballin vs WCAL, as you can see on the schedule. Freddie’s confirmation of the BCRC/WKRC tipoffs is imminent.

THU 10/11 (8:15AM) — Schedule is up below, but Oakland is still up in the air and so we’ve put TBD for all the tipoffs, pending double-check from Freddie. We have adjusted the OAK-NC-PM roadmap due to JS23 wanting a bye this Sun 10/14 and Injured Reserve’s listing of 10/21 as a bye when they registered.

Meanwhile, we will also be checking the payments, as discussed in the post below. Any teams not paid, we will probably need to postpone, if not forfeit, their game for this Sunday. Please scroll through the next post before reaching the jump link.

Finally, you’ll notice that we’ve moved the schedule for each week to its own tab on the sheet. At the bottom of each sheet from 10/14 on, you’ll see that week’s list of Byes, Doubleheaders, and Overlaps, which should help as a double-check in case there are questions. Obviously, each week’s schedule in terms of matchups should be a straight copy/paste from each division’s roadmap.

Freddie should be able to confirm the Oakland portion of the schedule, in terms of roadmap matchups as well as payments, by 2pm today.

TUE 10/9 (8:30PM) — Made updates to the list below. Freddie is updating some of the late PayPal payments this week later tonight… (6:45PM) — Here is an ongoing list of teams on the brink of forfeiting this Sunday’s game…

  • The Association – Kurruption: 2 slots paid, 3rd game 10/14, 2 slots due immediately.
  • The Association – Falcons: 2 slots paid, 2nd game 10/14, 1 slot due immediately.
  • The Association – Cream Of The Crop: 2 slots paid, 4th game 10/14, 3 slots due immediately.
  • OAK-DL – Main Event: 2 slots paid, 3rd game 10/14, 2 slots due immediately.
  • OAK-DL – Eastbay Pacers: 4 slots paid, 5th game 10/14, 2 slots due immediately.
  • SF-DL – SF Warriors: 4 slots paid, 4th game 10/14, 1 slot due immediately.
  • SF-DL – Blue Chips: 4 slots paid, 4th game 10/14, 1 slot due immediately.
  • OAK-NC-AM – Sonics: 4 slots paid, 4th game 10/14, 1 slot due immediately.
  • OAK-NC-AM – Black Catz Remix: 4 slots paid, 4th game 10/14, 1 slot due immediately.
  • OAK-NC-PM – Injured Reserve: 2 slots paid, 4th game on 10/21, 2 slots due immediately, 1 next week.
  • OAK-NC-PM – Lao Ru: 2 slots paid, 4th game on 10/14, 3 slots due immediately.
  • SF-NC – Flight Club Cobras: 2 slots paid, 3rd and 4th games on 10/14, 3 slots due immediately.
  • SF-NC – Heat: 2 slots paid, 2nd and 3rd games on 10/14, 2 slots due immediately.

TUE 10/9 (6:30PM) — I have just increased the roster slot fees by $1.34 again, as I will be doing each week. You’re supposed to have one more slot paid than number of games coming up this Sun 10/7. So let’s say this Sunday it’s your 4th game. Well, you’re supposed to have 5 slots paid.

Teams that are not paid up by tomorrow will be forced to postpone or forfeit their upcoming game this Sunday. Quite frankly, we don’t really have the time to deal with delinquent people. Either you’re onboard and the ship sails, or you’re not. Teams will need to step up for these delinquents or else pay the penalty by not playing a game. If there’s someone on your team that can cover for that player, then I suggest you get that roster slot paid ASAP. All the payments are listed on the Rumor Mill page. Just hover your mouse over the team name.

There are a minimum of 8 slots required per team. For the playoffs, if you want to have the ability to have a 9th or 10th slot, then you have to pay for those too. The 9th slot will be $40 and the 10th slot, which actually buys you a free 11th and 12th slot if you need it, will be $25. We actually think $40 for a full league for the 4th guy off the bench is a pretty good deal for that guy. $25 for the 10th guy (and 11th and 12th) over the course of a whole season is not bad either. The first eight players ought to be in the regular rotation and paying the full price; that’s our recommendation in terms of team management.

Contact us by email if you want to pay for those. If you don’t pay for those, then obviously it’s those 8 names, period, for the playoffs. You cannot replace injured players at that point (you can’t in the NBA either).

TUE 10/9 (8:45AM) — Right now the protocol to make a special scheduling request is still to email freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org, cc rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org, and pay the $8 fee. The $8 fee can be paid at the payment button where player and team fees are paid: http://www.drmlg.org/bay/leagues/sundays/pay/ …We accept requests up until 11:59pm each Tuesday night. After that, it’s probably too late.

TUE 10/9 (8:00AM) — The SF-NC roadmap has been revamped after Freddie discovered that two teams would be playing each other on consecutive weeks. What actually happened was human error whereby I accidentally keyed in “Hapa” instead of “Heat” (and vice-versa) for the first block of games. You can still see this on the erroneous roadmap sheet below, renamed “sf-nc (old)”. So I had to do some major juggling, added a different block of games, and made a few remixes of matchups to correct the problem. It ain’t pretty, but I believe all teams now end up with still 6 regular season games whereby no one is playing each other more than once. There are 14 teams, 7 in the AM and 7 in the PM.

I hope to double-check this new roadmap later today. Meanwhile, Freddie and his statcrew are populating the stats database, but this will take time as we are 4 weeks of games into it. Keep in mind, we’re probably at one-third of the way through the entire season including playoffs.

I would also like to take a moment and talk about the thing that Dream League has almost curbed completely: sand-bagging. One team in the OAK-NC-AM defeated another by 60 points last Sun 9/30, which is automatically a red flag. It turns out that the team in question, one that hasn’t enjoyed much success win/loss-wise in the past, picked up an impact player (scored 39 points) who shouldn’t be wasting his time in “non-competitive” divisions.

There is actually another team in the SF-NC like this, although the one in OAK-NC-AM also has a big rebounder. It’s kind of a dicey situation when a team that has, in the past, struggled in a “non-competitive” division, decides they need to ante up, and picks up that one game-changer.

Technically speaking, in Dream League’s NON-COMPETITIVE division, you’re not supposed to have that competitive itch that would urge you to pickup that game-changer. You’re also not supposed to complain much about anything, because you are enjoying the game and happen to be ultra-grateful that there is a league that has adopted NBA rules, allowing to fulfill your “dream”. Well, so goes in theory/utopia. I thought I had made that clear with the name change alone, but it appears that each registration period from now on, we will have to not only re-word the description but also contact each team to ensure that they are abiding by the spirit of the “NC” community.

As far as the next step up, D-LEAGUE, for those of you who are in the NC division and indeed have that competitive itch (whether you’d like to admit it or not), please note that we now have a myriad of factors that you input in your registration, ranging from height to experience to chemistry to pace. The idea is that “a bunch” of teams would sign up in the same bushel, then we would filter that bushel out a little bit more based on those more detailed factors.

And we have a second tier of parity control, which is we can move teams up or down for the playoffs. Each playoff bracket needs a minimum of only 4 teams.

So I hope you realize that it is in your best interest to signup for the right division and indicate your team’s competitive aspects correctly. Not doing so can result in blowout wins. At the end of the day, would you rather play in a close game that comes down to the wire or would you rather win by 60? That’s part of the oncourt experience of Dream League. We look out for that, and the proof is in the pudding when you register your team, as well as notice our playoff brackets (which are double-elimination, btw). Most leagues don’t put that much effort into the oncourt experience.

Sun 10/7

SAT 10/6 (5:00PM) — I just realized that the roadmaps are not updated with the late bye requests that were made for this Sun 10/7. That will be the next task. (4:00PM) — All of the roadmaps are now updated with the entire season and playoff schedule. The only we don’t know is the exact tipoffs, but you have your tipoff timeframes for that. I will try to post a sheet with all the tipoff timeframes as well. That’s coming up next.

THU 10/4 (7:45PM) — Due to the complexities of the SF schedule this season, we are looking for possibly another scorekeeper out there. Please email me at rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org if you are interested.

THU 10/4 (7:30PM) — Note for Handsome Devils $70 forfeit fee (covers refs and scorekeepers for both teams) for last Sun 9/30 vs Flight Club Cobras has been added. We have also given them the option to makeup the game for $90. For future reference, this probably can only happen in SF, as the gym rates in Oakland are a different beast.

THU 10/4 (7:15PM) — 530p ISAH Undrafted at BluePrint has been added. While it’s great that Undrafted can come to SF, it actually throws a curveball in my plans for the playoffs. It was supposed to be easy in terms of all SF teams in The Association traveling to Oakland for two regular season games. That would mean most definitely the first two playoff games would all be at SF to make it fair. But now, who knows. I’ll play it by ear, playoff game-by-game count of home/away, as we always do with OAK/SF mixed divisions.

THU 10/4 (5:45PM) — Here’s yet another story about our refs. Morale of the story is this: sometimes people have a bad day, but unfortunately the ref does have control of the court so obviously we’re at the mercy of any particular ref. Some things just happen and I can’t be everywhere, so I can’t turn a sticky oncourt situation into something better unless I’m there. Well, the team in question (from SF) said they never wanted to see this ref again, and I can probably oblige to that since they only have a couple games in Oakland for this season being in The Association. Here’s what my staff said in reaction. I thought it was well said…

“I see [insert ref name here] all the time, so to me, he was just being himself. But if it was my first time seeing him, I would have the same reaction as [SF team in question]. [Ref’s name] likes being in charge, so whenever someone shows him up or talk to him in a way that he doesn’t like, he’s gonna snap. We Oakland guys know not to mess with that.”

THU 10/4 (5:30PM) — We might add Undrafted at Blue Print at 530p ISAH. Currently awaiting approval from Blue Print captain. Reason this happened was we couldn’t figure out a solution to each team’s tipoff conflict. Luckily, Undrafted was flexible this weekend. Thanks for being flexible. Definitely helps for scheduling, which as you can see can get really complicated sometimes!

THU 10/4 (5:15PM) — Heat and Rawkats will pay $20 and $23, respectively, for the “extra game” they got (a 7th game instead of the usual six, if you will), from the inadvertent scheduling of them against a team from what turned out to be another division, due to whatever circumstance. It’s just to cover the cost of the gym, since more than six games is not within the budget. The other option would’ve had them playing 5 regular season games within the division.

By the same token, we have P2W (Heat’s opponent) and Black Catz Remix (Rawkats’ opponent). This is just so you guys are not alarmed by the payment notes in the Comments column in the schedule. And it serves as a reminder for both the teams and ourselves.

THU 10/4 (4:45PM) — One more thing about the standings. I was about to say, you know what, you can email Freddie anytime to try and find your standings, but quite frankly in Dream League, it doesn’t matter, right? Because of our double-elimination playoffs! One of a kind!

(4:30PM) — FYI, standings are just like stats. We have to create the division structures on the stats website (dreamleague.org) first. We didn’t even know how the divisions would look until late last week, and this week we were still struggling with teams moving divisions and what not, spent all our energy getting the 10/7 schedule up.

So please be patient as we try to get the stats site up next week. Then Freddie’s crew will do some serious data entry to get the last 3-4 weeks of stats into the database for you to enjoy. Thanks for understanding!

THU 10/4 (2:00PM) — The schedule for this Sun 10/7 is below, scroll down or hit the jump. You will see that the matchups are just copy and pasted from the roadmaps. There are also matchups which involve teams that asked for a bye, which will most likely result in a doubleheader makeup in the near future. I’m sure their opponents are kinda pissed about that, but all I can say is, what goes around comes around.

Sooner or later your team will need a bye and you’ll be in their shoes. At the same time, sooner or later another team will come around with a bye when you wanted to play (and you were the one that asked for the bye this week). So, just don’t get too emotional about this stuff. By the end of the regular season, everyone will have played 6 games and at that point, bye requests can indeed turn into forfeits in the playoffs. But we’ll see.

There is one game that just couldn’t be scheduled: Blue Print vs Undrafted. Those teams have totally opposite timeframes. Those captains must contact Freddie or me and figure out a future solution.

THU 10/4 (10:30AM) — Currently trying to contact Black Catz Remix and Rawkats captains to discuss. However, this issue might not affect what we have for 10/7 for Oakland roadmaps, which are now posted… (2:45AM) — All roadmaps are nearly done, except I’m waiting for some resolution to the 9/16 matchup Black Catz Remix vs Rawkats, which was an AM vs PM matchup. We now have OAK-NC setup with completely separate AM and PM divisions. Not quite sure what to do about that. In any case, Freddie has begun scheduling the SF games. We should be done by the afternoon today (Thursday).

WED 10/3 (10:45PM) — OAK-DL turned out to be the most complicated schedule ever. Mainly due to the 13 teams, Sole and Alliance having three overlapping players and therefore not being able to play against each other, Sole and Alliance needing a bye 10/14, and the EastBay Pacers having already played two teams from outside of its conference (AM vs PM, which screws up the math). Nevertheless, I still came up with a solution. Felt like Tony Stark in the cave these past few hours… (1:30PM) — Added SF-NC roadmap… (12:30PM) — The first roadmap is now done: SF D-League (“SFDL”), which is probably the most complex roadmap I have to fit into the games that have already been played, plus the additional team as discussed in the previous post. If you scroll down or hit the jump link below this paragraph, you’ll see the sheet “sf-dl” has been added. Go there and you will see how the games on 9/16, 9/23, and 9/30 were fit into a mathematically generated structure for the remaining season.

Each team has a code. In SF-DL, we have 3 conferences: Pacific, Northwest, and Southwest. You’ll see there’s a bunch of games in red and green that have been juggled around in the schedule, the number red crossed out games should equal the number of green makeup games. You’ll also see that sometimes there are doubleheader makeup games. It can get quite complicated, but it’s actually straightforward underneath the surface. The “weeks” are just blocks of games that can be moved around as necessary. Obviously, the games that have already been played can no longer be moved around. Every team should have six regular season games.

The P2W vs Heat game will not count, so that will be an exhibition game that, in reality, probably helped both teams. Each team will pay the league the gym fees that the league paid for this extra game. It will be cheaper than a regularly scheduled game, of course.

The roadmap is actually not 100% complete. I left out the playoffs, but we’ll add those in later since the regular season roadmaps for the remaining divisions are higher priority as of this writing. But hopefully now you see how things work.

TUE 10/2 (11:45AM) — The special scheduling request button is now up. You just goto the Payment page and select the $8 option from the drop-down menu. Freddie will direct you there once you email him with your special scheduling request. Hopefully you don’t have any. It’s priced at eight bucks for a reason!

TUE 10/2 (10:45AM) — Please note, stats cannot be posted to our stats website (dreamleague.org) until the roadmaps are up and we know which teams are in what division. So that will probably start next week and a fair amount of catchup to be done by Freddie and the statcrew. In the meantime, you’ll have to just accept our @dreamleague Twitter timeline’s recaps. Freddie should have those up soon, as the scoresheets from SF have been sent to him.

TUE 10/2 (10:15AM) — Roadmaps will be up soon. This is usually a two-week process because of the complexities. You’ll see below, as you read about each status…

  • The Assocation — Again, two OAK teams and now five SF teams. The fifth SF team (Putties) was added late last week, so we have to build them in. Shouldn’t be too difficult. There’s an odd number of teams, so one team will take a bye on 10/6 most likely.
  • OAK D-League — This one is a bit complicated because Alliance and Sole Supremacy have some of the same players. I count six teams with AM preferences and seven with PM, albeit Alliance and Sole are both PM. So, it’s a bit complicated. This will take time. Odd number of teams means a natural bye for one team each week.
  • SF D-League — P2W, which actually won AAA-REC last season (AAA-REC is the equivalent of D-League) incorrectly signed up for Non-Competitive and played a game in that division this past Sun 9/30. This makes things ultra-complicated because the roadmap for SF-DL was almost done, while the structure of SF-NC was set. Perhaps the only bit of good news is that now we have 16 teams, which MIGHT be an easier number to work with. However, what do we do with that “extra” P2W vs Heat game that was played this past Sunday?
  • OAK-NC-AM — Pretty much set. Ten teams, all AM preferences.
  • OAK-NC-PM — Pretty much set. Eight teams, all PM preferences.
  • SF-NC — Fourteen teams, now with P2W going to D-League. The structure was already set, but now we have to nuke it and start over, therefore this will take more time again.

Incidentally, there is just no way to put P2W into SF-NC. Their roster cannot be altered into a Non-Comp form. Freddie and I will work our butts off, but we’re only human. I would not be surprised if it took us til Friday morning again. I don’t think that will happen, but be prepared for the worst. Again, after roadmaps are defined, it’s pretty much clear sailing.

I will be increasing the roster slot fees and creating a scheduling request payment button ($8) later today. Up until then, consider your roster slot payments at the current levels a bonus. For scheduling requests, email Freddie but we WILL be expecting eventual eight dollar payment once the button is up, because doing special requests IS INDEED that much of a pain for us.

Sun 9/30

FRI 9/28 (12:45PM) — Made a few additional notes to the paragraphs below. Read!… (12:00PM) — The schedule for this Sun 9/30 is now “golden”. Here are the changes I made…

  1. Tone Team vs Injured Reserve to 4pm BCRC, as previously posted.
  2. SFFA vs GPC moved to 530pm MDLS. This one was a big change. Kudos to GPC and captain Jimmy Wu for being flexible. SFFA happens to be my team and I haven’t even talked to my teammates yet, so it’s gonna be ok.
  3. Kuyabruddaz vs Frisco Hawks is now at 11am (not 10am), due to the SFFA vs GPC change.
  4. Aubergine vs All Show No Go was taken off the docket, due to ASNG wanting a bye. Kudos to ASNG’s captain Kris Neri for scrambling last-minute to get five guys. He actually did scrounge up a squad available for a late game, but it’s all better if they take the bye. We’ll reschedule this game for later in the season, as you’ll see on the eventual roadmap.
  5. Prodigies at Undrafted was taken off the docket, due to Undrafted wanting a bye.
  6. Main Event vs Sole Supremacy is now Main Event vs Alliance. The captain of Sole Supremacy is also the captain of Alliance and he pointed out that Sole has already played two games, so give Alliance the game and Sole the natural bye. The OAK-DL roadmap is still “malleable” right now, so this was do-able. We got kind of lucky with this minor issue, as most divisions right now have roadmaps that are getting locked into place.

The list of byes is now as follows…

BYES FOR 9/30 (* = natural)
assoc bye: Falcons*
assoc bye: Prodigies at Undrafted — ADDED SINCE ORIGINAL POST
o-dl bye: Sole Supremacy* — CHANGED SINCE ORIGINAL POST
sf-dl byes: Below The Rim at Prodigy
sf-dl byes: WCAL All-Stars at Huskies
nc-am bye: (none)
nc-pm bye: (none)
sf-nc bye: Hapa*
sf-nc byes: Aubergine at All Show No Go — ADDED SINCE ORIGINAL POST

Again, the byes with asterisks means SOMEONE had to take a bye this week in an odd-numbered division. For SF-DL, at some point those games that were played on 9/16 (or even 9/23) would need to be moved OUT of a normal slate of games — basically, this is just schedule juggling to allow some of you to start early when others weren’t available. So I chose BTR/Prodigy and WCAL/Huskies since those teams are already kind of getting ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of games played. Don’t worry, we have games all the way thru the month of October. Plenty around the corner!

Jump down to top of schedule

Other than that, NOTHING ELSE CHANGED IN THE SCHEDULE from the original post this morning at 8am (which was really posted at like 230am).

Btw, roadmaps should be posted on a separate blogpost by next Monday. Just need some time to breathe right now, after the last three days of crazy hectic scheduling and roadmap-building.

FRI 9/28 (10:45AM) — I will be moving the 430pm WKRC game to the aforementioned 4pm void at BCRC. This is the Tone Team vs Injured Reserve matchup. That means all other Oakland games should remain intact. I will fix SF after 1130am today.

FRI 9/28 (10:30AM) — I have effectively taken the schedule offline. Here are the major issues I’m dealing with…

  • Undrafted at 4pm BCRC absolutely cannot field a team, therefore I need to plug that void.
  • Layup City vs Braddahz already occurred last weekend, which was the result of another already-matched matchup for Braddahz. Basically the master Excel sheet did not reflect the new matchup from 9/23, so I thought Layup vs Braddahz hadn’t occurred yet. This one is major, because I’ve already done the roadmap and now the roadmap for SF D-League must be scrapped.
  • All Show No Go wants a bye. I’m not sure if I can give them a bye, though. I’m already in contact with the captain and he will see if he can field a team.

Welp, the saying “Sh*t happens” can’t be anymore true than today. Sorry, guys. I now have a conference call that I can’t reschedule, so I’ll be back on this probably at 11:30am today. At least you can “sort of” see what the schedule MIGHT be, below…

  • FRI 9/28 (9:00AM) — So I just checked my email and Freddie JUST SENT ME several bye requests. Looks like I’m up shit creek, excuse my french. So y’all gonna have to bear with me if I need to adjust the schedule below. I can’t do this til 12pm today.

    FRI 9/28 (8:00AM) — Scroll down or click the jump link below to see the schedule for this Sun 9/30. Roadmaps are almost done, too. Those should publish on Monday.

    Btw in SF, we’re back at Mission Dolores. Hooray! More on this later.

    Here are the overlaps and byes for this Sun 9/30. A “natural” bye means there is an odd number of teams in the division, so one team will usually take a turn at a bye each Sunday…

    OVERLAPS FOR 9/30:
    nc-am PWW | nc-pm Rawk
    o-dl TsUp | nc-pm Tone
    o-dl Sole | o-dl Alli BYE
    nc-am Hfty | nc-pm IngB
    assoc Kurr | nc-pm KrRc
    nc-am BCR | nc-pm BlkC
    sf-dl ShoD | sf-nc ASNG
    sf-dl ShoD | sf-nc ShoR
    o-dl HBK | nc-am Soni
    assoc Kurr | sf-dl BChp
    sf-dl Pdgy | sf-nc Dyn BYE
    o-dl Grey | sf-dl TI
    sf-dl Htnk | sf-nc SFFA

    BYES FOR 9/30:
    assoc bye: Falcons*
    o-dl bye: Alliance*
    sf-dl byes: Below The Rim at Prodigy
    sf-dl byes: WCAL All-Stars at Huskies
    nc-am bye: (none)
    nc-pm bye: (none)
    sf-nc bye: Hapa*

    THU 9/27 (12:45AM) — I have just updated the Rumor Mill. We should be caught up. Payments might not be updated yet, but anyways this gives us a good look at how the divisions will shape up. You’ll need to use the Filter option on the Location and Division columns. And, of course, read the Rumor Mill.

    Again, I don’t think I’ll be able to get the roadmaps done until tomorrow night, which means the schedule for this Sun 9/30 won’t come out until Fri morning 9/28. Sorry about that. We’re just really short-staffed so it’s one guy doing all the heavy lifting and it just so happens that this is week where there’s the most work (the week after two weeks of “soft launches” which involved selecting matchups without a mathematical scheduling basis).

    WED 9/26 (8:45PM) — Got hit by some wrenches out of left field today, so I don’t have an update yet, but please be reminded that the next steps are…

    1. Update the Rumor Mill sheet thru yesterday,
    2. Update the payments on the same Rumor Mill sheet thru today,
    3. Start creating divisions and season roadmaps based on who signed up for what, and if they paid,
    4. Copy/paste the matchups from the roadmaps, specifically for this Sun 9/30.

    THE ABOVE WILL TAKE TIME. I don’t think I can guarantee finishing all this work until Friday morning. So, that’s a 24-hour delay from the usual Thursday morning post of the immediately following Sunday schedule. Sorry, folks. Please read below to see how we got here.

    TUE 9/25 (11:15PM)Rumor Mill has been updated, albeit not 100% complete. Every registration should be in there though, whether it’s a duplicate or if the payments haven’t been updated. They will be soon, with roster slots going up by $1.34 each.

    TUE 9/25 (9:00PM) — So today I found out that Freddie will be going out of town this week which means the workload for me is especially crazy. Now that we have two “soft launch” weeks done, that means some teams have already played two games. At that point, it becomes mathematically impossible/difficult to create a season schedule that conforms to two randomly matched games. We cannot continue to “randomly” matchup teams.

    Therefore, season schedule templates or “roadmaps” need to be created and this takes work. First of all, all variables must stop moving. That means all registrations must be 100% complete. Everyone must be paid to the extent that it is clear their team is in.

    Bottom line: I’ll probably need until Friday morning to hash all this out, esp without help from Freddie. So just hold on. After this week, you’ll get a better picture of what the remainder of the season will look like. Keep in mind, most of you have specified your 6-hour tipoff timeframe, which everyone can see on the Rumor Mill page.

    MON 9/24 (5:00PM) — We had two games yesterday where we had to reschedule because one of the teams wanted a bye. One of them, the refs and scorekeepers at the gym thought was a forfeit.

    First off, if you are a team that shows up to the gym and your opponent doesn’t look like it has a full squad, there is no reason for you to pay the ref or the scorekeeper. I really don’t need to explain that one; it’s just common sense. If you do, then you are going outside of protocol and creating a situation where the money will have to be tracked down with the refs and scorekeepers. I do not have the time to go outside of protocol.


    On that note, Freddie and I are officially getting tired of all these special bye requests, and quite frankly the special tipoff requests that constrain our ability to do our jobs (e.g., asking for a tipoff that is smaller than the 6-hour window defined by league protocol).

    THEREFORE, WE ARE NOW CHARGING EIGHT DOLLARS ($8) PER SPECIAL REQUEST. The payment button for this will go up soon and we will tell you how to access it. We suggest that you ask each player (assuming you have 8), to bring $1 to the next game to defray the cost of paying it online to us.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: We are all in this together. You guys want something that is extra work, please pay us accordingly. And everyone on the team should be responsible. You are a team. Everything you do is reflective of all players on the team. Step up and take responsibility.

    Finally, for now (being only Monday), I will be raising roster slot fees by $1.34 pretty soon. If you haven’t paid roster slots yet, you have some time before I do that. Not sure when I will do that, but certainly within the next 24 hours.

    Sun 9/23

    FRI 9/21 (2:15PM) — Just got back in the office. Freddie is done with the schedule for Sun 9/23 and we had some slight changes at ISAH due to an accidental repeat matchup of last week. Scroll down…

    FRI 9/21 (7:45AM) — The schedule for this Sun 9/23 is now available below. Thanks for your patience as we get this 2012 Fall launched. There are always complications in the beginning because there are teams that signup last minute or don’t pay on time, etc.

    We have actually postponed the absolute final date to start, another week. San Jose is definitely postponed til 9/30. That also means if you have a new team, you can start on 9/30 but you will probably need to do a doubleheader makeup. We are not sure yet. Hopefully this buys more time for those of you getting commitments from players. Please have the minimum two roster slots paid by this Sun 9/23.

    Speaking of which, we will be catching up on payments — adding payments to the Rumor Mill sheet — now that many teams are going to be playing their 2nd game this Sun 9/23. You’re supposed to always be one payment ahead, meaning if you are going to play your 2nd game, you should have 3 roster slots paid. Roster slots will henceforth increase by $1.34 per week late fee.

    We will also be fleshing out the divisions beyond just The Association, D-League, and Non-Competitive. While Freddie is doing his best, there may very well be some teams playing this past 9/16 and this Sun 9/23 who could end up in different sub-divisions. Hey look, we tried, and we are doing what we think is best for parity’s sake. It is not an exact science, but we have all the data you entered when you registered, and it is BY FAR more than any other league is doing right now.

    Finally, again, don’t forget that you’ll need to bring $35 cash, $25 handed to one of the two refs, and $10 handed to one of the two scorekeepers. If there’s only one ref, pay him $20 ($40 total game salary). If there’s only one scorekeeper, pay him $6 ($12 total game salary). WE SUGGEST THAT YOU ASK EACH TEAMMATE TO BRING $5 — THAT’S THE EASIEST, assuming at least 7 guys will show up.

    THU 9/20 (12:30PM) — Freddie is working on the schedule for this Sun 9/23. We’re still in “hash mode” as we await more registrations to finalize the divisions. Once we finalize the divisions and can cut up The Association, D-League, and Non-Competitive into further parity-driven segments, we can sit down and formulate a mathematical schedule of matchups for the remainder of the season.

    Please read the Rumor Mill page for other comments. If you haven’t read last week’s notes, it’s probably worth your while…

    Sun 9/16

    FRI 9/14 (8:00AM) — The schedule for this Sun 9/16 is now up, scroll down. PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT YOU MUST BRING $35 (THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS) TO THE GAME. Pay $10 to one of the two scorekeepers and $25 to one of the two refs.

    Mishaps sometimes can happen with staffing. Should you have only have one scorekeeper, pay him $6 (x 2 teams = $12 total salary vs $10). Should you have only one ref, pay him $20 (x 2 teams = $40 total salary vs $25).

    Any problems, text the official Dream League number: 415-68-DREAM (415-683-7326).

    If you are a team that is not playing this Sun 9/16, please be reminded that THE DEADLINE TO PAY THE MINIMUM 2 (TWO) ROSTER SLOTS TO GET STARTED IS THIS SUN 9/16 AT 11:59PM. Don’t miss the boat! Sets sail promptly next week.

    Btw, here are some teams that are listed by Freddie as having a bye this Sun 9/16. Presumably this also means they paid the minimum two roster slots (I’m not sure), because there’s a whole host of teams that haven’t paid yet and therefore technically have a “bye” this Sun 9/16 while the rest of the league gets started with their first games…

    9/16 BYE LIST:
    SJ Not Free Agents
    Cream Of The Crop
    Hot Cheetos

    Finally, a word about the divisions. Things are not totally defined yet. It depends on which teams sign up. Therefore, you have just the broad Association, D-League, and Non-Competitive divisions to start right now. Soon, things will take more shape and we can cut up those divisions further as necessary, based on the other attributes you signed up with (e.g., Chemistry, Pace, Height, Experience).

    Continue to track things on the Rumor Mill, which we hope to update sometime by this afternoon. It’s updated right now thru this past Wednesday.

    THU 9/13 (3:00PM) — Freddie is almost done with the schedule. It will post shortly. We have just a few games in SF and OAK this Sun 9/16. The gym director in SJ had to deal with an emergency family issue, so my hope is that we’ll start SJ on Sun 9/23.

    Meanwhile, Freddie noticed that there are a lot teams that have registered but not paid yet. Some of them we contacted and they said they’d rather start 9/23. The others didn’t reply, so we’re just hoping that they are on target to pay at least two roster slots per the rules, by this Sun 9/16, to start next Sun 9/23.

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