2012 Summer Sunday Weekly Schedule

FRI 8/31 (11:00AM) — We have one final Last LB + Champ set for this Sun 9/2. Of course, should the Olympians lose, then we’ll have to see if the gym director, refs, and scorekeeper will come out for one game, be it on 9/9 or whenever.

FRI 8/24 (5:00PM) — There is now a 230p Repeat Champ game Straight Gunnin vs Space Jams Oak.

THU 8/23 (4:15PM) — Tipoffs for Sun 8/26 are posted below. There’s one OAK bracket that’s still postponed. Also, we’re not sure if the BCRC games will go forward because it’s really up to the gym director if he wants to come out for only two games and a ten-minute break in between, to boot. Not to mention the refs coming out for only two games. If the gym director doesn’t wanna do it, then we’ll see next week if Sun 9/2 Labor Day Weekend works for all parties involved. As mentioned before, the SJ games are at ISAH in SF.

THU 8/23 (11:15AM) — I’ve been told that Tony has informed Freddie of the results from this past Sun 8/19, so assuming that is correct, now we are just waiting for Freddie to complete the schedule for this Sun 8/26. Again, it looks like JLHS will be closed for a bit, so SJ teams will need to finish up at ISAH in SF this Sun 8/26… THU 8/23 (7:00AM) — I stand corrected. We are not done with SF yet, as can be seen in the Playoff Brackets, due to the postponed games (also in OAK) from last Sun 8/19… WED 8/22 (9:45PM) — We’re still waiting for Tony to give us the results from OAK last Sun 8/19. Until that happens, we’re stuck. In SJ, the two Losers Bracket teams won so that means there’s two Repeat Championships. Only problem is, JLHS is not available (c’est la vie in San Jose), so as of this writing and with no word from JLHS, I have no choice but to put those last two games at ISAH in SF, just like we did last season. Finally, all the SF divisions are done.

Registrations for 2012 Fall are now underway. Click here.

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Gym Locations

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
BHPY = Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, 1601 Lane St, SF (arrive early as rear parking lot gate is closed)
BGCE = Boys & Girls Club Excelsior, 163 London: arrive early to find street parking.
SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.
OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building

JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, SJ: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland

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Sun 8/19/2012

FRI 8/17 (4:30PM) — Well, news wasn’t delivered by 2pm today as promised, but JLHS finally got back to us and the games there will happen!

FRI 8/17 (3:30AM) — ISAH is good to go at 7,8,9p but JLHS is still up in the air. I say we hold on until 2p today to find out. Here’s the explanation thus far given by the powers that be…

“They have been having alot of security issues with the new alarm system. If the security man comes tomorrow and puts a short key in the gym doors no one can use the gym this weekend. But he will give us another Sunday to finish up the season! But if he doesn’t come we can have this Sunday. They will know something by 2pm tommorow.”

Also, if we stretch past next Sun 8/26, we’ll need to finish up in SF again like last season, probably at ISAH.

THU 8/16 (11:30AM) — JLHS tipoffs are up in the air. This is due to ongoing complications with their admin and the fact that the SJ commish had a family emergency and had to take off out of town by car. If anyone has a gym in San Jose that doesn’t have headaches associated to it and is reasonably affordable, we are always looking. I gave JLHS a deadline of midnight tonight to tell us if it’s a go or not for this Sun 8/19.

THU 8/16 (10:30AM) — Tipoffs for Sun 8/16 are below except we are still figuring if it’s going to be a 5p, 6p, or 7p start at ISAH. We’ll see how the negotiations go. Also you can see the difficulties we had in scheduling in red. Any other questions, contact Freddie…

Sun 8/12/2012

THU 8/9 (12:00PM) — ISAH and BHPY have been confirmed. Tipoffs are final below. There’s also a request to have one of the postponed games on Sat 8/8. This is possible, but only in SF at ISAH. If you guys can’t do that, then it gets stretched out because one team has a wedding this weekend then the other another the next weekend. Quite frankly at this stage of the ballgame, I don’t care anymore. You wanna keep stretching it out, you’re at the mercy of gym availability and I definitely will NOT be wracking my brain just so you can have your game which should’ve happened awhile back. Hope you understand. So if your postponed game(s) gets postponed to September in the midst of the start of the next season, well, that’s what you get. Sure, that means I probably get one or two less teams signed up for next season, but sometimes I just have to draw the line in the sand where I refuse to go out of my way just to make you happy (e.g., extra phone calls to gym directors and refs just to have one game, et. al.). And if I forfeited you, you’d probably not signup anyways, so it’s a no-win situation for me.

I gotta say, if it was my team and we went through all these headaches, I would just forfeit. I mean, out of respect to the other team’s time (and mine). But in this day and age, most of this generation just doesn’t do that anymore. Everyone’s gotta get theirs. That’s too bad for dreamleague because our mantra is to make the greater community happy, so we will perhaps stupidly do whatever mathematically makes the greater whole happier each and every time, with respect to what’s logistically possible. That’s just my formula. Also, a pre-announced forfeit is not the worst thing in the world and it forces your teammates to think about it next season. You weed out the ones who might not commit 110%. In the long run, you’re better off having a more reliable roster. Just some food for thought.

THU 8/9 (11:15AM) — Tipoffs for this Sun 8/12 are ready except for SF because I need to confirm that we can still get BHPY. I didn’t know that we would need to have games simultaneous in two gyms to make everybody in SF happy. So, because of your complications, you SF teams will just have to wait until we get confirmation. Worst case scenario is we postpone another week, which I don’t want to do and I know you don’t want to do, but that’s what you get when everyone wants to play at a certain timeframe.

Please note the byes for certain divisions in red below on the schedule. You can also see the difficulties in setting tipoffs in the V and H columns, where there is red.

I realize that stats are way behind (just clicked around today) and I’m trying to crack the whip on Freddie and the crew, but stats is just a difficult thing to do, so you’ll just have to be patient and trust that, eventually, they’ll all get up to the dreamleague.org site.

Sun 8/5/2012

FRI 8/3 (2:45AM) — All tipoffs have now been posted below. AAA-SF gets a bye… THU 8/2 (5:45PM) — Looks like Freddie ran into an issue with a few AAA-SF teams wanting a bye. He says it should be resolved by tonight and all tipoffs to be posted by then.

THU 8/2 (6:45AM) — Below is the rough draft for this Sun 8/5, in chronological order. You can also check the Playoff Brackets. We should have tipoffs up by today 5pm. BHPY start time is probably afternoon, WKRC is probably noon-ish, JLHS probably afternoon.

WED 8/1 (7:45PM) — Here we go again. Here’s the latest email from Unified Ballers plus my response. The rest of his email, he really doesn’t have the right to talk about until we are done with the financial issues. If any of you (who have paid on time) have issues with the same, Ron the SJ commish and I are happy to answer them. Also, I would be more than happy to hear if anyone has a solution for forfeits, i.e., who pays the refs’ $25 that they are customarily used to (you cannot hire a ref anywhere without guaranteeing them that), plus I haven’t collected a single technical foul fee.

I paid a lot more than $285 Rich. That total is absurd. And to have us pay ref fees not just for our team but the other team as well due to a forfeit? What a ridiculous rule (not to mention having to pay for technical fouls or fouls made after the foul out). I don’t know what type of a scam you’re trying to pull or if you guys are just incompetent, but I am extremely disappointed with the organization of your league and YOUR professionalism. Previously I thought this was a good league, there are two refs that are great, two that are terrible and rude. Each game has had issues with points scored to the wrong team or shot clocks not being reset properly. Also, your ref’s should remember that the clock is running and stop holding up the game with unneeded conversations DURING the games. I’m personally done with your league, and so is my team. I am not going to promote your league, and I will make sure those who I play with know opinions on it.

You have a good day.


Will you cut it out with the rest of the verbiage. Only the first sentence is relevant.

So how do we go about resolving the discrepancy? Freddie has received a report of every Google Checkout payment. Therefore, unless you paid under a name other than Gacrama, we need to pinpoint those payments. However, Freddie has accounted for every single payment so even if someone under a different name did pay for you, I would guess that Freddie would have seen it and earmarked it for investigation.

So when did you pay more than $285, where, with what payment type?

Again, the rest of your email is really unnecessary. Let’s be adults and figure out the mathematical equation please.

You have less than 24 hours.

TUE 7/31 (9:30AM) — Can someone from a/r-sj+ Unified Ballers please contact me at 415-683-7326 immediately? The captain sent me the following email, yet upon my response there has still been no answer. I am growing sick and tired of this and am ready to nuke this team from Dream League…

Supposedly our team Unified Ballers owes your league $300 in team fees? I contacted whoever is in charge of the team fees asking how much we owe and never received a response. As team captain I’m receiving the blame for this from the guys in my team. I expected this to be one of the more organized leagues. Please prove me right and tell me what we need to do to resolve this issue.

Please look at the Rumor Mill. In the second column, it has literally listed this team as paid $285 for the past two months (plus $40 from last Sun 7/22). It has remained at this amount since then. So this past Sun when they collectively had a mere forty dollars in their pockets, we collected that amount and forfeited their game on the spot.

We were told that the captain was having a baby and that the players had already paid the captain. So anyways, I realize there are life events coming, but I cannot continue to give this team games when the total amount does not even cover the cost of gym space, referees, and the time spent scheduling.

Benny Gacrama or SOMEONE on this team, I am waiting for your text: 415-683-7326. Clock is ticking.

Sun 7/29/2012

THU 7/26 (8:00AM) — Tipoffs for Sun 7/29 are posted below. AAA-OAK is on hiatus due to lack of gym space. There were three teams that wanted byes on 7/29, but we cannot accommodate and to make a long story short, “the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.” That means if your team has decided to go play in a tournament and nobody else in your division is going, you have been outvoted. We can’t very well force the entire division to take a bye when everybody wants to play Dream League vs you want to play in a tournament.

We should have an online version of the playoff brackets up soon. At this point the issue is getting it from Freddie’s Excel to you on Google Spreadsheet. Playoff Brackets

Gonna catch up on those payments right now. I don’t really care all that much what you say, it’s what you do, i.e., do you really pay me or not? We will see for those of you who say you’re going to pay me. I mean, it’s nice of you to say “we won’t F you Rich”, but that’s neither here nor there until you actually do, right? So, a little life lesson there for y’all. It’s the same thing in all facets of life. Someone asks you to do something, they did something for you, you should just give them what was agreed upon before getting to a point where you are forced to make a promise which is really up in the air all along until you can fulfill that promise. Sooner or later this method of responsibility catches up to you and some poor soul is going to get victimized by that. Just hope it’s not me, but really that’s not under my control until some future season where you register and I go, “Um, I don’t know about that.”

WED 7/25 (8:00AM) — We are currently working on the schedule for 7/29. If your Losers Bracket has a lot of teams (like, say, more than 4) then expect a doubleheader. Actually if you’re in the Losers Bracket, you should ALWAYS expect a doubleheader. If your division didn’t start this past Sun 7/22, typically any division with only a small amount of teams such as 4 teams due to being in a Lower sub-.500 division, then you should definitely be starting this Sun 7/29.

Furthermore, we’re STILL tracking down outstanding payments. If you have any concerns, best to contact freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org before things get too late.

Sun 7/22/2012

SUN 7/22 (8:00AM) — I AM INCREDIBLY PISSED OFF AT THE FOLLOWING TEAMS FOR CONTINUED NON-PAYMENT. Seriously guys, how do you show up every week and not pay? So totally not cool…

  • REC-SF DUCKS = $330 …seriously? Three hundred thirty? Wow. Cmon now, text me.
  • AAA-SF CREAM OF THE CROP = $460 …Good lord. The ignorance here is just unbelievable.
  • AAA-SF PUTTIES = $140 …Yo Hicks? Wait, I’m sponsoring your team for Vegas? Huh?
  • REC-SF FLIGHT CLUB COBRAS = $100 …Well, you say hi to me everytime you see me, which is great cuz you seem like a cool guy (I think?). And yet you owe me this whole time. That’s a sucky feeling right now for me, you know?

Since I’m in Europe right now and sometimes my guys are like keystone cops, what am I gonna do, right? Shit, I’ll just let you play for free this Sun 7/22… I mean if you just don’t wanna pay me. You don’t actually think that not paying Dream League will result in no consequences or bullshit from other facets of your life? You have not been on this Earth long enough.

So if you wanna be an asshole and use and abuse me, then fine. But shit will catch up to you or do you not believe in Karma? If you do believe in Karma, then you will come up with SOMETHING to pay the scorekeepers IN THE ENVELOPE.

Be sure to text me at 415-683-7326 if you pay. Otherwise I’ll assume you didn’t pay. The cash needs to be in the envelope with the scorekeepers. Do NOT hand straight cash to the scorekeepers. That never works.

FRI 7/20 (12:00PM) — Tipoffs for 7/22 are now set. Muchos gracias to Freddie. Please read the previous posts below to see how we got here.

THU 7/19 (6:30PM) — Below is near-final draft of the Sun 7/22 schedule. In some cases we were not able to split the divisions into Upper or Lower, however we were able to move some teams up (or down). Sometimes like in A/R-SF, teams are just not able to play in the afternoon or morning, so we had no choice but to split by AM and PM.

In San Jose, we’re still waiting on the scoresheets and hence final scores from Ron, the SJ commish. Because the schedule there is based on standings, we are just waiting. If you are upset about this, let Ron know at the gym on Sunday.

Finally, click here for an explanation of the playoff seedings.

Here are the byes for Sun 7/22…
#1 P2W
#1 Prodigies
#1 Sqad Up
#1 Pure Supremacy

Again, we hope to have final tipoffs up by midday Friday (tomorrow).

THU 7/19 (8:15AM) — The bulk of the playoff schedule for this Sun 7/22 has already been worked on, but Freddie is ironing out the final kinks. For example, there are quite a few divisions where we have decided to split into Upper and Lower, even though Freddie had already drafted a schedule that included the whole division. Call it a learning curve.

So, you’ll need to give us another day to figure this out. It was time-consuming even finding out seeds and stuff based on standings (see dreamleague.org for STANDINGS). Again, probable ETA on the tipoffs is sometime tomorrow, Friday.

Sun 7/15/2012

THU 7/12 (8:00AM) — Tipoffs are up. Thanks to Freddie for taking full reigns on this one. As some of you already know, I’ve been out in Vegas covering Team USA for InterBasket.Net. I even took a video clip of Blake Griffin dunking, which made it to SportsCenter and has had over a million views. This week I’ll be in Vegas to cover NBA Summer League and next week I’ll be covering Team USA again, but in Manchester, England and Barcelona. You can follow my exploits on Twitter: @poormanscommish.

That being said, pretty soon my usual phone number which most of you captains know, will not be available while I’m in Europe. There are three ways to reach someone about Dream League issues…

  1. TEXT 415-68-DREAM (415-683-7326): This is the official Dream League Google Voice line. Up until I leave for Europe, all texts will forward to my cellphone. All texts also get forwarded to my email. So if I’m not available to answer your text, then I’ll forward the resulting email to Freddie. As far as voicemail is concerned, I don’t recommend it. I usually leave voicemails til later, since voicemails are kind of slow.
  2. EMAIL FREDDIE: …at freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org. If you are nice to him, he might let you have his phone number so you can just text him.
  3. TEXT FREDDIE: If you have Freddie’s number, then good for you.

We will be updating the payments list soon. Hope your team has paid up. Thanks.

Finally, the stats are up on dreamleague.org. One of the AAA-SJ sites, we messed up on, so take notice as I don’t know when I’ll be able to delete the one we messed up on. What you do is, from the dreamleague.org homepage you click on your division, then on the lefthand navigation panel, click on SCHEDULE, STANDINGS/TEAMS, or PLAYER STATS. You can see individual stats if you click through to your team from the STANDINGS/TEAMS page. Clunky, yes. But it works. Thanks to Freddie, Tony, Alfred, and the rest of the stat crew for busily punching in boxscores.

Sun 7/8/2012

FRI 7/6 (11:45AM) — Due to a slight snafu with one A/R-SF game being left off the docket, in which we absolutely need to have it played because the regular season is coming to an abrupt end these next couple weeks, some of the games in SF have been shifted slightly. The final version is below and you can see how we got there with Freddie’s comments in the Comments column.

Btw, things have been delayed this week not only because of July 4th falling midweek, but also I’m currently in Vegas covering Team USA’s practices and exhibitions. I’ll also be in Manchester, England, and Barcelona coming up. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands with Freddie and our ref/scorekeeping crew.

You can follow me on Twitter for the Team USA coverage at @poormanscommish. My media credential was obtained via InterBasket.Net, so be sure to check them out.

THU 7/5 (8:00PM) — Tipoffs have now posted… THU 7/5 (7:45PM) — Per Tony and the roadmaps, here are the byes for 7/8. Hope he accounted for the red strikeouts in each roadmap (and any bold green matchups). I don’t have time to doublecheck…

byes 7/8/12:
aaa-sf: none
aaa-oak:Rockit Scientist
a/r-sf: none
rec-sf +:none
rec-sf -: none
rec-o+: Sole Supremacy +, Kurruption
oak-pm:EFC Berkeley , Tropic Thunder at Sole Supremacy –
oak-am: Olympians, Prestige World Wide
a/r-sj: Hot Cheetos, Sole Legit

THU 7/5 (4:15PM) — Tipoffs should be up by 8p tonight. Thanks for your patience… THU 7/5 (12:00PM) — Freddie says there’s some issues with the schedule, so we’ll just have to hang tight and assume there could be changes in the chronology of it… THU 7/5 (11:45AM) — Freddie tells me the SF and OAK matchups are in probable chronological order… THU 7/5 (11:15AM) — Matchups have been posted and are obviously not in chronological order yet. Freddie is working on posting the San Jose matchups. Here’s the list of special requests. We hope to get the list of byes from Tony later today…

aaa-oak: rack squad :8-9 [I’M GUESSING THIS IS PM]
a/r-sf: Sf warriors : bye
a/r-sf: the fam: 12pm or earlier.
rec-o+: snipers: 9am-12pm

THU 7/5 (7:00AM) — Roadmaps for A/R-REC-SJ and AAA-SJ have been added. Roadmaps for A/R-SF and REC-SF- have been updated per the two games that were postponed from last Sun 7/1… THU 7/5 (6:45AM) — Freddie is still working on matchups and tipoffs. Expect the next post to be around noontime today. Belated Happy 4th of July. Since the holiday fell in the middle of the work week, it has affected us a little bit and is causing delays to the tipoffs.

Sun 7/1/2012

TO ALL TEAMS ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN: On 6/30, Google Checkout (GC) will no longer offer no transaction fees for nonprofits. Therefore, we will no longer be using GC and will switch to another vendor(s), which might include PayPal. AT THAT TIME, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE TRANSACTION FEE ON ALL PAYMENTS. I should repeat that running basketball leagues is an extremely low-margin business, therefore we have no choice but to pass on the transaction fees. We still do not accept cash, as it poses a risk in handling and actually cash creates more work on our part as far as collecting. FOR THOSE OF YOU CURRENTLY ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN WHO WISH TO AVOID TRANSACTION FEES, I RECOMMEND PAYING OFF YOUR BALANCE NOW.

MON 7/2 (9:30PM)Payment page has now been updated with the post-6/30 amount including a $3.60 transaction fee on that $110 installment. Right now, I don’t have time to come up with a PayPal button, so we’ll just keep things with Google Checkout.

THU 6/28 (12:00PM) — Tipoffs for SJ are now done. I will post roadmaps later… (8:00AM) — Tipoffs for SF and OAK are done, see below. I’m still working on roadmapping SJ and should be done with that by 12pm today (thanks for your patience). In SF, there’s a slight chance we’ll be playing some games at a new gym, and I would alter tipoffs by no more than 30 minutes and the new gym would only replace a subset of BHPY.

a/r-sf The Fam <12p
a/r-sj SJ Barons= late

(click on your division's roadmap)

oak-am Black Out

aaa-oak KurA | a/r-oak Sole (P.Bangloy)
aaa-oak Rack | a/r-oak HBK (T.Xiong)
aaa-oak RckS | a/r-oak Shckr (A.Cushing)
aaa-sf SJSF | rec-sf+ Heat (3 players)
a/r-sf WlvA | rec-sf ASNG (K.Neri) BYE
a/r-sf Htnk | rec-sf- SFFA (R.Twu, M.Usis)
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ Sole (many)
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ SQ (D.Lew)
a/r-oak WtDrm | rec-o+ TmCh (A.Tam)
a/r-oak WtDrm | rec-o+ NoChn (W.Yuen, M.Yuen)
a/r-oak Pure | rec-o+ NoChn (M.Sapinoso)
a/r-oak HBK | rec-o- Bomb (D.Doan)
a/r-sf Ent | rec-sf+ HypD (D.Sun) BYE
a/r-sf Pdgy | rec-sf- Dyns (T.Arriola)
a/r-sf WolvA | rec-sf+ WolvR (many) BYE
rec-o+ BlkC | rec-o- Trop (R.Khean) BYE
rec-o+ BlkC | rec-o- BlkC (many)

THU 6/28 (3:45AM) — Due to payment delinquency, A/R-SF Entourage vs Wolverines A/R has been postponed from 7/1 to 7/15. On 7/15, the Wolverines’ REC team does not have a game, therefore a doubleheader “should be okay” for them on that date. Also, I have postponed REC-SF- Wolfpac vs Ducks due to Ducks payment delinquency. You can see on the schedule below that Ducks owe $320, otherwise we will have to forfeit them on the spot. I would’ve postponed that game if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t justify moving SFFA anywhere else and forcing them into a doubleheader. More roadmaps that were tweaked due to 6/24 byes: OAK-AM, REC-SF+, A/R-SF.

WED 6/27 (6:00PM) — AAA-SF roadmap has been restructured due to 7/1 bye requests by BluePrint and Prodigies. Matchups at ISAH have been adjusted accordingly.

WED 6/27 (11:45AM) — Matchups have been posted below. SJ is missing, as we are still roadmapping, but all SJ teams should expect to play, with the delayed ones playing doubleheaders probably. Nothing is in chronological order yet and we can move among gyms within the same city. Finally, there are two more suspensions coming for Rockit. I have to seriously look at their roadmap and see if it’s worth having them in the league or not. I will also address a response I got from a Team Wasted player soon. Not too happy about all this and, yes, it does put a crimp on my time and ability to post the schedule on time.

MON 6/25 (12:15PM)Fines for technicals and disorderly conduct are back. You can thank Javon Wallace of Rockit Scientist for this. Here’s the latest report, as given to me by my staff…

Javon Wallace from Rockit Scientist was ejected by the end of the game for excessively cursing about the officiating and once he heard about it he confronted Mosi. A huge altercation started where both Mosi and Javon had to be held back by people in the gym ( Charles, Rockit Scientists teammates, etc.). Javon was told to leave the gym by then but he refused to leave. The gym director had to come out and settle everyone down and told Javon personally he had to leave but Javon started arguing with him. The gym director told me that he don’t want Javon back at Willie Keys.

Is basketball really that essential to your ego that you would forget we all need to go back to our regular day jobs the next morning? SMH. Btw, Mosi is a key member of the WKRC community. He actually lives in the neighborhood, knows all the staff on a first-name basis and basically does his part in that community.

I guess people just don’t read this website because I only posted below about Ryan Buenaflor’s minimum season-long suspension a few days ago. Practically exactly the same thing happened. Needless to say, Wallace is also suspended from any further play in the league.

Furthermore, because I’m tired of the embarrassment with the WKRC director and the hassle of dealing with this with my staff reports and me posting here, I have instituted retroactive fines of $25 on Team Wasted and Rockit Scientist.

I have not fined hardly anyone in at least a year, but now it looks like I have to once again. Again, when you come to Dream League, you come to Pleasantville. Seriously. If you want to get all heated in that it spills over to our refs and staff and not something oncourt or part of the game that our refs can manage, please do not play in Dream League. This is especially true when there are so many divisions offered in Dream League. There is no need to go out and recruit that primadonna player.

To me, there is a deficiency happening in the recruiting process of players. If captains stop picking up these players, then we are better off. Therefore, Team Wasted and Rockit Scientist’s captains are held responsible.

We are also re-instituting the $5 technical rule. In the NBA, it costs an NBA player $7,500 if he commits a technical. Flagrants, as you know, can cost even more. So, using the NBA as our usual role model, we’ll be doing this as well, starting this Sun 7/1.

There is only one exception to that. You all know that one of our refs, Jerome, tends to give techs to swearing. I don’t agree with that, but there’s nothing I can do about it oncourt-wise, except not hire him. Sometimes I don’t hire him, sometimes I have no choice. So if you get a technical for swearing, and it’s only about swearing and not something bigger, I will not fine you.

If you get a technical for any other reason, your captain will need to pay the $5 fine before tipoff, otherwise we do not allow your team to proceed with the game.

Some of you are going to get pissed off by my decision on this. But you know what, if you ask around, most of the people in Dream League are happy that this is happening. So for those players that “you can’t control”, I hope you can figure it out soon because it’s going to cost you if you don’t.

And to those of you who have recruited some good citizens of Dream League, or if you’ve gone the extra mile and helped some of your players mature into shepherds of the game, thank you so much. You get it. But unfortunately it looks like I have to continue my “mom” tone on this page, which I can’t stand, but find myself ending up doing time and time again.

Sun 6/24/2012

THU 6/21 (7:30PM) — Tipoffs have been published below, scroll down. Any problems, email Freddie, but it’s probably too late at this juncture. Please read the previous posts below to see how we got here.

THU 6/21 (11:45AM) — Matchups below are now in chronological order, but we have not solidified tipoffs yet as we are triple-checking things and ensuring adequate scorekeeping staff. You can see the comments. San Jose is still in “fly-by-night” mode, meaning we haven’t done the roadmapping for that location (mainly because I’m really swamped) which means next week let’s hope everything falls mathematically into place. Here are some matchups that have been postponed…

aaa-sj Unified Ballers natural bye
a/r-sj Gentlemen’s Club & ROLCC asked for bye
oak-am WWWD at Warriors-Rec 10a-3p 9a-2p Warriors request a bye
rec-sf- Wolfpac at Ducks 1p-6p 10a-3p Ducks request a bye
aaa-sf Putties at Runnin’ Rebels 4p-p- 2p-7p Putties request a bye
a/r-sf Prodigy at Heatonkees 9a-2p 11a-2p PPD to 7/8 when Htnk timeframe expands

I will update the roadmaps and post them on the sheet below after finishing the Sun 6/24 scheduled. One thing we are missing is this week’s list of special requests. I have asked for that from Freddie.

Meanwhile, here are the overlaps that we have compiled from you…

aaa-oak KurA | a/r-oak Sole (P.Bangloy)
aaa-oak Rack | a/r-oak HBK (T.Xiong)
aaa-oak RckS | a/r-oak Shckr (A.Cushing)
aaa-sf SpcJ | rec-sf+ Heat (many)
aaa-sf SJSF | rec-sf+ Heat (3 players)
a/r-sf WlvA | rec-sf ASNG (K.Neri)
a/r-sf Htnk | rec-sf- SFFA (R.Twu, M.Usis)
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ Sole (many)
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ SQ (D.Lew)
a/r-oak WtDrm | rec-o+ TmCh (A.Tam)
a/r-oak WtDrm | rec-o+ NoChn (W.Yuen, M.Yuen)
a/r-oak Pure | rec-o+ NoChn (M.Sapinoso)
a/r-oak HBK | rec-o- Bomb (D.Doan)
a/r-sf Ent | rec-sf+ HypD (D.Sun)
a/r-sf Prdg | rec-sf- Dyns (T.Arriola)
a/r-sf WolvA | rec-sf+ WolvR (many)
rec-o+ BlkC | rec-o- TropT (R.Khean)
rec-o+ BlkC | rec-o- BlkC (many)

OK, hopefully I didn’t forget to talk about anything else. Please be patient. We should have tipoffs up by 5pm today. Again, for next week, can y’all please limit the last-minute requests? Just say no to those players on your team who fail to give you an answer in time. I would rather this schedule go up earlier than later, too.

WED 6/20 (9:00PM) — Schedule is almost done, but will probably be posted tomorrow afternoon instead of morning because of the last-minute bye requests, which quite frankly are a little annoying. Folks, can you please plan further ahead for these byes? Your opponent is not going to like the fact that they’re going to be left all of a sudden not playing this weekend. Sure, they have the right to just get the forfeit, but then they’re deprived of a regular season game. Plus it causes extra work on our part and delays things. So, in short, you guys who do this, whomever you may be, you suck. Oh, and those of you who don’t pay on time, you guys are problematic too. Please do not be the bottleneck in our weekly scheduling operations. Maybe just put the league ahead of your own schedule this one time? Thank you.

Btw, the good citizens of Pleasantville might be asking, Rich, why do you put up with this? Well, I kind of don’t. It’s all mathematical and operational. Forfeits mess up leagues. They mess up standings, they mess up seedings, they come with hurt feelings. So what am I supposed to do, magically make a team that’s about to miss 4 guys, show up? Not possible. Just doing my best to plug the leaks in the ship.

Speaking of Pleasantville, not too long ago I suspended Ryan Buenaflor for the season and indefinitely. That means if he wants to play in Dream League again, he’ll need to reach out to me and show me that he’s changed. Here’s the incident report filed by my staff and refs and gym director that day…

Ryan Buenaflor from Wasted got his first technical for cursing after Referee Charles warned him about it. Team Wasted was complaining about officiating most of the game and Ryan got his second technical when he complained about not getting fouled. Once he got his second tech he exploded and start yelling at Charles which got him ejected . Ryan didn’t leave the gym after the ejection and continued yelling about the officiating. So Charles gave Wasted two more technicals until they escorted their teammate out of the gym but Charles wanted to note he had given Ryan 4 total techs for the game. Then Ryan proceeded to be disruptive in the hallway to the point where the gym director wanted to report him to you because he doesn’t want that player playing at Willie Keyes again. Also as we were all leaving the gym, Ryan started cursing at Charles excessively from his car as he drove by him. In our opinion the officiating was fine and Ryan had an overreaction to the calls/non-calls of the game.

We are Pleasantville. When you come to Pleasantville, act like you’re in Pleasantville. Otherwise, stay home or play in alternative ghetto leagues available to you out there. Thank you.

TUE 6/19 (12:30PM) — Also, Freddie is updating payments today as well. If you’re on the installment plan, your next $110 payment is supposed to be in no later than Tuesday preceding the next Sunday game. Again, if you have played 3 games, then your 4th game is this Sunday and you’d need to be paid $4xx (four hundred something, depending on which location SF/OAK/SJ you are).

TUE 6/19 (12:15PM) — Freddie has a draft of the matchups for this Sun 6/24. Divisions are marked in red because nothing is in chronological order yet. We’re jam-packed at ISAH and BHPY in SF, as well as BCRC and WKRC in OAK, so whenever we’re jam-packed, you can expect some teams to be a little bit outside their timeframes. That’s just how it goes.

Also, I’m thinking it’d be a good time to start roadmapping the SJ divisions, so I’ve left those off that Freddie somehow matched up. Gentlemen’s Club and ROLCC have asked for a bye 6/24, so maybe I’ll roadmap it such that their matchup is for 6/24 and move them out to a future doubleheader.

We’ve gotten some of these last-minute bye requests, but if you have not paid the $5 admin fee for your special request, you ain’t gettin it. Email freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org for details.

The following is our current overlap list. If you’re not on here, you’re S.O.L. and that means you’ve been snoozing and not reading these posts. He who snoozes, loses…

aaa-oak KurA a/r-oak Sole (P.Bangloy)
aaa-oak Rack a/r-oak HBK (T.Xiong)
aaa-oak RckS a/r-oak Shckr (A.Cushing)
aaa-sf SpcJ rec-sf- Heat many
a/r-oak Sole rec-o+ Sole Many
a/r-oak Sole rec-o+ SQ (D.Lew)
a/r-oak WtDrm rec-o+ TmCh (A.Tam)
a/r-oak WtDrm rec-o+ NoChn (W.Yuen, M.Yuen)
a/r-oak Pure rec-o+ NoChn (M.Sapinoso)
a/r-oak HBK rec-o- Bomb (D.Doan)
a/r-sf Ent rec-sf+ HypD (D.Sun)
a/r-sf Prdg rec-sf- Dyns (T.Arriola)
a/r-sf WolvA rec-sf+ WolvR many
rec-o+ BlkC rec-o- TropT (R.Khean)
rec-o+ BlkC rec-o- BlkC many
aaa-sf SJSF rec-sf Heat (3 players)
a/r-sf WlvA rec-sf ASNG (K.Neri)
a/r-sf Htnk rec-sf SFFA (R.Twu, M.Usis)

Sun 6/17/2012

FRI 6/15 (5:00PM) — 530p Ashton-BluePrint game has been cancelled. There’s a new AAA-SF roadmap.

THU 6/14 (8:15AM) — Roadmaps have been posted. See the tabs for each division, below on the schedule sheet. The SJ divisions have not been roadmapped yet… (8:00AM) — Sun 6/17 tipoffs have been posted below, scroll down. There are teams that need to pay IMMEDIATELY, otherwise they will be dropped from the schedule with either a forfeit or a postponement to a doubleheader, depending on what their opponent wants to do.

Again, payments are due every Tuesday before the next Sunday game. We do not have the capacity to collect fees at the gym. I mean it. I *will* forfeit your team. Get your stuff together and follow protocol or please do not waste my time. We have plenty of other teams following protocol and wanting to get the show on the road with or without you.

Here are the list of teams and games that were postponed due to approval from all teams involved…

a/r-sf Cereal Killers at Blazers: agreed to a bye
oak-am Black Out at Kryptonite: agreed to a bye
a/r-sf Prodigy at Heatonkees: agreed to a bye

WED 6/13 (8:00AM) — Scroll down below to see the first draft of the schedule for Sun 6/17. The games are in probable chronological order. We will now be updating payments; if your team is behind on payments per the Rumor Mill page, you will be at risk of forfeit. Again, roadmaps will be posted soon, so you’re not flying blind anymore, although we did already discuss who’s playing on 6/17 and who’s not, below.

MON 6/11 (8:45AM) — Some teams will play on 6/17 (Fathers Day). Roadmaps for all divisions except SJ are done, but it’s beeyatch to post (I’ll do it later today when I have more breathing room), so here’s a list of teams that I am expecting to have play on 6/17. The reason why these teams are expected to play on 6/17 is because…

  • either they did not start on 6/3, or
  • they asked for a bye on 6/10 and they started on 6/3 (as opposed to starting during the soft launch on 5/6, 5/13, 5/20), or
  • some other quirk that can probably be explained if I analyze the roadmap closely and remember back to what I was thinking at the time.

There is only one way to get out of playing on 6/17. And that’s to convince your opponent to also postpone, thereby resulting in a doubleheader makeup sometime between 6/24 and the end of the regular season on 7/15. Remember, July 4th falls on a Wed this year, so there are no more legal holiday byes coming up.

If you want to see if your 6/17 opponent (listed below) is up for postponing to a doubleheader, have your captain text me to begin the process. The other captain then has until Wed 12pm to approve.

Shockers at Pure Supremacy
Trybe at Up In Smoke
Wet Dreams A/R at Up In Smoke

Prodigy at Heatonkees
Cereal Killers at Blazers
The Fam at B Boys

Kurruption AAA at Eastbay Brawlers

Ashton’s Finest at BluePrint
Space Jam (SF) at Putties

One Hunnit Boys at Grape Sodas
Kurruption REC at Sole Supremacy (+)

Inglorious Baskets at Town Biz
Black Out at Kryptonite

Team Elite at Wolverines-REC
Hyperdrunks at Serious

Handsome Devils at SF Free Agents

TO BE DETERMINED — email Freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org if this is an issue

TO BE DETERMINED — email Freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org if this is an issue

Sun 6/10/2012

SAT 6/9 (11:15AM) — Tip of the hat to captain of aaa-sf Cream Of The Crop. He was texting about how to know which jerseys to bring. I should post this somewhere permanently on the site, but the answer to that is: ALWAYS BRING BOTH DARK AND LIGHT JERSEYS.

While we do list teams as “X at Y”, which suggests that team Y would wear the home whites, in reality, it is kind of hard to expect everyone in Dream League to have two sets of unis, one dark and one light. So if you’re a team that only has one set, well, try to get another set as time goes by, to make it easier for all of us. If your team has both darks and lights, bring both and just see what the other team shows up with.

The “X at Y” on our scheduling is only for aesthetics right now. In the future if it were possible for everyone to have darks and lights (let’s say Nike came and sponsored us — yeah right), then yeah, we would impose something like that.

Btw, don’t forget we have a pretty awesome deal when it comes to unis. I need to dig up our contact with Spalding, but the basketballs deal should be up and running soon too. For the unis, Freddie is now solely in charge of that so that there’s little to no dependency on my schedule. Apologies to the teams that have ordered the past two months and experienced slightly longer delays than usual. Some of it was due to my workload, some of it was due to the fact that our vendor is still operating in a third world country (Philippines). However, everyone can largely agree that once product is in-hand, it’s good stuff.

SAT 6/9 (11:00AM)ALL OVERLAPS MUST BE REPORTED TO FREDDIE. Yesterday night, I swapped a game between ISAH and BHPY, but only because there were as many as three players overlapped and one team has only six players, the other seven. Ideally, if I can avoid a forfeit, I’ll try to avoid a forfeit. I did the swap despite the fact I was dead tired from scheduling and not wanting to ever see that spreadsheet again for at least a few days. I could have easily not done the swap just because I didn’t feel like doing it and had already gave my pound of flesh.

Incidentally, our staff was dealing with a family emergency, then Freddie already had a trip out of town booked for Thursday, which with the volume of scheduling involved in the roadmapping process, caused the delays this week. Please note, roadmapping still needs to occur in San Jose (next week). The good news is, now that all non-SJ divisions have been roadmapped, Freddie doesn’t need to come up with matchups because the matchups are already defined.

I will post all roadmaps starting Monday when I am a bit more rested. So right now, I have the spreadsheet which has all of your remaining matchups. However, I have not posted it (not the easiest thing to do), so you are still flying blind. Sorry about that.

Now let’s talk about overlaps. In doing the aforementioned swap, we overlapped a player on a/r-sf Wolverines A/R and rec-sf All Show No Go.

So right now, AFAIK the list of overlapping teams is as follows:
aaa-sf SJSF | rec-sf Heat (3 players)
a/r-sf WlvA | rec-sf ASNG (K.Neri)
a/r-sf Htnk | rec-sf SFFA (me, M.Usis)

Other than that, we do not know about your overlap. Sure, your team name could be called Sole Supremacy in one division and Sole Supremacy again in another division, but I am a robot. I do not have time to actively think of these things. All we do is schedule. A team name is a team name is a team name. It’s just a team on the schedule. We do not memorize interrelationships between teams. I’m sure Freddie actually has, though, but when I did the 6/10 schedule, I pretty much did so blind as far as overlaps are concerned.

Furthermore, all reported overlaps do not guarantee that your guys will not be overlapped — especially if the teams involved are in different cities. You pickup players who are already on another team at your own risk. Overall, we do appreciate guys double-dipping, although we caution you that when playoffs hit, at some point they’re going to have to pick one over the other. So I get it. Even I play on two teams because the oncourt experience is so fun. But I am not Superman when it comes to scheduling. If I tried and it didn’t happen, then I tried and it didn’t happen and you should not come at me all needy.

Finally, only two overlaps per team and per player, please. Once you get to three overlaps for any given player or team, you are getting exponential — i.e., the mathematical dependencies are now up to eight teams, not four (remember, overlaps involve you and your opponent). That’s just too much.

Hope that makes sense and apologies once again for the bluntness.

We hope to have a fully updated list of overlaps ready by Monday of next week. Please email Freddie. I also predict that Freddie should be able to schedule all roadmapped divisions fairly quickly. We’ll see. I’ve never had someone else in charge of scheduling.

Again, scroll way down for Sun 6/10. As you can see, this week had tons of issues due to roadmapping.

FRI 6/8 (2:00PM) — Turns out Google wasn’t auto-republishing the sheet below. That counts as false advertising by that billion dollar company, right? SMH. All is well now… (1:45PM) — Tipoffs have now posted, scroll way way way down. Please check all the bye listings in the previous posts. I was just thrown a curveball which has caused much of the delay (me running around, printing insurance forms, going to the post office, etc., instead of posting this article). Right now, much to my chagrin, I have to drive down to SJ to secure JLHS. It’s just really stupid crap, but don’t worry about it we do have it. You guys have no idea. This is precisely why when guys complain about this or that, you guys don’t see the big picture I do. The pain and suffering that goes on JUST to get a gym open, you guys just have no idea. I hope everyone appreciates how difficult it is to jump through the hoops, ranging from the shady backhand deals to the bureaucracy of local government. One day I hope to change that, because there are some people running your town or school or mayorship or what have you, who don’t get it.

FRI 6/8 (10:15AM) — Tipoffs are now in chronological order. We’re almost there. Just waiting on scorekeeping staff. If you see potential overlaps, please have your captain text me asap. I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to make any changes. Start times: ISAH late morning, BHPY midday, BCRC early morning, WKRC early morning, and JLHS obviously already has tipoffs. Scroll down…

FRI 6/8 (9:00AM) — BBOF has been given a bye, so all’s well that ends well… (8:45AM) — As you can scroll below, we now know the matchups for this Sun 6/10. If there are any major discrepancies, captains must text me (Rich) asap. The only thing that is set are the tipoffs for JLHS. Everything else is NOT in chronological order and your game could be in either gym in the same city. I should be able to get this all done by 12p today. Scroll away and if you haven’t read the previous posts, I highly suggest that you do to see how we got here. Thanks for your ongoing patience…

FRI 6/8 (8:00AM) — Here are the matchups in REC-SF-…

Tank City at SF Free Agents
Ducks at Kuyabruddaz
BYES: Dynasty, Lob City, Wolfpac, and Handsome Devils (as requested)

Next up: working on the tipoffs now. Please read all previous posts so you know what’s going on. JLHS also reported that we can start that gym anytime. It’ll probably start in the afternoon, since it was going to be possible for all teams involved to start at the original forced late time of 330p anyways.

FRI 6/8 (7:15AM) — Correction. Hyperdrunks wanted a bye and they started on 5/20, albeit against a team that turned out to be more suited for REC-SF- (Tank City). So what we’ll do is, we’ll just move their 6/10 matchup to next Sun 6/17, which happens to be Fathers Day, a makeup weekend. That is the least complicated solution… (7:00AM) — Here are the matchups for REC-SF+…

Team Elite at Flight Club Cobras
Hyperdrunks at Serious bye: matchup gets moved to 6/17
Wolverines-REC at Aubergine
Hapa at Heat
All Show No Go at SFFD

Serious at Flight Club Cobras
SFFD at Team Elite
Heat at Aubergine
All Show No Go at Wolverines-REC
Hyperdrunks at Hapa

Fairly straightforward, barring unforeseen circumstances. Next up: REC-SF- and then we can figure out tipoffs.

FRI 6/8 (6:30AM) — Here are the matchups for REC-OAK- (AM) aka OAK-AM…

Black Out at Olympians
Town Biz at Bombsquad
WWWD at Prestige World Wide
Kryptonite at Warriors-Rec
Inglorious Baskets at JS23 (see below, JS23 is actually in OAK-PM and has a doubleheader, AM/PM scheduling quirk)

The “scheduling quirk” is because Freddie (unknowingly at the time) scheduled a PM vs AM game, namely Olympians vs M.O.B., on 6/3. That needs to be balanced out with Inglorious vs JS23. Thus, one of the six regular season games for Olympians, M.O.B., Inglorious, and JS23 will be against a team from the other AM/PM split. In all likelihood, Freddie will create the stats structure such that all REC-OAK- will be lumped together, even though most of the AM teams will not face the PM teams in the regular season. We do, however, expect them to be mixed in the playoffs, so it all makes sense structurally and stats-wise in the database.

Next up: REC-SF+.

FRI 6/8 (6:00AM) — Here are the matchups for REC-OAK- (PM) aka OAK-PM…

BlackCatz (-) at Tropic Thunder
Wasted at JS23 (JS23 doubleheader, started late)
M.O.B. at EFC Berkeley
Inglorious Baskets at JS23 (JS23 doubleheader, started late; Inglorious is actually in OAK-AM)
byes: Rawkats at Wet Dreams REC (Rawkats have played games already and Wet Dreams needs 6/10 bye)
byes: AOB at Sole Supremacy (-) (matchup already played on 5/20, just turned out that way)

THU 6/7 (11:15PM) — Correction: No Chance wants a bye, so I’ll do a double-switch on the roadmap which you guys can analyze later when it posts, and that results in Kurruption having a doubleheader this Sun 6/10… (11:00PM) — Here are the matchups for REC-OAK+…

Snipers at Team China
One Hunnit Boys at Grey Goose
Hawks at Sqad Up
Grape Sodas at Kurruption
Sole Supremacy (+) at BlackCatz
That’s What She Said at No Chance
That’s What She Said at Kurruption
BYE: No Chance

Next up: REC-OAK-.

THU 6/7 (10:00PM) — Here are the matchups for AAA-SF…

Huskies at Prodigies
Cream Of The Crop at Space Jam (SF)
BluePrint at Problems
Runnin’ Rebels at Putties
bye: Ashton’s Finest

Next up: REC-OAK+.

THU 6/7 (9:00PM) — Here are the new matchups and byes for A/R-SF, which are matchups that have been crossed out…

Wolverines-A/R at Lay-Up City
The Fam at B Boys bye both, to 6/17
SF Warriors at Trainwreck
Entourage at Frisco Hawks to 5/20
Team Go at Cereal Killers bye CKs, to 7/15
Full Tilt at Heatonkees
P2W at At-SF
Blazers at Prodigy bye both, to 7/15

Up next: AAA-SF.

THU 6/7 (2:30PM) — Turns out there are four or five A/R-SF teams who want a bye this Sun 6/10 so scrap my previous post, I’ll have redo the whole roadmap. Do you guys now see what I have to put up with? Nobody really gives a rat’s ass when I say in the registration pages not to expect any byes. So everyone just sit back and wait for your schedules, I don’t want to hear it… (1:00PM) — Continuing onward, here are matchups for A/R-SF for this Sun 6/10…

Wolverines-A/R at Lay-Up City
The Fam at B Boys
SF Warriors at Trainwreck
At-SF at Prodigy
Cereal Killers at Full Tilt
Team Go at Blazers
Heatonkees at P2W
BYES: Entourage at Frisco Hawks (since both teams already played 2 games)

Next up: AAA-OAK (just going down the Rumor Mill list)

THU 6/7 (11:45AM) — Still roadmapping. Looks like SF will have to be roadmapped too, which means there will be delays in producing the matchups for all SF teams. As you know from the previous post, OAK is a beast. Here are SJ matchups, barring unforeseen circumstances…

rec-sj Goblins at Did We Win
a/r-sj Gentlemen’s Club at Hot Cheetos
a/r-sj Sole Legit at River Of Life Christian Church
a/r-sj Anklebreakers at Beast Mode
aaa-sj Hibachi at TSA Santa Clara
aaa-sj Year Of The Ox at Unified Ballers

BYES: BBOF, FnF Warriors, SJ Barons (matched with FnF)

Please note, JLHS has something going on til 3p, so we’re starting all games at 330p at JLHS this Sun 6/10.

As I finish each roadmap, I’ll post them here. Here are A/R-OAK matchups…

Pure Supremacy at EBAYC
Redhawks at Undrafted
Shockers at Straight Gunnin
HeartBreak Kids at SpaceJams (OAK)
Main Event at Trybe
BYES: Wet Dream, Up In Smoke (matched with Wet Dream)

FINAL NOTE: IF YOUR TEAM IS LAUNCHING LATE (FOR EXAMPLE, YOUR FIRST GAME IS THIS SUNDAY), YOU MIGHT NEED TO PLAY A MAKEUP GAME NEXT SUN 6/17, WHICH IS FATHERS DAY. If you can’t play on Fathers Day, then you (and your opponent) must agree to makeup your game as a doubleheader on some other Sunday after 6/17 and before playoffs start. You will see when playoffs start when the roadmaps publish.

THU 6/7 (8:45AM) — Per the Rumor Mill, we’re done with the registrations and payments for Summer 2012, barring unforeseen circumstances. We will now try to build the roadmaps starting with OAK teams. Not sure if we need to do that yet with SF, and certainly not with SJ, which is to say that Freddie can assign matchups as he sees fit for SF and SJ, for the most part. But with the workload on OAK, this probably means the tipoffs for this Sun 6/10 won’t be published until Friday, hopefully in the morning. #cranking

Btw, we will merge REC-SJ with A/R-SJ as we did last season, then probably take the four worst teams and call that the “real” REC-SJ for the double-elimination playoffs after six regular season games. Thanks for your patience.

TUE 6/5 (6:30PM) — For Sun 6/10 and the remaining season schedule, right now we are working on the Rumor Mill page. We are all caught up with the payments, so if you are listed as not paid, then you are in serious jeopardy of being left out.

Payments pending in Google Checkout’s system: Mendiola $110 x 2, Parker $550. Again, these are in pending mode. It will take Checkout some time to confirm them. Any problems, I’ll email the captains.

Sun 6/3/2012

PLEASE NOTE: Sun 5/27 was a league-wide bye for Memorial Weekend Holiday.

FRI 6/1 (12:00PM) — Tipoffs have been posted below. Grape vs Redhawks was removed because Grape wants to move down. Therein lies a problem that some of you are causing in league operations. League operations are designed the way they are for a reason. We offer the best oncourt experience, yet scaled across 100+ teams in three locations. This is only possible if you conform to the instructions for registration, payment, and scheduling that we have set forth.

Anything you do not conforming to our business processes subjects you to not being included in something or other. Here are some examples. So let’s say you didn’t want to pay by credit card and literally no one on your team could pay online. You text me and you say you want to pay by cash. For whatever reason, we are unable to meet up. Well, guess what. You are a one-off case. You are probably not going to get marked as “paid” by Freddie when we do a sweep of the registrations and Google Checkout dumps. You are therefore left off the schedule. You feel slighted and you bitch at me, but none of it was intentional. Of course we want you in the league, but the other 98% of the league got scheduled for a reason.

Speaking of which, we will let you know how to report special requests that are different than your tipoff timeframe any given week, as well as reporting overlaps. Right now, simply email freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org. Tony is also helping us, but it starts at Freddie.

Here’s another example. You registered and now you want to switch a division. You email me, but as I have written now twice, I have 15,000 unread emails and I cannot remember every detail, so you thought that just by emailing me, all problems are solved. Also, you didn’t email Freddie because either you didn’t know or you haven’t been reading these posts thoroughly. Unfortunately, the REAL way to ensure you get switched is to — as the website clearly says — re-register with the changed information so that we can merge the records when we do the weekly sweeps of the database. You didn’t conform to the process laid out on the website, therefore you got left out. It is not personal.

And the other thing is, now you’ll probably have to do a doubleheader to makeup for that. Again, it’s not personal. It’s a mathematical equation to get the season of six regular season games done by a certain date, so that playoffs can begin and end before we hit the Fall season.

Hopefully you can now appreciate the volume of work that we face each week. Hopefully you guys will stop trying to be an exception and just follow the directions that I have meticulously laid out on the website. If you don’t, then sh_t happens, and of course, it’s not personal. It just happens. Freddie and I are still working our asses off, so that’s why it gets annoying when you guys act entitled to something when, really, we are just grinding away. We have no agenda but to get our stuff done by when we want to get it done. Thursday is the goal for each Sunday schedule.

You’ll probably be relieved to hear that, even with refs that I have hired for nearly a decade, they sometimes remain a pain and act entitled too. I have refs that keep texting me about the schedule. Well, they ought to know by now that if I haven’t texted them, then the schedule isn’t done. It is not personal, I am working my ass off to get it done, and you just really shouldn’t feel entitled/special because there is nothing else on my agenda except working.

So all of this complaining and pouting is really quite unnecessary. Now, to those of you who get this and give me the space that we need, thank you again. We appreciate the opportunity to make this happen for as many teams out there as possible.

FRI 6/1 (9:30AM)There are no SJ games this Sun 6/3. Main reason are those damn hidden fees city governments love to put in. Can’t stand those. Forget them, let’s go back to old reliable at JLHS starting 6/10.

According to Freddie, the schedule below (scroll down) is in chronological order but I’m not sure if he wanted me to put in the tipoffs or not. He’ll be up by 11am to resolve that. Sorry about this miscommunication. We will obviously get it right next time. See, the main issue is that when Freddie is scheduling the games and cutting/pasting the spreadsheet moving matchups here and there, we don’t want you to see that because it would just confuse you and you would think your game is at a certain time when in reality you’re just on a spreadsheet ready to be moved to some other time slot. So we have two spreadsheets. The one below, which is “Live” and another one that you can’t see that Freddie does all of that spreadsheet maneuvering with. So anyways, hang tight and you’ll see tipoffs shortly.

Later, I will also try to have Freddie either manually input or come up with a formula that populates the “V” and “H” columns with the tipoff timeframes for each team. That will explicitly show you why you are in a certain tipoff timeslot (in fact, I’m not sure how Freddie does it without that right now lol). Obviously, when you send in a special request (don’t forget, it costs $5 to do so for our pain in doing so), Freddie will override your season tipoff timeframe with the special request timeframe for that particular week.

Btw, Rumor Mill ie registrations and payments updating still isn’t at 100%, thanks to stragglers and, of course, SJ situation. Keep checking that page too.

THU 5/31 (11:00AM) — So the SJ gym director got back to me and it looks like we can probably play the 5 games at Alum Rock if we want to. She will get back to me tomorrow morning, so I guess you SJ teams have to just wait for the final word; what can we do.

However, it costs an arm and a leg there so I’d rather not. So if you don’t want to play and you’re an SJ team (i.e., you want to wait until 6/10 to start at JLHS), then email freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org asap and let him know.

THU 5/31 (9:45AM) — Below are the matchups only for Sun 6/3. Okay, so you’ll notice a few cosmetic changes on this page. Secondly, Freddie will be completing the actual tipoffs later today. So let’s hope we can finalize this beast by this evening. Let’s say 5p tonight? Here are the present issues…

  • First off, all league questions need to goto freddie(at)dreamleague(dot)org. I am off launching Dream League into the next decade with a huge project that will not allow me to give my full attention to weekly/ongoing issues and the same old requests and complaints that you always have. I have like 15,000 unread messages in my Inbox. I cannot handle your customer service and some of you have already experienced how irritable I can be when inundated with the same old same old. This new project is going to make it better for all of us in all facets of the Dream League experience, including customer service, so wish me luck.
  • The matchups that Freddie has concocted thus far, based on your payments and registrations AS OF THE DEADLINE THIS PAST SUN 5/27, are not in chronological order and gyms within a city can change.
  • If you paid after this past Sun 5/27, you may or may not be included in the scheduling below. You just have to check. And if you’re not, then too bad. I mean, Freddie and I have other stuff to do too, you know? We can’t just wait and wait and keep the other people on hold. We have certain available time in our lives to do the scheduling so if you hadn’t paid by that time, then that’s just too bad. What else am I supposed to do? Learn your lesson, admonish your delinquent teammates or find better people to pickup, and accept the consequences like a man.
  • We will be at BHPY and BCRC all day, ISAH 9a-3p (2p last tip), WKRC for six games (tips TBD).
  • Our SJ gym is unknown. We will have JLHS all season starting 6/10, so for 6/3 I am attempting to get Alum Rock which is down the block from JLHS, but their people have not called me back all week. The bad news is, obviously, all of the teams that have paid are itching to start. The good news is, if we have to push back to the more reliable JLHS starting 6/10, we have one more week to get a few more teams. Everyone always likes more teams. Again, this is pending them calling me back, we’ll see. And to put this all in perspective, Ron went the extra mile with JLHS. We lost PHHS to AAU and AHHS is under reconstruction. So we’re actually pretty lucky even to have an SJ location this season.
  • I have changed the spreadsheet so that the most recent Sunday is on top. The previous dates, you just have to scroll and scroll. Gonna be a lot of scrolling if you want to see older games, later in the season.
  • Stats will not be up until all divisions are finalized and that’s at least another week. As most of you know, stats get entered on the old website dreamleague(dot)org. Once that’s up, you can see your roadmap, your standings, all the nice stuff. Again, this is just a blog where I explain stuff. It’s not really that great for data.
  • All the old posts talking about the scheduling go below the schedule here. Since as we get further and further into the season, that’s a lot of scrolling, I have provided a quick “jump” link (HTML terminology: “anchor”) that jumps you down to that section on this page.

Finally, instead of another bullet point, I wanted to explicitly point out that as of this Sun 6/3, some teams are playing their 1st game, some are playing their 2nd, and some are already in their 3rd. Freddie will be noting some of this in the Comments column, just for my reference when I do the roadmaps. Please note, starting on Monday, we will be conforming the 5/13, 5/20, and 6/3 schedules (remember, 5/27 was a holiday) and basically closing off every division so that they fit a mathematical “roadmap”. Freddie somewhat randomly — well, he’s not really doing it randomly, he’s looking at who’s paid and from there, sort of just picking matchups that benefit scheduling the best — is creating matchups so far, so when I try to conform that to a mathematical roadmap, things might get complicated.

Sun 5/20/2012 and Sun 5/13/2012

THU 5/17 (11:00AM) — ISAH tipoffs finalized. Kudos to Freddie… (8:30AM) — Hot off the presses, we might be starting ISAH early, since it’s a pain for the gym director to come back and reset the alarm in the late afternoon. But first, we’re going to make sure the matchups make sense as written previously. Stay tuned… THU 5/17 (7:45AM) — I am pleased to announce that we are now transitioning to Google Docs and you can see the entire season schedule below. First of all, this should make each schedule easier to find. For this Sun 5/20, we’ve taken the registrations and payments as seen on the Rumor Mill page and come up with matchups for 5/20.

We are still trying to make sure we have the right matchups in REC-SF, as far as probable subdivisions by competitive level (Upper/Lower) and morning/afternoon, therefore the tipoffs for gym ISAH are still “TBD”, but we can tell you that things will probably start in the late morning there. Please check back by noontime today for the possible updated matchups and tipoffs at ISAH.

In San Jose, as mentioned before on the Rumor Mill, we will not start in full force and at the same time until 6/3. This is because of ongoing issues with gym locations there.

Please scroll down past the spreadsheet to see the gym locations…

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