Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 3/25

THU 3/22 (6:00PM) — ISAH is confirmed and we only have 6,7,8,9p available for PHHS. Also, check the bye list because now AAA-SJ and A/R-SJ- (Lower) is postponed as well as the ones previously posted. Here’s the jump…

If you paid a $5 request and you ended up being postponed (or not getting your request fulfilled), please email me and I will refund you.

Jump down to the draft version of 3/25 schedule…

THU 3/22 (9:45AM) — Boy, we got problems. First, ISAH is on hold because they are having trouble finding someone to open the gym for us. Yep, that’s right. The gym is actually available but no one wants to open it. Shows you how stressful it is to work there M-F; everyone cherishes their weekend. Right now, I have the probable schedule below set with the usual ISAH+BHPY. However, if ISAH gets nuked, then I will probably give a bye to all A/R-SF+ (Upper), AAA-SF and AL/NL teams. The remaining teams in 6FT-OSF, A/R-SF- (Lower), REC-SF+ (Upper), and REC-SF- (Lower) will continue all at BHPY if ISAH is no longer on the docket.

There is one team in AAA-SF that wants a bye, but it’s not possible to do a combination of them a bye and others not. It’s all or nothing. So while that team is hoping ISAH is closed, if ISAH opens, then too bad, business as usual.

Things in SJ are no better, as PHHS is suddenly not available due to a conflict and heads butting over control of the gym, but we’re trying to get at least a few evening games. Alternatively, we are checking on availability at JLHS (new gym building codes issues), AHHS (maybe too short notice, requires permit), and YBHS (probably rented out to another group).

I have officially postponed the AAA-SJ games because I can find no resolution to tipoff conflict anyways, and there’s only three teams left there. If I am restricted to just evening games, I will probably keep going with the A/R-SJ+ (Upper), since there’s a couple teams in A/R-SJ- (Lower) that cannot even play in the evening.

OAK is full speed ahead and I might need to move a 6FT-OSF game there if ISAH is off the docket.

There’s one more bye: HoopsQuad. This is because they are the highest seed in the Losers Bracket of the 7-team bracket. In the 2nd round, we only need two teams left in the Losers Bracket, as we’ll add two more losers from the Winners Bracket next week to field a “mini-final-four” in the Losers Bracket, to yield one team left standing after next week.

Overall, we have a ton of special requests, so we’re trying our best. Be sure to check all the listings above the table. For the SCHEDULING ISSUES section, it’s best if you look at the pref1/pref2 columns and see if they are red. If they’re red, there is an issue which I will talk about when the tipoffs actually post. And please take things with a grain of salt.

Finally, I looked at the tape of Frisco vs Run N Gun and, indeed, our scorekeepers messed up. So luckily for Frisco, there was video. And their captain DID call timeout to try and fix the problem, so they followed protocol. I guess that means all of you ought to be videotaping your games, just in case. That’s fine by me. So what will happen is, at the tipoff of “Frisco/RunNGun at #2 SFFD”, really we’ll play a 2:00 overtime between Frisco and Run N Gun, then immediately start the Winner vs SFFD. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. IF WE FINISH THE PREVIOUS GAME AHEAD OF TIME, WE WILL HURRY UP AND START THE FRISCO/RUN OVERTIME.

ISAH is supposed to report availability by 4pm today. I should have an update for you by 5pm right here.

WED 3/21 (1:15PM) — Below is the list of matchups for this Sun 3/25. Nothing is in chronological order yet, as you can probably guess. There are a couple games in 6FT-OSF which we had no choice but to put in OAK, regardless of looking at the previous teams’ schedules to see the balance of SF/OAK, simply because we do not have enough gym space in SF. We are still searching for gym space, but either gym directors are acting stoopid with their ridiculous pricing or they aren’t calling me back.

I’d put up a jump link but I want you to read the rest of this post. It’s important.

Meanwhile, I’m still updating the Playoff Seeds posts. Then after that, I’ll start posting the brackets which basically serves as a roadmap for each division the rest of the way. These are somewhat less important articles to post because the main concern is simply to get the next round of games up so we know who’s playing at what time this Sun 3/25.

Here is the requisite crap that I am dealing with this week…

Amare Stoudemire rule: NEVER LEAVE YOUR BENCH

Last week at ISAH, there was an oncourt altercation between a player on the Sonics and Marin. While the refs quickly diffused the situation and cooler heads prevailed, sure enough, the young Sonics players on their bench and some from the stands left their position and went onto the court, as if they had to defend a life-or-death situation.

Folks, this is why the NBA has the Amare Stoudemire rule. When you leave your bench, you are throwing kerosene on fire. Tensions rise, people on the court including the refs start to feel like safety is compromised with unknown motion of bodies approaching. This is quite simply unacceptable.

None of the twelve people on the court is going to go into a life-or-death situation. It is far better to let 2 refs calm down 10 players than 10+X.

Now, I should simply suspend the Sonics entire bench one game, but I will just use them as an example here. The next team that does WILL be suspended. This is your warning. You can thank the Sonics.

Fans need to behave too

While we are on the Sonics topic, I don’t like the fact that people in the stands yell at the scorekeepers or refs. Do you actually think that helps? Do you actually think we will come over, bow to you, salute you, say “we are sorry my master”, and do what you are yelling at us?

Sometimes the scoreboard is in error. It is a fact of basketball life. If you have an issue, kindly approach your team captain and have him go up the chain of command to resolve the issue.

This childish behavior must stop. People will be asked to leave the gym at risk of forfeiting their team. Teams will lose the right to have spectators. Please grow up. P-L-E-A-S-A-N-T-V-I-L-L-E.

When you get technicals or ejections in the playoffs

So the Sonics player was assessed two technicals for the altercation and ejected. After the ejection, he was coaching on the bench. That is not acceptable. I asked him to leave. That is what happens at every level of basketball when you get ejected. You must leave the premises. You forfeited that right.

Do not object to that or give me or anybody who works for Dream League an excuse for staying at the gym. Go home and call it a day.

Now, you are all thinking that I am putting the Sonics out there. Well, the Sonics are not a rowdy team at all. They just did what they did and now I have to use them as an example. As I mentioned, I could’ve easily suspended their entire bench.

Suspensions after three (3) technicals

The NBA Playoffs has a rule of 7 technicals then automatic suspension. Since the NBA Playoffs is much longer than Dream League’s, and we are more interested in safety of our rec league, our rule is 3 technicals then suspended for one game, from regular season on through the playoffs. The Sonics player is obviously at 2 already.

Possible scorekeeping issue

Finally, we have an issue in REC-SF+ that I am investigating. Looks like our scorekeepers may have missed a field goal in the 3rd quarter of the Frisco vs Run N Gun game, which Run N Gun ended up winning by two. Please note, we have a triple-check system when keeping score, and it really doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says (as any human being can press the wrong key), it matters what the scoresheet on paper says. However, Frisco was fortunate in that they videotaped the ballgame and I should be able to look at it, tally things up, and see exactly where the mistake was made, if there was one.

Now, this was an isolated incident and I’m not sure I’d approach it the same next time. Why? Because less-than-perfect scorekeeping — and less-than-perfect ANYTHING — in rec leagues is a given. In fact, it happens in the NBA. I think there were two incidents this season where they got a goal-tending wrong. What are they supposed to do, go back in time? I mean, look, life isn’t fair. Sometimes you just have to move on. Believe me, there is a basketball god out there. Someday you’ll be on the long end of the stick where everything goes right for you.

I’m no different than Phil Jackson or John Wooden: basketball is a life lesson. You take the good with the bad. If you’re always complaining about the bad, then you’re not getting it and life will be quite short for you.

Long story short, there’s a chance we will play a standard 2-minute overtime between Frisco vs Run N Gun. Only players that showed up last week will be allowed to play and obviously I’d just continue the same scoresheet from where we left off. A 2:00 overtime shouldn’t last too long, so then the winner will immediately play SFFD at the same location. Run N Gun has a lower bound tipoff of 1p, so I suspect we would probably play this at 1:00PM sharp and start the SFFD game at 1:10PM sharp.

What to do if you have a scorekeeping/scoreboard issue

Should you run into a scoreboard problem, your team will need to call timeout and your captain must immediately tell the ref that he is calling a timeout only to figure out the score problem. If the score problem is rectified in your favor, you will get your timeout back.

At that point, we will need to revert back to the scoresheet and whatever we have on the paper. We keep track of each end-of-quarter score on paper, so you should be able to rebuild the entire quarter up to that point just based on everyone’s memory of what has transpired.

It is actually that simple. Well, maybe not simple, but certainly straightforward.

Do not disparage my staff

I almost decided not to spend anytime investigating this because some of the Frisco players disparaged my scorekeepers. One of them did it on Twitter and now that I have blocked that account as well as anybody else who tweets out entitled BS, he will have to follow using some new account. There is no need to do that, folks.

That goes for refs, too. You have to trust that I have spent many years finding the best scorekeepers and refs that your (not very much) money can buy — seriously, if you want to pay more than what you are paying now, I’d be happy to post on Craigslist and interview a few “more qualified” people. Otherwise, quite frankly shut the hell up and play, or you are welcome to go to any of the other leagues out there who probably won’t have any scorekeepers or refs at our level.

One more thing: “I haven’t complained about refs in awhile, but…” is translated in my brain as “OK, Rich, don’t listen to another word this person has to say.” What’s the difference between that and a rambling disparagement, you feel me?

Let’s not forget there are fines in the NBA for disparaging the refs: $25,000 as compared to $7,500 for technicals. And to think, these NBA players are paid professionals whose job it is to do work on the court. Basketball IS the day job instead of having a day job to get back to on Monday; their whole lives are invested in the NBA which pays them well. In Dream League, you are supposed to act as if this is recreational activity, not like your family depends on your play or the result of your team, to put food on your table.

In Dream League, I charge $5 for technicals. If you want to continue complaining about our refs, then I will soon implement something similar, I suspect I will have to charge $25 for disparaging refs or scorekeepers. I am sick and tired of it. Show up and play and be thankful you have what you have. Otherwise, if you want to feel entitled, I don’t want your money. IT IS NOT WORTH THE CODDAM STRESS, YOU HEAR ME?

Please don’t use the “we pay a lot of money” argument

Another thing that first bothered me about Frisco’s complaint was they used the old, “We pay a lot of money” preface. Three words for you: NO. YOU. DON’T.

If you don’t believe me, let me 3-way conference call you in on any number of phone calls I have with gym directors.

Now that I am done with my How To Be A Grown Man 101 lecture, to those of you who have been acting like Pleasantville every Sunday, I thank you for your patronage and, well, acting like grown men. It has taken a long time to find you and I’m glad we are together in this incredible basketball community of NBA-like oncourt games found nowhere else.

10a ZNGA/Blzr both teams earlier
12p WlvR/Hapa winner plays at 230p
7,8,9p ISAH games are pinned for SK
930a DAR no other timeeslot left
430p Trybe in Oakland ok
530p Misfits/Beast winner in SF
9a Lao Ru no other timeslot left, dh
3p Franchise midpoint rule
7p Winner-Lao/Franch no other slot left
130p Winner Misf/Bst 2d gm 530p SF
330p Winner-Undrafted/Grey midpt rule

SPECIAL REQ FOR 3/25 (see MSR page)
3/25 aaa-sj Ukrt =1p-6p
3/25 aaa-sf Prob >3p
3/25 a/r-sf DAR =11a-2p
3/25 a/r-sf SFW >3p
3/25 aaa-sj SJHA >7p
3/25 rec-sf BDE >5p
3/25 aaa-sf Jump =bye (or >3p)
3/25 6ft-osf Trnw =11a-3p
3/25 a/r-sj BBOF >6p
3/25 a/r-sj Wii =4p
3/25 aaa-oak Colo =late
3/25 6ft-osf Mari =late
3/25 a/r-sf Fam <2p

BYES FOR 3/25 (*-natural, see roadmap)
aaa-oak p2-LB: bye: #2 HoopsQuad
aaa-sj Last LB Game: #3 SJ Hibachi AAA at #2 Ukourt
aaa-sj Championship: Winner-SJH/Ukrt at #1 God Bless It
a/r-sj- p3a-LB: #4 GBP at #3 F’n’F Warriors
a/r-sj- p3a-LB: #7 Good Shepherd Christian Community at #2 Pineapple Express
a/r-sj- p3b-LB: Winner-GSCC/PnEx at GBP/FnF
a/r-sj- p3-WB: #6 Wii Not Fit at #1 Basketballs Of Fury


AL/NL AshF | aaa-osf Rack (M.Salamin)
AL/NL Und | a/r-oak Sole (T.Xiong)
aaa-osf Prod | a/r-sf Next (D.Chen, Q.Wu)
aaa-osf Prod | a/r-sf Htnk (RT)
aaa-osf KurA | a/r-oak Sole (D.Lew)
aaa-osf Chaos | a/r-sf WlvA (A.Schlander)
6ft-osf BstO | a/r-oak Grey (M.Chin)
a/r-sf Htnk | AL/NL AshF (RT)
a/r-sf Htnk | sf-am Lob (J.Wang) ELIIM
a/r-sf WlvA | sf-pm WlvR (many)
a/r-sf WlvA | sf-pm ASNG (K.Neri)
a/r-sf DAR | sf-am DynR (many)
a/r-oak Mien | rec-o+ HBK (L.Saechin)
a/r-oak Mien | rec-o+ JS23 (S.Saelee) ELIIM
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ Pure (R.Lam)
a/r-oak Drm | rec-o+ TmCh (F.Kwong)
a/r-oak Drm | rec-o+ BlkC (P.Luu) ELIIM
rec-o+ Frch | oak-am Hfty (R.Tran)
rec-o+ BlkC | oak-pm Trip (R.Khean) ELIIM
oak-am Hfty | oak-pm IngB (3 players)

NOTES: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.
All games in bold cannot be moved/swapped.
Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
3/25 9:00am ISAH rec-sf- p3-WB: #2 Illuminati at #1 Rothstein Kass 9a–2p 9a–2p
3/25 10:00am ISAH a/r-sf- playoffs1: #4 ZNGA at #1 Blazers 11a-4p 11a-2p
3/25 11:00am ISAH 6ft-osf p2-WB: #9 Trainwreck at #5 Below The Rim 6FT (11a-3p) 10a-2p
3/25 12:00pm ISAH rec-sf- p3a-LB: #6 Wolverines REC at #5 Hapa 11a-4p 1p–6p
3/25 1:00pm ISAH aaa-sf p2-LB: #7 Chaos at #6 Stunners 11a-4p 9a–4p
3/25 2:00pm ISAH a/r-sf+ p2-WB: #3 Who’s Next at #2 The Fam (2p ok) 9a–2p
3/25 3:00pm ISAH a/r-sf+ p2-LB: #7 Full Tilt at #6 Motionz 12p-5p 2p–8p
3/25 4:00pm ISAH aaa-sf p2-WB: #4 Jumpmen at #1 Falcons 3p–p- 11a-4p
3/25 5:00pm ISAH rec-sf+ p3-LB: #11 Aubergine at #1 Heat 4p–4p 3p–p-
3/25 6:00pm ISAH a/r-sf+ p2-WB: #5 SF Warriors A/R at #1 Stun Guns (>3p) 3p–p-
3/25 7:00pm ISAH AL/NL playoffs1a: #5 Cobras at #4 BluePrint
3/25 8:00pm ISAH aaa-sf p2-WB: #3 Problems at #2 Rack City (>3p) 10a,5p–p-
3/25 9:00pm ISAH AL/NL playoffs1b: Winner-Cob/BluP at #1 Rangers [late] (late)
3/25 9:30am BHPY a/r-sf+ p2a-LB: #9 BTR (AAA) at #8 Dynasty A/R 9a–a- (11a-2p)
3/25 10:30am BHPY a/r-sf- playoffs1: #3 Wolverines A/R at #2 Heatonkees 11a-5p 11a-2p
3/25 11:30am BHPY a/r-sf+ p2b-LB: Winner-BTRA/DAR at #4 Braves [11a-2p] 11a-3p
3/25 12:30pm BHPY aaa-sf p2-LB: #8 Zissou at #5 Prodigies 1p–1p 1p–p-
3/25 1:30pm BHPY rec-sf+ p3-LB: Frisco/RunNGun at #2 SFFD [1p-3p] 9a–2p
3/25 2:30pm BHPY rec-sf- p3b-LB: Winner-WlvR/Hapa at #3 Ducks [1p-4p] 12p-p-
3/25 3:30pm BHPY rec-sf+ p3-WB: #8 Lay Up City at #4 Elite (SF) 3p–8p 10a-4p
3/25 4:30pm BHPY AL/NL playoffs1: #3 Ashton’s Finest at #2 Trybe (<430p) 3p–7p
3/25 5:30pm BHPY 6ft-osf p2b-LB: Winner-MisF/Bst at #1 Eagles [12p-6p] 12p-p-
3/25 6:30pm BHPY rec-sf+ p3-WB: #7 Boogie Down Eagles at #3 All Show No Go (>5p) 1p–p-
3/25 9:00am BCRC rec(-) Last LB Game: #5 Oakland Warriors-Rec at #2 Lao Ru (-) 9a–2p 11a-3p
3/25 10:00am BCRC rec-o+ p3-WB: #6 Cereal Killers at #5 Dragon 10a-1p 9a–3p
3/25 11:00am BCRC rec(-) Championship: Winner-OWR/Lao at #1 Black Out [11a-2p] 10a-3p
3/25 12:00pm BCRC aaa-oak p2-WB: #4 Kurruption AAA at #1 Members Only 12p-5p 10a-4p
3/25 1:00pm BCRC a/r-oak p3-WB: #6 Main Event at #1 Dream 1p–6p 10a-7p
3/25 2:00pm BCRC a/r-oak p3a-LB: #5 Mien JS23 at #2 Sole Supremacy 12p-6p 2p–7p
3/25 3:00pm BCRC rec-o+ p3a-LB: #9 LaoRu (+) at #2 Franchize 1p–6p 11a-2p
3/25 4:00pm BCRC oak-pm p3a-LB: #6 Triple Threat at #4 Straight Gunnin 3p–3p 11a-4p
3/25 5:00pm BCRC rec-o+ p3a-LB: #3 Team China at #1 Heartbreak Kids 10a-5p 4p–p-
3/25 6:00pm BCRC 6ft-osf p2-WB: #3 Marin at #2 Pure Supremacy (late) 2p–7p
3/25 7:00pm BCRC rec-o+ p3b-LB: Winner-TmCh/HBK at LaoR/Fran [4p-5p] [1p-2p]
3/25 8:00pm BCRC aaa-oak p2-WB: #7 Colossal at #6 Underdogs (late) 2p–p-
3/25 9:00pm BCRC oak-pm p3-WB: #8 SpaceJams (OAK) at #2 Inglorious Baskets 6p–p- 3p–3p
3/25 10:30am WKRC oak-am p3a-LB: #4 All Ham No Turkey at #3 WWWD 9a–2p 10a-1p
3/25 11:30am WKRC oak-am p3-WB: #6 Hefty at #1 Throwing Up Bricks 10a-1p 10a-3p
3/25 12:30pm WKRC oak-am p3b-LB: Winner-AHNT/WWWD at #2 Grim Reapers [10a-1p] 10a-3p
3/25 1:30pm WKRC 6ft-osf p2a-LB: #8 Misfits at #7 Beast (OAK) 10a-p- 12p-6p
3/25 2:30pm WKRC a/r-oak p3a-LB: #4 Undrafted at #3 Grey Goose 11a-4p 9a-2p
3/25 3:30pm WKRC a/r-oak p3b-LB: Winner-Mien/Sole at Winner-Udft/Grey [2p-6p] [11a-2p]
3/25 4:30pm WKRC aaa-oak p2-LB: #5 Rockit Scientist at #3 O2M 4p–p- 11a-4p
3/25 5:30pm WKRC 6ft-osf p2-LB: #6 Sonics at #4 Kurruption REC 9a–a- 1p–6p
3/25 6:30pm WKRC oak-pm p3b-LB: Winner Trip/StrG at #5 Rawkats [3p-4p] 4p–p-
3/25 6:00pm PHHS a/r-sj+ p3a-LB: #6 Monstars (SJ) at #2 Marc Jackson Five 1p–6p 1p–p-
3/25 7:00pm PHHS a/r-sj+ p3a-LB: #4 River Of Life Christian Church at #3 Anklebreakers 4p–p- 3p–8p
3/25 8:00pm PHHS a/r-sj+ p3-WB: #7 Beast Mode (SJ) at #1 SJ Barons 4p–p- 2p–7p
3/25 9:00pm PHHS a/r-sj+ p3b-LB: Winner-MSJ/MJF at ROLCC/Ankb [1p-6p] [4p-8p]

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
BHPY = Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, 1601 Lane St, SF (arrive early as rear parking lot gate is closed)
BGCE = Boys & Girls Club Excelsior, 163 London: arrive early to find street parking.
SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.
OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building

PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, SJ: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool
JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland