Sunday A/R-OAK 2012 Winter-Spring Playoff Brackets

TUE 3/13 (9:30PM) — Here are the playoff seedings for A/R-OAK. As explained on the 3/11 Bird’s Eye Schedule, we moved Colossal to AAA-OAK due to having more than 3 players from a higher division. To see the standings, please use the League Navigator on in right-hand panel of this website. We’ll post playoff brackets later…

  1. Dream (6-0) — won AM Conference
  2. Sole Supremacy (4-2) — won PM Conference
  3. Grey Goose (3-3)
  4. Undrafted (2-4) — won head to head vs JS23
  5. JS23 (2-4) — lost head to head vs Undft
  6. Main Event (1-5) — no h2h vs Rdhwk, tie common opp (1-5 vs Drm/SoleS/Mien/Grey/Clsl/
    Undft), won s-o-v (7.0) vs Rdhwk
  7. Redhawks (1-5) — no h2h vs MnEvt, tie common opp (1-5 vs Drm/SoleS/Mien/Grey/Clsl/
    Undft), lost s-o-v (3.0) vs MnEvt

Dream League uses the NFL Wild-Card Tiebreaker system, which basically means (1) head-to-head results, (2) record vs common opponents, (3) strength-of-victory (we interpret that as point differential in games won, then overall point differential), and (4) the rarely used strength-of-schedule. As with the NFL Wild-Card system, you compare teams within your conference first, then outside of your conference. Teams that finish below other teams in the same conference cannot finish higher than that team, therefore, the tiebreaker process starts all over again at the top after you’ve eliminated each successive team from a tiebreaker.