Sunday 2012 Winter-Spring Roadmaps

WED 2/22 (1:30PM) — Made some more updates to various roadmaps. You can see the specific updates made by scrolling down past the last entry on each roadmap, underneath the heading UPDATES.

THU 2/16 (11:45PM) — Made an update to ALL-SJ, spurred by erroneous Beast Mode schedule resulting in only 5 regular season games (now fixed)… WED 2/15 (2:00PM) — Roadmaps have been updated for the AL/NL, AAA-OSF, and A/R-OAK for this Sun 2/19. You can see the update explained briefly at the bottom of each roadmap. AL/NL and AAA-OSF were done due to the Bay Bridge closure. A/R-OAK was done due to non-payment and no effect on the non-paying team’s season.

Also, the info below has been corrected to 6 regular season games instead of 7. That was a copy/paste error when we used to have regular seasons at 7 games, albeit only double-elimination for teams finishing above .500. We now have a 6-game regular season and ALL teams get double-elim status for playoffs.

THU 2/9 (3:15PM) — Here are the roadmaps in the embedded spreadsheet below. I’ll put this page in the scrolling article blurbs on our homepage so it’s easier for you to access, but if you ever need to find, use either the Search field and search on “roadmaps” or use the League Navigator widget to pivot on “Schedules”.

Let me know by email if you have any questions, but the following should be self-explanatory…

Wk = code for block of games
Date = actual date of Matchups
Code = matchups based on team #s
Matchup = description of matchups
Comments = comments
green = moved from another Wk/Dt
red = moved to another Wk/Dt
* = (asterisk) home/away reversed

BYES: Byes are only allowable under special circumstances. If you have a bye later in the season that is not a formally requested bye, due to gym fluctuations and other unforeseen circumstances, that bye is not locked down; that week’s block of games can still be shuffled around as necessary until you formally request that week to be a bye for your team.


  1. Please make sure the number of red rows (games moved from) equals the number of green rows (games moved to).
  2. Make sure you have 6 regular season games listed with your team name.
  3. The last 1 or 2 of 6 regular season games are usually encoded as inter-conference or other special type of matchup.
  4. The playoffs are pretty much nailed down, barring unforeseen circumstances (i.e., no byes!)
  5. Any special late bye requests at this point will require permission from other teams to shuffle them around.
  6. Special late bye requests can usually be accommodated if your team plays a double-header some other week. But sometimes it depends on if your opponent is also stuck with a double-header.

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