Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 1/29

SAT 1/28 (1:15PM) — So I *finally* got a chance to update this with the 530,630p 6FT-OSF games. Also I did swap the 7p,9p at ISAH so that the AAA-OSF game is at 7p and the AL/NL game is at 9p.

FRI 1/27 (12:30PM) — Swapped the 6p/8p at BCRC such that Beast can be at their 6p max timeframe, esp it being Beast’s captain’s birthday. Guess we overlooked that one. Thanks to Hyperducks and Triple Threat for the trouble, now at 8p.

We also have an issue with the 7,8,9p slots at ISAH. I’m working on that one and all those captains know. Finally, there’s an issue with 6ft-sf teams and I’ve sent an email to captains on that one. More info should follow pertaining to these. Sorry for the hiccups.

FRI 1/27 (6:15AM) — Final schedule has posted below with tipoffs, scroll down. Thanks to Freddie for doing the Oakland scheduling and staffing. At this late juncture, it will be next to impossible to change it. I will explain soon for next week and onward how you would make your special requests — and pay $5 for the special request — each week BEFORE TUESDAY MIDNIGHT.

THU 1/26 (7:30PM) — Here’s a rough draft. These are all in chronological order, but we left out tipoffs because we’re not sure if they will hold. We would like them to. We still need to look at not overlapping players playing on more than one team and staffing scorekeepers.

We’ll put in the tipoffs when they are final. For now, each gym opens at approximately these times: ISAH early morning, BHPY early morning, BCRC early morning, WKRC early morning, and PHHS midday. Please see underneath the table for BHPY location.

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SPECIAL REQ FOR 1/29 (see MSR page)
1/29 a/r-sj MSJ =bye
1/29 aaa-osf Stnn >3p
1/29 a/r-sj SJB >7p
1/29 aaa-osf Jump >6p

BYES FOR 1/29 (*-natural, see roadmap)
oak-pm bye: Make It Drizzle at Inglorious Baskets
oak-pm bye: Lao Ru (-)
rec-o+ bye: JS23 REC
a/r-sj bye: Monstars (SJ)
sf-am bye: Kuyabraddaz

oak-pm Tone Team

AL/NL AshF | aaa-osf Rack (M.Salamin)
AL/NL Und | a/r-oak Sole (T.Xiong)
aaa-osf Prod | a/r-sf Next (D.Chen)
aaa-osf Prod | a/r-sf Htnk (RT)
aaa-osf KurA | a/r-oak Sole (D.Lew)
6ft-osf Mar | a/r-oak Colo (N.Vu)
a/r-sf Htnk | AL/NL AshF (RT)
a/r-sf WlvA | sf-pm WlvR (many)
a/r-sf DAR | sf-am DynR (many)
a/r-oak Mien | rec-o+ HBK (L.Saechin)
a/r-oak Mien | rec-o+ JS23 (S.Saelee) BYE
a/r-oak Sole | rec-o+ Pure (R.Lam)
a/r-oak Drm | rec-o+ TmCh (F.Kwong)
a/r-oak Drm | rec-o+ BlkC (P.Luu)
rec-o+ Frch | oak-am Hfty (R.Tran)
rec-o+ BlkC | rec-pm Trip (R.Khean)
oak-am Hfty | oak-pm IngB (3 players) BYE

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately. All games in bold cannot be moved/swapped.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
1/29 9:00am ISAH sf-am Rothstein Kass at Boogie Down Eagles 9a–2p 9a–p-
1/29 10:00am ISAH sf-am SFFD at Elite (SF) 9a–2p 10a-4p
1/29 11:00am ISAH a/r-sf Chaos at Wolverines A/R 11a-4p 11a-5p
1/29 12:00pm ISAH a/r-sf The Fam at Dynasty A/R 9a–2p 10a-2p
1/29 1:00pm ISAH aaa-osf Problems at Prodigies 10a-1p 1p–p-
1/29 2:00pm ISAH aaa-osf ZNGA at BTR 11a-4p 9a–a-
1/29 3:00pm ISAH a/r-sf Blazers at Braves 11a-2p 11a-3p
1/29 4:00pm ISAH aaa-osf Zissou at Falcons 1p–1p 11a-4p
1/29 5:00pm ISAH a/r-sf Full Tilt at Motionz 12p-5p 2p–8p
1/29 6:00pm ISAH a/r-sf Stun Guns at Who’s Next 3p–p- 3p–7p
1/29 7:00pm ISAH aaa-osf Jumpmen at Stunners (>6p) (3p-9p)
1/29 8:00pm ISAH AL/NL BluePrint at Rangers 3p–7p
1/29 9:00pm ISAH AL/NL Cobras at Ashton’s Finest
1/29 9:30am BHPY sf-am Frisco Hawks at Dynasty Rec 9a–1p 9a–2p
1/29 10:30am BHPY sf-am SF Free Agents at Illuminati 10a-p- 9a–2p
1/29 11:30am BHPY a/r-sf Heatonkees at SF Warriors A/R 11a-2p 10a-5p
1/29 12:30pm BHPY sf-pm All Show No Go at Ducks 1p–p- 12p-p-
1/29 1:30pm BHPY sf-pm Hapa at Team CB 1p–6p 2p–7p
1/29 2:30pm BHPY sf-pm Run N Gun at Handsome Devils 1p–7p 3p–3p
1/29 3:30pm BHPY sf-pm Wolverines Rec at Lay Up City 11a-4p 3p–8p
1/29 4:30pm BHPY sf-pm Heat at Aubergine 3p–p- 4p–4p
1/29 5:30pm BHPY 6ft-osf Sonics at BTR
1/29 6:30pm BHPY 6ft-osf Trainwreck at Eagles
1/29 9:00am BCRC oak-am Oakland Warriors-Rec at Grim Reapers 9a–2p 10a-3p
1/29 10:00am BCRC oak-am All Ham No Turkey at Kryptonite 9a–2p 10a-2p
1/29 11:00am BCRC oak-am Throwing Up Bricks at Town Biz 10a-3p 10a-3p
1/29 12:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Dream at Main Event 10a-7p 1p–6p
1/29 1:00pm BCRC rec-o+ SQ at Team China 2p–7p 10a-5p
1/29 2:00pm BCRC rec-o+ BlackCatz at Cereal Killers 3p–p- 10a-1p
1/29 3:00pm BCRC oak-pm Tone Team (-) at Make It Drizzle 3p–p- 10a-2p
1/29 4:00pm BCRC rec-o+ SpaceJams (OAK) at Franchize 6p–p- 11a-2p
1/29 5:00pm BCRC oak-pm Lights Out at Straight Gunnin 2p–6p 11a-4p
1/29 6:00pm BCRC 6ft-osf Marin at Beast (OAK) 4p–p- 12p-6p
1/29 7:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Colossal at Mien JS23 1p–7p 10a-4p
1/29 8:00pm BCRC oak-pm Hyperducks at Triple Threat 2p–7p 3p–3p
1/29 9:00pm BCRC aaa-osf Rack City at Rockit Scientist 5p–p- 4p–p-
1/29 9:30am WKRC oak-am WWWD at Top Flight REC 9a–2p 10a-3p
1/29 10:30am WKRC oak-am Black Out at Hefty 10a-3p 10a-1p
1/29 11:30am WKRC a/r-oak Grey Goose at Undrafted 10a-a- 11a-4p
1/29 12:30pm WKRC aaa-osf O2M at Kurruption AAA 11a-4p 12p-5p
1/29 1:30pm WKRC a/r-oak Sole Supremacy at Redhawks 2p–7p 10a-4p
1/29 2:30pm WKRC rec-o+ Pure Supremacy at LaoRu (+) 2p–7p 1p–6p
1/29 3:30pm WKRC rec-o+ Heartbreak Kids at Dragon 4p–p- 9a–3p
1/29 4:30pm WKRC aaa-osf HoopsQuad at Members Only 5p–5p 10a-4p
1/29 5:30pm WKRC rec-o+ Tone Team (+) at Kurruption REC 5p–p- 1p–6p
1/29 6:30pm WKRC AL/NL Trybe at Underdogs 3p–7p 2p–p-
1/29 7:30pm WKRC oak-pm Rawkats at Tone Team (-) 4p–p- 3p–p-
1/29 12:00pm PHHS aaa-sj GBP at God Bless It 10a-a- 9a–p-
1/29 1:00pm PHHS aaa-sj Bring Protection at SJ Hibachi AAA 11a-4p 1p–8p
1/29 2:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Pineapple Express at F’n’F Warriors 11a-6p 10a-3p
1/29 3:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Marc Jackson 5 at Space Jamz (SJ) 1p–p- 12p-7p
1/29 4:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Basketballs Of Fury at Rudy Gay 2p–p- 10a-4p
1/29 5:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Anklebreakers at Wii Not Fit 3p–8p 4p–p-
1/29 6:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Good Shepherd Christian Community at River Of Life Christian Church 2p–7p 4p–p-
1/29 7:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Beast Mode (SJ) at SJ Barons 4p–p- (>7p)

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
BHPY = Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, 1601 Lane St, SF (arrive early in case rear parking lot gate is closed)
SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.
OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building

PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, San Jose: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool
JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland

THU 1/26 (1:00PM) — Headed to a meeting with B.Velasquez, commish of TripleDouble. Almost done with AL/NL… (12:15PM) — Added AAA-OSF… (12:00PM) — Added the two REC-SF divisions SF-AM and SF-PM… (10:45AM) — I think I’m gonna need until tomorrow morning to post the schedule. Freddie’s sick and Wylie’s now got two jobs, so we’re shortstaffed to begin with. On normal weeks, we’d already know the matchups, so it wouldn’t take longer than Thu morning, barring unforeseen circumstances, but as I mentioned below, I’m building the season roadmaps from scratch and it’s just taking a little longer than usual.

So bear with me and just exercise some patience. Yes, your stats and scores from 1/8, 1/15, and 1/22 are around the corner. I just can’t worry about that right now and I don’t think you’d want me to be focusing on anything except the roadmaps right now. Also, if you had some kind of special request for this Sun 1/29, sorry, but telling me now is just too late. Again, it would cause friction and delays, and you should’ve told us back on Tuesday anyways. I hope everyone agrees that right now, I and the 130 or so teams this season need the path of least resistance.

Thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding. Keep checking the bullets below for updates, division by division. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a great season. I can’t even begin to describe each division (and probably won’t have time to, but we’ll figure that out later).

THU 1/26 (11:15AM) — Here’s an ongoing update…

  • A/R-OAK: Almost every team was ready to go on 1/22, so I went ahead and did the roadmap, which has yet to post. That means I can’t add or subtract anymore teams here. Because Colossal and Undrafted didn’t play on 1/22, they’ll need to do a makeup game coming up, but we’ll discuss this later after the roadmap posts.
  • OAK-PM: This is the REC-, aka REC Lower or REC “Pure”, where we discourage adding guys who are playing in another division. The only exception is when there’s someone playing in the REC+ and he is a non-impact player, in which we restrict him to 10pts 10reb. Now, the REC- has been split into AM and PM, so because we have the same situation in SF, we rename this to “OAK-PM”. So we have 19 teams in the REC-, AM and PM combined, and 9 of those have been designated for the PM, some influenced by the soft-launch of three teams doing a doubleheader on 1/8. With many games already done 1/8 and 1/15, I have “locked” this division with the 9 teams. We also moved SpaceJams to REC+ and Town Biz to OAK-AM, effectively rendering their first meeting irrelevant (a 7th regular season game that won’t count in the standings) — both teams paid a $25 for changing divisions. It goes without saying that I’ll be posting this roadmap soon.
  • OAK-AM: Please read the description of OAK-PM above. We have 10 teams here and I’ve already created the roadmap. Four teams didn’t play on 1/15, but I made every team play on 1/22, so those four will have to do a makeup later, to be determined.
  • REC-O+: This one is REC-OAK+ aka REC Upper in Oakland. This one was difficult to do because we have 13 teams. Thirteen is a really challenging number to work with.
  • ALL-SJ: As mentioned before we’ll combine the 1 6FT-SJ, 3 AAA-SJ, and 13 A/R-SJ teams together. To do this, I first combine the 6FT and AAA for four teams. Then there’s the 13 A/R-SJ teams. I keep them separate for the first 4 of 6 regular season games, then the 5th and 6th game are based on standings. Obviously, this was a very complicated process, esp. with the two weeks of A/R-SJ games already played.
  • A/R-SF: Thankfully, scheduling 1/29 for this division was “easy” in that only two games have been played so far. I’m going to split into AM and PM, 6 teams each, for simplicity of future scheduling, however, there are some grey areas. Nothing major, though, and we’ll discuss later.
  • SF-AM: This is morning division for REC-SF. There wasn’t a clear line between AM and PM, so until you see the matchups, don’t assume you’re in AM or PM. I put 9 teams in here and we’re adding 1 more, the former SF Free Agents from last season, so the total is 19 in both. Since we have 9 teams here, that means there’s an odd team out, taking a bye, every week. For 1/29, I really don’t know whom to pick to take the bye, so it will probably be Kuyabraddaz, which was the last team to pay other than the Free Agents, who will inherent last Sun 1/22’s natural bye.
  • SF-PM: This is the afternoon division for REC-SF. As explained above, it wasn’t totally black or white, so please wait to see if your team is in here. It’s all for easier scheduling purposes and was based entirely on your tipoff preferences in your registration. Being placed in SF-PM or SF-AM is also a final thing. We cannot go back and change it. Really. We can’t. It’s a mathematical issue, fitting you within the structure of a 9- or 10-team format. There are 10 teams in SF-PM.
  • AAA-OSF: We have 14 teams here, but I plan to keep the playoffs separate in SF and OAK. One issue is that Rack City (fka SF City) has late tipoffs and its best to put them in OAK for that, which would make the divisions 6 in Oakland and 8 in SF. Not that big a deal considering we can do any number in any location for playoffs, but just putting Rack City outright in Oakland would be so much easier. So, we’ll see. If we keep the structure as-is, one SF team will have to go visit one OAK team every Sunday, and for now I have Rack City at Rockit Scientist for 1/29. Of course, this is just a placeholder for now.
  • AL/NL: 6 teams, 2 of which are Oakland. Everyone plays each other once for 5 games, then repeat a matchup for the 6th game. It’s obvious one of the repeats should be the two Oakland teams. Therefore, every SF team goto OAK at least once to play against the OAK teams. I’ll figure what’s the best balance. Remember, when you’re playing at this high level, travel is expected. There just aren’t that many good teams in terms of parity near your area. So that’s the trade-off.
  • 6FT-OSF: There’s one more 6FT-SF team on the fence. Since there’s only been one game played, I don’t really need to do the roadmap yet, but can arbitrarily set matchups for 1/29 as we await status of this last team.

WED 1/25 (3:00PM) — Finished REC-O+ and SJ as mentioned below. I’ll need to skip 6FT-OSF as there’s one team that says they’re paying, but then no response back. What we have left are REC-SF, A/R-SF, AAA-OSF (we’ll need to combine the 5 OAK and 9 SF teams in AAA, at least for one or two regular season games)… WED 1/25 (12:30AM) — Made a near-final update of the Rumor Mill. Teams that should be paying will get notification that they will need to pay. This is one of the few weeks where I’ll be behind on chasing you all for payments of the next installments, but that doesn’t mean we won’t forfeit you on the spot if you don’t pay by tipoff. You know who you are. Sure, you can wait until the schedule comes out, but really, you’re gonna end up paying the next $100 anyways, right? Why risk it? Pay here at bottom of page. Again, if you’re on your 2nd game, you need to have paid $220-$275 (depending on SF, OAK, or SJ) prior to tipoff.

So right now I’m working on the season roadmaps. The next division I will work on is REC-OAK+, aka REC Upper. I had started the roadmap but luckily didn’t finish it, which allowed us to add Cereal Killers and Dragon at the last minute, without making me go insane (because I hadn’t set it in stone yet).

After that, I’ll just go down the list of the Rumor Mill, starting with 6FT-OSF. I should also note that REC-SF was played on 1/22, but remember, all I did was take the teams that didn’t play on 1/15 and played them, while giving the teams that did play on 1/15 a bye for the 49ers game. Finally, we didn’t start AL/NL, AAA-SF, or AAA-OAK at all. Incidentally with only 5 teams in AAA-OAK, I will have to combine the divisions to create a 14-team division there in AAA.

(see bullet list above)


TUE 1/24 (1:30PM) — Here’s what’s happening this week. Please understand that no season schedules can be cast in stone until the number of teams in a particular division settles and there is no chance of adding or subtracting a team from that particular division.

ALL TEAMS SHOULD EXPECT TO PLAY THIS SUN 1/29. However, divisions with an odd number of teams will likely have one team that hasn’t already taken a bye, take a bye. If you have a burning desire to be that team, please email me BUT UNDERSTAND THAT NOT ALL REQUESTS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED and that EVERYONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING RIGHT NOW, so please keep your demands and expectations to a minimum, if you and everyone else really want this ship to sail properly.

This week…

  • MON (already passed): wait for last-minute teams to register and pay.
  • TUE: start formulating season roadmap for divisions likely not to add or subtract teams last-minute, continue accepting payments.
  • WED: block entry of new teams, begin finalizing season roadmap, of which 1/29 matchups are obviously included.
  • THU: verify gyms, publish 1/29 schedule.
  • FRI: publish season roadmap, division by division.

So again, this week you will primarily be flying blind without a season roadmap, which means you don’t know who you’re facing yet. This is normal over the first couple weeks, and recall that we were hit with an unexpected wrench from left field: the 49ers game.