2011 Fall Sundays REC-Oakland (Upper) Playoff Bracket

MON 12/19 (5:45PM) — Here’s the final bracket. Congrats to Team China, but based on my observations of their team, it’s clear they need to move up next season. We will be implementing a maximum of two players from a higher division in this division…

WED 12/7 (2:15PM) — Here’s the latest and greatest bracket…

TUE 11/15 (5:45PM) — Scroll down to see the seeds and final standings. Here’s the REC-O+ playoff  bracket as of this past Sun 11/13. As we announced on Twitter, Freddie will be updating recaps and final scores from 11/13 tonight. Right now, we’re just sort of a slow-moving blob. Sorry about that, better than nothing…

1. Rawkats (6-0) — won Western Conference
2. Warriors-Rec (4-2) — won Eastern Conf, won head-to-head vs Hfty
3. Hefty (4-2) — lost head-to-head vs WRec
4. Dream (4-2) — forfeited a game, automatically loses all tiebreakers
5. Basa (3-3) — won head-to-head vs Aces
6. Aces (3-3) — lost head-to-head vs Basa
7. Huff And Puff (3-3) — won h2h vs NoCh, forfeit auto-loses tiebrk above
8. No Chance (3-3) — lost h2h vs Huff, forfeit auto-loses all tiebreakers
9. Kryptonite (2-4)
10. EFC Berkeley (1-5) — won head-to-head vs Stealers
11. Stealers (1-5) — won h2h vs WWWD, lost h2h vs EFCB
12. What Would Wat Do (1-5) — lost head-to-head vs Stealers

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