2011 Fall Sundays A/R-SF Playoff Bracket

MON 12/19 (6:15PM) — Here’s the final bracket. Congratulations to the Sonics…

WED 12/11 (2:30PM) — Here’s the latest and greatest…

WED 11/16 (1:30PM) — Here’s the latest for this Sun 11/20. The Blazers captain actually informed me that we did the seeds wrong and he was right. I guess if I had to point the finger, it would be because this season we have been extremely short-staffed. Only one pair of eyes saw the seeds and so we were under the gun last week and nobody proofread it before it was too late.

In any case, here we are and according to the Blazers captain, they should’ve been #5. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but they certainly weren’t as low as #8. And I don’t really want to all of a sudden change their seed and disrupt the rest of you guys. However, if you look at this week’s bracket, you’ll actually find that despite it all, things may be working in their favor. As I often like to say, the basketball gods have a lot of karma and may be working their magic. Then again, because I’ve said this, maybe I’ve jinxed them LOL!

Here’s my reasoning, but let’s actually walk through the Losers Bracket while we do this. First, in the Losers Bracket there are 7 teams (4 of the 11 alive in the Winners Bracket). So that means the top seed in the LB gets the first bye. We still need to end up with 2 Losers Bracket teams so that means the remaining 6 lower seeds need to traverse a doubleheader to advance. Good thing is, if the Blazers were indeed #5, they wouldn’t have been the top seed in the LB this week (yep, I got lucky there).

So #4 gets the right to play the lowest seed and to do that, we have #10 vs #11. Then the remaining seeds will be lumped together in the other side of the bracket, namely #6, #7, #8, and #9, as it turns out. So then amongst those four, #6 plays #9 and #7 vs #8. Now, if the Blazers were #5, then they would’ve ended up playing the #9 Heatonkees, whom they lost to last Sunday. Granted, impact players were missing, but on both sides. Instead, as #8 the Blazers are playing #7 Wolverines. But here’s the thing. If they win and the Heatonkees win, there will be a repeat Heatonkees vs Blazers matchup.

Normally, if you know how I run the double-elim brackets, we would try to avoid matchups that already occured, but only if it can be purposely and justifiably avoided. In this case, we can’t really penalize #4 for being the top seed in the Losers Bracket, so if Heatonkees and Blazers win, they will have no choice but to play against each other again. And in this case, based on my experience, it is supremely difficult to beat a team twice within the same playoff bracket. Therefore, the Blazers might be alright, despite getting hosed on the initial seeding. Just a thought. Then again, it doesn’t really matter, right? If you’re the best amongst eleven teams in a double-elim format, you’re gonna have to beat a slew of teams at some point.

WED 11/16 (11:15AM) — Here’s the AAA-REC San Francisco (A/R-SF) playoff bracket through this past Sun 11/13. I guess Freddie hasn’t gotten around to posting the final scores from 11/13 on Twitter. Will have to happen soon, otherwise we can’t update this bracket and schedule 11/20…

[iframe http://www.dreamleague.org/season/standings_embed.php?season_id=2321 725 800]