2011 Fall Sundays AL/NL Playoff Results

MON 12/19 (7:00PM) — This past 2011 Fall season ran into some difficulties as many teams sat on the sidelines with the NFL coming back and guys unemployed or under-employed in the Great Recession. Also, I didn’t think Problems could matchup well in this division, even though we mixed AL/NL with AAA in the regular season. Guys were missing for those games or what not and it was difficult to translate that on an even playing field.

So it wounded up with the Rangers and SF City, but SF City couldn’t pay its dues even as they won Game 1 of 3 in a best-of-three series. Then the Rangers bounced back. Game 3 would not be played due to the aforementioned missing dues.

But we’ve already got signups for 2012 Winter-Spring and we hope SF City can come back in a similar capacity, as their talent and skill shows that they can be a championship contender at this level of 6’4″-ish size.

Congrats to the Rangers for yet another championship. They are now the reigning champs atop Dream League’s premier division.