2011 Fall Sundays 6FT-SJ/SF/OAK Playoff Results

MON 12/19 (6:30PM) — Here are some results from each of the three locations…

  • SJ: Booom (SJ) forced a Repeat Championship, but Hibachi managed to win the Repeat to put another Dream League championship feather in their hat. Meanwhile, the controversy over the heights of star players Aaron Buckner and Matt Trower resurfaced when Hibachi appeared for the Bay Area showdowns with 6FT-SF and 6FT-OAK champions. I called my SJ Commish Ron and he said that he measured the two, although it is clear that it all really comes down to the method and error-proneness of the devices used to measure. So what this really comes down to is philosophy. Why do we have a 6’0″ without shoes limit? What do we do when we only have three teams in San Jose and we need a fourth team? Both sides can be debated ad nauseum. I honestly don’t know what the answer is, but the reason why both players played was because Ron told me he measured both players to be 6’0″ without shoes, even though that doesn’t pass my “eye test”. I was not able to measure either player myself, but I think doing this kind of thing really depends on many variables. In any case, we will try to get the 6FT-SJ division back to its old self, when we had 16 teams and could split into a higher and lower playoffs.
  • SF: Prodigy outlasted Ed O’Banners, which won the previous season’s championship, and then beat Sqad Up from Oakland, but lost to Hibachi.
  • OAK: Sqad Up beat Sole Supremacy to claim yet another 6FT-OAK championship, but then lost to both Hibachi and Prodigy.

All three teams will be receiving championship t-shirts. We thank all 12 teams, 4 in each region, for playing and continue to be committed to rebuilding each location back to its old self, now that we can put the Recession of Fall 2011 behind us. Dream League ate the extra cost on these championship t-shirts (since there were fewer teams, there was less revenue, so t-shirts became a bigger expense than usual), as well as for Oakland’s WKRC gym.