One-day tournament 12/18 for league teams

WED 12/7 (1:00PM) — The following was sent out last night to captains from the last two seasons…

We’re planning to have a one-day tournament on Sun Dec 18th, 2 games played each. Team entry fees will include two games, with refs included. We would have 4 teams and the team that goes 2-0 would win a prize (t-shirts, most likely). Best of all, you’ll get stats on the website too! Well, assuming Freddie does his job.

Here are entry fees (we added $20 because teams were wanting championship prizes):

SF location = $180 per team (refs, stats included)
OAK location = $200 per team (refs, stats included)*
SJ location = $210 per team (refs, stats included)**

* – increased cost due to WKRC rates
** – increased cost due to PHHS rates

Btw, the costs above yield only a very modest profit for Dream League. This entire event is designed to be very cost-effective.

This is a great opportunity to prep your team for the Winter 2012 season, which is right around the corner (registration will go up on our website soon). We would try to match you up against 3 other teams, obviously in the same division, but also similar to yours as far as your recent results/standings.

And it helps scratch your itch of playing during the holidays. The next season won’t start until Jan 8th at the earliest, with most teams starting 1/15. That’s at least another month of no ball.

Email rich(at)dreamleague(dot)org for more info!


REC: DL Scorekeepers (SF), DL Scorekeepers (OAK), Frisco Hawks, Handsome Devils
AAA-REC: Heatonkees (SF), Boom (SF), Murkery Basketball (SJ)
6FT: Engih’s team, DL Scorekeepers (SF)