Signups for next season 2012 Winter-Spring Oakland fees will go up


As far as transitioning from this season to next is concerned…

So I just found out that the one team in Oakland who has only $420 paid and have been eliminated as of last Sun 11/13, handed my scorekeeper $100 and then when the scorekeepers was like, “what’s this for?” (because I happened to not explicitly tell that particular scorekeeper, whom we hadn’t even staffed until Friday btw, that we were actually still collecting from this one team left over), the captain took the money back and said, “Oh I’ll pay online.”

Yep that’s right, even though he knew his team was behind on payments (by about 3 weeks, mind you), he actually grabbed the money back from my scorekeeper and proceeded to put his team on the floor and play the game.

Oh, naturally, my scorekeeper didn’t even bother to call me to tell me all this was happening. But with some of my scorekeepers, they are just kind of oblivious. I don’t know why that is.

As you can probably guess, that payment has not posted online, although they claim that they will despite the fact that they are eliminated (we’ll just have to see). And I won’t mention their name because people are so sensitive about that, even when it’s only your team name. Also, I’m not here to put a physical record of bad behavior on Google’s servers for this dude or his team, even though they probably deserve it.

This is all just a segue into saying something that was inevitable. The real reason why I am raising fees next season in Oakland is because WKRC (formerly Poplar) gym raised fees on us this season. At first it was by 57%, which is ridiculous in and of itself, regardless of being in a recession. Then I did some major politicking and got them to lower it to a 29% increase.

I’m still going to calculate exactly how much extra money Dream League was pilfered this season by this highway robbery, to find out the final entry fee to charge you guys (something greater than $520, obviously), but I don’t think it will be by a whole lot. The gym rate is still less than that of SJ, in which we charge $575 per team.

Also, if the raising of fees helps eliminate bad experiences collecting fees like above, then that helps too. Honestly, I would just rather not service teams like that. I mean, what’s the point? Really, all business life is about is providing a service or something of value to someone and being appreciated for it. Heck, you could say that about a lot of relationships.

However, I will offer everyone the opportunity to re-up next season at the $520 rate if they do so ahead of time and put a certain amount, probably at least $400, as a down payment before 12/31/2011. This should be a no-brainer and possibly even a FAVOR TO CAPTAINS, because it has been proven that a great many teams lack the wherewithal to collect payments ahead of time from their own teammates — which of course almost always leaves me holding the bag, but that is another story.

Btw, I hope you realize that I took a hit this season for WKRC and even if you did pay a higher fee next season, I have already taken a hit and you have yet to. I mean, I could’ve raised fees mid-season on you, but I didn’t.

To end this rant on a positive note, during the holidays we expect to be making a few improvements to our website and business processes which you might not be able to see immediately, but will enhance the whole experience starting in 2012. One simple example is that the SJ commish is finally just scanning the scoresheets to Freddie every Sunday or Monday. Believe it or not, it was a VERY difficult task to “re-program” him to do that. I’m actually very excited about the various small website improvements we will be making (not in the website itself so much as to what’s posted or available on the site).

And if you’d like to join our staff as far as scorekeeping or stats, or even online stuff like writing about games, photography, talking about stats — or if you have some ideas — feel free to contact us at info(at)dreamleague(dot)org.