Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 9/18

THU 9/15 (6:30PM) — Sorry for the slight delay, but anyways 6ft-sf Swoosh wanted a game, now they don’t want a game. Fellas, from now on, you have to assume you have a game. That’s just the way it is. No holidays until Thanksgiving. If you get a bye, then you got lucky. Anyways, final schedule is below, with tipoffs.

Btw, the pref1 and pref2 columns on the right pertain to the first team listed’s preferences, then the second team’s. It is just an indication of how I schedule you the tipoff that you got. Please note, if we have X at Y, it does NOT necessarily mean X must wear dark away colors and Y must wear white home colors. You wear whatever you can bring, all similar shades, please. I realize our teams don’t have NBA teams’ budgets for uniforms.

THU 9/15 (1:45PM) — Scroll down below for the first draft of the schedule. I’ll let it marinate a few hours and then set it in stone by 5pm today. Everything is in chronological order, with games stacked one after the other every hour, with probable start times at each gym as follows: SFFM early morning, ISAH afternoon, BCRC early morning, WKRC mid-afternoon, and PHHS early afternoon.

Check the bye list below for the teams that actually have paid, but are not playing this Sun 9/18. Some of them wanted 9/18 off, some of them are just the “odd team out”. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.

There’s probably confusion with some division labeling for Oakland. We have experienced an uncomfortable amount of “sandbagging” in Oakland, so what I have done is split the A/R-OAK into two divisions, A/R-OAK+ (“plus or upper”) and A/R-OAK- (“minus or lower”). From there, I renamed A/R-OAK+ to AAA-Premier (“aaa-p” — the existing registered “AAA-OAK” teams will be considered “AAA-Elite” henceforth). As such, A/R-OAK- became a more “true” A/R-OAK.

This nomenclature was how the competition was divided years ago. In fact, I may go one step further and rename AAA-Elite to A.L., which would allow me to rename the REC+ (rec-plus or upper) to A/R-OAK, and A/R-OAK to AAA-P. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know that the old A.L. seems to have the same level of comp as today’s AAA. You guys would also agree that REC+ is at the level that old A/R-OAK was.

Anyways, these are all semantics. Don’t trip, it doesn’t mean you are suddenly playing against a team a full level above you. Resist those thoughts. It is merely nomenclature. We’re just changing the labeling back to the way it was 8 years ago.

SPECIAL REQ FOR 9/18 (see MSR page)
9/18 a/r-sf Heat =10a
9/18 rec-sf ESF >12p
9/18 a/r-sj GSCC >5p
9/18 aaa-sj BadN >6p BYE
9/18 aaa-sf Reb =bye
9/18 6ft-sf Swsh =bye

BYES FOR 9/18 (*-natural, see roadmap)
AL/NL bye: entire division
aaa-sj bye: entire division
aaa-sf bye: entire division
aaa-e bye: Out Of Retirement, Shockers
aaa-p bye: Colossal
6ft-sj bye: entire division
6ft-sf bye: entire division
6ft-oak bye: entire division
a/r-sj bye: F’n’F Titans
a/r-sf bye: (all paid are playing)
a/r-oak bye: Main Event, Dragon, Whatever
rec-sf bye: (all paid are playing)
rec-o+ bye: (all paid are playing)
rec-o- bye: Dream


(nothing major)

– Overlaps are not possible on 9/18 due to one gym.
– Please post overlaps (players playing on 2 teams) on the MSR page.

Secondary overlaps
– We will not go out of our way to avoid conflicts for teams with more than 2 double-dipping players.
– We will note those here, but we reserve the right to ignore gross complications.

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately. All games in bold cannot be moved/swapped.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
9/18 9:00am SSFM rec-sf Boom at Frisco Hawks [9a-1p] [9a-1p]
9/18 10:00am SSFM a/r-sf Heatonkees at Bottle Service (10a) [10a-3p]
9/18 11:00am SSFM a/r-sf Braves at Wolverines-A/R [11a-4p] [11a-5p]
9/18 12:00pm SSFM a/r-sf Blazers at Full Tilt [10a-3p] [12p-5p]
9/18 1:30pm ISAH a/r-sf Flight Club United at The Fam [1p-6p] [9a-2p]
9/18 2:30pm ISAH rec-sf NorCal Lighting at Wolverines-Rec [9a-2p] [11a-4p]
9/18 3:30pm ISAH aaa-e ABC Hawks at Warriors-AAA [1p-6p] [10a-5p]
9/18 4:30pm ISAH rec-sf Team CB at Entourage [12p-5p] [2p-8p]
9/18 5:30pm ISAH rec-sf Hapa at Elite (SF) [2p-7p] (>12p)
9/18 6:30pm ISAH rec-sf Handsome Devils at All Show No Go [2p-9p] [1p-9p]
9/18 9:00am BCRC rec-o- Kryptonite at Warriors-Rec [9a-2p] [10a-3p]
9/18 10:00am BCRC aaa-p Franchize at Grey Goose [10a-2p] [10a-3p]
9/18 11:00am BCRC rec-o- Stealers at Hefty [11a-4p] [10a-3p]
9/18 12:00pm BCRC rec-o+ Lights Out at What Would Wat Do [1p-7p] [9a-2p]
9/18 1:00pm BCRC rec-o+ Team China at Lao Ru PM [1p-7p] [3p-9p]
9/18 2:00pm BCRC rec-o+ JS23 at Purefoods Rec [1p-4p] [11a-3p]
9/18 3:00pm BCRC a/r-oak New Hope at Undrafted [2p-8p] [12p-5p]
9/18 4:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Sole Supremacy A/R at That’s What She Said [2p-7p] [2p-7p]
9/18 5:00pm BCRC rec-o- Basa at Huff And Puff [12p-5p] [6p-9p]
9/18 6:00pm BCRC rec-o- No Chance at Aces [3p-9p] [3p-8p]
9/18 7:00pm BCRC rec-o- Rawkats at EFC Berkeley [4p-9p] [4p-9p]
9/18 8:00pm BCRC aaa-p Purple Haze at Hoop Squad [5p-9p] [4p-9p]
9/18 9:00pm BCRC aaa-e ReDream Team at Marin [4p-9p] [4p-9p]
9/18 4:00pm PHHS a/r-sj FortuneCrew at River Of Life [10a-2p] [>4p-9p]
9/18 5:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Murkery Basketball at Taiwanzen [10a-9p] [3p-6p]
9/18 6:00pm PHHS a/r-sj Cool Runnings at Good Shepherd [11a-7p] (>5p)

SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.
ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
BGCE = Boys & Girls Club Excelsior, 163 London: arrive early to find street parking.
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building

PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, San Jose: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool
JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland