Sunday Tipoff Timeframes, Make Special Request

How to Submit

We are now using a simple commenting system to handle both (1) posting your team’s weekly special tipoff request, and (2) reporting player overlaps. This way, anyone can see your request in real-time (upon approval by the league office, not when you submitted the comment), as well as by the league office itself when building the weekly schedule. Please note, each week the special tipoff requests from the previous or older weeks will be deleted. Also, once a player overlap has been logged onto our spreadsheet and displayed on the SCHEDULE/SCORES page, we will delete the comment.

In the field, “Type your comment here”…


Type in your Special Request as follows…

[date of game in question]
[division]: [team name]
[earliest tipoff]-[latest tipoff]
[reason for request]
[number of players affected]

Here is an example:

aaa-e: Poorcats
Some players out of town, arriving at airport 4p.
2 players affected

NOTE: Everything is in terms of tipoffs. For example, if your team is only specifically available between the hours of 9:30AM to 1:30PM, which means you must leave the gym at 1:30PM, then your last available tipoff is 12:30PM and you should enter “930a-1230p” on the last line.

Also, omission of the reason and number of players affected may result in rejection of the request.


Each team AND player gets up to two overlaps that we can try to avoid each week for free. If a player is on more than two teams, or if a team has more than three overlaps, then you may pay $5 to guarantee that the 3rd one is not overlapped. Type in your Player Overlap as follows…

[player’s full name]
[higher division team’s division]: [higher division team’s name]
[lower division team’s division]: [lower division team’s name]

Here is an example:

LeBron James
AL: Prodigies
aaa-e: Poorcats

NOTE: Once player overlap is reported, we will post it with the usual information next to the schedule table on the SCHEDULE/SCORES page. It will then be deleted from this page.

Any errors or omissions can result in the league office not getting the correct data, as well as obvious delays.


Why is there a fee for special requests? Because the special requests pile up and become a burden on the scheduler. However, in Dream League we still want you to have the ability to maximize your roster potential, so we will not be like other leagues and force you to a rigid window of time.
What if I don’t or can’t pay the $5 processing fee? Your request will be rejected unless it is paid for.
Does reporting a player overlap incur a fee? Each player AND team gets a maximum of 2 player overlaps per week for free. You may request avoidance of a 3rd or more overlap, but successfully avoiding a 3rd or more overlap incurs a $5 fee.
Why would I want to login with my Facebook account? Maybe your team communicates by Facebook. If so, your special request will be put on your wall for your teammates to see.
Why would I want to login with my Twitter account? Your special request will be tweeted to our “dreamleague” account, which will be broadcast to our followers.
Why would I want to login with my Yahoo account? If you have a Yahoo email address, it may be easier to keep track of your request.
What if I’m not the captain? Not really a problem, as we will doublecheck all requests with your captain, anyway.
What if I provide a bad email address? Your request will likely be rejected.
Where can I see a list of all teams’ season tipoff timeframes? Right below this sentence.

Season tipoff timeframes

Note: The league office will be “scrubbing” this data shortly. For example, some timeframes reported as 3p-9p are accidentally truncated with “3p—“. Thank you for your patience as we correct these errors.

(best to do a browser “Find” to find your team’s timeframe)

Last Updated 9/22/2011 11:00AM

Team Last Updated: 10/6 12:00PM (Aces)

Dream 6FT 3p–7p
Sole Supremacy 6FT 2p–7p
Sqad Up 12p-6p
Rich/RJ’s Rayguns 10a-p-
Prodigy 9a–2p
Swoosh 1p–4p
Ed O’Banners 12p-7p
SF Free Agents 11a-p-
San Jose Hibachi 6FT 1p–8p
In10City 2p–8p
SJ Barons 2p–6p
Booom (SJ) 3p–8p
New Hope 2p–8p
That’s What She Said 2p–7p
Undrafted 12p-5p
Main Event 12p-5p
Whatever 12p-6p
Sole Supremacy A/R 2p–7p
It’s In There 4p–p-
Franchize 10a-2p
Colossal 4p–p-
Kurruption 12p-5p
Grey Goose 10a-3p
Purple Haze 5p–p-
Hoop Squad 4p–p-
Dragon 9a–4p
Heatonkees 11a-4p
Stun Guns 2p–8p
Flight Club Cobras 1p–6p
Blazers 9a–3p
Full Tilt 12p-5p
Braves 11a-4p
Wolverines-A/R 11a-5p
The Fam 9a–2p
Bottle Service 10a-3p
P2W 2p–2p
Sonics 9a–5p
Murkery Basketball 10a-p-
Cool Runnings 11a-7p
River of Life Christian Church 4p–p-
Beast Mode 6p–p-
Good Shepherd Christian Community 2p–7p
SJ Dynamites 10a-p-
Taiwanzen 3p–6p
FortuneCrew 10a-2p
F’n’F Warriors 12p-5p
Garage Kids 12p-p-
ReDream Team 4p–p-
Out Of Retirement 12p-1p,>6p
Oakboyz II Men 9a–2p
Shockers 11a-3p
Marin 4p–p-
Purefoods 3p–8p
TorrCats 4p–p-
BCL East All-Stars 9a–6p
SF Warriors AAA 10a-5p
ABC Hawks 1p–6p
Problems 10a-2p
BluePrint 10a-p-
SJ Hibachi AAA 1p–8p
Bad News 12p-5p
Shohoku 10a-4p
Elite SJ 9a–p-
Rangers 5p–p-
SF City 7p
Stealers 11a-a-
No Chance 3p–p-
Hefty 10a-3p
Aces 12p-8p
Kryptonite 10a-2p
What Would Wat Do 9a–2p
Warriors-Rec 9a–2p
Rawkats 4p–p-
EFC Berkeley 4p–p-
Basa 12p-4p
Huff And Puff 6p–p-
Dream 9a–2p
Team China 1p–7p
Lao Ru PM 3p–p-
Lights Out 1p–7p
Gremlins 4p–p-
JS23 1p–4p
Tone Team 6p–p-
Purefoods Rec 11a-3p
Hype 12p-5p
Frisco Hawks 9a–1p
SFFD 9a–2p
Hapa 2p–7p
Boom (SF) 9a–1p
Dynasty 10a-3p
Wolverines-REC 11a-4p
Handsome Devils 2p–p-
Elite (SF) 9a–3p
All Show No Go 1p–p-
Team CB 12p-5p
Entourage 2p–8p

Special Requests for this Week



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