Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 8/21

FRI 8/19 (8:00AM) — Just about closing the season out here, with San Jose almost there. Any questions, please just contact wylie(at)dreamleague(dot)org asap. Otherwise, pretty self-explanatory…

SPECIAL REQ FOR 8/21 (see MSR page)
8/21 6ft-sj SJB =2p-530p
8/21 6ft-sf Falc >6p

BYES FOR 8/21 (*-natural, see roadmap)


(read post above)

aaa-sj MtyD | 6ft-sj ESJ (multiple)
aaa-sj SJHA | 6ft-sj SJH6 (multiple)

Secondary overlaps

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately. All games in bold cannot be moved/swapped.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
8/21 3:00pm OCHS aaa-sf Championship: #1 Problems at #7 Marin 11a-3p 4p–p-
8/21 5:00pm OCHS aaa-sf Repeat Champ (if nec): #7 Marin at #1 Problems 4p–p- 11a-3p
8/21 6:00pm OCHS 6ft-sf Championship: #2 Ed O’Banners at #1 Falcons 1p–6p (>6p)
8/21 6:00pm BCRC rec-pm Repeat Champ: #4 Rawkats at #1 JS23 4p–p- 2p–7p
8/21 7:00pm BCRC aaa-oak Repeat Champ: #2 Marinlossal at #1 Purefoods 2p–8p 4p–p-
8/21 11:00am AHHS aaa-sj Last LB Game: #4 South Bay Youth Inc. at #1 Mighty Ducks 9a–2p 10a-2p
8/21 12:30pm AHHS aaa-sj Championship: Winner-SBYI/Mighty at #3 SJ Hibachi AAA [10a-2p] 1p–8p
8/21 1:30pm AHHS a/r-sj Last LB Game: #3 Jets at #1 F’n’F Warriors 1p–6p 9a–2p
8/21 2:30pm AHHS 6ft-sj Last LB Game: #7 Elite (SJ) at #1 San Jose Hibachi 6FT 10a-8p 1p–8p
8/21 3:30pm AHHS a/r-sj Championship: Winner-Jets/FnF at #4 Garage Kids [1p-2p] 12p-p-
8/21 4:30pm AHHS 6ft-sj Championship: Winner-ESJ/SJH6 at #4 SJ Barons [1p-8p] (2p-530p)

OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
BGCE = Boys & Girls Club Excelsior, 163 London: arrive early to find street parking.
ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building
SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.

AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, San Jose: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621