Saturday SF scores from 7/30

Here are the scores from 7/30. You can get these as they are entered on Twitter (@dreamleague) or Facebook (Dream League Bay Area group)…

6ft+1: Average Joes 67, Eagles 52. Webster Jones 22p24r2b, Brian Goins 18p3a, P.Dayao 12p6r. CJ Tolosa 16p, B.Mamaradlo 16p6r, JC Gacula 8p.

6ft+1: Blueprint 84, The Fam 42. Steve Leeder 33p5a, Jaison Moore 22p8r4a, J.McCray 11r. Chris Quadra 8p3a, Warren DeGuzman 8p, A.Lascina 6r

6ft+1: iParty AS 74, Wizards 63. Mark Muhammad 31p8r, LJ Melton 29p7r5a, J.Garaq 10r. El Henderson 13p9r2s, M.Escalambre 11p, N.Payne 10p2b.

REC: Aubergine 46, Motionz 44 (OT). Justin Holder 19p, Chuck Senduk 9p7r, Nick Reich 8p10r. Ben Tong 10p2a, Gary Yeung 9p, Gilbert Chu 8r3s.

REC: iParty Squadron 65, GPC 56. Anthony Schlander 35p11r6a4s2b, L.Matawaran 15p, J.Arcata 2b. Matt Peng 23p2a, S.Lee 15p11r2a, B.Truong 6r.

REC: Soup Nazis 43, Hooligans 28. Randall Young 15p3a, Andrew Lim 11p, Oliver Cheng 9r5s. Vincent Banh 11p10r, Gianna Carzona 13r, J.Seng 3s

REC: Wolverines 53, Kings 40. Kris Neri 16p8r4a, Victor Yeng 15p5b, L.Tran 12p7r3a. Rich Bitanga 11p11r, Reggie Baggao 9p2a, C.Calagui 10r.