Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 7/31

THU 7/28 (10:45PM) — Below is the final schedule for this Sun 7/31. We have quite a few bye requests due to the Tahoe Japanese tournament, and other reasons for being out of town. Please be reminded that when these things come up, I try my best to ensure that your oncourt experience is still the best money can buy; that includes playing against a quality opponent rather than just advancing in the bracket via forfeit. However, this must be carefully balanced by honoring the Dream League code, which is to put good faith efforts towards abiding by the registration guidelines, which specifically said not to take vacation until September. I’m sure you understand the give-and-take involved here.

Okay, so back to the schedule. I’m currently posting all the playoff bracket updates (unless you are, say, AAA-SJ which is in the first week of playoffs so we haven’t posted a bracket yet, but the Standings page has been updated with the seeds). You may find these updates by going to our homepage — just click on the white-on-blue “dreamleague bay area” graphic at the top of any page on this site — and scrolling down to the list of recently posted articles. I will place these Playoff Bracket articles underneath the Bird’s Eye pages for Saturday and Sunday.

So without further adieu, here are the major division-by-division playoff bracket issues for this Sun 7/31…

  • Due to the reduction in games remaining, BGCE and WKRC gyms are not needed for 7/31.
  • AL/NL: Rangers need a bye, so the Last Losers Bracket Game will be played and get the benefit of not being forced to play the Rangers on the same day. That means we push out the championship to 8/7 and, if the Rangers lose on 8/7, we’ll play the repeat championship on 8/14.
  • AAA-SF: Half the teams remaining will be in Tahoe, therefore we’ll just take a bye this Sun 7/31.
  • AAA-OAK: Marinlossal is in Tahoe so will take a bye this Sun 7/31 along with their opponent, of course, Oakboyz. To balance out, Marinlossal is forced to play in Oakboyz’s timeframe next Sun 8/7. Pablo vs Shockers will still occur on 7/31. The benefit of doing that is that the winner of Pablo/Shock isn’t forced to play a doubleheader on 7/31; instead the winner plays on 8/7. Meanwhile, Pure vs Yack escaped a tipoff conflict and will play on 7/31, then take the 8/7 bye.
  • 6FT-SJ: Basketballs Of Fury has a bye because they are the highest seed of the three in the Losers Bracket. That will leave us with two Losers Bracket teams, plus the two losers of the Winners Bracket. This will allow for a mini-final-four the next round on 8/7 in the Losers Bracket.
  • 6FT-SF: So with the issues last week, we have the Winners Bracket Falcons vs Ed O’Banners finally playing this Sun 7/31, while Trainwreck vs Dynasty and the winner of that vs Hangover occurs in the Losers Bracket. Trainwreck will conform to Dynasty’s timeframe. I understand that Hangover (or really, the winner of COG/Hangover from last week) has an advantage, but there was little I could do about it considering all of the complications from last week.
  • 6FT-OAK: Eastbay Elite has been expelled due to their third transgression with our usual “Pleasantville” league operations. The first was bringing a player over 6’0″ early in the season. The second was on 7/24 when I had to forfeit them for using a player, who incidentally ended up with about 6 made treys, who had not played a game in the regular season. And this past week was for unsportsmanlike conduct both on the floor and in the stands, not to mention more complaints about a player or two possibly being over 6’0″. It was just too much for me to handle and I was ending up having phone calls with my personnel (refs, scorekeepers, gym directors, and other eyewitnesses) which would take up 3-4 hours of my time. As a result of EB Elite’s departure, Dream 6FT automatically advances against the Decepticons again.
  • A/R-SJ: Similar to the 6FT-SJ situation above, in a 7-team double-elim bracket, the highest seed this week among the three Losers Bracket teams gets a bye. This is so that we’ll have two left in the Losers Bracket joined by the two losers from the Winners Bracket next round, creating a mini-final-four which enables us to whittle four teams down to one in one day.
  • A/R-SF: Just like with AAA-SF, half the field is in Tahoe or otherwise out of town, so we’ll just postpone the entire division.
  • REC-AM (Upper): While researching the bye request for Relapse, it turned out that WWWD could also use a bye, so I went ahead and implemented a bye for their playoff bracket areas. However, I kept the Oakland Warriors vs No Chance game, which means the winner will not be subjected to a doubleheader. This obviously creates an advantage for the winner of Warriors/NoChance on 8/7, and a disadvantage for SULD Kryptonite if they beat Relapse (Relapse should gladly accept their consequence of a doubleheader if they win since we are honoring their bye request). So, I was put in a difficult position to make this decision, and I decided that this was the “lesser of multiple evils”. Apologies to SULD Kryptonite, who must take a bye this Sun 7/31 along with Relapse.
  • REC+AM: Only Cereal Killers and Hype remain in the Losers Bracket because they were the only ones to have lost and maintained double-elimination status (finished the 7-game regular season at 4-3 or better).

Whew! There’s actually more specific tipoff-related issues listed below in the SCHEDULING ISSUES section…

SPECIAL REQ FOR 7/31 (see MSR page)
7/31 6ft-sf Trnw =Dyn timeframe
7/31 AL/NL Rngr =bye
7/31 a/r-sf BrPr =bye
7/31 a/r-sf Stun =bye
7/31 a/r-sf Wolv >2p
7/31 aaa-sf SFWA =bye
7/31 rec+pm Purp 5p
7/31 rec-sf Beef =4p-5p
7/31 rec-sf Seri >5p
7/31 a/r-sj BstM >4p BYE
7/31 a/r-sf LCH =bye
7/31 rec-am WWWD <11a
7/31 aaa-oak Yack =11a-12p
7/31 6ft-sj Hvy =10a-11a
7/31 aaa-oak Mrnl =late/bye
7/31 a/r-sj GKid =late

BYES FOR 7/31 (*-natural, see roadmap)
7/31 bye AL/NL: #1 Rangers
7/31 bye aaa-sj: (none, playoffs)
7/31 bye aaa-sf: ALL REMAINING TEAMS
7/31 bye aaa-oak: ENTIRE LOSERS BRACKET
7/31 bye 6ft-sj: #2 Basketballs Of Fury
7/31 bye a/r-sj: #5 Beast Mode
7/31 bye a/r-sf: ALL REMAINING TEAMS

7/31 dh aaa-sj: Winner-BadN/SJHA
7/31 dh aaa-sj: Winner-Shoh/SBYI
7/31 dh aaa-oak: Winner-Pblo/Shck
7/31 dh aaa-oak: Winner-Oakb/Mrnl
7/31 dh 6ft-sj: Winner-Rhin/B-Tm
7/31 dh 6ft-sf: Winner-Dyn/Trnw
7/31 dh a/r-sj: Winner-OnPt/PnEx
7/31 dh a/r-oak: Winner-EBAY/Wolf
7/31 dh rec-sf: Winner-Seri/RNG
7/31 dh rec-sf: Winner-Hapa/Kuya

– a/r-oak Wolf Pack first game of potential DH slightly earlier, no other slots left
– rec-pm Rawkats first game of potential DH slightly earlier, no other slots left
– rec+pm Tone Team 3p+ midpoint rule enforced (5p+ timeframe too tight)
– a/r-sj Garage is at latest available timeslot given other teams’ available windows

AL/NL B4L | aaa-oak Mrnl (T.Xiong) BYE
AL/NL BAB | aaa-oak Pabl (EJ) ELIM
AL/NL FriF | aaa-sf Prob (A.Lin, D.Bell) ELIM
aaa-sj MtyD | 6ft-sj ESJ (multiple)
aaa-sj Shoh | 6ft-sj BBOF (C.Tzou) BYE
aaa-sj Shoh | a/r-sj GSCC (I.Liu)
aaa-sj SJHA | 6ft-sj SJH6 (multiple)
aaa-sf Mar | aaa-oak Mrnl (3 guys) BYE
aaa-oak Shck | a/r-oak Hoop (T.Henry) ELIM
6ft-oak Dr6F | a/r-oak Gnie (Somthy) ELIM
6ft-oak Dr6F | a/r-oak DrAR (WY) ELIM
6ft-oak EOAK | a/r-sf ESF (A.Molinas) ELIM
6ft-oak EOAK | a/r-oak Hoop (RJF) ELIM
6ft-sj Frsh | a/r-sj BstM (S.Habura) BYE
a/r-sf Heat | rec-sf SFFA (R.Twu) ELIM
a/r-sf Tilt | rec-sf Beef (J.Sun) ELIM
a/r-sf Wolv | rec-sf ASNG (K.Neri) ELIM
a/r-oak Kurr | 6ft-oak BlzK (D.Lew) ELIM
a/r-oak Kurr | rec+am Hype (G.Hom) ELIM
a/r-oak DrAR | rec+pm Sole (JTS) ELIM
a/r-oak EBAY | rec-pm IngB (R.Tran) ELIM
a/r-oak YGun | rec+am Tigr (??) ELIM
a/r-oak YGun | rec-am Fab (??) ELIM
a/r-oak Tstr | rec+am Drgn (YZ)

Secondary overlaps
aaa-sj Shoh | a/r-sj BmSJ (G.Lin)
aaa-sf Torr | a/r-sf Heat (R.Twu) BYE
aaa-sf Torr | rec-sf SFFA (R.Twu) ELIM
a/r-oak Kurr | rec+pm Sole (AA, D.Lew) ELIM
6ft-oak BlzK | rec+pm Sole (D.Lew) ELIM
rec+am Tigr | rec-am Fab (??) ELIM

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately. All games in bold cannot be moved/swapped.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
7/31 12:30pm OCHS 6ft-sf p2a-LB: #5 Dynasty at #3 Trainwreck 9a–3p (ok)
7/31 1:30pm OCHS 6ft-sf p2-WB: #2 Ed O’Banners at #1 Falcons 1p–6p 2p–7p
7/31 2:30pm OCHS 6ft-sf p2b-LB: #4 Hangover at Winner-Dyn/Trnw 9a–2p [ok]
7/31 3:30pm OCHS rec-sf Lower-Last LB Game: #4 Hapa at #3 Kuyabraddas 2p–7p 10a-p-
7/31 4:30pm OCHS rec-sf Upper-Last LB Game: #5 Serious at #1 Run N Gun (>5p) 12p-6p
7/31 5:30pm OCHS rec-sf Lower-Champ: Winner-Hapa/Kuya at #2 Where’s The Beef [2p-7p] (4p-5p)
7/31 6:30pm OCHS rec-sf Upper-Champ: Winner-Seri/RNG at #10 Team Go [5p-6p] 3p–8p
7/31 11:00am BCRC rec-am p3a-Upper-LB: #7 Warriors Rec at #4 No Chance REC 9a–2p (ok)
7/31 12:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Upper-Last LB Game: #8 EBAYC at #4 Wolf Pack 10a-3p 1p–p-
7/31 1:00pm BCRC 6ft-oak Champ: #2 Dream 6FT at #1 Decepticons (ok) 9a–2p
7/31 2:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Upper-Champ: Winner-EBAY/Wolf at #10 T-starz [1p-3p] 9a–3p
7/31 3:00pm BCRC rec+am p3-WB: #2 Dragon at #1 Dream REC 9a–p- 9a–2p
7/31 4:00pm BCRC rec-pm Last LB Game: #4 Rawkats at #2 Lao Ru PM (>5p) 2p–p-
7/31 5:00pm BCRC AL/NL Last LB Game: #4 Showtime at #2 Ballaz 4 Lyfe 4p–p- 4p–p-
7/31 6:00pm BCRC rec-pm Champ: Winner-Rawk/LRPM at #1 JS23 (>5p) 2p–7p
7/31 11:00am IJRC rec-am p3-Upper-WB: #3 What Would Wat Do at #1 Hawk’s (<11a) 9a–2p
7/31 12:00pm IJRC rec+am p3-LB: #4 Hype at #3 Cereal Killers 11a-a- 11a-p-
7/31 1:00pm IJRC aaa-oak p3-WB: #3 Yack Em at #1 Purefoods (11a-1p) (ok)
7/31 2:00pm IJRC rec-am p3-Lower-Champ: #4 Town Business at #3 Fab VIII 10a-2p 10a-4p
7/31 3:00pm IJRC aaa-oak p3a-LB: #6 Pablo’s Team at #4 Shockers 10a-p- 10a-3p
7/31 4:00pm IJRC rec+pm p3a-LB: #5 Tone Team at #2 iGiggle 5p–p- 12p-6p
7/31 5:00pm IJRC rec+pm p3-WB: #4 Purple Haze at #3 Grape Sodas (<530p) 5p–p-
7/31 6:00pm IJRC rec+pm p3b-LB: Winner-Tone/iGig at #1 Sole Supremacy [3p-6p] 2p–7p
7/31 10:00am WHSM 6ft-sj p2-Upper-WB: #7 Elite (SJ) at #6 Hvy Rsnl Hitsquad 10a-8p (10a-11a)
7/31 11:00am WHSM 6ft-sj p2-Upper-LB: #5 In10city at #3 All In (SJ) 9a–3p 10a-3p
7/31 12:00pm WHSM aaa-sj playoffs1a: #5 Shohoku at #4 South Bay Youth Inc. 9a–4p 9a–2p
7/31 1:00pm WHSM aaa-sj playoffs1a: #6 Bad News at #3 SJ Hibachi AAA 11a-4p 1p–8p
7/31 2:00pm WHSM aaa-sj playoffs1b: Winner-Shoh/SBYI at #1 Mighty Ducks [9a-2p] 10a-2p
7/31 3:00pm WHSM aaa-sj playoffs1b: Winner-BadN/SJHA at #2 One Team One Dream (SJ) [1p-4p] 9a–p-
7/31 10:30am AHHS 6ft-sj p2a-Lower-LB: #5 Rhino at #2 B-Team 9a–3p 9a–2p
7/31 11:30am AHHS a/r-sj p2-Lower-WB: #2 SJ Dynamites at #1 Gentlemen’s Club 10a-p- 10a-4p
7/31 12:30pm AHHS 6ft-sj p2b-Lower-LB: Winner-Rhin/B-Tm at #1 Fresh Coast [9a-2p] 12p-2p
7/31 1:30pm AHHS a/r-sj p2a-Lower-LB: #5 On Point at #4 Pineapple Express 1p–6p 12p-7p
7/31 2:30pm AHHS 6ft-sj p2-Lower-WB: #4 Monstars (SJ) at #3 Goons (SJ) 1p–6p 9a–3p
7/31 3:30pm AHHS a/r-sj p2b-Lower-LB: Winner-OnPt/PnEx at #3 SB Arsenal [12p-6p] 10a-3p
7/31 4:30pm AHHS a/r-sj p2-Upper-WB: #3 Jets at #2 Yeah Man 1p–6p 3p–p-
7/31 5:30pm AHHS 6ft-sj p2-Upper-WB: #4 SJ Barons at #1 San Jose Hibachi 6FT 2p–6p 1p–8p
7/31 6:30pm AHHS a/r-sj p2-Upper-LB: #7 Booom (SJ) at #6 Good Shepherd Christian Community 4p–p- 2p–7p
7/31 7:30pm AHHS a/r-sj p2-Upper-WB: #4 Garage Kids at #1 F’n’F Warriors (late) (ok)

OCHS = O’Connell High School, 20th St betw Harrison & Folsom: enter side entrance on 20th St, if the parking lot gate is available, park away from the construction and nearest to soccer field, if the parking lot is closed then find street parking.
BGCE = Boys & Girls Club Excelsior, 163 London: arrive early to find street parking.
ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 455 Church Street (16th St), SF: enter black gated parking lot next to Children’s Council Building
SSFM/SSFX = South San Francisco HS Main and Aux gyms, 400 B St, South San Francisco: park in lot off El Camino and Ponderosa. Walk through school gate entrance and veer left, take sidewalk towards gym structure.

AHHS = Andrew Hill High School, 3200 Senter Rd, San Jose: park in large lot, gym is on left side towards the back, walk thru yellow pillars
WHSM = Wilcox High School (main gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: main gym is on left side of campus, park in side spaces next to gym or large parking lot.
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym), 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara: park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose: use or walk to backlot by portables
JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
WKRC = Willie Keyes Community Rec Center (fka Poplar), 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621