2011 Spring-Summer Sundays AL/NL Playoff Bracket

WED 7/27 (11:15PM) — The Rangers have won the Winners Bracket and have requested a bye on 7/31. This affords the Last Losers Bracket Game to be played without doubleheader consequence, as Showtime plays Ballaz 4 Lyfe in just one game, and not to mention in Oakland, since there is no need to play the Rangers yet on 7/31. That would occur on 8/7. Then, because we do have gym space available, we would play a Repeat Championship, if necessary (i.e., if the Rangers lose), on 8/14. Please note, the graphic below is incorrect — barring unforeseen circumstances — in suggesting that the repeat would be also on 8/7…

TUE 7/19 (7:00PM) — Here’s the remaining AL/NL playoff bracket. On Sun 7/24, despite the fact that they have already been matched up in the opening round, it’s Showtime vs the Bay Area Bandits because Frisco’s Finest had the higher seed and, in effect, earned the right to await the winner down there in the Losers Bracket.

Wow, a 1-point victory by the younger, more athletic B4L against the more experienced Frisco! I hate to name names because I don’t want to play favorites and all of you deserve to have your names all over articles and anything written here (which is a rarity, I know), but I’d have paid money (okay, not that much) to see the battle down low between Leon Gradney and Hamilton Chang.

Looking ahead, the winner of 7/24 Rangers vs Ballaz 4 Lyfe will be in prime position to take the championship on 7/31. But should the Losers Bracket survivor somehow manage to beat that Rangers/B4L winner, then that forces a repeat on 8/7.

Friendly reminder, games on 7/24 coming up will still be in Oakland, since the Oakland teams made two trips to SF during the regular season. After that, expect the next round to be in SF, then the repeat championship (if necessary) in Oakland, unless both teams in that repeat championship are from SF. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!