2011 Spring-Summer Sundays AAA-SF Playoff Bracket

THU 7/28 (11:30AM) — We have multiple teams asking for a bye on 7/31, so the entire bracket will take a bye and pickup where we left off next Sun 8/7. You can see that all the dates have been pushed back to next round being 8/7.

You’ll see that I either got lucky or actually planned to have the Rebels vs ABC last week. I honestly don’t know if I did plan that. With lower-seeded TorrCats and SF Warriors eventually falling into the Losers Bracket, ABC could actually argue that I should’ve waited until there were more teams in the Losers Bracket to create a mini-final-four, which would pit highest-vs-lowest seeds. But at the same time I could argue that they dropped to the Losers Bracket first, while this is still a double-elimination tournament which somewhat neutralizes the sequence in which you play teams (i.e., two losses is two losses and that would not be good enough in comparison to the one team that ends up with only one loss). In any case, it ended up working out okay because there would have been a major tipoff conflict, of which I cannot recall the exact circumstances.

Please, no more byes after this one!…

TUE 7/19 (7:30PM) — Here’s the latest AAA-SF Playoff Bracket as we head into round two this Sun 7/24 and onward. In the Losers Bracket, please note that the lowest seeds play each other for the right to play the higher seed, as you can see. But also, the structure of the Losers Bracket could change.

Let’s say #1 Problems gets bounced into the Losers Bracket. Then, being the highest seed in the LB, you can see that I have sort of arbitrarily set the winner of the ABC/Monstars/Rebels bracket to advance in the LB. That would not be the case if Problems got dropped, because THEY would then be the highest seed for sure (being #1) and, again, the lowest seeds play each other first for the right to play the highest seed in the LB. A number of different scenarios could cause this; using Problems is just a simple example for the purposes of explaining the complications of the Losers Bracket structure going forward.

Still, barring unforeseen circumstances, we will end up with the championship on 8/7 and a repeat championship on 8/14, if necessary.