2011 Spring-Summer Sundays AAA-OAK Playoff Bracket

THU 7/28 (11:45AM) — Marinlossal is in Tahoe so will take a bye this Sun 7/31 along with their opponent, of course, Oakboyz. To balance out, Marinlossal is forced to play in Oakboyz’s timeframe next Sun 8/7. Pablo vs Shockers will still occur on 7/31. The benefit of doing that is that the winner of Pablo/Shock isn’t forced to play a doubleheader on 7/31; instead the winner plays on 8/7. Meanwhile, Pure vs Yack escaped a tipoff conflict and will play on 7/31, then take the 8/7 bye.

I just noticed there’s a typo in that the Last Losers Bracket Game between the loser of Pure/Yack and the winner of the mini-final-four in the Losers Bracket, occurs on 8/14 (not 8/7 as shown)…

THU 7/21 (2:45PM) — Oops, I made a mistake. While looking at a 7-team bracket from last season, I realized I was making things really convoluted with that crazy bottom Losers Bracket in the previous post and graphic. The smarter thing to do, with three teams in the Losers Bracket and two more coming after this Sunday’s two Winners Bracket games, is simply to have the worst two seeds fight it out to leave us with two in the LB plus two dropping down from the WB, to make a nice mini-final-four for next Sun 7/31’s LB. The new graphic will make more sense…

…that means Oakboyz will take a bye on 7/24 then be part of the mini-final-four on 7/31, which will be ordered by highest vs lowest seed. This is a much cleaner approach. So Oakboyz gets the bye by virtue of being the highest seed in the Losers Bracket as of 7/24.

TUE 7/19 (8:00PM) — Scroll down for the latest AAA-OAK Playoff Bracket. You can see that we’ll have the championship on 8/7 and a repeat championship, if necessary, on 8/14. In the Losers Bracket (“LB”), please be reminded that the highest seed remaining there has earned the right to play the winner of the lower seeds. And in a 7-team format, things get a little more complicated than usual, as you can tell from the elongated brackets.

For this Sun 7/24, the highest possible seed that can come out of the LB is #5. Likewise, the lowest seed that can lose amongst the four teams remaining in the Winners Bracket (“WB”) is #4. Therefore on 7/31, it is a certainty that whichever team has survived the LB as of 7/24 (i.e., #5, #6, or #7) will still be the lowest seed in the LB and therefore have to play the lowest seed among the two losers of the WB from 7/24, then the winner of that plays the higher seed among the two losers of the WB on 7/24. Again, this is all on 7/31.

After that, the Winners Bracket “final” on Sun 7/31 will result in one loser to play the remaining loser from the Losers Bracket 7/31, all on 8/7. And that’s how we reach the championship.