2011 Spring-Summer Sundays 6FT-SJ (Upper) Playoff Bracket

THU 7/28 (3:30PM) — Below is the current 6FT-SJ Upper playoff bracket, as we head into the second round. The Lower playoff bracket will be posted in a separate article. Look at the Losers Bracket (“LB”) first, I have found in the past, barring scheduling quirks, that it’s best to end up with a mini-final-four that dwindles teams from 4 to 1 when needed. Because of this, BBOF will take a bye on 7/31 because they are the highest seed remaining in the LB. That means In10City and All In must fight for survival.

At the same time, we have the two Winners Bracket (“WB”) games. This will leave us with two losers of the WB games. These two will join either In10City or All In, as well as BBOF, to have four teams in the LB heading into the next round on Sun 8/7. That will set the stage for the Last Losers Bracket Game on 8/14, followed by the Championship. If the survivor of the WB fails to win the championship on the first try, then we will come back on 8/21 and play a Repeat Championship, due to the double-elimination format.

One last issue is that in the WB, we conform to the shape and structure of the bracket, just like in the NBA Playoffs. So in this instance, we have the #1 vs #4 in the top portion of the bracket and #6 vs #7 in the bottom. We do not “reseed” the Winners Bracket. However, in the Losers Bracket is where we “reseed” and, thus, where your hard-earned playoff seed comes into play. In the Losers Bracket, we are able to pair the matchups accordingly, so that the Losers Bracket branch of the entire bracket could morph a bit to conform to the highest-vs-lowest seed matchups.

All in all, it’s still a double-elimination bracket, whereby it’s basically survival of the fittest…