2011 Spring-Summer Sundays A/R-SJ Standings

WED 7/20 (8:30AM) — At first glance, in the Upper, it does not appear that having the #1 seed play the first week, which means doubleheaders for everyone else, will work. This is because after a doubleheader round is played, you’ll have two left in the Winners Bracket and FIVE in the Losers Bracket. It’s really hard to deal with 5 teams because you can’t force anyone to play a tripleheader on any given week, therefore take my word for it, you end up having the survivor of the Winners Bracket take a bye later on anyways as they await for the 5-team mess to sort out in the Losers Bracket.

However, stranger things have happened. So even though I’m saying I’m leaning heavily towards a #1 bye in the Upper for the opening round of playoffs, you never know — at least until we post the schedule on Thu.

In the Lower, it looks like we will proceed with the doubleheader opening round, since there’s only 5 teams (3 would drop to the Losers Bracket, which is manageable).

WED 7/20 (8:00AM) — For the playoffs, I have decided to divide the A/R-SJ into separate Upper and Lower playoff brackets. The Upper will be double-elimination for all teams and consist of only .500+ teams. With a 6-game regular season, the Lower will also be double-elimination. The reason for doing this is that I see a lot of disparity in the standings. We have four teams that went 1-5 or 0-6. This gives them a renewed sense of hope. Of course, that also means the 3-3 team (Booom) is probably stuck in the middle aka the bottom of a strong Upper division, but I gotta stick to my “greater good” aka “majority rules” guns…

UPPER BRACKET (double-elimination)

  1. F’n’F Warriors (6-0) — won Eastern Conference
  2. Yeah Man (5-1) — won head-to-head vs Jets, won Western Conference
  3. Jets (5-1) — no h2h vs GKid, tied common (2-0 vs PnEx/SJD) vs GKid, won s-o-v (13.8) vs GKid
  4. Garage Kids (5-1) — no h2h vs Jets, tied common (2-0 vs PnEx/SJD) vs Jets, lost s-o-v (13.0) vs Jets
  5. Beast Mode (4-2) — no h2h vs GSCC, tied common (2-0 vs OnPt/GClb) vs GSCC, won s-o-v (12.8) vs GSCC
  6. Good Shepherd Christian Community (4-2) — no h2h vs BstM, tied common (2-0 vs OnPt/GClb) vs BstM, lost s-o-v (3.5) vs BstM
  7. Booom (SJ) (3-3)

LOWER BRACKET (double-elimination)

  1. Gentlemen’s Club (2-4) — “won” Eastern Conference
  2. SJ Dynamites (1-5) — “won” Western Conference
  3. SB Arsenal (1-5)
  4. Pineapple Express (0-6) — no head-to-head, common irrelevant vs OnPt, won point differential (-6.7) vs OnPt
  5. On Point (0-6) — no head-to-head, common irrelevant vs PnEx, lost point differential (-10.7) vs PnEx

In a two-conference format, we take the winner of the East and West and give them the #1 and #2 seeds, just like how the NBA did it in their old school (they are now a 3-division format). This also makes it easier on me with tiebreakers.

Using the NFL tiebreaker system for abbreviated schedules (e.g., a 16-game format, or 6 games for us, as opposed to the NBA’s intricate tiebreaker for 82 games), you first compare the teams that are deadlocked within your division. So we first compared Jets and Yeah Man, and Yeah Man won the primary tiebreaker of head-to-head matchup. Therefore, the Jets cannot finish higher than Yeah Man. At that point, Yeah Man is declared the winner of their conference and earn the #2 seed.

So you next compare Jets and Garage Kids. There was no head-to-head, so you go to the next NFL tiebreaker, which is records vs common opponents. Here, they are tied with wins over common opponents Pineapple Express and SJ Dynamites. The next tiebreaker is the so-called NFL “strength-of-victory”, probably purposely left vague. We at Dream League define that to be point differential in games won. But we also cap point differential of blowouts at 20. The Jets narrowly win that tiebreaker.

The same situation occurs when comparing Beast Mode and Good Shepherd.

In the Lower Bracket, we still use the conference split to determine the top two seeds. Then for the two winless teams, for the common opponents, neither team beat any other team, so the W-L PCT of common opponents is going to be .000 without even going through that process, so we’re back at the so-called “strength-of-victory” tiebreaker. Since there were no victories, we default to point differential and, with blowouts capped at -20, Pineapple gets the #4 seed.

But that doesn’t really matter, since #4 will face #5 in the first round anyways.

In terms of the scheduling for the Lower Bracket, I haven’t quite decided whether or not to impose a doubleheader for #4 vs #5, whereby the winner plays #1 while obviously it’s #3 vs #2 on the other side of the bracket. This will be determined by logistics, such as gym availability and the remaining roadmap as it pertains to number of games remaining for the entire SJ location and amount of gym space left. I’d probably be leaning towards a doubleheader configuration.

In the Upper, there’s 7 teams so the #1 seed gets a bye in the first round. But should I squeeze the first two rounds together and give the #1 seed the advantage by not having a doubleheader for them at all? I’m not sure yet; it literally depends on gym space and when we can finish the season out. I’ll figure that out within the next 24 hours.

SAT 6/11 (1:45PM) — The following are the current standings from 2011 Spring-Summer, A/R-SJ division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted.

We have 12 teams and will play 7 regular season games each. Teams that finish 4-3 or better will get double-elimination status for the playoffs. Teams that finish 3-4 or worse will be one-and-done for the playoffs. Check your division’s roadmap for the calendar and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

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