2011 Spring-Summer Sundays 6FT-SJ Standings

THU 7/21 (8:30PM) — I forgot to mention that the Eastbay Gunners forfeited their last regular season game on 7/24. Sure, forfeits happen and I’m sure there was a good reason for it, but when the captain finally emailed back, he said that he had moved away from the area and had no idea what the rest of the team had planned. I replied asking for any teammates phone numbers, but no response. I even checked our database to find any players on that team and sent out a few texts and emails — to no avail, as of this writing.

The problem with forfeits is that the refs have been hired and expect to get paid. So there’s a $25 x 2 outstanding balance left for the Eastbay Gunners to pay. It’s $50 and not $25 because the team that gets victimized by the forfeit shouldn’t have to pay their ref fee.

So when I almost posted the schedule, I realized that the Eastbay Gunners had not paid this, which means I’ll end up paying it, and with the fact that no one from that team has bothered to contact me with a follow-up, I can’t risk them forfeiting again.

Therefore, I have taken them out of the first round of the playoffs. The Lower bracket now has five teams only. Should they return by next week, then they will have one life remaining in the double-elim format and they’ll play against the highest seed. But I just don’t see that happening right now.

WED 7/20 (4:45PM) — We will be splitting the 6FT-SJ into an Upper and Lower, separate, playoff bracket. The 6 teams that finished above .500 will be in the Upper. The 6 that finished below .500 will be in the Lower. Since we played a 6-game regular season instead of 7, both the Upper and Lower will be double-elimination. Here are the final playoff seeds…

UPPER PLAYOFF BRACKET (double-elimination)

  1. San Jose Hibachi 6FT (6-0) — won Western Conf, tied common (2-0, EBG/BTm) vs BBOF, won s-o-v (9.8) vs BBOF
  2. Basketballs Of Fury (6-0) — won Eastern Conf, tied common (2-0, EBG/BTm) vs SJH6, lost s-o-v (6.2) vs SJH6
  3. All In (SJ) (5-1) — tied common (2-0, GnSJ/MSF) vs SJ Barons, won strength-of-victory (12.0) vs SJ Barons
  4. SJ Barons (5-1) — tied common (2-0, GnSJ/MSF) vs All In SJ, lost strength-of-victory (10.8) vs All In SJ
  5. In10City (4-2) — tied common (1-0, Rhin) vs Hvy Rsnl, won strength-of-victory (13.0) vs Hvy Rsnl
  6. Hvy Rsnl Hitsquad (4-2) — tied common (1-0, Rhin) vs In10, lost strength-of-victory (12.3) vs In10
  7. Elite SJ (4-2) — DQ’d or forfeited one of their games, cannot win any tiebreaker

LOWER BRACKET (double-elimination)

  1. Fresh Coast (2-4) — “won” Western Conference
  2. B-Team (1-5) — won h2h vs GnSJ, “won” Eastern Conf, tied s-o-v (4.0) vs MSJ, won pt diff (-6.7) vs MSJ
  3. Goons SJ (1-5) — lost h2h vs B-Tm, cannot finish higher than BTm, tied common (0-2, AISJ/SJB) vs MSJ, won s-o-v (20.0) vs MSJ
  4. Monstars SJ (1-5) — tied s-o-v (4.0) vs B-Tm, lost pt diff (-13.0) vs B-Tm, tied common (0-2, AISJ/SJB) vs GnSJ, lost s-o-v (4.0) vs GnSJ
  5. Rhino (0-6) — default tiebreaker winner vs Eastbay Gunners due to Eastbay Gunners’ forfeit
  6. Eastbay Gunners (0-6) — had forfeit, cannot win any tiebreaker

In the Upper bracket, Hibachi never played BBOF, so we looked at the next NFL tiebreaker: common opponents. Both went undefeated, so naturally tied against two common opponents at 2-0. So we went to the next tiebreaker, which the NFL vaguely says is “strength-of-victory”. Dream League defines that to be point differential in games won, capped at 20 for blowouts. By that calculation, Hibachi came out with the #1 seed. Note: BBOF won a forfeited game against Elite and for forfeits, we do not include the official “2-0 forfeit final score” into the calculation for point differential.

The same thing happened in the tiebreaker between All In and SJ Barons. And the same thing also happened when comparing In10City and Hvy Rsnl. The reason why Elite SJ was left out of that tiebreaker was because Elite had been disqualified in their first game against BBOF. I believe it was for having at least one player over 6’0″, but I can’t remember for certain.

In the Lower bracket, please note that the top two seeds “sort of won” their conference. That is, they finished atop the rest of the sub-.500 teams. In a two-conference format we always take the top one in each conference and give them the #1 or #2 seed.

Also, when doing NFL tiebreakers, you figure out who within your conference dominates another. So the fact that B-Team won the head-to-head against an intraconference rival like the Goons means the Goons cannot finish higher than B-Team. With that, the Monstars are compared to B-Team first and we actually have a tie with the strength-of-victory because both teams won their only game by exactly 4 points. So the next step after that, we interpret from the NFL system as pure point differential, with blowouts capped at 20. The point differential for Monstars was -13.0 and for B-Team was -6.7. That means B-Team had a better point differential than the Monstars.

Now that we know the B-Team are ahead of the Monstars, we need to compare the Monstars to the Goons. The NFL system tells us to start at the top of the list of tiebreaker comparisons: head-to-head then common opponents then strength-of-victory. We had to go all the way to strength-of-victory once again, and the Goons prevailed with their lone win a 20-point victory (actually 22 capped at 20) compared to the aforementioned lone win of the Monstars of 4.

Finally, the Eastbay Gunners forfeited their last regular season game, therefore could not win the tiebreaker at the bottom.

SAT 6/11 (2:00PM) — The following are the current standings from 2011 Spring-Summer, 6FT-SJ division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted.

We have 13 teams (due to the move of Team Elites to AAA-SJ, see roadmap) and will play 6 regular season games each. All teams will get double-elimination status for the playoffs and if we sense a disparity, we reserve the right to split the playoffs into a 6- and 7-team Upper and Lower bracket. Check your division’s roadmap for the calendar and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

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