Saturday SF scores from 7/9

Here are the scores from 7/9. You can get these as they are entered on Twitter (@dreamleague) or Facebook (Dream League Bay Area group)…

6ft+1: Average Joes 60, Blueprint 58. Webster Jones 19p9r2s3b, Vince Dayao 15p, Phil Chan 11p1b. Richard Posey 13p3s, Jaison Moore 11p8r4a.

6ft+1: Bay Area Ballers 2, The Fam 0 (FFT)… However, we may reschedule this game into the season schedule, depending.

6ft+1: iParty AllStars 77, Eagles 75 (OT). Mark McMahon 23p6r3a, M.Campbell 15p8r3a, S.Margate 13p7r3a. Juan Bidinger 18p8r3a,J.Gonzalez 20p

6ft+1: Problems 69, Wizards 59. Johnny Liu 24p6r, Alvin Lin 23p, R.Hiroshima 5a, D.Bell 7r5s. Carlos Arias 12p5r2b,Ryan 18p5r,K.Evans 11p5r.

REC: Aubergine 43, Handsome Devils 33… Nick Gresh 10p1b, Suryo Senduk 9p6r2s1b, G.Thahar 8p6r1b. Lloyd Lacayanga 20p4r, D.Oladimeji 10r3s.

REC: Motionz 54, Kings 40. David Tiu 13p, Gary Yeung 10p, Jeff Lin 9p10r3s, Kelvin Wong 3a. Alan Lim 17p, Reggie Bagao 9p, Jay Cruz 9r3s5t.

REC: Soup Nazis 46, GPC 43. Randall Young 15p, Julian Lau 9r, Marc Young 10p, R.Luu 4r3s1b. Brian Truong 15p6r, Matt Peng 12p12r, S.Lee 7p6r

REC: Wolverines 39, Hooligans 34. Kris Neri 20p2a5s, Allan Co 7r2a1b, C.Chung 7r. Danny Pan 19p7r3s, Gianni Canzona 9r4a2s, V.Banh 5r6a3s1b.