2011 Spring-Summer Sundays A/R-OAK Standings

SAT 7/16 (9:30AM) — The playoff brackets will be posted shortly, so you can see the next progression of matchups. Sorry for the delay. As you can tell from the Bird’s Eye page, it’s been a rough week.

TUE 7/5 (10:45AM) — Playoffs will start this Sun 7/10 with the Monstars from AAA-OAK joining the playoffs. They had lost every AAA-OAK game by an average of 20+ ppg. That means we have 11 teams and we will just automatically give the Monstars the 11th seed. It doesn’t matter all that much since everyone gets double-elimination status anyways.

As stated a few times in the past, sometimes the standings grid can be a little off, since it only sorts by W-L PCT then alphabetical. There are no playoff seeding tiebreakers inherent in the grid. So here is the official final standings, listed out in terms of seeds…

  1. Young Gunners (5-1) — won head-to-head vs Dream, won Eastern Conference
  2. Arsenals (OAK) (4-2) — won Western Conference
  3. Dream A/R (5-1) — lost head-to-head vs Young Gunners
  4. Wolf Pack (3-3) — tied h2h vs Udft/Hoop, won common opp 2-0 (Goon/ArsO) vs Udft/Hoop
  5. Undrafted (3-3) — tied h2h vs Wolf/Hoop, lost common opp 1-1 (Goon/ArsO) vs Wolf, won h2h vs Hoop
  6. Hoop Squad (3-3) — tied h2h vs Wolf/Udft, lost common opp 1-1 (Goon/ArsO) vs Wolf, lost h2h vs Udft
  7. Goonies (2-4) — no head-to-head vs EBAYC, won common opp 2-2 (Udft/DrAR/YGun/ArsO) vs EBAYC
  8. EBAYC (2-4) — won h2h vs Kurr, no h2h vs Goon, lost common opp 0-4 (Udft/DrAR/YGun/ArsO) vs Goon
  9. Kurruption (2-4) — lost head-to-head vs EBAYC, cannot finish higher than EBAYC
  10. T-starz (1-5)
  11. Monstars (OAK) (0-6) — from AAA-OAK

First off, we’ve always taken the top teams from each conference as the #1 and #2 seeds, to spice things up a bit. This is how the NBA did it when they only had two divisions in their conferences. The rest of the tiebreakers are pretty straightforward and follow the NFL rules, which of course are based on a limited number of games (16), as compared to the complexities of the NBA tiebreaker system, which is based on 82 games.

In general terms, the NFL tiebreaker system is as follows: (1) head-to-head, (2) record vs common opponents, and (3) the so-called “strength-of-victory”.

To figure out cross-conference tiebreakers, in the NFL you figure out the intra-conference tiebreaker first, which determines which team dominates another within a grouping. You can see this come to play with the tiebreaker for Goonies, EBAYC, and Kurruption. First, you compare Kurruption to EBAYC because they were in the same conference. Then you compare to Goonies because Goonies is from the opposite conference.

Also, in a more-than-two tiebreaker, once you figure out one tiebreaker to break the deadlock, you revert back to the most important tiebreaker with the remaining teams. So with Wolf Pack, Undrafted, and Hoop Squad, we figured out that Wolf Pack won the three-way tiebreaker. After that, you have Undrafted and Hoop Squad, and you revert back to the first tiebreaker to resolve that two-way, which was head-to-head.

So I hope that explains the seedings above. Any questions, email Wylie. So, here are the matchups for 7/10. Please note, if you are seeded #6 thru #11 and you win your first game, you will have a second game (a doubleheader)…

playoffs1a: #11 Monstars (OAK) at #6 Hoop Squad
playoffs1a: #10 T-starz at #7 Goonies
playoffs1a: #9 Kurruption at #8 EBAYC
playoffs1: #5 Undrafted at #4 Wolf Pack
playoffs1b: Winner-MOAK/Hoop at #3 Dream A/R
playoffs1b: Winner-Tstz/Goon at #2 Arsenals (OAK)
playoffs1b: Winner-Kurr/EBAY at #1 Young Gunners

Brackets will be posted next week as this natural migration away from standings and to the playoff bracket takes place.

FRI 6/10 (1:15PM) — The following are the current standings from 2011 Spring-Summer, A/R-OAK division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted.

We have 10 teams and will play 7 regular season games each. Teams that finish 4-3 or better will get double-elimination status for the playoffs. Teams that finish 3-4 or worse will be one-and-done for the playoffs. Check your division’s roadmap for the calendar and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

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