Saturday SF scores from 7/2

Here are the scores from 7/2. You can get these as they are entered on Twitter (@dreamleague) or Facebook (Dream League Bay Area group)…

REC: Kings 72, Hooligans 35… Rob Edwards 15p, Reggie Bagao 13p, PJ Braganza 4a. Danny Pan 18p8r, Gianni Canzona 6p2a2s, Irvin Guan 5p2s.

REC: Handsome Devils 45, iParty Squadr 41. Anthony Ballonado 17p,D.Oladimeji 16p1b,L.Lacayanya 9r. Anthony Schlander 16p4/23fg10r,M.Lai 3a3s

6FT+1: BA Ballers 88, Wizards 66. Ryan Tana 20p8r, Pat Craw 16p, T.Wang 15p9r. Eldridge Henderson 32p8r3a, Phil Newton 13p10r2b, K.Evans 13p

6FT+1: Average Joes 51, The Fam 41. Webster Jones 14p13r(7off)4b, P. Dayao 12p7r, J.Lozano & V.Dayao 10p. Warren DeGuzman 11p, R.Kately 6r.