2011 Spring-Summer Roadmaps Updated

MON 7/4 (5:30PM) — All roadmaps have been updated once again. In SF, we had some major issues due to the closure of MDLS and the resultant severe shortage of gym space at OCHS only on 7/10. In fact, I’ll need to pull another rabbit out of the hat for 7/17 gym space in order to avoid further massive roadmap tweaks for all SF divisions.

Please read below how to check your division roadmap. The only roadmaps that did not require updates this time around were 6FT-SJ, REC-AM, REC-PM, and REC+PM.

THU 6/9 (8:00AM) — All roadmaps for this season’s 2011 Spring-Summer have been updated as of a few days ago. Any changes to them since then will be announced via the forthcoming Bird’s Eye pages or email to the captains in a particular division.

The best way to find the roadmap for your division is actually to NOT use the League Navigator widget in the righthand column of this website. This is because all of the Bird’s Eye View schedules as well as the roadmaps are categorized under the Schedules category.

It is actually easier if you just use the Searchbox in the upper righthand corner of this website and type in “roadmap (division)” whereby division is your division (no parentheses). For example…

roadmap a/r-sj

Just be sure to click on the right roadmap that spits out. Don’t click on the one from the previous season!

Also, you’ll probably see a few Bird’s Eye articles pop up in the search result. This is merely because the keyword “roadmap” was used in that article as well.