Sunday no games for 7/3 July 4th, one makeup game Sat 7/2

FRI 7/1 (11:45AM) — This is an official announcement that there are no games for the Bay Area Sundays this Sun 7/3, due to the July 4th holiday.

However, there will be one makeup game in REC-SF that is necessitated by the fact that we are unable to get any gyms on 7/3 to do the makeup. And on 7/10, we have very, very limited gym space. Therefore, the makeup had to happen on Sat 7/2.

Here’s the makeup game on Sat 7/2…

7/2 4:00PM OCHS rec-sf Run N Gun at Kuyabraddas

…Both captains agreed to this makeup time/date.

Speaking of gym space in SF on 7/10, please be forewarned that any teams playing in SF that day — probably AAA-SF, A/R-SF, and REC-SF, while probably not 6FT-SF (see below) and AL/NL (in Oakland): we only have one gym on 7/10 at OCHS. Chances are, you’ll be playing outside of your timeframe. That’s just how it goes, mathematically.

One reason I haven’t updated the roadmaps for SF divisions is I’m still debating how to distribute the single gym time on 7/10 among the SF divisions. As of this writing, it looks like I may have to delay 6FT-SF’s playoff start to 7/17.

Enjoy your July 4th weekend. Btw on 7/10, these divisions will start playoffs:

  • AL/NL: only #5 vs #4, all double-elimination status
  • REC-PM: probably only #6 vs #3 and #5 vs #4, all double-elimination status
  • REC-SF: all double-elimination status