Saturday SF Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 6/25 and 6/18

THU 6/23 (8:00AM) — I have added the soft-launch schedule from 6/18 (only 2 REC games) underneath the one for this Sat 6/25, below (scroll down)…

WED 6/22 (6:15PM) — Below is the final schedule for this Sat 6/25. Note, 5 teams from 6FT+1 (Problems, Wizards, Average Joes, Tim’s team, and iParty All-Stars) will start the 6FT+1 season off with a bye. All REC teams are playing. I will post roadmaps for REC, then 6FT+1, then the tipoffs for the entire season, by next week (at least that’s the goal). The following schedule for Sat 6/25 has been vetted with the captains already, so it is pretty much set in stone and non-changeable.

MDLS = Mission Dolores, 455 Church St (betw 16th/17th), enter parking lot thru black gate next to Children’s Council Bldg

NOTE: Games listed in bold are “locked” at their respective times and cannot be moved/changed.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
6/25 12:00pm MDLS REC GPC at Kings 9a–3p (12p)
6/25 1:00pm MDLS REC Handsome Devils at Soup Nazis 1p–8p 9a–3p
6/25 2:00pm MDLS REC iParty Squadron at Aubergine 2p-3p 11a-12p
6/25 3:00pm MDLS REC Wolverines at Motionz 10a-4p 2p–7p
6/25 4:00pm MDLS 6ft+1 Hooligans at The Fam 1p-5p (4p)
6/25 5:00pm MDLS 6ft+1 Blueprint at Eagles 12p-3p >11a

Here’s the schedule from last Sat 6/18…

NOTE: The Fam vs Handsome Devils was played, but The Fam was then moved 6FT+1 division, therefore that matchup will not count in the standings and has been removed.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
6/18 1:00pm MDLS REC Kings at Aubergine 11a-3p 11a-12p
6/18 2:00pm MDLS REC Soup Nazis at Motionz 9a–3p 2p–7p
6/18 3:00pm MDLS REC The Fam at Handsome Devils 2p–p- 1p–8p