Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 4/10

THU 4/7 (8:00AM) — With only so many teams and games remaining, I have not gone through the arduous process of posting all the special requests separately. You will just need to comb through the pref1/pref2 columns to find the ones with parentheses indicating special requests, as opposed to regular season-long timeframes.

There were a few bogeys and here’s how it shook out…

  • AL/NL Rangers at first couldn’t play as early as 5p, then said they could, so now we have the league logistically desirable set of two games at MDLS at 4p,5p. Note that Marin All-Stars have players on Marin-lossal, which is the basis for the complexity involved here.
  • The Oakland teams were dependent on the Marin-lossal status from the bullet point above, as well as other factors. We have finally settled in and it appears all games have adequate scorekeeping staff.
  • Also, at JLHS we have no choice but to split everything up in that there are no consecutive games. One Team One Dream can’t play past a 4p tipoff, so we have that. Then there’s nothing at the gym until 730p. Also, there was much discussion between the 6FT-SJ teams as to the schedule because Hibachi is involved in an LA tournament (sadly, not ours on Apr 16-17). As a result, they will be racing back from SoCal to catch the 730p tip, speaking of which…
  • The winner of 730p at JLHS will then get a 30-minute rest and play the Championship vs Hvy Rsnl at 9p. Hvy Rsnl may want to show up to the gym early. If all of their players are present and the 730p game finishes ahead of schedule, if the two teams remaining agree to start the game before the clock strikes 9p, they can do so. Just please communicate with the scorekeepers and referees, and have them text me so I know what’s going on.
  • And last but not least, with Hibachi in LA, they’ve asked for a bye for their AAA-SJ team, which Outlaws obliged to. Therefore the one-and-done Repeat Championship has been postponed to next Sun 4/17.
(see pref1/pref2 columns)

(nothing major to report)

(AAA-SJ Outlaws vs SJ Hibachi)

(anyone in the Losers Bracket)

(no exhaustive list, only major overlap is AL/NL Marin All-Stars, aaa-oak Marin-lossal)

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
4/10 4:00pm MDLS aaa-sf Repeat Champ: #2 Poorcats at #1 Frisco’s Finest (<>2p) (>4p ok)
4/10 5:00pm MDLS AL/NL Repeat Champ: #4 Rangers at #3 Marin All-Stars (>5p) (>5p)
4/10 2:00pm BCRC 6ft-osf Repeat Champ: #3 Wolves at #1 Sqad Up 12p-2p 1p–6p
4/10 3:00pm BCRC rec-pm Lower: Last LB Game: #4 Purple Haze at #2 Hyperducks 3p–p- 2p–7p
4/10 4:00pm BCRC aaa-oak Repeat Champ: #3 Shottas at #1 Purefoods 4p–p- (430p-5p)
4/10 5:00pm BCRC rec-pm Lower: Championship: Winner-Haze/HypD at #1 Starting 8 [3p-7p] 3p–4p
4/10 6:00pm BCRC rec-pm Upper: Last LB Game: #6 JS23 at #3 Minions 1p–6p 4p–p-
4/10 7:00pm BCRC a/r-oak Repeat Champ: #3 Marin-lossal at #1 Dream A/R (>6p) (ok?)
4/10 8:00pm BCRC rec-pm Upper: Championship: Winner-JS23/Mins at #4 Top Flight [4p-6p] (late)
4/10 4:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Repeat Champ: #6 Below The Net at #1 One Team One Dream 1p–6p (<4p)
4/10 7:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj Last LB Game: #2 Running Rams at #1 San Jose Hibachi 6FT 1p-6p (9p)
4/10 9:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj Championship: Winner-Rams/SJH6 at #4 Hvy Rsnl [!] 1p–6p

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 3371 16th St (on corner Church St), SF, big parking lot thru gate via Church next to gym

JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose (use or walk to backlot by portables)
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym) — 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara (park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool

BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
PCRC = Poplar Community Rec Center, 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621