Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 4/3

THU 3/31 (8:00AM) — Scroll down for the schedule. I have made the executive decision to simply postpone the REC-PM Upper and Lower games, which would have been scheduled at 6,7,8,9p at BCRC. This again, per the previous post, due to limited gym availability in Oakland for this Sun 4/3 due to an AAU tournament. Also there are complications with scorekeeping and the overlap of aaa-oak ReDream and rec-pm Minions, so I’d rather not deal with the headache this week.

TUE 3/29 (12:00PM) — Wanted to get this up early. The only special request I got was a/r-sf All Show No Go saying they wanted an afternoon game and, technically, I have them slated for afternoon but it’s early afternoon. Other than that, I have an issue with the mid-afternoon game at IJRC with either Eastbay Elite or ReDream/Shottas needing to fill that spot (they all have a 4p+ preference, so something has to give).

Finally, as I’ve already emailed the REC-PM captains, there’s a good chance the BCRC games get shifted to other late times at other gyms, or worse, just outright postponed to next Sun 4/10. Not much I can do about that, considering the big AAU tournament taking up all our other Oakland gyms. Matter of fact, we are very lucky to get IJRC. Also, there is a very, very small chance we could get PCRC or TFRC really late as a replacement for or adjunct to the BCRC games. We’ll see.

Here are the probable gym start times: MDLS late morning, IJRC early morning, BCRC evening, JLHS midday.

Again, this is a draft, but it *is* already in proposed chronological order. Hope no one comes in with a wrench from left field. As alluded to above, most of the season tipoff timeframes are holding as-is…

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4/3 a/r-sf ASNG >1230p
4/3 6ft-sj RRam >6p



(anyone in the Losers Bracket)

oak – AL/NL Tryb | 6ft-osf SqUp (VJ, JB) ELIM
o/sf – AL/NL MAS | a/r-oak Mrls (N.Vu)
o/sf – AL/NL MAS | rec-pm GrpS (K.Ho) ELIM
sf – AL/NL iPE | aaa-sf Jugg (L.Melton) ELIM
sf – AL/NL iPE | TDS iPE (all)
sf – AL/NL Rngr | rec-sf Seri (J.Siao) ELIM
oak – AL/NL Dom | rec-pm AOB (T.Xiong) ELIM
sj – aaa-sj SJHA | 6ft-sj SJH6 (all)
sf – aaa-sf Jugg | TDS Eagl (J.Davis) ELIM
sf – aaa-sf Poor | a/r-sf Htnk (R.Twu)
sf – aaa-sf Poor | TDS MTP (3 players)
sf – aaa-sf Poor | TDS Boog (S.Caiola)
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | 6ft-osf SqUp (Somthy)
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | rec-am DrPM (W.Yuen) ELIM
oak – aaa-oak Pure | 6ft-osf Wlvs (T.Tran)
sf – 6ft-osf Hang | a/r-sf NxLv (T.Tran) ELIM
o/sf – 6ft-osf Hang | rec-pm Haze (G.Sy) ELIM
oak – 6ft-osf Wlvs | a/r-oak Jizz (PS, S.Vo)
sj – 6ft-sj ESJ | a/r-sj BTN (H.Nguyen) ELIM
sj – 6ft-sj In10 | a/r-sj BTN (M.Austria) ELIM
oak – a/r-oak Mrls | rec-pm GrpS (T.Mai) ELIM
oak – a/r-oak DrAR | rec-am DrAM (D.Hui, MY)
oak – a/r-oak SQ | rec-pm JS23 (K.Saetern) ELIM
oak – a/r-oak SQ | rec-pm Haze (C.Saechao) ELIM
sf – a/r-sf Wlvr | rec-sf ASNG (3 players) ELIM

Secondary overlaps
oak – AL/NL Dom | a/r-oak Mrls (T.Xiong) ELIM
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | a/r-oak DrAR (AT,MY)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | a/r-oak SQ (C.Saechao, J.Phan) ELIM
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | a/r-oak EBAY (J.Lee) ELIM
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | rec-pm JS23 (J.Lee) BYE
o/sf – a/r-sf NxLv | rec-pm Haze (G.Sy)

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
4/3 11:30am MDLS a/r-sf Last LB Game: #8 Heatonkees at #4 Nx Level AllStars 10a-3p 9a–2p
4/3 12:30pm MDLS rec-sf Last LB Game: #6 All Show No Go at #5 Sole Legit (>1230p) 10a-p-
4/3 1:30pm MDLS a/r-sf Championship: Winner-Htnk/NxLv at #3 ABC Hawks [10a-2p] 11a-5p
4/3 2:30pm MDLS rec-sf Championship: Winner-ASNG/Sole at #4 Rebels [1p-6p] 9a–p-
4/3 3:30pm MDLS aaa-sf Last LB Game: #4 Underdogs at #1 Frisco’s Finest 3p–5p 10a-3p
4/3 5:00pm MDLS aaa-sf Championship: Winner-Und/FriF at #2 Poorcats [3p] 10a-8p
4/3 6:00pm MDLS AL/NL Last LB Game: #3 Marin All-Stars at #1 4p–p- 5p–p-
4/3 7:30pm MDLS AL/NL Championship: Winner-MAS/iPE at #4 Rangers [>5p] 5p–p-
4/3 9:30am IJRC rec-am Upper: Last LB Game: #3 Dream AM at #2 Young Gunners 9a–1p 9a–2p
4/3 10:30am IJRC rec-am Lower: Last LB Game: #5 Richmond Bomberz at #2 SULD 11a-4p 11a-3p
4/3 11:30am IJRC rec-am Upper: Championship: Winner-DrAM/YGun at #1 Hoop Squad [9a-2p] 11a-a-
4/3 12:30pm IJRC rec-am Lower: Championship: Winner-RchB/SULD at #3 AWA [11a-3p] 9a–2p
4/3 1:30pm IJRC a/r-oak Last LB Game: #6 Jizz at #3 Marin-lossal 11a-4p 1p–8p
4/3 2:30pm IJRC 6ft-osf Last LB Game: #5 Eastbay Elite at #1 Sqad Up 4p–p- 1p–6p
4/3 3:30pm IJRC a/r-oak Championship: Winner-Jizz/Mrls at #1 Dream A/R [1p-4p] 9a–2p
4/3 4:30pm IJRC aaa-oak Last LB Game: #3 Shottas at #2 ReDream Team 4p–p- 4p–p-
4/3 5:30pm IJRC 6ft-osf Championship: Winner-EBE/Sqad at #3 Wolves [4p-6p] 12p-2p
4/3 6:30pm IJRC aaa-oak Championship: Winner-Shot/RDT at #1 Purefoods [>4p] 4p–p-
4/3 12:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj p3a-LB: #8 Gotm at #3 Buckets 9a–2p 9a–2p
4/3 1:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj p3a-LB: #5 Basketballs Of Fury at #1 San Jose Hibachi 6FT 9a–2p 2p–7p
4/3 2:00pm JLHS aaa-sj Last LB Game: #4 Shohoku at #2 SJ Hibachi AAA 10a-4p 2p–7p
4/3 3:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj p3b-LB: Winner-Gotm/Buck at Winner-BBOF/SJH6 [9a-2p] [2p]
4/3 4:00pm JLHS aaa-sj Championship: Winner-Shoh/SJHA at #1 Outlaws [2p-4p] 2p–8p
4/3 5:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Last LB Game: #6 Below The Net at #4 Yeah Man 1p–6p 12p-p-
4/3 6:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj p3-WB: #4 Hvy Rsnl at #2 Running Rams 1p–6p (>6p)
4/3 7:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Championship: Winner-BTN/Yeah at #1 One Team One Dream [1p-6p] 12p-p-

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 3371 16th St (on corner Church St), SF, big parking lot thru gate via Church next to gym

JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose (use or walk to backlot by portables)
WHSX = Wilcox High School (aux gym) — 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara (park in lot, aux gym is accessible thru middle walkway between locker room and glass-window cafeteria, then a bit past swimming pool

IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
PCRC = Poplar Community Rec Center, 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621