2011 Winter-Spring Sundays A/R-OAK Playoff Bracket

WED 3/30 (5:00PM) — We’re down to our Final Three. Pretty straightforward here. Please keep in mind, we have our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17. We may implement the champion of this division from Dream League to face an equivalent champion from PacRimSports for that weekend. Not sure yet, though.

If Dream A/R loses this Sun 4/3, we’ll come back and repeat the championship game next Sun 4/10.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays A/R-OAK Playoff Bracket for 4/3

FRI 3/25 (12:45PM) — Here’s the updated bracket for A/R-OAK. You can see that we are in “mini-final-four” mode in the Losers Bracket, which means doubleheaders and matchups first determined by highest vs lowest seeds. Please also note that in rematching based on high-low seeds, the bracket was somewhat adjusted to get the shape that we have now…

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays A/R-OAK Playoff Bracket for 3/27

WED 3/16 (12:15PM) — In the A/R-OAK, we have a 10-team playoff bracket (see below). The dates are also included so you can see the plan for the remainder of the playoffs. You can see that the Losers’ Bracket (LB) features high-seed vs low-seed and it could very well change shape a little depending on the matchups, but bottom line is, 3/27 will have a “mini-final-four” (doubleheader for survivors) in the LB.

That means this Sun 3/20, we have 6 teams in the LB and we need to dwindle that down to 2, to be joined by the 2 losers of the Winners’ Bracket from 3/20. Hence, the “mini-final-four” on 3/27 in the LB. To go from 6 teams to 2, we start with the top two seeds, who get to await the winners of the lower seeds. Of the 4 lower seeds remaining, we seed by highest vs lowest seed.

However, we see that we get a repeat matchup if we do that: #10 vs #7 and #8 vs #9. Repeating that matchup, when there is no similar and fair alternative matchup, would merely render the first meeting irrelevant. Luckily, we can rematch it to be #10 vs #8 and #7 vs #9, which is “close enough” and still a fair matchup, to avoid such a repeat.

We have to assume the higher seeds would win, so we put the top seed against the winner of #8 vs #10 in the 2nd matchup for 3/20 in the LB. Also, keep in mind, the two survivors of #7, #8, #9, and #10 would have to beat a higher seed to advance anyways, further justifying going away from a repeat of the #10 vs #7 and #9 vs #8 matchups this particular time.

Incidentally, we’re having our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17 in LA, which should not interfere with our Sunday league here; hope you can make it.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays A/R-OAK Playoff Bracket